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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “shizuna,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
eTiOB(eTiOB)Egg (F)
1HOkz(1HOkz)Adult (f)3,3165221
R1gnn(R1gnn)Adult (f)3,0675241
idmw4(idmw4)Adult (f)3,1715361
XOWCB(XOWCB)Adult (m)2,9065101
hVB1F(hVB1F)Adult (f)3,4595440
LYL54(LYL54)Adult (m)2,8495121
nZCNK(nZCNK)Adult (m)2,9085022
gdqCN(gdqCN)Adult (m)2,7134812
SVkkj(SVkkj)Adult (f)2,5105831
gytMt(gytMt)Adult (f)2,6545811
AHPUw(AHPUw)Adult (m)2,5555611
ZIIXQ(ZIIXQ)Adult (m)2,4415902
Rakdh(Rakdh)Adult (f)2,1015441
ONlpY(ONlpY)Adult (f)2,5044950
aiUPQ(aiUPQ)Adult (f)2,5114970
9byzCB Cellestyn yMeiAdult (f)2,2261,10728
Aj8NSazanka yMeiAdult (f)2,2221,10923
yvDGCB Shyaien yMeiAdult (f)2,2531,12726
5xGiPeruan yMeiAdult (f)2,0231,22014
p9iLCB Edellin yMeiAdult (m)1,68192613
lOFYCB Drianne yMeiAdult (f)2,0321,2098
WQdxCB Rapael yMeiAdult (m)1,9791,27311
XBP3CB Ramiel yMeiAdult (f)2,1291,34911
feOhCB Sinyora yMeiAdult (f)1,44598318
6QsiCB Syeilla yMeiAdult (f)3,1401,2079
bmbECB Sellia yMeiAdult (f)4,1371,7408
mJl6CB Cllhain yMeiAdult (m)2,8381,5867
Eq2dCB Syelin yMeiAdult (f)2,6981,5475
F0SLCB Syamika yMeiAdult (f)2,7371,5349
HlDqCB Minyonett yMeiAdult (f)2,9111,5036
Q8V4CB Mauruntio yMeiAdult (m)3,9711,8424
aGlnCB Jyanel yMeiAdult (m)3,5981,7205
vOoyCB Cllaria yMeiAdult (f)2,7971,3903
c0C1CB Leolra yMeiAdult (f)2,8511,2946
FmPFCB Prudency yMeiAdult (f)9876452
EOziCB Bernardos yMeiAdult (m)9105012
F7lICB Mardine yMeiAdult (f)1,1906313
h43NCB Birzetta yMeiAdult (f)1,0555721
Wr9OCB Rufinea yMeiAdult (f)2,24242314
HAbVCB Feliche yMeiAdult (m)1,0676153
K6R1CB Reily yMeiAdult (f)9665663
3qMHCB Serapyn yMeiAdult (f)9905795
s0piCB Liberato yMeiAdult (f)8365031
aK6aCB Hildegar yMeiAdult (m)7884551
E2FYCB Rustian yMeiAdult (m)8365223
qEjZCB Restita yMeiAdult (f)6064293
aJhMCB Loonale yMeiAdult (f)8325643
gDQ9Cheenatsu yMeiAdult8055303
fruuCB Caetan yMeiAdult (m)9875312
QJo4CB Canisio yMeiAdult (m)1,2205261
2kuC2B Ishyria yMeiAdult (f)1,1885542
tWY9CB Miastatia yMeiAdult (f)1,0025221
RYoOCB Ikabon yMeiAdult (m)9095182
3UgeCB Cled yMeiAdult (m)9385361
IhKcCB Leonno yMeiAdult (m)8965251
VhBaCB Evnoah yMeiAdult (f)8075000
46IDCB Anarose yMeiAdult (f)8215110
6Ks52B Teechiel Morchaint yMeiAdult (f)1,2155890
YsqfCB Theostid yMeiAdult (m)1,4436801
AYahAyamel yMeiAdult1,34259310
uf0YCB Clloe yMeiAdult (f)1,3205195
QXLjBloodymir yMeiAdult (m)1,90388210
vUjWLucia Bell yMeiAdult (f)1,4815205
sFFOScherchen Ciel yMeiAdult (m)1,9536015
VsJkBloodyroze yMeiAdult (f)1,5025186
DP4rCB Liopell yMeiAdult (m)1,6707663
4UUPCB Linabel yMeiAdult (f)1,6487714
9sdhChrishain Naz yMeiAdult (f)2,1221,0066
qKKOCB Airellia yMeiAdult (f)2,4331,1932
vmlnCB Alod yMeiAdult (m)2,4331,2011
JbvGCB Jermano yMeiAdult (m)2,4131,1793
323K2G Seraid yMeiAdult (m)1,6147652
fnbkThor Rizver yMeiAdult (m)1,2916607
nPfXCB Yuzinen yMeiAdult (m)2,1711,0643
noJGCB Stellra yMeiAdult (f)2,1481,0433
nbIdX2B Lwan yMeiAdult (f)2,8124732
j4VoLeezel Von Magaluse yMeiAdult (f)9225625
itlQRiana Lancaster yMeiAdult (f)1,0345682
4LmiCB Ellen yMeiAdult (f)1,1725875
prWfCB Droian yMeiAdult (m)9595453
r79hBloodyelin yMeiAdult (f)1,0975902
jc9he5B Urddusk yMeiAdult (m)3,3984430
urVjCB Sezru yMeiAdult (m)1,0725832
ZjnjCB Hornia yMeiAdult (f)1,1316081
OUNmCB Halode yMeiAdult (m)8665764
lmbKBeredicta Lancaster yMeiAdult (f)1,0105573
Z0mICB Bluebel yMeiAdult (f)9736322
XdqS2G Rini yMeiAdult (f)8545551
82mnM2B Rano yMeiAdult (m)2,5715321
d6KTCB Qibrezna yMeiAdult (f)1,0005422
Qj6JBloodyleon yMeiAdult (m)9406130
WdsECB Alceo yMeiAdult (m)1,5734685
jn25Bloodyrake yMeiAdult (m)1,4045656
eKilCB Whiteny yMeiAdult (m)1,3375314
tbI1CB Tsukishina yMeiAdult (f)1,3776092
V1jVCB Leonskayah yMeiAdult (m)1,4105485
8TLVCB Arel yMeiAdult (m)2,0385152
41t9CB Kaenny yMeiAdult (f)1,3835234
t9C8Peapry yMeiAdult8425271
F2UfCB Luferia yMeiAdult (m)8405082
D1XECB Merjane yMeiAdult (f)8285171
aFssTrodrerio yMeiAdult1,2195803
vC6XCB Eomintrud yMeiAdult (m)9945671
3M0NCB Lifra yMeiAdult (f)2,23883214
QeDtCB Flarosky yMeiAdult (m)1,4075550
cjbHGrusenika yMeiAdult (f)1,5564504
eRkYCB Avertinus yMeiAdult (m)1,4475361
eiBPCB Sacerdos yMeiAdult (m)1,7005743
mTfOCB Roglo yMeiAdult (m)1,3465553
KjLBCB Zeidiny yMeiAdult (m)1,2505641
havuCB Ellore yMeiAdult (f)1,1895673
D8X0Bloodyrora yMeiAdult (f)1,4195733
JjFoCB Repio yMeiAdult (m)1,1416381
tbLiCB Clisni yMeiAdult (f)1,0976590
SktqCB Polian yMeiAdult (f)1,1686930
1h6fRyran yMeiAdult (m)8525232
fK8mCB Noel yMeiAdult (f)1,2775300
gqCIp2B Svaprezna yMeiAdult (f)1,63367211
scEnACB Klatty yMeiAdult (f)3,47451912
MtbTeCB Ellon yMeiAdult (m)3,49652213
SVq7ICB Lariann yMeiAdult (m)3,96352213
ER3ZQCB Elene yMeiAdult (f)1,55772010
KX9gfCB Karmillia yMeiAdult (f)3,7484956
iQqfORolek yMeiAdult (m)2,64230011
bcV99Ellion Neuer yMeiAdult (m)2,97732113
fQXaGSyumien yMeiAdult (f)3,48736515
17gWq2G Adelio yMeiAdult (m)3,08435611
uEiT7CB Esme yMeiAdult (m)3,82337516
i85aPCB Jaloi yMeiAdult (m)2,63440316
jNZ8ECB Lubby yMeiAdult (f)3,0983849
opeFYCB Ellu yMeiAdult (f)3,91543913
VgbtHCB Inua yMeiAdult (f)3,0665785
89bpeCB Trenn yMeiAdult (f)3,6588718
ONmSFCB Rill yMeiAdult (m)3,5978519
MEGohCB Meg yMeiAdult (m)3,77998312
GD5clCB Isnia yMeiAdult (f)2,9885610
fPRepPlrep yMeiAdult (m)4,3531,10312
qdOlcMesyua yMeiAdult (f)2,5617944
7HlLK4B Celtin yMeiAdult (f)2,5568152
ii3csCB Briton yMeiAdult (m)2,6198375
PSpeSCB Pict yMeiAdult (f)7,5431,4522
fihAcCB Renobio yMeiAdult (m)7,5561,4492
3gXCVCB Teffna yMeiAdult (f)2,4186953
sA8Ls2B Jiniun yMeiAdult (f)3,8828022
vsE0pCB Dane yMeiAdult (m)2,4096314
EqfNWCB Egbert yMeiAdult (m)2,5816373
0lKKQCB Normandia yMeiAdult (f)2,3796631
3iRWsCB Nobria yMeiAdult (f)3,4237741
VcLv8CB Meicia yMeiAdult (f)4,1228254
2vBjpCB Gienah yMeiAdult (f)2,8855731
OaLTpCB Edward yMeiAdult (m)3,9058061
F4RkVCB Gabrielle yMeiAdult (f)3,7808234
mFpjoCB Takahki yMeiAdult (m)2,9346331
LLrpM2B Lisyua yMeiAdult (f)3,9486435
0iGmO2V Clabassi yMeiAdult (m)2,7055571
rPj9v2N Rimpe Navi yMeiAdult (m)2,2257273
jZgOWCB Cain yMeiAdult (m)2,1476832
VgtYWCB Snobin yMeiAdult (f)2,2976981
b8Ytg2B Caedmon Mimus yMeiAdult (m)2,4386582
Tnc0TCB Naomi yMeiAdult (f)2,4876753
BL1NgCB Possent yMeiAdult (m)3,0128326
WPoJP2N Atria Garat yMeiAdult (f)3,0178122
g4aKpCB Nathanael yMeiAdult (m)3,0108322
oThVj2N Luka yMeiAdult (m)3,1799284
nQGn92B Deborah yMeiAdult (f)3,0717823
CQ8q0CB Caleb yMeiAdult (m)2,8117902
1kI6KCB Raquelle yMeiAdult (f)2,08368715
hlabuCB Rebecca yMeiAdult (f)2,6387192
P3iLNCB Martha yMeiAdult (f)2,5847442
L5gCaCB Mariah yMeiAdult (f)2,6777472
4K6ZkCB Paula yMeiAdult (f)2,5487282
cthSaCB Daniel yMeiAdult (m)2,6407322
53qi2CB Michael yMeiAdult (m)2,5487054
iapB3CB Sarah yMeiAdult (f)2,4117132
GBX4ZCB Bart yMeiAdult (m)2,5107044
PSU8WCB Susanna yMeiAdult (f)2,6077404
92LplCB Benjie yMeiAdult (m)2,9588271
ko1HiCB Gail yMeiAdult (f)3,0288401
kJYn8CB Agnes yMeiAdult (m)3,0049104
2vlrSCB Flora yMeiAdult (f)2,8319021
MKsCrCB Jason yMeiAdult (m)3,4019991
SGr5dCB Anthonius yMeiAdult (m)2,7116343
XbuQSCB Violet yMeiAdult (f)2,5896282
9Ou6iCB Grace yMeiAdult (f)2,7786454
W81v1CB Pearl yMeiAdult (f)2,7166271
b26Wd3B Liliana yMeiAdult (f)3,3297544
FT3MkCB Lancelot yMeiAdult (m)3,2577443
glZ9eCB Charles yMeiAdult (m)3,0507501
R9qhWCB Richardt yMeiAdult (m)3,4697214
tsXmrCB Chronicle yMeiAdult (m)3,4957493
ECN1ZCB Viviana yMeiAdult (f)3,5227511
kYY6tCB Caeta yMeiAdult (f)3,5157403
8thASCB Crusade yMeiAdult (m)3,1177461
mdY8OCB Giovanni yMeiAdult (f)3,2407551
1osFT2N Christopher yMeiAdult (m)2,8127263
V8mcICB Francesca yMeiAdult (f)2,6807241
W8Z222B Geoffrey yMeiAdult (m)3,0496091
YLOgiCB Canterbury yMeiAdult (m)2,8246271
KFj1LCB Petra yMeiAdult (f)2,4306572
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