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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “seventhpack,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1HHQ(1HHQ)Adult (m)2,0027024
bol2(bol2)Adult (m)2,3394575
BCRN3(BCRN3)Adult (f)4,8874980
2a3AC(2a3AC)Adult (m)4,9025030
ltRql(ltRql)Adult (m)4,9034970
Kvit5(Kvit5)Adult (m)4,9135030
M5HHe(M5HHe)Adult (m)4,9145010
1W3n(1W3n)Adult (m)3,2134961
HQhZ(HQhZ)Adult (f)2,9355214
lUDU(lUDU)Adult (f)3,2548894
r7Pr(r7Pr)Adult (m)3,3794402
qAUY(qAUY)Adult (m)3,6376602
iMuI(iMuI)Adult (f)3,21761410
5RtM(5RtM)Adult (m)3,0981,0071
NU1R(NU1R)Adult (m)3,0836287
1tFl(1tFl)Adult (m)5,0927581
GJDC(GJDC)Adult (f)6,6831,2357
J3sp(J3sp)Adult (m)3,5676142
vhRe(vhRe)Adult (m)6,9271,0392
4DkP(4DkP)Adult (f)6,9941,3435
5cq1(5cq1)Adult (f)4,98733312
uGm5(uGm5)Adult (m)5,0187650
f6ka(f6ka)Adult (f)6,5741,0705
rhmd(rhmd)Adult (f)5,6757711
u2Ub(u2Ub)Adult (m)5,0513386
0uV1(0uV1)Adult (f)7,6631,2085
i9X7(i9X7)Adult (f)2,2926629
JtPQ(JtPQ)Adult (m)4,2616544
d5b9(d5b9)Adult (f)5,6781,0774
LJ3o(LJ3o)Adult (m)6,8111,2732
Pd0F(Pd0F)Adult (f)6,4661,2883
nfqL(nfqL)Adult (f)8,5311,4194
grZU(grZU)Adult (m)6,3381,0797
8n5d(8n5d)Adult (f)5,7361,0754
fZkb(fZkb)Adult (f)6,9049542
PKDI(PKDI)Adult (f)2,7015934
LuZ0(LuZ0)Adult (m)2,5395773
df3r(df3r)Adult (m)5,3615904
lGER(lGER)Adult (f)6,6731,0391
4muW(4muW)Adult (m)5,9419283
TBU7(TBU7)Adult (m)7,6291,4043
LehU(LehU)Adult (f)4,6203205
4Z57(4Z57)Adult (f)7,6621,4003
3Z8P(3Z8P)Adult (f)4,7064893
lHsO(lHsO)Adult (m)4,77434211
tPTF(tPTF)Adult (m)3,6276071
q4b4(q4b4)Adult (f)6,4106863
NdhA(NdhA)Adult (f)4,8823274
JfLr(JfLr)Adult (f)4,1674572
WK3o(WK3o)Adult (f)2,7095772
BDga(BDga)Adult (m)4,6513256
pZB2(pZB2)Adult (f)6,5371,0905
X3Wr(X3Wr)Adult (m)6,7431,2673
P69a(P69a)Adult (m)6,8121,0522
KfWc(KfWc)Adult (f)4,0192785
S6cY(S6cY)Adult (m)4,6067896
OXvK(OXvK)Adult (f)4,5597854
c0bA(c0bA)Adult (f)5,5971,1302
Z7pc(Z7pc)Adult (f)6,2881,0615
BK4p(BK4p)Adult (m)6,4381,2933
rCQq(rCQq)Adult (m)4,4262964
HcE4(HcE4)Adult (f)6,5031,1836
fhfA(fhfA)Adult (f)3,6826272
tUtW(tUtW)Adult (m)5,0239384
h5iG(h5iG)Adult (f)6,5201,2563
n2N5(n2N5)Adult (f)4,83234810
SMSK(SMSK)Adult (m)2,5405363
hUjK(hUjK)Adult (f)7,9911,4654
iksS(iksS)Adult (m)5,0549465
b7UF(b7UF)Adult (f)6,4511,1635
op9U(op9U)Adult (m)6,8121,0872
5ZPF(5ZPF)Adult (m)3,4114462
beVN(beVN)Adult (f)5,0501,0253
MobI(MobI)Adult (m)5,5586352
MCvJ(MCvJ)Adult (f)4,7433197
tKhh(tKhh)Adult (m)4,4512983
omZI(omZI)Adult (m)4,6373104
Hm2l(Hm2l)Adult (f)4,6023087
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