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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “shiroan,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cmKJS(cmKJS)Adult (f)5,8105531
dxM4UFG AeonAdult (f)6,2645690
VtRCS(VtRCS)Adult (m)6,9104780
5SNrJFGF AeonAdult (f)5,5924502
Xkbyh(Xkbyh)Adult (m)7,2764921
XJ7z8wl ap seriesAdult (f)5,8246990
8aBbV(8aBbV)Adult (f)4,4277080
xhuRn(xhuRn)Adult (m)4,4786801
lm5rX(lm5rX)Adult (m)5,0606640
PryfR(PryfR)Adult (m)4,6575871
Bkg05(Bkg05)Adult (f)5,4038926
gviVKFG AnagallisAdult (m)5,7476886
XKxS4FG Anagallis 2Adult (f)5,0746318
Rrb05FG Anagallis 3Adult (m)4,8506931
YvgqtFG Anagallis 4Adult (f)4,9386803
3tKZEFG Anagallis 5Adult (m)4,5477472
4W4ka(4W4ka)Adult (f)5,1756673
YWpuA(YWpuA)Adult (m)6,3585184
2rbkJ(2rbkJ)Adult (f)4,2882974
5wmGb(5wmGb)Adult (f)4,6153186
ERQtK(ERQtK)Adult (m)4,0122995
yWW1V(yWW1V)Adult (m)5,5276014
4k3hO(4k3hO)Adult (f)5,9745095
V9S8l(V9S8l)Adult (f)5,0135837
UeqJU(UeqJU)Adult (f)3,9687386
7F1bR(7F1bR)Adult (f)4,9727196
sMtfV(sMtfV)Adult (m)4,6219223
aItq4(aItq4)Adult (f)4,1507672
PAt6J(PAt6J)Adult (f)2,6907690
VmmkS(VmmkS)Adult (m)2,7377541
RHId5(RHId5)Adult (f)2,6807390
I0aQ7(I0aQ7)Adult (m)2,7407471
eEUrsFG AriaAdult (m)5,2835883
lUZxqTG Desipis ArsaniAdult (f)3,5564939
EHq8SFoG Green Copper ArsaniAdult (f)4,3837565
06DkVTG Green Copper ArsaniAdult (f)6,3166036
KEzAnSG Green Copper ArsaniAdult (f)7,0825564
rjhV1SG Desipis ArsaniAdult (f)7,0235704
iBLakFoG Shadow ArsaniAdult (f)6,2634594
uQt8HFG ArsaniAdult (f)3,1183052
aHtcW(aHtcW)Adult (m)4,6773190
o5NkM(o5NkM)Adult (f)3,7233011
7J1eR(7J1eR)Adult (m)3,7493201
7eU6Q(7eU6Q)Adult (f)4,1713211
cfgNp(cfgNp)Adult (f)4,0253241
Wr9tk(Wr9tk)Adult (m)4,3713300
rZSVK(rZSVK)Hatchling (F)2,1751452
oOrrC(oOrrC)Adult (m)4,8664992
D4u8U(D4u8U)Adult (m)4,4498324
o81rA(o81rA)Hatchling (F)1,9861634
yrJF2FG BlackAdult (f)5,0278583
PxhmPSG PB BlackAdult (f)6,9865364
pQBVk(pQBVk)Adult (m)7,1836641
gc8e3(gc8e3)Adult (m)3,9457593
rVAns(rVAns)Adult (f)5,6157924
Vptsd(Vptsd)Adult (f)5,6676773
2fELBFG Black 2Adult (m)4,4767534
FfJvWFG Black 5Adult (f)4,9227664
JtympFG Black 3Adult (f)5,7716363
YPWhhFG Black 4Adult (f)4,6167463
ma5MMFG Black 6Adult (f)4,6316584
Bq0HR(Bq0HR)Adult (m)4,7436954
PNsoi(PNsoi)Adult (m)4,4417795
S3hg7(S3hg7)Adult (f)5,7347793
MTtnj(MTtnj)Adult (m)5,4557852
BGrzw(BGrzw)Adult (f)5,5707943
d7qUA(d7qUA)Adult (f)4,4838284
iV2AD(iV2AD)Adult (m)4,0377524
ks8kH(ks8kH)Adult (m)5,1386041
vhwiW(vhwiW)Adult (m)5,4646011
Kla2N(Kla2N)Adult (f)5,9316575
IUbsz(IUbsz)Adult (m)5,3535641
xwOR2(xwOR2)Adult (m)5,4045671
ulBwc(ulBwc)Adult (m)5,3935703
tHd6z(tHd6z)Adult (m)5,4155680
SnkQf(SnkQf)Adult (f)6,1234781
TeUTc(TeUTc)Adult (m)6,9274661
UPRUF(UPRUF)Hatchling (F)1,0871454
38ljrwt ap seriesHatchling (m, F)3,8329773
kGPr3thanks RGHatchling (F)4,2268534
NAEiz(NAEiz)Hatchling (F)1,9632462
5viYq(5viYq)Hatchling (F)1,8192372
4DuK6baby from OOHatchling (F)2,0584743
sEkKG(sEkKG)Hatchling (F)2,2981593
XWtB8(XWtB8)Hatchling (F)2,4036025
uJkkY(uJkkY)Hatchling (F)2,3916036
eBJ3U(eBJ3U)Hatchling (m, F)3,7828804
pv3P6(pv3P6)Hatchling (f, F)3,8677272
cFYS8TG Frill MarrowAdult (f)6,8514634
L0Odv(L0Odv)Adult (m)3,7573151
c0y1GFG Black TeaAdult (m)5,2687593
moComFG Black Tea 2Adult (f)5,9106930
KXLLu(KXLLu)Adult (m)5,1977004
1KyCf(1KyCf)Hatchling (F)2,5342063
bSpVRFG BlacktipAdult (f)6,4945951
ajAEq(ajAEq)Hatchling (F)1,0924424
WCOqj(WCOqj)Adult (f)2,6777620
q5RKE(q5RKE)Adult (m)2,7327880
3HcxoFG Bleeding MoonAdult (f)3,7526742
Xvybh(Xvybh)Adult (f)4,4237534
REb2J(REb2J)Adult (f)5,1306303
PJzCb(PJzCb)Adult (f)4,7256842
81ujb(81ujb)Adult (m)5,9555901
Igg46(Igg46)Adult (m)3,7596432
VWZ4r(VWZ4r)Hatchling (f, F)4,1027424
CFKWhFG BlusangAdult (f)5,9878411
tSBMHFG Blusang 2Adult (f)6,7367307
asA16FG Blusang 3Adult (m)5,1729783
4lWLbFG Blusang 5Adult (m)6,5779519
odW58FoG Silver BlusangAdult (f)5,4566134
KWmiMTG SW BlusangAdult (f)7,3465595
NlKaBFG Blusang 6Adult (f)7,2706208
8G0OvFG Blusang 7Adult (f)5,2737962
Gy9fmFG Blusang 8Adult (m)6,0616486
b9tdxTG PB BlusangAdult (f)5,9775613
XYe0lAnu FoG PB BlusangAdult (m)6,9725522
OYGkyFG Blusang 9Adult (m)5,5586247
huNxVFoG PB Blusang thanksAdult (m)5,9667133
tYHm2FoG PB Blusang 2Adult (f)6,2207413
R6ZoYTG PB Blusang thanksAdult (m)5,9437197
612Gc(612Gc)Adult (m)6,1166472
sQdWSFG Blusang 10Adult (m)4,8107813
ONmn1FoG Blusang ShimmerAdult (m)4,0867365
aYj4fFG Blusang 11Adult (m)5,6426285
quFbEFG Blusang 13Adult (f)5,3526785
0BrQYSG Blusang Silver 2Adult (m)4,4196015
ys7PhFoG PB BlusangAdult (f)6,8795985
gZipR(gZipR)Adult (f)5,4715886
PnZyA(PnZyA)Adult (m)6,1885634
neFy3FG Blusang 12Adult (m)5,0406373
0hmnV(0hmnV)Adult (f)5,6275982
VRN2J(VRN2J)Adult (f)4,9926165
Ryd9l(Ryd9l)Adult (m)4,5346882
4SbUq(4SbUq)Adult (f)5,1326234
FxlBU(FxlBU)Adult (m)4,2106732
Sy7Tg(Sy7Tg)Adult (f)4,0656505
hSPYo(hSPYo)Adult (m)4,8276823
texwX(texwX)Adult (m)5,0096743
L5y73(L5y73)Adult (f)5,0647091
GDc4lFG BrimstoneAdult (f)6,9006728
0gJmiFG Brimstone 2Adult (m)5,8037893
vy1i6FG Brimstone 3Adult (m)6,5888103
IDa3j(IDa3j)Adult (f)3,9516728
0Z8rO(0Z8rO)Adult (f)6,5034380
bgpjkTG Brute SWAdult (m)5,8696312
aLx9h2g SW BruteAdult (f)5,3877233
cCpnXFG CalligeneAdult (m)2,7219161
8GZAD(8GZAD)Adult (f)2,8399121
OpzZvFG Calligene 2Adult (m)2,5879281
aDBel(aDBel)Adult (f)2,5939370
mILzj(mILzj)Adult (f)2,6049360
KSWXL(KSWXL)Adult (f)2,6299230
jG1uq(jG1uq)Adult (m)2,6829320
5EYIw(5EYIw)Adult (m)3,1913975
uUIaK(uUIaK)Adult (f)2,7683583
SWYMx(SWYMx)Adult (m)2,5893241
pwE4c(pwE4c)Adult (m)2,7803331
u8E5A(u8E5A)Adult (f)4,0246872
k1f0S(k1f0S)Adult (f)3,9116971
rMzuT(rMzuT)Adult (m)5,5305862
ni4Wo(ni4Wo)Adult (f)7,2005192
Yxi9S(Yxi9S)Adult (f)5,7026492
GqzZO(GqzZO)Adult (m)2,3625483
IZNjF4 purple neb mAdult (f)4,8867125
vCNBiFiG PB CavernAdult (f)6,2654311
GNM1L(GNM1L)Adult (f)5,6544701
nOtlOFiG PB Cavern 2Adult (m)5,6214571
9qCa9(9qCa9)Adult (f)2,8654103
lgOLI(lgOLI)Adult (m)2,8133573
BG8Wy(BG8Wy)Adult (f)3,1403913
g39Te(g39Te)Hatchling (m, F)2,3456832
AGaTCFG CelestialAdult (f)3,5924363
Iv4WMFG Celestial 2Adult (f)3,6994343
kX95z(kX95z)Adult (m)3,8874505
lJhWk(lJhWk)Adult (m)5,7275862
mESPd(mESPd)Adult (m)5,4376242
LKrOv(LKrOv)Adult (f)5,3886332
SVb4t(SVb4t)Adult (m)5,4376412
Vwq9J(Vwq9J)Adult (f)4,0647544
sSpuD(sSpuD)Adult (f)4,8867324
edN9p(edN9p)Adult (f)4,7477144
D7Umx(D7Umx)Adult (m)4,8227285
4kEI5SG Celestial FrillAdult (m)5,1006044
gVs45(gVs45)Adult (m)4,3647952
ArIDocheese form catriceAdult5,5236554
bJNF6FG Coastal WaverunnerAdult (f)6,7737165
rsnRw(rsnRw)Adult (f)4,5667270
HfbM7(HfbM7)Adult (f)5,8425782
1naBU(1naBU)Adult (m)7,1786472
ywF4m(ywF4m)Hatchling (f, F)4,5406044
EKArdFG Pumpkin PygmyAdult (m)5,2966882
OaxX1FoG Pumpkin PygmyAdult (f)5,5177783
EqREVWow there is a pink PumpkinAdult (f)5,4161,0586
fEYFuthanks little rainbowAdult (m)6,3496111
xJvWn(xJvWn)Adult (f)5,2557304
8XYsNFG Desert CopperAdult (f)4,6029041
hAPi3FG Desert Copper 2Adult (f)5,2404705
9nzHUFG Volcano CopperAdult (f)5,21365812
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