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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sbcraft,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UYhFyBob The Unchained CBUAdult (f)3,3177232
vUFf3Bob The Graceful 2GAdult (f)3,5207481
YSBcjBob The Swift 17GIAdult (f)2,5276750
7n6YSBob The Pretty 2GAdult (m)3,0387141
Rfj7DBob The Crystaline 2GAdult (f)2,5666841
OJ96IBob The Loom 6GAdult (m)3,4808423
J1eWGBob The Wise 3GAdult (f)3,8866501
X9BZIBob The Fancy Hat CBAdult (f)4,1878404
MFlZs(MFlZs)Adult (f)3,6616712
rRWHs(rRWHs)Adult (f)4,0428431
XsG01(XsG01)Adult (f)2,8807780
BCrFsBob The Hungry 2GAdult (f)3,5788322
LhcIYBob The Wistful 2GAdult (f)2,9607160
fpro2Bob The Nolin 2GAdult (f)2,8906920
5W2tSBob The Aether 2GAdult (m)3,2437740
g6p3oBob The Internet 3GAdult (f)2,5076780
TrNIGBob The Biscuit 2GAdult (m)2,6346401
16ocUBob The Gust 2GAdult (m)2,9525632
Ay4FCBob The Saint 2GAdult (f)2,9096682
fvkpyBob The Latte 2GAdult (m)4,3156731
uxV10Bob The Truffle 4GAdult (f)4,0516510
IuqnIBob The House 2GAdult (f)3,0726792
UskFIBob The Credit Card 2GAdult (m)3,1686843
rD9yRBob The Pokemon 2GAdult (f)3,0836862
axokZBob The Wind 3GAdult (f)2,9566580
n53MQBob The Mystery 3GAdult (m)2,5966931
opGDy(opGDy)Adult (m)3,1017121
3GjCB(3GjCB)Adult (m)3,0357151
uBOxb(uBOxb)Adult (f)3,2717272
salqe(salqe)Adult (m)4,1068693
0FUed(0FUed)Adult (f)3,7628391
gnbaZ(gnbaZ)Adult (m)3,7958530
rsg3F(rsg3F)Adult (m)3,8448652
2TpGp(2TpGp)Adult (f)3,6738501
iMCaABob The Albino 3GBAdult (m)2,5696580
zo5wxBob The Cloud 3GBAdult (f)2,2965562
2BlpvBob The Gift 12GBIAdult (m)3,3186211
X00S2Bob The Silver Eel 8GBAdult (m)3,3715770
x22EoBob The Lief 2GUAdult (m)2,9695362
u2NPDBob The Aesthete 2GUAdult (m)3,5605872
QEIPN(QEIPN)Adult (f)3,4187012
1fpWj(1fpWj)Adult (f)3,0227101
WJJs3(WJJs3)Adult (m)3,4557180
kjVsg(kjVsg)Adult (f)3,3456592
hH5bE(hH5bE)Adult (m)3,2687231
gwll9(gwll9)Adult (f)3,1226511
dmJLW(dmJLW)Adult (m)3,2557321
8RG9k(8RG9k)Adult (f)1,9345867
SXYu2(SXYu2)Adult (f)2,3906753
EuPWU(EuPWU)Adult (f)3,4346390
9QkaE(9QkaE)Adult (m)2,6436510
qyEuF(qyEuF)Adult (f)4,3071,0120
3e8MT(3e8MT)Adult (f)3,0326911
sC3KM(sC3KM)Adult (f)3,0886861
htFSy(htFSy)Adult (f)4,5547403
zlroi(zlroi)Adult (m)3,7467931
kQBmK(kQBmK)Adult (f)4,0699342
ZpJEC(ZpJEC)Adult (m)3,1227301
RpFMm(RpFMm)Adult (f)4,6618030
Nwkoi(Nwkoi)Adult (f)3,9578081
DDD5n(DDD5n)Adult (f)3,4707171
4QdA4(4QdA4)Adult (m)3,6307251
uYKt4(uYKt4)Adult (f)2,8717081
LVLb8Bob The Icy CBUAdult (m)3,1037682
1OvUMBob The Blob CBUAdult (f)3,2058252
l7Wez(l7Wez)Adult (m)2,9585862
3PtqT(3PtqT)Adult (f)2,4956381
imrMv(imrMv)Adult (f)3,7806771
KuGDv(KuGDv)Adult (m)3,3727311
0DQL5Bob The Hidden CBAdult (f)4,5498620
5AqxF(5AqxF)Adult (f)5,0631,0051
J1HcY(J1HcY)Adult (f)3,0767301
HSBcv(HSBcv)Adult (f)3,6237171
Sk1gc(Sk1gc)Adult (f)4,0018401
T4yfX(T4yfX)Adult (m)3,7557501
s1UWq(s1UWq)Adult (f)4,1767302
BHpEC(BHpEC)Adult (f)2,7117081
wg8YR(wg8YR)Adult (m)3,2298611
uoATN(uoATN)Adult (m)3,8837871
BxWcD(BxWcD)Adult (f)3,0316901
RWcS9(RWcS9)Adult (f)2,7236651
v26GU(v26GU)Adult (m)2,7386892
QEQrU(QEQrU)Adult (m)2,8716952
P8Ua4(P8Ua4)Adult (f)2,9696541
CCb4w(CCb4w)Adult (f)4,1438641
FlLKn(FlLKn)Adult (m)2,8247124
Wzdbw(Wzdbw)Adult (m)2,8727063
L6Nay(L6Nay)Adult (f)4,7941,1762
N8N7J(N8N7J)Adult (f)4,7001,1701
heXjHBob The Wind 5GBAdult (m)3,8133787
v3DQWBob The Falling Leaf 2GBAdult (m)3,0705940
d6uV8Bob The Eternal Spring CBUAdult (m)2,5825872
cWZXPBob The Godess CBUAdult (f)3,3336291
SvMibBob The Houxfleur 10GUAdult (f)3,6146002
rkbCoBob The Freaky 2GAdult (m)3,2887171
jhdoO(jhdoO)Adult (m)3,2376672
amdIT(amdIT)Adult (m)2,9526980
WbVWE(WbVWE)Adult (m)3,1436961
M67Zn(M67Zn)Adult (m)2,8497540
9lnUR(9lnUR)Adult (f)4,0389871
WlLD8(WlLD8)Adult (f)3,0437601
4CqE8(4CqE8)Adult (m)3,9377811
bD6vX(bD6vX)Adult (m)3,4447083
E1Rxz(E1Rxz)Adult (f)3,7249951
ot2Db(ot2Db)Adult (m)3,5329100
D8JyC(D8JyC)Adult (f)3,3036331
Fqqcv(Fqqcv)Adult (f)2,4246601
2RN5V(2RN5V)Adult (m)2,8926982
FtL2B(FtL2B)Adult (m)3,4798493
KVX9p(KVX9p)Adult (f)2,5376520
MlOSi(MlOSi)Adult (f)3,0726711
kU9GF(kU9GF)Adult (f)3,0506791
1N6ecBob The Quiet CBBAdult (f)4,0447732
3nXj7Bob The Albino 4GUAdult (f)4,2176542
Q5fSfBob The Ant CBAdult (m)4,0836601
8ORtRBob The Sacerdotal CBUAdult (f)4,1357300
A0dHi(A0dHi)Adult (f)2,9726171
OBgvk(OBgvk)Adult (m)3,2427272
9VebR(9VebR)Adult (f)3,3697441
ykh4v(ykh4v)Adult (m)4,8928682
4BvhD(4BvhD)Adult (m)3,1137701
6NjQA(6NjQA)Adult (f)3,1727921
Biux8(Biux8)Adult (m)4,4361,0150
UKVOS(UKVOS)Adult (m)3,5509212
8TKvr(8TKvr)Adult (m)3,7667142
6Mfe8(6Mfe8)Adult (m)5,9437251
LdVDd(LdVDd)Adult (f)3,1847491
5z6JN(5z6JN)Adult (m)3,4187481
OvYK0(OvYK0)Adult (f)2,2966750
Rp6TI(Rp6TI)Adult (f)2,6756502
hmVvh(hmVvh)Adult (f)3,3187933
iPVpK(iPVpK)Adult (m)3,7128710
R6Yyb(R6Yyb)Adult (m)3,5248020
tIv9G(tIv9G)Adult (f)3,4306671
mVsUZ(mVsUZ)Adult (f)2,8136371
0Q9H5Bob The Sleeping 2GAdult (m)2,7006531
5EjCH(5EjCH)Adult (m)2,3836691
tK9iw(tK9iw)Adult (f)2,9706760
MTmbB(MTmbB)Adult (f)2,5866800
2p2xD(2p2xD)Adult (f)3,9878801
QH1qB(QH1qB)Adult (m)3,7107043
l1V2d(l1V2d)Adult (f)4,9627261
xbqvn(xbqvn)Adult (f)3,6066822
2Gsuw(2Gsuw)Adult (f)3,3337202
SlXx3(SlXx3)Adult (f)4,0908972
e5jeH(e5jeH)Adult (m)3,3337662
4DyUm(4DyUm)Adult (m)3,9638730
EjDQd(EjDQd)Adult (m)4,0458014
rDwNo(rDwNo)Adult (f)4,9357444
Yi9U6(Yi9U6)Adult (m)3,2808242
JzN7z(JzN7z)Adult (m)3,3938492
RJyvC(RJyvC)Adult (f)2,8699000
QSw3J(QSw3J)Adult (f)2,8419201
ycubZ(ycubZ)Adult (m)3,3868522
0CoMzBob The Aria CBBAdult (m)3,7999794
BDcQdBob The Bright Gold 7GBUAdult (m)3,6376143
ik95lBob The Proud 3GBAdult (m)3,1746493
hC1VUBob The Melody CBBAdult (m)3,7196001
yYnixBob The Outburst 3GUAdult (m)5,8468732
qDiJeBob The Sonorous 2GUAdult (m)2,8495545
m1Ed6Bob The Ambrosial 2GUAdult (m)2,9525731
vXJ1IBob The Tweedle 2GUAdult (f)3,0005441
6Ov96(6Ov96)Adult (f)2,8016370
iPPA1(iPPA1)Adult (m)3,0425971
d7CRb(d7CRb)Adult (m)4,2486721
5AUCw(5AUCw)Adult (f)4,4137222
9pWjn(9pWjn)Adult (m)5,1038892
N2M86(N2M86)Adult (m)3,4198760
MSma3(MSma3)Adult (m)3,3167610
i2F3a(i2F3a)Adult (m)3,6907532
PjzfO(PjzfO)Adult (m)3,8017430
9mB60(9mB60)Adult (m)3,7467330
FiojI(FiojI)Adult (m)6,0247352
HKtvZ(HKtvZ)Adult (m)3,6616556
LtYx3(LtYx3)Adult (m)3,4726921
PHbWk(PHbWk)Adult (f)3,4316901
zKmDC(zKmDC)Adult (m)3,3936761
fUgRy(fUgRy)Adult (m)3,0766662
0kejMBob The Jem 3GAdult (f)3,7046971
a4cG5(a4cG5)Adult (f)3,4006551
hYfYF(hYfYF)Adult (m)3,9157831
j0KDB(j0KDB)Adult (f)3,4617051
W6dtn(W6dtn)Adult (f)2,8857321
ilqHz(ilqHz)Adult (m)3,0818300
HTaJB(HTaJB)Adult (f)2,9857271
ApF1M(ApF1M)Adult (m)3,1767522
SHw0T(SHw0T)Adult (m)3,9298400
bTaKU(bTaKU)Adult (f)3,3658013
tkyEf(tkyEf)Adult (f)2,1816361
212w1(212w1)Adult (f)2,9306571
9tNQy(9tNQy)Adult (f)2,9716781
5QOTF(5QOTF)Adult (f)3,9818221
ZxFPg(ZxFPg)Adult (m)3,0677121
lcjB5Bob The Patient 14GAdult (f)2,6516730
BQcyrBob The Pink 3GAdult (f)3,3228111
4CXmf(4CXmf)Adult (f)4,7711,0662
bvTWZ(bvTWZ)Adult (f)4,6401,0620
Kxn2v(Kxn2v)Adult (f)3,8381,0511
VDWQ2(VDWQ2)Adult (f)3,9071,0311
R5J3j(R5J3j)Adult (f)3,6078212
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