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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sephiroth076,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GYP9(GYP9)Egg (F)
y3LtK(y3LtK)Adult (m)3,7728945
qx0LI(qx0LI)Adult (m)3,6988973
lqaEq(lqaEq)Adult (f)3,7179075
SQTLA(SQTLA)Adult (f)3,5858963
2BWHH(2BWHH)Adult (m)3,7238942
kYOFS(kYOFS)Adult (m)3,7379133
vjZeJ(vjZeJ)Adult (f)3,6908951
qGljB(qGljB)Adult (f)3,5568833
5AgWrMinion 927Adult (m)3,2608972
MZQ6M(MZQ6M)Adult (m)3,2128791
9tm3p(9tm3p)Adult (m)4,9059662
kJ0nl(kJ0nl)Adult (m)4,4111,0722
KaF3sMarionette 924Adult (f)3,0298853
uDxxY(uDxxY)Adult (f)4,5311,0862
vfIf0(vfIf0)Adult (f)4,2201,0622
ZdHQi(ZdHQi)Adult (f)4,7249633
7QdP1(7QdP1)Adult (f)5,6561,0392
ZiBWD(ZiBWD)Adult (f)2,9068342
SPmap(SPmap)Adult (m)3,5381,0602
iATgC(iATgC)Adult (m)3,5281,0561
xAVFJ(xAVFJ)Adult (m)3,7077602
50bVX(50bVX)Adult (m)2,3787376
1JXcTMy Most PreciousAdult (f)4,8081,3522
SMR5mMy Most Precious IIAdult (m)5,3511,3436
WDBqlMy Most Precious IIIAdult (m)5,7101,1333
SGX0Doll or PuppetAdult2,85991811
8vqdDiscarded PurpleAdult3,65382410
OK5ARegal Lordship of CheesinessAdult4,1161,19211
O2UoRegal Lordship of Cheesiness IIAdult1,7106916
o7nDTHolly GrinchAdult (m)2,7468301
2EvqEHolly Grinch IIAdult (m)2,9258661
JZI1oHolly Grinch IIIAdult (f)2,8831,04214
8MpzXHolly Grinch IVAdult (m)2,4479533
YX8EMHolly Grinch VAdult (m)2,9821,00315
k5qqJHolly Grinch VIAdult (m)2,8971,00516
LLQUDHolly Grinch VIIAdult (f)2,7721,03116
LyRJPHolly Grinch VIIIAdult (f)2,96499815
LqiY1Holly Grinch IXAdult (m)2,5119713
TQb2KHolly Grinch XAdult (m)2,6661,0186
WPMxoHolly Grinch XIAdult (m)4,0188352
yrrhPHolly Grinch XIIAdult (m)2,8218622
uSf1rHolly Grinch XIIIAdult (m)3,0568362
TkMZHHolly Grinch XIVAdult (m)3,6689673
utDWrHolly Grinch XVAdult (m)3,5221,0012
tU3QBHolly Grinch XVIAdult (m)3,1608631
OujF2Holly Grinch XVIIAdult (m)3,2108922
mNMthHolly Grinch XVIIIAdult (f)2,7821,0488
R3Dg9Holly Grinch XIXAdult (m)2,8911,0299
u2PTeHolly Grinch XXAdult (m)2,8908292
aLvkRichard Matheson's I Am LegendAdult (m)3,5809286
0ci1Edgar Allan Poe's Annabel LeeAdult (f)4,5501,04012
Be1aPolidori's The VampyreAdult (m)3,05291614
fu7QOMary Shelley's FrankensteinAdult (f)5,8731,0646
EHcyWStephen King's Salem's LotAdult (m)5,2368204
RuHrXKeats' La Belle Dame Sans MerciAdult (f)3,1919307
9QoPPStoker's DraculaAdult (m)5,7429065
qF1evDel Toro's The StrainAdult (f)5,2208883
RkNLMarionette 01Adult (f)2,3831,21911
dZrKMarionette 02Adult (f)2,3651,2078
1wuLMarionette 03Adult (f)2,3651,21111
6FtiMarionette 04Adult (f)2,3691,20412
BV4hMarionette 05Adult (f)2,27269827
HXs9Marionette 06Adult (f)1,9899908
pR2PMarionette 07Adult (f)1,9521,00014
dHwyMarionette 08Adult (f)2,0111,0255
VG2xMarionette 09Adult (f)1,64776114
YjKkMarionette 10Adult (f)1,75280913
RE4HMarionette 11Adult (f)1,96389911
vSyYMarionette 12Adult (f)2,4989449
ZomyMarionette 13Adult (f)2,5398839
Fti3Marionette 14Adult (f)2,89692314
d1SlMarionette 15Adult (f)2,90492910
AGA2Marionette 16Adult (f)2,8181,50813
6kIRMarionette 17Adult (f)2,8281,5097
n2elMarionette 18Adult (f)2,4741,3287
xpCRMarionette 19Adult (f)2,7311,4729
ZhSDMarionette 20Adult (f)2,6661,06052
pGRZMarionette 21Adult (f)2,77783843
FVIzMarionette 22Adult (f)2,87185210
km6yMarionette 23Adult (f)2,4307737
x2UQMarionette 24Adult (f)2,3911,04610
1ndBMarionette 25Adult (f)3,6781,11433
zCxtMarionette 26Adult (f)2,56999711
b6AkMarionette 27Adult (f)3,5081,52210
IEtkMarionette 28Adult (f)3,1231,53011
aYPOMarionette 29Adult (f)2,2581,27824
pbvoMarionette 30Adult (f)2,99285350
NvhYMarionette 31Adult (f)2,4901,31716
Ay54Marionette 32Adult (f)5,0701,71710
j56oMarionette 33Adult (f)2,6681,36218
NwKZMarionette 34Adult (f)2,8941,34310
K7GbMarionette 35Adult (f)2,6661,27010
3g8eMarionette 36Adult (f)3,5911,39012
Bd35Marionette 37Adult (f)2,9221,10913
5JlqMarionette 38Adult (f)3,6961,41412
w8zTMarionette 39Adult (f)4,0831,5779
f1B4Marionette 40Adult (f)3,9991,40610
PuTuMarionette 41Adult (f)2,5851,01411
LEcSMarionette 42Adult (f)2,6551,17712
6SUsMarionette 43Adult (f)3,3061,05311
JQIAMarionette 44Adult (f)3,9251,3918
q3vkMarionette 45Adult (f)4,1991,4496
2lZtMarionette 46Adult (f)2,0127864
TZnqMarionette 47Adult (f)3,6931,3759
tVK5Marionette 48Adult (f)1,7909619
vuj9Marionette 49Adult (f)4,9201,98726
udt4Marionette 50Adult (f)3,4911,32323
ZPBYMarionette 51Adult (f)3,0601,24621
pDRXMarionette 52Adult (f)1,99477910
otNAMarionette 53Adult (f)1,99578310
jpdDMarionette 54Adult (f)7474697
rffqMarionette 55Adult (f)3,6197036
kHJhMarionette 56Adult (f)2,19647717
Im4vMarionette 57Adult (f)2,37159525
yDFvMarionette 58Adult (f)1,97472219
4rMvMarionette 59Adult (f)3,10254320
5awWMarionette 60Adult (f)2,0366337
vIh8Marionette 61Adult (f)9,0661,59118
H7sLMarionette 62Adult (f)4,6491,25910
MPS6Marionette 63Adult (f)4,3351,0969
ZzNAMarionette 64Adult (f)3,0301,05611
gKt2Marionette 65Adult (f)3,0149565
VUSmMarionette 66Adult (f)3,1339476
0P1CMarionette 67Adult (f)2,5768695
9X1MMarionette 68Adult (f)2,6408826
iJBdMarionette 69Adult (f)2,6738797
KCwyMarionette 70Adult (f)2,5871,25218
zIqeMarionette 71Adult (f)4,1631,31738
inYqMarionette 72Adult (f)3,0781,4977
sFLfMarionette 73Adult (f)3,7041,77212
HpdzMarionette 74Adult (f)2,3671,3206
UYdWMarionette 75Adult (f)2,2621,3459
U5nLMarionette 76Adult (f)2,2311,3258
oawZMarionette 77Adult (f)2,1851,0915
bfRIMarionette 78Adult (f)2,6641,2284
sCW7Marionette 79Adult (f)2,1121,0943
2oJOMarionette 80Adult (f)2,4741,2354
bJe0Marionette 81Adult (f)2,5051,2456
ctMcMarionette 82Adult (f)3,44855714
RbwUMarionette 83Adult (f)1,9578583
K6SvMarionette 84Adult (f)1,3447195
cxpAMarionette 85Adult (f)2,5551,3273
wwGOMarionette 86Adult (f)2,6681,3416
2QG9Marionette 87Adult (f)2,6195248
j8bMMarionette 88Adult (f)1,7491,0667
n3wuMarionette 89Adult (f)3,0151,29732
ikiQMarionette 90Adult (f)2,2621,26211
8UgZMarionette 91Adult (f)2,7311,4549
s4TJMarionette 92Adult (f)2,5661,3867
JJSbMarionette 93Adult (f)1,8191,0297
rHJrMarionette 94Adult (f)1,8441,02910
JgK0Marionette 95Adult (f)2,0961,1446
LAA9Marionette 96Adult (f)2,2491,1917
NW5sMarionette 97Adult (f)2,9481,7292
a3fiMarionette 98Adult (f)3,0101,78910
nojPMarionette 99Adult (f)1,4839475
OTEoMarionette 100Adult (f)1,7089154
N3nbMarionette 101Adult (f)2,0191,0294
XjW9Marionette 102Adult (f)2,5371,3818
4nWJMarionette 103Adult (f)2,9251,3949
H27rMarionette 104Adult (f)1,81951612
0jGcMarionette 106Adult (f)2,2251,2197
2mKCMarionette 105Adult (f)2,0759575
KOyKMarionette 107Adult (f)3,0051,53814
rBMCMarionette 108Adult (f)3,3001,4296
lM7rMarionette 109Adult (f)2,0769684
Bv2XMarionette 110Adult (f)2,9521,3577
k3xLMarionette 111Adult (f)2,4921,1215
hOh8Marionette 112Adult (f)2,6501,2534
hv6DMarionette 113Adult (f)3,1331,3939
ytSuMarionette 114Adult (f)2,8071,18721
xcmxMarionette 115Adult (f)2,2678415
EC44Marionette 116Adult (f)2,6971,0506
JndbMarionette 117Adult (f)2,41667510
UGEQMarionette 118Adult (f)3,7881,0726
TmjZMarionette 119Adult (f)4,2991,1645
lCM3Marionette 120Adult (f)1,4385213
2qv3Marionette 121Adult (f)1,70244413
8ACeMarionette 122Adult (f)3,3238975
oPGSMarionette 123Adult (f)3,8141,0256
0kBuMarionette 124Adult (f)2,6368965
hskhMarionette 125Adult (f)4,5401,21811
dL7vMarionette 126Adult (f)4,2561,0658
62EAMarionette 127Adult (f)8,77799317
AQ45Marionette 128Adult (f)5,25179011
CfASMarionette 129Adult (f)4,3221,13711
DabPMarionette 130Adult (f)2,2999229
mJAQMarionette 131Adult (f)6,0351,50110
pJtRMarionette 132Adult (f)3,15389511
R06YMarionette 133Adult (f)3,5411,0379
2ktYMarionette 134Adult (f)4,7131,2386
ZEAjMarionette 135Adult (f)4,3001,39410
4uoqMarionette 136Adult (f)2,3848986
MRrMMarionette 137Adult (f)2,5529695
ebSQMarionette 138Adult (f)2,5639785
lceCMarionette 139Adult (f)2,5789874
Yvg0Marionette 140Adult (f)2,2739465
iGQDMarionette 141Adult (f)2,1648915
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