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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sdmnmmk,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1nq1(1nq1)Adult (m)1,9477156
DVjZ(DVjZ)Adult (f)2,33153012
sN8d(sN8d)Adult (f)1,9515328
VctU(VctU)Adult (m)2,1175708
aAcH(aAcH)Adult (f)1,2045863
KN4g(KN4g)Adult (f)1,5595764
ibj6(ibj6)Adult (f)1,5755729
0Qt4(0Qt4)Adult (m)2,2265205
Cu2A(Cu2A)Adult (f)2,1464933
a851(a851)Adult (f)1,5205681
v5f8(v5f8)Adult (m)1,6996152
6hGM(6hGM)Adult (m)1,8274603
WmIt(WmIt)Adult (f)1,9034860
F17L(F17L)Adult (m)1,6245854
PtoG(PtoG)Adult (m)1,7545837
ST0C(ST0C)Adult (f)1,1786183
kju1(kju1)Adult (f)1,4396497
prTH(prTH)Adult (f)1,36857911
W5Gc(W5Gc)Adult (m)1,4936349
3q0A(3q0A)Adult (m)1,6376639
XfYk(XfYk)Adult (m)1,34664914
X9gK(X9gK)Adult (m)1,2266168
qXNh(qXNh)Adult (f)1,4026278
M2DT(M2DT)Adult (f)9796055
HiP3(HiP3)Adult (m)1,2246289
HQYH(HQYH)Adult (f)1,1236344
1LjQ(1LjQ)Adult (m)1,1706287
E7rs(E7rs)Adult (f)1,16063110
CB0C(CB0C)Adult (m)1,4716678
75lr(75lr)Adult (m)1,1346365
Agf6(Agf6)Adult (f)1,5066205
E9pb(E9pb)Adult (f)1,4606887
sIHY(sIHY)Adult (m)1,3756286
Pi3D(Pi3D)Adult (m)1,2846507
WI9h(WI9h)Adult (f)1,0155612
H6jf(H6jf)Adult (m)1,74556010
RX6D(RX6D)Adult (m)1,1285578
IJVh(IJVh)Adult (m)1,2006185
ZE07(ZE07)Adult (m)1,6476604
fSXC(fSXC)Adult (f)9765978
uFaP(uFaP)Adult (f)1,4915979
pv5m(pv5m)Adult (f)1,2495948
ljq0(ljq0)Adult (m)1,4135903
83iv(83iv)Adult (f)7854822
NEWV(NEWV)Adult (f)9305412
FN5j(FN5j)Adult (f)1,0235613
thSv(thSv)Adult (m)1,5494675
4NbC(4NbC)Adult (f)1,0735672
nkXv(nkXv)Adult (m)8195011
m4hZ(m4hZ)Adult (m)9665261
J4mJ(J4mJ)Adult (m)1,1406401
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