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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “seeker,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
uu4LGal PalsAdult (f)5,0771,3458
lAnQpush me pull meAdult (m)1,42571613
gB9GTwo Talking headsAdult (m)4,1111,0837
tjEGYours and mineAdult (f)2,56787011
e8BATogether -foreverAdult (f)2,03881010
1AkUOne thing leads to anotherAdult (m)3,4851,2639
lu1cWe- TwoAdult (m)5,6301,0287
VBZjBoth see oneAdult (f)2,51338016
kETeTwo-for-OneAdult (m)3,29589314
PNZTEither both or neitherAdult (m)5,3971,0425
QkaQEither OrAdult (m)5,0427519
ah9mEenie -- MeenieAdult (m)7,33175712
DeVcDStop pulling meAdult (f)3,5266332
taLekWe-Be-TwoAdult (f)3,77556411
4uj91(4uj91)Adult (f)6,8341,0089
p7Qk1Double IndemnityAdult (m)3,8329926
jq158(jq158)Adult (m)5,2447900
0wETL(0wETL)Adult (m)3,8999002
xGqJW(xGqJW)Adult (m)3,3128701
N5jkm(N5jkm)Adult (f)3,2407470
NO73qHorrid hangoverAdult (f)4,1901,2853
5ilhESmiling jaws of 4Adult (f)6,0741,4312
d1fwOpals moonAdult (f)1,9638731
J061Pearls WingsAdult (f)1,9498570
FEB7My girl PearlAdult (f)2,0788361
0gG1Palamino girlAdult (f)2,2968272
0rp4Opal  MaleAdult (m)2,58982213
oXZup(oXZup)Adult (m)3,4114851
lmGeu(lmGeu)Adult (m)4,7887631
JG1BMy Balloon Flew AwayAdult (m)2,09742510
1Xd7T(1Xd7T)Adult (m)3,7525181
v27pBlacks rainAdult (f)2,78282712
vMEvMelvorn De SpritAdult (m)4,7167564
ZpvVBlackest NyghtAdult (m)2,5446412
mom2Le french nightAdult (m)3,97582116
9UeCBlack-Gold beautyAdult (m)4,9831,03311
SnBSPriam MuditaAdult (f)1,78447110
LuUmi(LuUmi)Adult (f)7,5036414
nRNtxEarthly BlackAdult (m)4,1174797
qNNy6My  Black BabyAdult (f)6,1531,4411
PAUSMBlack PsalmAdult (f)5,4931,4072
9eAOpBlack cavelingAdult (m)4,5589241
BRSak(BRSak)Adult (m)5,5778383
cVjrw(cVjrw)Adult (m)2,8108524
DhPGr(DhPGr)Adult (f)2,1305473
9Yw6dBlack giftedAdult (f)2,6079413
LBRLsLiberal girlAdult (f)4,4881,1572
zG5cV(zG5cV)Adult (m)2,9331,0573
zgNUK(zgNUK)Adult (m)1,5256683
XBxT9(XBxT9)Adult (f)3,3059465
yYSaKNo bugspray -eat  onlyAdult (m)3,6941,2951
TBemcSmelling JoyAdult (f)3,5951,0411
M79iQButterflies are food not freeAdult (f)4,3511,2301
VpBXg(VpBXg)Adult (m)2,4659332
mclF9Smells Like grown dragonAdult (m)2,9048561
cc5fwDont 'bug' meAdult (f)4,0196861
sXUk2(sXUk2)Adult (f)5,4521,4163
GptTK(GptTK)Adult (f)3,3928461
K3JrY(K3JrY)Adult (m)4,6521,7661
HKmHL(HKmHL)Adult (f)5,1461,9121
j7jRR(j7jRR)Adult (m)4,8208381
yw8UwShe flies in high alpsAdult (f)3,0868833
WoHVgCall me proud to be brineyAdult (m)4,0461,0852
27oLB(27oLB)Adult (m)2,7051,0091
79M1sBlue frightAdult (f)1,3495661
QFiybNot only Moon-boundAdult (m)4,0741,2221
10OSPCurious twice -overAdult (m)4,0771,1851
PfWswDouble--TroubleAdult (m)5,6951,2211
hfh0uFour heads arguingAdult (f)4,6117392
NDh2j(NDh2j)Adult (f)3,6357340
QLAaT(QLAaT)Adult (m)3,3107080
lbiDb(lbiDb)Adult (m)4,3831,0901
FOv7Oh Bluna meAdult (m)3,3021,17310
1O4W(1O4W)Adult (m)5,3319491
v5WBj(v5WBj)Adult (f)9,2481,9445
bJo8EBlueish Tinker flyerAdult (m)3,5589133
wPBAHBlus beautyAdult (f)2,3406043
hYRmWyverian nightAdult (f)2,9945107
V9vVOctavian NightAdult (f)3,44891024
5kEGWyvern KnightAdult (f)4,7269617
EfgYVery sky-highAdult (m)2,69098513
8TMS(8TMS)Adult (m)6,90750710
Ya1re(Ya1re)Adult (f)5,10391411
HaCPs(HaCPs)Adult (m)2,6346460
AMvD7(AMvD7)Adult (m)3,2958601
N5Pq0(N5Pq0)Adult (f)4,2788684
fqLRJ(fqLRJ)Adult (f)6,5807153
e7Rt3(e7Rt3)Adult (f)5,1871,17110
T2paK(T2paK)Adult (m)7,9568806
qFdNp(qFdNp)Adult (f)4,2651,3581
UZsjE(UZsjE)Adult (f)4,1741,3640
DO2ns(DO2ns)Adult (m)4,2101,3690
nWLx4(nWLx4)Adult (f)3,2571,1230
3VQQCanopy freeAdult (m)2,8038916
s8lWHigh FlyingAdult (f)2,2038355
Sbo5Heart Shaped LeavesAdult (f)2,34579015
SnBmTropical RomanticAdult (m)4,1581,0716
fOJxr(fOJxr)Adult (m)3,1297621
44Kz2(44Kz2)Adult (f)4,2951,1532
wFJKF(wFJKF)Adult (m)5,0871,1702
3DzDu(3DzDu)Adult (f)3,7511,0891
NC2KMuellers MuensterAdult3,3905568
ZDg5Muellers MozzerellaAdult2,05967410
RYuBmuenster on RyeAdult3,95980411
rVfkSharp JackAdult5,88592914
b7nHChick-henAdult (f)5,4781,10616
kduUBuck-a RooAdult (m)5,5981,0207
chrWMe Sell ToeAdult (m)6,8791,2747
vlujMuellers wonderAdult (f)2,7491,31629
jES2Muellers CheerAdult (f)2,1198158
j7Ir(j7Ir)Adult (f)5,4931,3193
bYd4(bYd4)Adult (f)5,4321,2807
uU9U5KreeesmasAdult (m)4,1548834
PjIRFSanto KreestmasAdult (m)3,0595903
eaKun(eaKun)Adult (m)3,8808853
TjBsZ(TjBsZ)Adult (m)4,3448956
Mnzae(Mnzae)Adult (f)5,4641,2343
5QiFK(5QiFK)Adult (f)5,7961,2043
IZXtFafnir DarkWaterAdult (m)4,6001,17914
XHjXShadow DarkwaterAdult (m)2,2035467
IVVLDrake DarkwaterAdult (m)9776117
sPJ7Skimming the breezeAdult (f)4,0659002
8J4OW(8J4OW)Adult (m)2,8805925
0vO0V(0vO0V)Adult (f)5,1028935
BeKMfOff of my waveAdult (m)3,5158791
ede5oCopper MetalsAdult (m)5,2151,8524
iocDClarisse in tendrilsAdult (f)5,23988510
XgTDTangled by moonlightAdult (m)4,88194811
fdD8Ambition TrapsAdult (f)2,1528408
RMoiGreat Moon plantedAdult (m)3,5107824
vumgSeize the preyAdult (m)6,36966817
cRnCShining TanglesAdult (f)7,85975910
dMtuMy Darling TanglesAdult (m)5,5739758
NQGmRelease the magicAdult (m)3,25562616
usP03(usP03)Adult (m)5,9287634
bPrXCextreme seekerAdult (m)3,2624971
FFM0P(FFM0P)Adult (m)3,5396073
YE8alyea vineAdult (f)3,8641,1962
X14Q8(X14Q8)Adult (f)7,4499775
5FGUX(5FGUX)Adult (m)4,8328845
n3bOo(n3bOo)Adult (f)2,9285341
tdsqf(tdsqf)Adult (m)4,0241,1262
k4tH0(k4tH0)Adult (m)2,5846081
Qc5dF(Qc5dF)Adult (f)2,3418480
Pa3bLake lady kept the faithAdult (f)1,5926247
qrqSThe King of SwordsAdult (m)2,39674417
uv8NPetal to the WindAdult (m)6,3671,0986
HImdPetal MagicAdult (m)5,1158887
EY7VPetals Lake saw the magickAdult (f)6,9506757
Kd5nDreaming is magicAdult (m)8,65289312
HufKTMy blue paradiseAdult (f)3,6294633
n9LW3(n9LW3)Adult (m)6,4107553
gVLvrdreamer-of LoveAdult (f)4,6321,2334
kYR5MHoping for loveAdult (f)3,9366934
nbKee(nbKee)Adult (m)2,7085811
k2Ro9(k2Ro9)Adult (f)4,5719942
AFDsDark MermaidAdult (f)1,1015992
1mVBStarry Deep Sea KnightAdult (m)1,5125901
NQ4KDragon of Sea-DeepAdult (m)1,5605551
QXCtInfinite PossiblityAdult (m)1,80073016
cGdBn(cGdBn)Adult (m)5,8098846
Kskln(Kskln)Adult (f)3,4336932
cDutCrimson Fin-DorsalsAdult (f)1,6454582
3nqcRead in BlackAdult (m)4,5651,20411
U7KQA(U7KQA)Adult (f)3,1638841
qii8t(qii8t)Adult (m)3,8758823
78k0i(78k0i)Adult (m)2,8485550
MXLE4dobling the gangersAdult (f)3,6841,0992
vpqkO(vpqkO)Adult (f)2,9727213
0MTHSparky blueAdult (m)2,8189165
TkuJBall of' FireAdult (f)6,0481,5178
YBb1Fried dragonAdult (m)3,3418946
tdVWV(tdVWV)Adult (m)2,7785422
BGbsc(BGbsc)Adult (f)2,7566304
dV38l(dV38l)Adult (m)4,1244421
vsIDt(vsIDt)Adult (m)3,9055681
GImKJ(GImKJ)Adult (m)2,9757380
dMsaHot -wings in flightAdult (f)7,5711,1448
A0frHotty in blackAdult (f)5,6229196
Za9aGolden -WindsAdult (m)4,6721,2159
1dbH(1dbH)Adult (m)4,4828815
DjUm(DjUm)Adult (f)3,3866219
KESO(KESO)Adult (f)4,0298366
raeB(raeB)Adult (m)4,65265410
b0Gs(b0Gs)Adult (m)4,25874212
pC9vl(pC9vl)Adult (f)2,9557663
v0zmH(v0zmH)Adult (m)3,8496482
Y2PnV(Y2PnV)Adult (f)1,7677631
r45vZ(r45vZ)Adult (m)1,8227471
hAofd(hAofd)Adult (m)1,8508080
4sfUZ(4sfUZ)Adult (f)3,4447924
t5eXk(t5eXk)Adult (m)2,2117112
qgp3c(qgp3c)Adult (m)2,0006960
wbChkGlow n' flyerAdult (m)4,5819642
87SFZ(87SFZ)Adult (m)2,8598930
7M8Pi(7M8Pi)Adult (m)2,3596131
8vEoC(8vEoC)Adult (f)4,2031,3780
7QiHW(7QiHW)Adult (m)4,2201,3660
JaCzI(JaCzI)Adult (f)3,8791,4330
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