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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sibel2609,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1T0iJ(1T0iJ)Adult (f)1,9985982
3O7xM(3O7xM)Adult (f)1,9315921
434Tv(434Tv)Adult (f)1,9616270
4HfCS(4HfCS)Adult (f)2,2686602
4K2B2(4K2B2)Adult (m)3,3225202
5Ht5D(5Ht5D)Adult (m)2,4795120
5WbOq(5WbOq)Adult (m)2,3507030
5pdWu(5pdWu)Adult (f)2,0516110
6CbUu(6CbUu)Adult (f)1,8135960
7l3hY(7l3hY)Egg (F)
7xBVF(7xBVF)Adult (f)1,9416030
86gzl(86gzl)Adult (f)2,5776262
8CyOw(8CyOw)Adult (f)2,1056280
9S22O(9S22O)Adult (m)2,1866172
9TYWJ(9TYWJ)Adult (f)2,6035463
9fIqR(9fIqR)Adult (m)2,4976962
9vVxa(9vVxa)Adult (m)2,2496811
ATHBr(ATHBr)Adult (m)2,4527052
AU9m6(AU9m6)Adult (m)2,4176181
AjQEr(AjQEr)Adult (m)2,3855823
AtVab(AtVab)Adult (m)2,4796134
BVwTU(BVwTU)Adult (f)2,1966522
C23Kp(C23Kp)Adult (f)3,7947081
C92Hz(C92Hz)Adult (m)3,1827340
CPC6R(CPC6R)Adult (f)1,4545621
ChZEt(ChZEt)Adult (m)4,3927142
DcJjB(DcJjB)Adult (f)1,6306371
EXXGg(EXXGg)Adult (m)3,32671216
FUZOs(FUZOs)Adult (f)2,6715860
FoucB(FoucB)Adult (f)4,4427042
G7RhZ(G7RhZ)Adult (f)2,2575174
GNGLE(GNGLE)Adult (m)2,4525982
GSUbG(GSUbG)Adult (f)1,4865710
Gfm4V(Gfm4V)Adult (f)5,8338597
Hh5EA(Hh5EA)Adult (m)2,1165163
J961E(J961E)Adult (m)2,2686893
JGk1B(JGk1B)Adult (m)2,9777052
JotQW(JotQW)Adult (m)2,6056530
K0fTj(K0fTj)Adult (m)1,8995980
KQ6nS(KQ6nS)Adult (f)1,5166060
KWW9F(KWW9F)Adult (m)2,2186090
KoiZS(KoiZS)Adult (m)3,3154643
LdgUm(LdgUm)Adult (f)2,3465802
NLsCp(NLsCp)Adult (m)1,8226121
NdORu(NdORu)Adult (m)2,8386972
O5iGP(O5iGP)Adult (m)1,9316412
OA9OY(OA9OY)Adult (f)2,1146113
PFAo8(PFAo8)Adult (f)2,4116231
PcOjv(PcOjv)Adult (m)2,6586462
PdLdo(PdLdo)Adult (f)2,2397062
QdN39(QdN39)Adult (m)4,4706693
RB6w1(RB6w1)Adult (m)2,2757043
Rcb8d(Rcb8d)Adult (m)1,9975581
UJgPq(UJgPq)Adult (m)3,7597092
Uuf59(Uuf59)Adult (m)5,2179395
VXCO8(VXCO8)Adult (m)3,1946602
WnFgb(WnFgb)Adult (f)3,4757012
X4EEM(X4EEM)Adult (f)2,3626622
XXcIA(XXcIA)Adult (m)2,5886462
YRwIB(YRwIB)Adult (m)2,7575100
ZJZvS(ZJZvS)Adult (m)1,9806171
Zbxo6(Zbxo6)Adult (m)2,3036182
ZgdID(ZgdID)Adult (f)2,6245373
a5Hbv(a5Hbv)Adult (m)1,8836291
av6yh(av6yh)Adult (m)1,9456262
bJFyh(bJFyh)Adult (m)1,8815731
bTTUo(bTTUo)Adult (f)2,3614911
cRgsF(cRgsF)Adult (m)2,9317501
dI3zg(dI3zg)Adult (m)2,3666441
dLG3u(dLG3u)Adult (m)3,4724474
eCp4H(eCp4H)Adult (f)2,1015145
eVCbV(eVCbV)Adult (f)2,5064722
fE2eX(fE2eX)Adult (m)5,0299344
fh05F(fh05F)Adult (f)2,3705253
flcF2(flcF2)Adult (f)2,2246521
fmyPm(fmyPm)Adult (m)1,7566011
fzstP(fzstP)Adult (f)3,7497091
g673p(g673p)Adult (m)2,0635563
gGrHB(gGrHB)Adult (f)2,7644852
haXd5(haXd5)Adult (m)2,3356491
ho6Ey(ho6Ey)Adult (m)1,9366230
i6q2s(i6q2s)Adult (f)2,2786121
ibA8Z(ibA8Z)Adult (m)1,9106090
jADUn(jADUn)Adult (m)3,1584652
jG3Ue(jG3Ue)Adult (f)1,9895272
jN55a(jN55a)Adult (f)1,6415840
kjzbQ(kjzbQ)Adult (f)2,6045882
lJjrN(lJjrN)Adult (f)2,4075721
lUKuF(lUKuF)Adult (f)2,0046001
lmfWn(lmfWn)Adult (f)2,3316340
mO6tD(mO6tD)Adult (m)3,6287215
mRzPj(mRzPj)Adult (f)2,4485982
mgzmi(mgzmi)Adult (f)2,9655341
nr5Kb(nr5Kb)Adult (m)2,1876052
oIsbl(oIsbl)Adult (m)2,2776351
oLnXo(oLnXo)Adult (m)2,3034851
oq1qE(oq1qE)Adult (f)3,0836783
ou3b9(ou3b9)Adult (m)2,6174930
owcQ9(owcQ9)Adult (f)3,2145993
py9nD(py9nD)Adult (m)4,1697012
qHEkl(qHEkl)Adult (m)1,9455731
qVPzc(qVPzc)Adult (f)1,6576390
sBQXH(sBQXH)Adult (f)2,2396630
sG9qC(sG9qC)Adult (m)1,9196191
sSKYI(sSKYI)Adult (f)2,0126001
schfD(schfD)Adult (m)3,1106572
tW1LL(tW1LL)Adult (f)1,8117001
tyhcH(tyhcH)Adult (m)2,0596470
uryiW(uryiW)Adult (m)2,0905551
wNzVN(wNzVN)Adult (m)2,0916363
wbmmR(wbmmR)Adult (f)2,0946042
wea1w(wea1w)Adult (m)1,8755983
wykHK(wykHK)Adult (m)2,6825204
xLBZ0(xLBZ0)Adult (f)2,5257393
xYVLs(xYVLs)Adult (m)2,9367063
xpNxt(xpNxt)Adult (f)2,2365733
xt21w(xt21w)Adult (m)2,0726331
xvrxw(xvrxw)Adult (f)2,2045852
yMpG8(yMpG8)Adult (f)5,8111,0386
yMzG4(yMzG4)Adult (m)2,2116752
yeJH3(yeJH3)Adult (f)2,3386301
yjXLq(yjXLq)Adult (m)2,4605741
yu6e2(yu6e2)Adult (f)2,4836171
zB6t1(zB6t1)Adult (f)2,0126081
zShvn(zShvn)Adult (f)3,2436740
3nr3vMonarch lady cbAdult (f)2,0235981
32mW5Nexus man cbAdult (m)1,9356031
rHHisibel albino man cbAdult (m)1,6398771
oaiyYsibel alt dark green manAdult (m)2,3866044
4WKasibel alt pinkAdult (f)2,6171,1132
S286Jsibel altvine manAdult (m)3,4318811
haNHhsibel anagallis ladyAdult (f)2,4755371
scPyhsibel anagallis lady cbAdult (f)1,8666211
QTfHzsibel anagallis man cbAdult (m)1,6405761
O3uoasibel arsani lady cbAdult (f)2,1846802
DJuntsibel arsani lady II cbAdult (f)2,2916912
mIQGsibel autumn ladyAdult (f)2,4031,1261
87F6sibel autumn manAdult (m)1,0816242
8K0IGsibel avatar of creation manAdult (m)4,9098846
Xinj3sibel balloon ladyAdult (f)4,8911,2962
Tyk6Zsibel balloon man cbAdult (m)4,7701,3012
LHeqEsibel black babyHatchling (F)1,0874212
hwwzFsibel black baby IIHatchling (F)1,6015241
w9HbZsibel black baby IIIHatchling (F)1,0822771
AwHt6sibel black capped teimarrAdult (m)1,7837821
BFD0sibel black ladyAdult (f)1,6807673
tdBd2sibel black lady cbAdult (f)3,0158371
GNnNJsibel black lady cb IIAdult (f)2,1956542
laM1sibel black lady IIAdult (f)2,7901,1392
Pi0Hsibel black manAdult (m)1,45040813
UE6QOsibel black man cbAdult (m)2,3147172
Lugtsibel black man IIAdult (m)1,9949033
kmQfYsibel black marrow manAdult (m)2,1795851
2JVchSibel black striped ladyAdult (f)1,3145563
5myf4sibel black tea lady cbAdult (f)2,7001,2611
iArTnsibel black tea lady II cbAdult (f)2,6617791
euxcNsibel black tea lady III cbAdult (f)1,2261,1151
fx1s5sibel black tea man cbAdult (m)2,2069071
VDxW1sibel black tea man II cbAdult (m)2,9478560
nDkCVsibel black tip lady cb IIIAdult (f)2,6939181
ejY5Osibel black tip lady cb IVAdult (f)2,7459150
vVkYzsibel black tip lady cb VAdult (f)3,0908101
QeMMLsibel blackcapped teimarr man cbAdult (m)4,4371,4261
6xnHwsibel blacktip lady cbAdult (f)2,1261,1241
KE3mosibel blacktip lady cb IIAdult (f)2,7011,3630
Di7M5sibel blacktip manAdult (m)3,7296401
5YvjMsibel blacktip man cbAdult (m)2,6291,3351
AKTuEsibel blacktip man cb IIAdult (m)2,6781,3541
5SZLpsibel blacktip man cb IIIAdult (m)2,6641,3501
ORFMUsibel bleeding moon lady cbAdult (f)1,7667161
ap7A1sibel bleeding moon manAdult (m)2,0355851
fzuTZsibel bleeding moon man cbAdult (m)1,5457151
sgIHnsibel bleeding moon man II cbAdult (m)6,7745591
PCHTksibel bleeding moon man III cbAdult (m)5,2128990
Mqfvisibel blue banded dragon man cbAdult (m)2,0256260
Iw0Sqsibel blusang lindwurm ladyAdult (f)1,6856444
0loMYsibel brightbreasted wyvern ladyAdult (f)1,1377001
fYmuosibel brimstone lady cbAdult (f)4,5987475
zQSxwsibel bronze tinsel ladyAdult (f)5,9771,0332
v9DaIsibel bronze tinsel manAdult (m)7,9178457
PGvaisibel brute dragon man cbAdult (m)2,8085331
Squ7Ksibel brute dragon man II cbAdult (m)2,2865702
CEGUVsibel canopy lady cbAdult (f)2,2896734
2RuTPsibel canopy manAdult (m)3,5495242
zRT2Hsibel carmine wyvern lady cbAdult (f)2,2645842
RcmNJsibel carmine wyvern lady II cbAdult (m)2,5426351
0qaDAsibel carmine wyvern man cbAdult (m)2,1955332
Ijb9Msibel cassare lady cbAdult (f)1,8885901
rhkAXsibel cassare lady II cbAdult (f)1,6665980
fwsMgsibel cassare man cbAdult (m)1,9715740
prJxusibel cavern lurker manAdult (m)1,6566460
RCDOEsibel cheese IAdult2,2826504
bD2Ovsibel cheese IIAdult1,7885733
FStepsibel cheese IIIAdult5,3148351
gcczqsibel chicky ladyAdult (f)1,7145762
8NFOsibel christmas 2009 lady cbAdult (f)1,2996901
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