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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “seeress83,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
lekv1(lekv1)Adult (f)4,3625661
SaLNe(SaLNe)Adult (f)5,7088172
em5jNThe Purple SultanaAdult (f)3,0339168
6sStSThe Pink SultanAdult (m)5,3168911
NJIi9(NJIi9)Adult (f)3,9776982
Bohrt(Bohrt)Adult (m)3,5276820
5XkJ7Royal Blue JeansAdult (m)3,6441,0917
lYk2yBringer of the Sun and StarsAdult (f)2,0957444
c7huP(c7huP)Adult (f)3,4926153
iHE6L(iHE6L)Adult (f)7,5291,2291
F9YuU(F9YuU)Adult (f)3,7438223
MtylECzar Infernal Magic SapphireAdult (m)7,2001,0413
mC96MPeacock of the ApocalypseAdult (m)6,1539671
KTGyU(KTGyU)Adult (f)5,7409250
zkh1Y(zkh1Y)Adult (m)4,6198712
tDzag(tDzag)Adult (f)7,8811,0093
5bVnu(5bVnu)Adult (m)3,0566131
ImO15I'm Only 15Adult (m)7,4781,0392
dHAQUDhaquAdult (f)4,8338051
u69sI(u69sI)Adult (m)3,4837710
ozlxb(ozlxb)Adult (f)3,3737221
YJWqI(YJWqI)Adult (f)4,1525730
Rcduu(Rcduu)Adult (f)4,7298711
5lhLKSunspark's Summer KingAdult (m)2,9478695
7rB49Wielgvor's Summer LadyAdult (f)2,5947285
YL6OSLittle Summer PrincessAdult (f)2,3207591
fJO3vTell Me More Tell Me MoreAdult (m)3,5331,0464
X1YLA(X1YLA)Adult (m)5,3938841
ENcrj(ENcrj)Adult (m)5,0817431
uxM3z(uxM3z)Adult (f)3,0035221
YnLZT(YnLZT)Adult (f)4,8748550
83N9U(83N9U)Adult (m)3,4767011
nJTTS(nJTTS)Adult (m)3,5646412
DpzT1(DpzT1)Adult (m)4,1976854
EvC21(EvC21)Adult (m)3,9628322
odGXmThe Ninth Blue PriestessAdult (f)1,5014446
Js2dcZerua HegalaAdult (m)3,6651,0665
XKHqxFor My HemiAdult (m)2,5588692
7a1yI(7a1yI)Adult (f)2,3086460
x4Gh9(x4Gh9)Adult (f)3,0006652
Ck5mz(Ck5mz)Adult (m)2,5846062
xxAEe(xxAEe)Adult (m)6,4728262
UqYnm(UqYnm)Adult (m)6,5177890
nwDR5(nwDR5)Adult (f)6,5317990
iBfND(iBfND)Adult (f)3,6416231
ucK9f(ucK9f)Adult (m)5,9037092
T7uQh(T7uQh)Adult (m)5,8387293
6vCEi(6vCEi)Adult (m)4,1256622
Ffa6I(Ffa6I)Adult (m)5,6598942
E4Z40(E4Z40)Adult (f)4,9078381
1eohjAzure DragonbattlerAdult (m)1,8164707
l9umY(l9umY)Adult (f)3,8361,0174
QGrJs(QGrJs)Adult (f)6,1838671
MlJ0z(MlJ0z)Adult (f)6,2619263
ZmVMR(ZmVMR)Adult (f)4,4268992
JC22E(JC22E)Adult (m)4,0088134
ViYle(ViYle)Adult (f)4,5617132
TtC3d(TtC3d)Adult (m)2,5936811
2du9m(2du9m)Adult (f)6,9048861
PXOfs(PXOfs)Adult (f)4,7289392
08upH(08upH)Adult (f)4,9428441
bEW2Q(bEW2Q)Adult (f)3,5491,1277
pege6PegesixAdult (f)2,6868406
Y6jh4(Y6jh4)Adult (m)6,8788783
Jq6WR(Jq6WR)Adult (m)6,2108785
TY23h(TY23h)Adult (f)5,4778981
K1myx(K1myx)Adult (m)3,8718161
BCPqkIlunabarraAdult (f)4,6771,1818
KYwBRKill You with Blinding RadianceAdult (f)3,4691,0377
XeCVw(XeCVw)Adult (f)2,5037802
Jfks0(Jfks0)Adult (m)4,3721,0274
9umWU(9umWU)Adult (m)3,5586370
zUBEOZubeoAdult (f)3,0929585
RQ6kJFly Too High and See SpotsAdult (m)3,5461,0202
gUxcwToot AlesAdult (f)2,6636673
b8DAoBaited BreathAdult (m)2,5187923
4c24u(4c24u)Adult (f)4,1598181
OF1Su(OF1Su)Adult (f)2,9657003
QiFCw(QiFCw)Adult (f)2,5518662
dxMgg(dxMgg)Adult (f)3,3407021
Socta(Socta)Adult (f)3,7386090
hvj79(hvj79)Adult (f)3,1095280
x8ohuMoreta's Jolly Green GiantAdult (m)2,8368317
4EmAV(4EmAV)Adult (f)3,9167923
VuyvR(VuyvR)Adult (f)5,0189841
8PuAg(8PuAg)Adult (m)4,2928601
VPZdN(VPZdN)Adult (f)4,8577800
Ar82L(Ar82L)Adult (m)5,2761,0724
I4AzZ(I4AzZ)Adult (m)5,7389121
PHuZk(PHuZk)Adult (m)3,0555921
FtnSXElektraOhm DorkfaceAdult (f)3,2407487
pvkoQ(pvkoQ)Adult (m)3,5761,1447
NPjU2(NPjU2)Adult (f)4,8219481
NV1iIShiera's Golden TsunamiAdult (m)3,2078934
dztDX(dztDX)Adult (m)4,1637871
j4OvcDeepwater HorizonAdult (m)3,6571,0496
8rUXHPiper AlphaAdult (f)2,5438294
lxwOpSongjieyouAdult (m)2,6668772
YefDR(YefDR)Adult (m)5,1787493
EctGeYousef Is Not 2FATAdult (f)3,7521,0186
c2mtO(c2mtO)Adult (m)3,7821,0393
u8rUx(u8rUx)Adult (f)3,6396751
ecU3PEsme de la Courcel-DumontAdult (f)4,5721,2434
73sy7(73sy7)Adult (m)2,7646712
vfTdVHylymedeAdult (f)1,3744079
rHEXjI Put a HEX On YouAdult (f)1,5283942
JPdvzCavall de l'AiguaAdult (m)2,7468823
wACyc(wACyc)Adult (m)5,7859524
ObnaWTintaglia's Sarki of CharismosAdult (f)2,2457422
XeHOiEotheriaphosAdult (m)2,5278274
4IocVBethna Trusted RiperdAdult (m)1,3093696
6iCVlRhys ThurynAdult (m)3,4491,1517
kSHg7(kSHg7)Adult (m)4,2497284
XdZM1Evaine MacRorie ThurynAdult (f)6,8451,1941
PFmpI(PFmpI)Adult (m)3,0475472
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