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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “shortaxel,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TuBWW(TuBWW)Adult (f)7,2686742
RpZv(RpZv)Hatchling (f, F)8114180
0MuTs(0MuTs)Hatchling (F)3,3492462
wgN8aLava Of YellowstoneAdult (f)2,2899530
dyLZ9Fireball Of YellowstoneAdult (f)2,9047908
vbsOGDesipis Of YellowstoneAdult (m)5,0058943
4Mjk8(4Mjk8)Adult (m)3,9937481
xIa8w(xIa8w)Adult (f)3,3336481
2PfeR(2PfeR)Adult (m)3,3067771
n3sYTLast Breath Of HalloweenAdult (m)5,1328823
wsa77Volcanic  DespairAdult (m)3,7395192
vNkt3Burnin ManAdult (f)3,1305010
s591bBela SarAdult (f)3,3214972
V8Scvmmm Taco BellAdult (f)3,3475041
nFh7j(nFh7j)Hatchling (F)1,6016691
4jKaJ(4jKaJ)Hatchling (F)1,6576631
2X3Hg(2X3Hg)Hatchling (f, F)2,2629311
0Wom6(0Wom6)Hatchling (m, F)2,2419351
AOMWA(AOMWA)Hatchling (f, F)2,2539350
HhjT7(HhjT7)Hatchling (f, F)2,2699340
GayZ2(GayZ2)Adult (m)4,1671,0341
tacN8(tacN8)Adult (f)4,2301,0611
VEM0pDiamondwingedAdult (m)4,2321,0393
MOPwV(MOPwV)Adult (f)3,6839581
t1Xsh(t1Xsh)Adult (f)3,5349900
aUJdPDiamond Of YellowstoneAdult (m)3,7059620
ThKYe(ThKYe)Adult (f)7,4661,1171
I3i16(I3i16)Adult (m)5,1047861
YJ1FSEight DiamondsAdult (m)6,3159283
8Q0FGDiamond BeatleAdult (m)6,6157171
0Qv9OQuest For YellowstoneAdult (f)7,5749151
feC5L(feC5L)Adult (m)6,0417081
Yrwq2(Yrwq2)Adult (m)6,1588223
V6sKXCan't Buy Me DiamondsAdult (f)6,1077971
1ZSYd(1ZSYd)Adult (m)6,3485851
jEkRD(jEkRD)Adult (f)6,7501,0402
LO7pT(LO7pT)Adult (f)4,0135151
XWpyK(XWpyK)Adult (m)3,6374981
au6z4(au6z4)Adult (f)3,0714701
3BWVr(3BWVr)Adult (m)3,2724832
rbCAz(rbCAz)Adult (m)5,2446380
Traej(Traej)Adult (m)3,1184431
R0eGq(R0eGq)Adult (f)6,6321,2711
FUjqK(FUjqK)Hatchling (m, F)6,0656551
pGcg(pGcg)Adult (f)6,9116611
jCqWh(jCqWh)Adult (f)4,0614922
M36JX(M36JX)Adult (m)3,7424880
9MzZLMezcal Of YellowstoneAdult (m)4,5603161
doMnX(doMnX)Adult (f)3,5613061
rlRvo(rlRvo)Adult (m)6,8825481
MuQQ0(MuQQ0)Adult (f)5,7166103
RuLF1(RuLF1)Adult (m)5,6747352
4H8HG(4H8HG)Adult (f)4,7907583
auqBJ(auqBJ)Adult (f)4,7187652
RngIURingleader Of YellowstoneAdult (f)4,6998386
b4VVVDark Anniversary RisesAdult (f)2,6726021
dOXnp(dOXnp)Adult (m)6,4354731
BOTPZ(BOTPZ)Adult (f)6,0709922
yJeNd(yJeNd)Adult (m)4,9631,0402
yYek0(yYek0)Adult (f)5,1998802
0JiZi(0JiZi)Adult (f)5,9139821
b0KkA(b0KkA)Adult (f)5,2429902
KCuez(KCuez)Adult (m)4,2659814
N3OoL(N3OoL)Adult (m)6,9511,1322
HBOnm(HBOnm)Adult (f)6,0688681
h9oon(h9oon)Adult (m)5,9189002
gxDO2Quake ColaAdult (f)5,3887837
xteeB(xteeB)Adult (m)6,9347561
iiuiE(iiuiE)Adult (f)6,8617332
Y5sma(Y5sma)Adult (f)7,4641,1172
LEnVD(LEnVD)Adult (f)7,1396081
feIRZ(feIRZ)Adult (m)7,3956011
HEJ5N(HEJ5N)Adult (f)6,3195802
uUmaN(uUmaN)Adult (m)5,9116690
UcUUL(UcUUL)Adult (f)7,4356913
WYOme(WYOme)Adult (m)10,4941,2072
eaETR(eaETR)Adult (m)10,6561,2272
FBXxl(FBXxl)Adult (m)4,2874533
SetOa(SetOa)Adult (m)3,3704586
NdFFx(NdFFx)Hatchling (F)9843332
PDClY(PDClY)Hatchling (F)1,5961360
R3f1PKlein SusslingHatchling (F)1,3472481
f2iZG(f2iZG)Hatchling (m, F)5,4499382
e6UvXFeuer  HerzAdult (f)7,5085161
3cdTzCall Of YellowstoneAdult (f)5,5791,2244
biZVU(biZVU)Adult (f)5,9848642
wcK1b(wcK1b)Adult (f)3,5697323
kNJEhKings In YellowstoneAdult (m)2,8026521
O3I1Q(O3I1Q)Adult (f)7,2165903
YdsTE(YdsTE)Adult (m)3,2518161
HAqxHKings Of YellowstoneAdult (m)3,9158251
0MjMs(0MjMs)Adult (m)3,8246191
KO6aN(KO6aN)Hatchling (F)2,4976591
yORE3(yORE3)Hatchling (m, F)5,5144663
QBOXuDusk In YellowstoneAdult (f)5,9326011
zV2Vu(zV2Vu)Adult (m)3,3494571
F6ITTensionelleAdult (f)2,5738003
fvfS(fvfS)Adult (f)1,3276844
NSCeR(NSCeR)Adult (f)3,7564832
ubBDLBolts In YellowstoneAdult (f)5,5679901
qn9sTLet Me Light Up The SkyyyAdult (m)6,9775451
3FdHGRoth's Red WineAdult (f)2,9615842
Ye0Rj(Ye0Rj)Adult (f)4,6606344
OffNz(OffNz)Adult (f)6,8044781
HewKQ(HewKQ)Adult (f)6,4594662
k0qeU(k0qeU)Adult (f)5,8131,0010
POt28Electricity Of YellowstoneAdult (m)6,1679312
934Z3(934Z3)Adult (f)6,4341,0121
l1hDF(l1hDF)Adult (m)3,9006045
maSLH(maSLH)Adult (m)9,0578692
AS5um(AS5um)Adult (f)6,7548372
8UMePeu De BoulonHatchling (F)3281808
YS13(YS13)Hatchling (f, F)3,9362636
C7RXEmberreAdult (f)5,9981,17613
nhcBCoullAdult (m)2,7888127
PT2f(PT2f)Adult (f)5,6825700
OPTLi(OPTLi)Adult (m)3,7924593
uuJ3g(uuJ3g)Adult (m)4,3143473
cjFY2Caldera Of YellowstoneAdult (m)4,8503820
k39fDVyjerwrathAdult (f)6,0665452
RE8rAhshezHatchling (m, F)3,0147143
NPqH(NPqH)Hatchling (F)3,6354181
UuGV(UuGV)Hatchling (F)3,5334270
P1p7WBOOM Goes The Blood OrangeHatchling (F)2,6972291
LFRT8Also Not In AgonyAdult (f)5,3707772
BUECgShe sits by the hourAdult (f)3,6817973
02paZHigh in her towerAdult (m)5,6477591
AIbv4Maintaining her hairAdult (m)5,5426902
W52uxBlithe and becomingAdult (f)5,8357181
O4QUXA lighthearted airAdult (f)4,6328951
54TLCAgooonyAdult (f)4,6679021
LdrxcAnd frequently hummingAdult (m)2,7027940
RlQj0Agony G2 Pair 3 FAdult (f)2,0835541
lW4I8Agony G2 Pair 4 MaleAdult (m)6,4388421
bLyogAgony G2 Pair 6 FemaleAdult (f)3,5087552
3W57LOhh the torture they teachAdult (f)5,1488181
R2zfYAgony G3 Pair 2 MaleAdult (m)5,6537393
XWrBEAgony G2 Pair 4 FemaleAdult (f)3,0433941
WHgKkYou know nothing of madessAdult (f)3,9068994
0StyEAgonyyAdult (f)3,4409662
8gOuaAgony Of A MisgenderAdult (m)5,2398122
GEUvWEternal Darkened AgonyAdult (f)4,7018015
yVqtzWhen you know sheAdult (f)7,7855302
cPayvAs what's out of reachAdult (m)7,8065413
S0IuRS0IuRAdult (f)8,0585523
1MLYSIf there only were doorsAdult (f)7,6876912
wx5X7could wish forAdult (f)5,2508497
P0Eu2P0Eu2Adult (m)6,3646840
SmCLnAh-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahAdult (m)6,6356160
CwGOSFar more painful than yoursAdult (m)7,4595191
QqkvTwould go with youAdult (m)5,5447791
B2NEsYou are everything maidensAdult (m)4,4328003
8oPXPVictorious DiamondAdult (m)5,8565912
4KY8HAnd you see her up thereAdult (f)4,2517953
Yfzr7Till you're climbing her hairAdult (m)5,3135895
PtZ1HRain In YellowstoneAdult (f)4,6187472
UwYvm(UwYvm)Adult (f)6,3686005
vHtbv(vHtbv)Adult (m)6,4584623
dNQjsDo I knowAdult (f)3,6924104
9F2zKI must have her to wifeAdult (f)6,4354711
9866DAgony G2 Pair 5 MaleAdult (m)7,2594911
t0I66Agony G2 Pair 5 FemaleAdult (f)7,1985011
115qrAgony G2 Pair 6 MaleAdult (m)5,1045122
DzSezAgony G2 Pair 10 FemaleAdult (f)5,2545332
cfcGtAgony G2 Pair 12 MaleAdult (m)5,3935541
eSmBgAgony G2 Pair 11 MaleAdult (m)4,4327950
X0nZSAgony G2 Pair 13 FemaleAdult (f)6,0426961
tYOBfAlways ten feet belowAdult (f)6,2654771
IkTFr(IkTFr)Adult (f)5,0406871
DUb4uDUb4uAdult (m)7,0404951
JbjABAll the while hearing herAdult (f)4,4234911
jaaCaThe Real jaaCaAdult (f)6,2614432
NyI3jWooeAdult (f)6,4945011
DrBp2DrBp2Adult (f)7,7185363
t6cZiThough it's different for eachhAdult (f)4,9407083
aFKFraFKFrAdult (f)4,9307051
kO6PdAnd she's just out of reachhAdult (f)7,0776241
runZ8As you're nearing herAdult (m)6,6747351
KdFiP(KdFiP)Adult (m)7,2275293
zpKOczpKOcAdult (f)3,9586612
pubdb(pubdb)Adult (m)4,4745454
Bd8xBWhat's as intriguingAdult (m)6,9074712
QLnKx(QLnKx)Adult (m)5,8317081
ZrSoCZrSoCAdult (f)6,0374152
O7iDq(O7iDq)Adult (f)7,2141,0235
CeivWAgony G2 Pair 7 FemaleAdult (f)5,8513981
iLaAKAgony G2 Pair 8 MaleAdult (m)6,0264092
Va0DMAgony G2 Pair 14 MaleAdult (m)6,1834161
5vueTAgony G2 Pair 14 FemaleAdult (f)6,2844251
CGNfq(CGNfq)Adult (f)5,9646472
fn73H(fn73H)Adult (m)6,2431,0265
18QcEAgony G2 Pair 12 FemaleAdult (f)6,9924724
Djw0UAgony G2 Pair 15 MaleAdult (m)7,3264971
yaRcDyaRcDAdult (f)3,1404002
vZqg9Agony G2 Pair 15 FemaleAdult (f)4,1364111
KaRbnKaRbnAdult (f)3,8214131
3HKbXAgony G2 Pair 16 MaleAdult (m)3,1214041
fcT7KAgony G3 Pair 2 FemaleAdult (f)6,1444831
pK5d6Agony G3 Pair 3 MaleAdult (m)6,2764882
epLGYAgony G3 Pair 3 FemaleAdult (f)6,1594701
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