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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • Wreath Decorating
  • Tree Decorating
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “senatorlemonsnout,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1eGgm(1eGgm)Adult (f)1,2635291
7jcLd(7jcLd)Adult (f)1,5835408
2JquO(2JquO)Adult (f)1,5493917
UsC30(UsC30)Adult (f)1,5133689
NvkFL(NvkFL)Adult (f)1,5523906
KlIJm(KlIJm)Adult (f)4,2786948
gqTHf(gqTHf)Adult (f)1,9517974
S0DUt(S0DUt)Adult (f)1,9527985
VNR3H(VNR3H)Adult (m)6,3641,58113
ZC63o(ZC63o)Adult (f)2,12788310
Kkuau(Kkuau)Adult (m)2,2179556
0urU4(0urU4)Adult (m)2,3031,0619
UKEKm(UKEKm)Adult (m)2,3031,0617
tMFA3(tMFA3)Adult (m)2,2631,0557
vgCtp(vgCtp)Adult (f)2,2871,0629
GNBTP(GNBTP)Adult (f)1,3925577
c4p4a(c4p4a)Adult (m)1,48458211
FEs2o(FEs2o)Adult (f)1,56560413
epmjo(epmjo)Adult (m)1,61661213
Xea9Z(Xea9Z)Adult (m)1,50355210
iUo96(iUo96)Adult (f)1,7464459
Q1Zba(Q1Zba)Adult (m)4,3971,1147
DPXD5(DPXD5)Adult (m)4,1621,08812
j380P(j380P)Adult (m)4,0401,01810
u0GSJ(u0GSJ)Adult (f)3,9881,01610
5C6V2(5C6V2)Adult (m)2,98975512
OvdJl(OvdJl)Adult (m)2,88970920
BAloh(BAloh)Adult (f)2,71367314
dPVC1(dPVC1)Adult (m)2,51262015
7lpEDbatman beginsAdult (f)2,53762213
oRnXnpokemon cardsAdult (f)1,52436515
GNBU0(GNBU0)Adult (m)1,59840411
Z66ir(Z66ir)Adult (m)1,49837013
863RNsbahj the moiveAdult (f)1,49735615
1oXQA(1oXQA)Adult (m)1,44634712
ZsfJelion king 1 and one halfAdult (m)2,3668049
kY8NKlion king 2Adult (f)6,6701,70823
VYUp2the lion kingAdult (f)2,3297507
3FhnFoaktwistAdult (m)2,2097307
tj8r5(tj8r5)Adult (m)1,9766735
4oJHF(4oJHF)Adult (m)1,76956411
J5QBkje je un globoAdult (m)1,44136510
5BWJr(5BWJr)Adult (m)1,6653768
0u4COfeel the beat of the tambourineAdult (m)1,67237811
LcfcStricia poeAdult (f)3,1469588
QmaKg(QmaKg)Adult (m)2,4547516
GrW8P(GrW8P)Adult (f)2,4457716
iWKqY(iWKqY)Adult (m)2,4937408
8usDU(8usDU)Adult (f)2,5997847
0EjbA(0EjbA)Adult (m)2,1324157
fna02(fna02)Adult (f)1,5823697
1mtoM(1mtoM)Adult (m)1,5893668
Pat1BPat 1BAdult (f)1,5773557
hmjlEJakeroxyAdult (f)1,9883954
FlPtBstay puft marshmallowsAdult (f)1,7063699
eKsLM(eKsLM)Adult (f)1,7263739
pcLJI(pcLJI)Adult (m)2,3964437
8ZP1H(8ZP1H)Egg (F)
fCNtEpunk rock superstarAdult (f)1,74941411
NdKufheavy metal heroAdult (m)1,4723778
4XhsuAidnatAdult (f)2,52249713
Kthtucameron poeAdult (m)1,72748516
4Tq3R(4Tq3R)Adult (f)1,6394127
m80Klviolent jAdult (m)1,66741411
YMDCushaggy 2 dopeAdult (f)1,60239810
OlrE8we just dont knowAdult (f)1,76241810
mri39(mri39)Adult (f)1,84942214
1ElPM(1ElPM)Adult (m)1,78739911
Vpna1(Vpna1)Adult (f)1,86342713
AKpl8sbahj got to churchAdult (m)1,68537418
dZuMB(dZuMB)Adult (m)1,76038816
kgFdh(kgFdh)Adult (m)1,65636916
THdHl(THdHl)Adult (m)1,61235814
5ga33(5ga33)Adult (f)1,71937016
WZV8v(WZV8v)Adult (f)1,58636116
JsQMLBeranabusAdult (m)1,70638329
XI6Ie(XI6Ie)Adult (f)1,44534515
1HD4f(1HD4f)Adult (f)2,9501,01216
oUJT5(oUJT5)Adult (f)2,37485019
fp8WQ(fp8WQ)Adult (m)2,43585821
LXpZ1(LXpZ1)Adult (m)2,34182020
RmdFP(RmdFP)Adult (f)2,20078823
CRKBSVancha MarchAdult (m)2,29680924
q3XA1BatquiusAdult (f)2,24677221
aRj9r(aRj9r)Adult (f)1,84562124
vWaes(vWaes)Adult (m)1,52839437
RqZp8(RqZp8)Adult (f)1,60540430
dO79W(dO79W)Adult (f)1,50836631
QUT6X(QUT6X)Adult (f)1,72243532
r4qiM(r4qiM)Adult (m)1,57638341
WQLPh(WQLPh)Adult (f)1,44336738
Ud7Dd(Ud7Dd)Adult (f)1,43136240
0lbrl(0lbrl)Adult (f)1,49737237
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