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You pick up the scroll labeled “scalesofgrey,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sE5pnSwirling Petals in the WindHatchling2,9329782
t670vTune A PianoHatchling1,4715041
zOQzkZ'Always The MatchmakerHatchling2,3277972
nqvv2Orinoco CrocHatchling2,2564992
SiosbSiobhan Full of GraceHatchling2,8688063
LQ0fpOpal LumiereHatchling2,2508052
90915A Bouquet of 90915 RosesHatchling (f)4,7041,2627
FJTWvEchoes in the FutureAdult (f)4,2859453
dpneW18000-Year-Old SoulAdult (m)5,2159495
eSqpVI Knew You In A Past LifeAdult (m)4,3778474
L82VSNever in an EternityAdult (m)3,4348325
EQrf5The Future is a MenaceAdult (f)4,6171,2292
a1MBMPast Lives and Future VicesAdult (f)4,1548492
Zr6hlZ'Let's Do The Time Warp AgainAdult (f)5,2471,0663
2qzYSEnshrouded Ripples IIAdult (m)4,5229448
4GoCoOverwhelming GaleforceAdult (f)3,6158794
CDqLMUnmovable SkiesAdult (m)4,1489503
MZ4S4A Winter's GaleAdult (f)5,8311,0421
NfJYLNothing But BlizzardsAdult (m)3,7268301
kgd22Blizzards From AboveAdult (f)6,2419355
ffM7vas the love I'm inAdult (m)4,8789151
seX0ZMy back is on the fringesAdult (f)5,2379133
xaeNUDoor hanging off the hingesAdult (f)5,2999844
E7xXtScreen falling off the doorAdult (m)5,3519593
bEfI2My feet are still soreAdult (m)4,4551,0425
I6uJbWe tore up the wallsAdult (m)5,1071,1325
nMG63What  do  you  knowAdult (m)6,3259192
oM4mQThis house is falling apartAdult (f)6,0028744
fhvHBWe lifted this houseAdult (m)4,4189622
SLmJFFirecrackers in the eastAdult (m)4,1328871
XNbXhJoviah XanixvAdult (f)5,4199426
EfHZKSick Beat LoveAdult (m)4,0039181
iRIYoBrightest Witch of Her AgeAdult (f)3,4881,1023
zdXUyZ'Volatile WildfireAdult (m)4,2921,1632
pUgE2Vitelotte NoireAdult (m)3,6121,1115
ZoxSIZ'Elphaba ThroppAdult (f)3,6391,1053
AIyie(AIyie)Adult (f)3,6121,1414
XOcyoCheshire's GrinAdult (m)3,6821,1224
b5elXMaraschino SweetAdult (m)6,5399775
JWDsePink FIurriesAdult (m)5,8691,0874
5dtKeSidt's MusicalAdult (f)5,1249852
Z2MSEZ'Angel of MusicAdult (f)4,8349826
uMmd2Hesitant FlowersAdult (m)4,6961,2112
OkhLeOkhley's RoseAdult (f)4,1989153
MmXAKStarting MelodyAdult (m)4,5029361
zpf6lZ'Moonlit AngelAdult (f)3,2997591
yqiXFMelodious VoiceAdult (m)4,4168411
HNdYTOh There She IsAdult (f)4,7291,2904
KujADNow it's aIl a washAdult (f)6,6981,2842
gEMyjI want everyoneAdult (m)6,5131,2163
kZ4aZI am faster than youAdult (f)4,6381,0252
pgHilUItralife with meAdult (m)5,4371,1175
ZIwAzZ'Sphyrna MokarranAdult (m)5,6001,0273
5eLovAmbassador of AlagaddaAdult (m)3,6516613
oG46Uand you asked me to danceAdult (m)3,9289523
OGAl2Mori OgaiAdult (f)8,6811,4856
x0DEmExodus ImminentAdult (m)4,3258721
lil4tLittle Late For TeaHatchling (f, F)3,7377863
30jwFLord OthelloAdult (m)3,85690020
c1VzVBone AppettitAdult (m)3,9811,0522
Lx43uCompliments to the CadavarAdult (f)4,0481,2023
sEU9UNone-More-GothAdult (m)3,3511,0031
NAFdEI sink or swimAdult (m)4,1089231
RpTDbVance Joy's RiptideAdult (f)5,5861,0035
6ewXhWhy don't you waitAdult (m)4,5681,1332
eYWgQBurnt ParmesanAdult (f)4,0188651
7yC1tInside my bonesAdult (f)4,5981,0083
ywOEvI will not leaveAdult (m)5,2081,2139
3fHR8Rhymes with SnowmanAdult (m)4,2979052
j3GeqWe were barely eighteen whenAdult (f)5,2829474
3t9AVand you will never be lonelyAdult (m)5,5429715
fEQkrLive my Iife withoutAdult (m)5,9731,1282
rmLElComing up  for airAdult (f)6,3161,1542
boBdewill never leave your sideAdult (f)4,8919722
gN1x6Now it's alI a washAdult (f)7,1601,1412
jg0h4Brutal SwingsAdult (m)4,0048051
A3rOrPandora's OmenAdult (f)4,1821,0534
5ZHikAll the kids have bloom fromAdult (m)5,3001,0614
a2ZcMSlow down we've gotAdult (m)5,4019644
RsHGLat second sightAdult (f)3,9448031
5ZG2MI don't care to beg your pardonAdult (m)9,5949141
Qy28ZI won't just buy you a roseAdult (f)4,7398391
7gre1We got fifty good yearsAdult (m)5,1209771
IaW45Go Lurk MoarAdult (f)5,6351,4773
xcHI8Menacing Moonraze MaelstromAdult (m)6,5851,0445
ij7CkPSl Starstorm OmegaAdult (f)5,3321,0072
eb4IKMidwest Shooting StarAdult (f)3,9637983
zG9YYZ'Rock-n-Roll MoonlightAdult (f)4,3338992
JYSmTThe Cheesecake FactorialAdult7,3881,11510
SCTHzComing up for airAdult (f)5,3849783
nxRJkWe got no moneyAdult (f)4,6821,0652
nJoumYour shoulder in my mouthAdult (f)6,8579915
mRsbEmRsbe BusinessAdult (m)7,3041,0163
jBlXpIt's Called The Rainbow RoadAdult (f)4,6139362
d2ihtylsuoires erom esnesnon koot ewAdult (m)5,0649352
pNdNiSecretive GardensAdult (m)6,0181,1695
zeXWbZ'Trails of IvyAdult (m)5,2459192
GZ816Trailing VinesAdult (f)5,2881,0402
Gdn9AGardenia BloomsAdult (f)4,0618661
tN7vJWhat We Do ln The ShadowsAdult (m)8,8401,1145
X6NS8Back when I had lost it allAdult (f)6,3101,1053
tJzsHAnd I'm not giving up no moreAdult (f)4,8429383
RhK1qIlluminate the in-betweenAdult (f)8,4818282
4wrWZAnd I'm not giving up nowAdult (f)5,3661,1101
zDftilnside my headAdult (f)4,3589181
lCKbBThe water is wideAdult (f)6,0431,0944
5nZ8RGive me a boatAdult (m)3,7868255
Lbw5ZBut love grows oldAdult (m)4,7589012
ZbBMIZ'A Watery GraveAdult (f)3,9019341
lRNKqmy love and IAdult (f)3,7018532
I4oGcBut not as deepAdult (m)3,9408551
wNnbrlike morning dewAdult (f)3,7348371
7TbK1And fall in loveAdult (f)4,6029041
OV3uSResolute DestructionAdult (m)5,4151,5132
IpiVWNine Inch Nails IIAdult (m)4,2431,34910
mDE7uJourney to DesolationAdult (f)5,3041,4172
cGfhgRocks and DirtAdult (f)3,7021,1322
0apInSangria OapinAdult (f)5,5549233
cxit9The sea of emptinessAdult (f)2,9367323
U8yJAPurpIe ProseAdult (f)4,1209201
3jdb0Haze VermilionAdult (f)4,0497972
YbRyBDays Past SlowlyAdult (m)5,2441,0731
NBLBARebellious StreakAdult (m)4,1659272
NDJZWNeedle JawzAdult (m)4,0508431
dFjHLScarlet of CheveAdult (m)4,0478271
l6BwKOh Anna SunAdult (f)8,5661,3956
hrw5Xwhen you barely crossed my eyeAdult (f)4,4938794
FhilpShe's loaded deepAdult (f)6,2631,1237
FrNlZFrantic WattzAdult (m)3,4987393
f5dfeLast Embers of CandleAdult (f)6,3611,1165
GG5fyOoh Anna SunAdult (m)3,8058744
dqzZTThe Cities That FellAdult (m)5,2741,0683
HqCFPyou know that IAdult (m)5,9368893
LZygrI know not howAdult (m)5,0281,0935
LR0V3Therapeutic EssenceAdult (f)7,1261,0186
oSEYHUncertain DanceAdult (f)5,4069874
uMivtWisteria PetalsAdult (f)5,0009492
u8Dswbabies into flowers in our eyesAdult (f)5,2589664
1TZUctime left to be lazyAdult (f)4,9039792
D1ye3we should live until we dieAdult (f)4,0919362
bWhRNbut it was loveAdult (m)5,5681,0811
7R3USto spend out in the gardenAdult (f)4,0498662
q9Hloput out your handAdult (f)4,1709171
ibxjtStar FreckledAdult (m)4,1498591
TF57dNow it's all a washAdult (m)7,0401,1332
H1h7KHeIter SkeIterAdult (m)4,2779211
spjxQWait for summer-timeAdult (f)4,2439371
478lWThis house is falling  apartAdult (m)5,4921,00315
qNUOcWe're living ultralifeAdult (f)4,5411,0194
22VQyLive my life withoutAdult (m)4,3108841
FwrCQIridium Force IIAdult (f)5,1001,1073
ZvgykZ'New User TutorialAdult (m)5,9139335
wr9plNew User TutorialAdult (m)4,8669332
xjLR8Sardonic ScrivenerAdult (f)4,2518852
71veNWe were pIaying in the sandAdult (m)4,8019213
UJqnafell in love with itAdult (f)4,0929111
rt8MKI wonder if I could hold itAdult (f)4,4609212
x4bWHAnd you found a little bandAdult (f)5,9838541
0m5APYou told me youAdult (m)4,3219282
oIFxpBut my outside to beholdAdult (f)9,5921,0796
J8WyiAlI that glisters is not goldAdult (m)4,4359545
prMownot been inscrolledAdult (f)5,7449182
Bhu6qYour answer hadAdult (m)4,1629192
rQWCJin judgment oldAdult (f)3,6218073
saMuvCold indeedAdult (m)3,9087802
4hl7kYour suit is coldAdult (f)4,3447942
QiL9QGilded tombs do worms enfoldAdult (m)5,3161,0772
7N9SMMiniature Ferraro RocherHatchling (m, F)3,3927813
LudT3Grave StompersAdult (f)4,2351,0613
WI8FcKarano IIIAdult (f)4,0401,1153
Rovua(Rovua)Adult (m)3,7721,0711
TlaVnYou toId me to buy a ponyAdult (m)9,7589042
SRwAII knew nothing of romanceAdult (f)5,2239752
aAZTLMajorelle's ShieldAdult (f)3,5137991
qjIpZRuby TheobromaAdult (m)5,1531,0821
ksps4Sappiest Love SongsAdult (f)4,4281,0241
Fo0s6Have Loved and LostAdult (f)4,6141,3111
PGXu4Surtr's BladeAdult (m)4,2528911
2vxIWEuphorbia PuIcherrimaAdult (m)5,2891,2775
0WWcwIIex VerticillataAdult (m)4,2271,0971
BVqW2Holly AltoAdult (f)4,2421,0935
mJb7rShiny-NosedAdult (m)5,3421,2644
CkJkjlt's A Christmas MiracleAdult (m)4,1671,2253
b2yqKLittle Arctic DearHatchling (F)1,5295111
NuUuBThe Youngest NewbieHatchling (m, F)2,9288314
HHaR1Fresh Blankets of SnowAdult (f)4,1001,0701
zdLxUZ'Let lt SnowAdult (f)3,8571,1772
mGKSyThe Avalanche DropsAdult (f)3,8041,0033
kvYu8Sequins and GlitterAdult (f)5,2641,3035
ZZ282Z'Iridescent RibbonsAdult (f)3,3751,1623
wa4LLYou're My Wonder wa4LLAdult (f)3,4691,0154
4ZealZealous Dancer IIIAdult (f)3,3079392
ZgVQnZ'A Christmas CarolAdult (m)5,3631,3164
Kgl1fTo Remember A Star IVAdult (m)3,7141,1463
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