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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “shric debar,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
JT1XTwo heads for the price of oneAdult (m)1,7501,0898
6ol3the cheeky girlsAdult (f)2,2554788
IV8ldouble the brain powerAdult (m)1,2235786
8PIhWe're both playing the GameAdult (m)9,22471916
Om4Ni'm multi racialAdult (m)1,4655856
dhkjXshric's gen 5 lost dorkfaceAdult (f)2,4245865
nmiGBShric's Split G5 ThuwedAdult (f)5,0177133
i2AcB(i2AcB)Adult (m)4,1241,1053
0bREoooh what is that up thereAdult (m)9824895
Ugemi see something in the skyAdult (f)1,0665244
P9Xli think i see it tooAdult (m)3,80090112
gVdsit's just a cloud calm downHatchling (f, F)2,2286677
bZwuswelling with prideAdult (f)9896345
ZRp4Seargent MahoneyAdult (m)2,9031,33641
DG3oSeargent HooksAdult (f)3,5341,44543
YnQiSargent TackleberryAdult (m)2,54783422
VxDcSargent JonesAdult (m)5,0581,68232
su2FLieutenant HightowerAdult (m)5,0171,86024
yf63Captain CallahanAdult (f)5,2921,81011
MaLeSargent KirklandAdult (f)5,3891,17213
MvfeMrs FeldmanAdult (f)1,92679888
5832shric's warrior dorkfaceAdult (f)9204237
EdkEshric's warrior dorkface 2Adult (m)9274197
PettYou are welcome to Pett meAdult (f)5,9458254
bqwrKShric's Fush dragon of FushinessAdult (m)3,7061,0611
OcWEfrozen female naggingHatchling (f, F)78349924
MCgyicy blacknessHatchling (F)7861269
ybVBLordTracoHatchling (F)61932224
tkbWi'm aHatchling (F)84221514
ORTLlittle  teapotHatchling (F)5321633
2KpCshort andHatchling (F)3082241
GNgastoutHatchling (F)97013421
PO4jhere's my handleHatchling (F)9312933
f5Iqhere's  my spoutHatchling (m, F)59442419
3EYBWhen I getHatchling (F)1,5871593
ZfDgall steamed upHatchling (f, F)1,73859021
Bfushear me shoutHatchling (f, F)1,7806095
fOJutip me upHatchling (m, F)1,1173234
bC7sand pour me outHatchling (F)4732688
CUrei am the CUre to swine fluHatchling (m, F)1,4335155
6okxCommondant LassardAdult (m)5,7921,94544
JTXMu(JTXMu)Adult (f)2,9428901
SkAQC(SkAQC)Adult (f)5,3491,3465
HLzFk(HLzFk)Adult (f)4,3561,2352
IfGPf(IfGPf)Adult (m)5,1821,2983
lNB76(lNB76)Adult (m)6,3241,47820
TNrIF(TNrIF)Adult (m)5,3851,3284
o9kbq(o9kbq)Adult (m)3,3037705
CAc1Mr B LunaAdult (m)1,33152912
B5oNSir B LunaAdult (m)1,3545315
g0c3Mrs B LunaAdult (f)1,2965086
MOInyou are MOInAdult (f)1,2125366
Nbfu3Lassards bit on the sideAdult (f)6,7258665
Hc4tShric's legal handcuffsAdult (m)1,4885595
IND5Shric's Gluten Free CuffsAdult (m)4,7111,3938
5hriCShric's 5hriCAdult (m)4,9841,1865
0NXXU(0NXXU)Adult (m)7,2241,5292
42C3c(42C3c)Adult (f)7,2381,4771
8CSKN(8CSKN)Adult (f)4,8261,0656
P22BEna is too awesome to admitAdult (m)1,84088312
sek7That she is awesomer than shricAdult (f)1,7658659
A9wiz(A9wiz)Adult (f)5,4668697
Fa1kU(Fa1kU)Adult (m)3,3848113
cEVYs(cEVYs)Adult (m)4,4931,1401
6yqWQEna is more awesome than shricAdult (f)3,5508304
Rg2VH(Rg2VH)Adult (m)6,3471,44915
5RZnFancy Fortune FondueAdult2,3726999
r17Icheesy chipsHatchling (F)2,06467810
ultTbritish chickens wear top hatsAdult (f)2,49680819
N7aopom tiddle pomAdult (m)1,21953614
IMv2USS Defiant NX-74205Adult (m)1,03852612
BLMGUSS Enterprise NCC 1701Adult (f)1,1715857
8v2gUSS ExcelsiorAdult (f)1,1605816
K9kDThe game at christmasAdult (f)4,3737373
vDKmCaptain K JanewayAdult (f)4,8017866
fIrL8(fIrL8)Adult (m)3,8481,1484
TZLgr(TZLgr)Adult (m)3,6181,1393
Jit08(Jit08)Adult (m)4,1231,1151
1VCN8(1VCN8)Adult (m)3,9931,1041
M5Kkyarr i be speaking like a pirateAdult (m)6,4211,2123
TCgshappy birth day to youAdult (m)5,0879492
tOKe(tOKe)Adult (f)3,8468213
I3OY(I3OY)Adult (f)4,6259263
kpg8i feel just vineAdult (f)3,43075813
RLDmI don'tAdult (m)2,2091,1445
7K3MOOH pretty flowersAdult (f)1,8839642
aWmii am a cannibal plantAdult (f)1,3076626
LMPXi am bacon flavouredAdult (m)1,3843819
Yu16h(Yu16h)Adult (f)2,6868066
WH2UJshric's g4 viney thuwedAdult (f)2,0777025
vEuR5(vEuR5)Adult (m)5,3301,3263
ghpqAngelstarstarAdult (f)2,0361,2299
OSyOMercinus3Adult (m)2,8371,41110
4hbRKhallayne the secondAdult (f)1,3737574
MTn11Shric's gen 5 dorkface of dreamsAdult (f)3,5737322
FEimgShric's Gen 4 dreamy ThuwedAdult (f)4,4758391
jHUO5i have special grandparentsAdult (m)4,06544012
o9lnN(o9lnN)Adult (f)3,3647395
4IfLChris LarkinAdult (m)4,0701,32215
pfr6Mrs D P SeaAdult (f)1,62938822
vPICShric's Gen 6 Deep Dusk ThuwedAdult (m)2,1847077
9FUHRosie LeathersAdult (f)2,85394614
Skt1I'm A Deep Sea DiverAdult (m)1,2386536
GhfGJosh HoyAdult (m)1,4446788
RarfNCaptain B SiskoAdult (f)4,9297052
CakLe(CakLe)Adult (f)2,9367112
Uj9EKooshyKoKoAdult (f)2,4211,2259
8SBfDoctor Elizabeth WeirAdult (f)2,4091,14510
kLPwDoctor Carson BeckettAdult (m)2,2211,3093
dTCTDoctor Jennifer  KellerAdult (f)1,1996182
FSSUColonel Marshall SumnerAdult (m)2,2867814
bXaFColonel  Samantha CarterAdult (f)2,0937183
g83Fq(g83Fq)Adult (f)2,0537130
pIgmRonan DexAdult (m)1,4301,0225
j6e9Doctor Rodney McKayAdult (m)2,7231,3459
N6XmLieutenant Aiden FordAdult (m)1,3939246
X178Lieutenant Laura CadmanAdult (f)2,4628895
QR1aMLady FlapalotAdult (f)4,3671,1522
4EWW1Lord FlapalotAdult (m)4,3731,1503
qqT0E(qqT0E)Adult (f)5,3011,3413
K1o7Mrs L BoltAdult (f)2,3571,11316
rLBTXNF nemesisAdult (f)1,6928276
n5WjMr L BoltAdult (m)1,3376297
Ib700(Ib700)Adult (m)5,4861,0891
DoSvFrozen Lightning BoltHatchling (f, F)8084552
IvdNCompulsive PostersAdult (f)4,9579563
7BGcunus magis stipesAdult (m)4,9589453
LVE6(LVE6)Adult (f)5,5051,0426
GRskRiddly-DiddlyAdult (m)5,0598835
jvnV(jvnV)Adult (m)6,4998035
J0etI am Locutus of BorgAdult (m)8,0811,0692
LZ3qLocutus' wifeAdult (f)8,1321,0503
3WHE(3WHE)Adult (f)6,2329746
Dor0FShric's G4 Thuwed Kirjava EmberAdult (m)5,0171,5054
nUl0JDubble-ee-dumAdult (m)5,1079782
iZI79Shric's G2 Ember ThuwedAdult (m)6,3921,1955
TqWJS(TqWJS)Adult (f)2,2976224
wZcrG(wZcrG)Adult (m)3,3538181
GXfNon talk like a pirate dayAdult (f)4,0257374
JRUcLshric's 3rd gen flamingo thuwedAdult (f)5,9937595
Oj9FY(Oj9FY)Adult (f)3,4158111
cRWXMajor HoulihanAdult (f)4,0321,68962
LcfYCaptain PierceAdult (m)2,43773419
oqzjCaptain McIntyreAdult (m)9,0311,66218
D1dai'm frilled to see youAdult (f)4,8541,21213
59HXslim12Adult (m)1,4387812
ZbU9(ZbU9)Adult (m)1,44350813
0B4gJ(0B4gJ)Adult (m)3,3946732
1j3dl(1j3dl)Adult (m)5,7631,3872
mknUhave fun playing the gameAdult (f)2,07592634
223GArthur NonymousAdult (m)9896316
KYvHvampire smilesAdult (f)3,79187410
MN25Josie KilpatrickAdult (f)2,1847364
U1Ehshric's dorkface of intellectAdult (m)1,87371011
PKft(PKft)Adult (m)1,4304047
vbIL(vbIL)Adult (m)1,3704503
GbynD(GbynD)Adult (m)5,7821,4022
2cJ6Shric's Explosive handcuffsAdult (m)4,2101,3288
c1qKAgent Charles CarmichaelAdult (m)3,2659416
HLpPShric's Jailtime CuffsAdult (m)1,55154611
ucHHShric's CPA Greeting CookieAdult (m)3,7811,11710
SSRkh(SSRkh)Adult (m)3,32158313
cmLiShric's Golden DorkfaceAdult (f)2,06768813
r98XT(r98XT)Adult (m)5,23770516
a58W8(a58W8)Adult (f)3,1911,0667
BKIfShric's Dusk Dorkface of SplashAdult (m)1,44955338
gjOfshrics dusk dorkface of splash 2Adult (f)3,2907302
mVQothe instruments of a brass bandAdult (f)1,33355111
UVaGSoprano CornetAdult (m)4,7415463
5e6bSolo CornetAdult (m)1,1984414
Domsyou are playing the gameAdult (f)2,9091,4427
h87QShrics Dorkface Thuwed of QuakesAdult (m)1,8546216
jFGqUShrics Gen 4 thuwed of quakesAdult (f)4,1983432
babIQShrics Dusk Dork Thuwed QuakerAdult (f)3,1627343
1g7uvShric's Gen 3 Thuwed of QuakesAdult (m)4,6277562
FeFRQShrics Gen 5 Thuwed QuakerAdult (f)2,8778874
aOBvYShric's G4 thuwed Duke QuakerAdult (f)2,1727230
ZkHBMShric's G4 Quaker ThuwedAdult (m)5,0221,2814
F7vjXalso play the gameAdult (f)7,5719765
230f4did you know that dragonsAdult (m)7,40297112
CcIzha lagmonsta did not defeat meAdult (f)6,8081,65413
pKfEguardian of the cookieAdult (m)4,47893312
ESbnShric's Guardian SporkAdult (f)2,32856220
7ROODork Dusk Thuwed Survivior GuardAdult (f)2,48782213
cN5XShric's mustcal guardian sporkAdult (f)2,4054318
MCXp(MCXp)Adult (f)4,8857826
QboGjust to let you know thatAdult (m)4,8277695
Vgna5Less popo more lololAdult (m)3,83439613
DPiGpSo have funAdult (f)4,7301,0331
cv0Bfrozen cookie guardianHatchling (F)7603484
pJhET(pJhET)Adult (m)5,4319821
WAICi'm a pumpkinAdult (m)1,4365976
9lB4OMG so you areAdult (f)1,4365954
iLrDHey so am iAdult (f)1,4345945
UvO7i'm also a pumpkinAdult (m)2,3547024
12EBLassard's MistressAdult (f)3,5601,0112
HRMHtomarrow never diesAdult (m)3,5851,0112
F1fei play the F1feAdult (f)3,5951,0262
8h31i'm chilled to the boneAdult (f)3,5489821
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