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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “shongbora,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9xo2(9xo2)Adult (f)1,46056447
Rfly(Rfly)Adult (m)1,46956436
R75h(R75h)Adult (m)1,78975037
jPwL(jPwL)Adult (m)1,60463725
HFkg(HFkg)Adult (m)2,02469113
BKQD(BKQD)Adult (m)1,9346019
5XiB(5XiB)Adult (m)1,87956311
nvA8(nvA8)Adult (m)1,89456816
cnFW(cnFW)Adult (m)1,06159541
dOYe(dOYe)Adult (m)1,10761453
SUMq(SUMq)Adult (f)1,82099545
J3fJ(J3fJ)Adult (m)1,08061524
MG1e(MG1e)Adult (f)4,5011,41543
LcLJ(LcLJ)Adult (f)4,5601,42934
ilhL(ilhL)Adult (m)1,96686859
mBli(mBli)Adult (f)1,8868117
4GMK(4GMK)Adult (f)2,7461,18225
gJKB(gJKB)Adult (m)1,9161,14319
KqaU(KqaU)Adult (f)2,1171,00646
zgHu(zgHu)Adult (f)2,90394411
5Q9j(5Q9j)Adult (m)1,70266721
Kytl(Kytl)Adult (m)1,73083638
Ha6d(Ha6d)Adult (f)1,25667935
Rgei(Rgei)Adult (f)1,69981931
WDBn(WDBn)Adult (m)1,56974924
HWFK(HWFK)Adult (f)1,36463629
KlkN(KlkN)Adult (f)1,29166748
syQ9(syQ9)Adult (f)1,02354519
cIKs(cIKs)Adult (m)1,39272452
2IMl(2IMl)Adult (f)96051832
vRrP(vRrP)Adult (m)1,34367957
BYfv(BYfv)Adult (f)73445825
Zsiq(Zsiq)Adult (m)1,24767546
eV5b(eV5b)Adult (m)1,52476924
aby6(aby6)Adult (m)1,74194229
O6oR(O6oR)Adult (f)1,71693115
QV8p(QV8p)Adult (m)81652631
kNI3(kNI3)Adult (f)1,20836212
rGDO(rGDO)Adult (m)1,3764509
oAae(oAae)Adult (f)99155552
PoJG(PoJG)Adult (m)97357954
L2nF(L2nF)Adult (f)93156556
nVCS(nVCS)Adult (f)96854657
7ns7(7ns7)Adult (f)1,34172537
yjq7(yjq7)Adult (m)84952938
8Hk4(8Hk4)Adult (m)1,01155322
uIs5(uIs5)Adult (f)9674823
c9m9(c9m9)Adult (f)1,1195713
h67M(h67M)Adult (f)1,0115245
HHNq(HHNq)Adult (f)1,0475573
5VLg(5VLg)Adult (m)4,07034610
0sET(0sET)Adult (m)3,00266911
KPK5(KPK5)Adult (m)3,9846351
F1E5(F1E5)Adult (f)5,1254945
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