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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sashaaa,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZtgXJ(ZtgXJ)Adult (m)4,5821,4844
ww5Kn(ww5Kn)Adult (m)4,5651,4601
rYUjqAlejandrosAdult (m)4,3241,4012
hxqwl(hxqwl)Adult (m)4,0981,2143
1kGxF(1kGxF)Adult (m)3,9961,2421
LBGT4(LBGT4)Adult (m)4,4291,6304
Kn3sW(Kn3sW)Adult (m)3,8561,2563
7gDb3Apollo MidnighterAdult (f)6,3561,8451
FFTYC(FFTYC)Adult (m)3,9851,2042
tf1YYFelicilasAdult (f)2,8028774
OHiuUShe MagistraAdult (f)5,4641,4712
OncxoPB Pink Female 2Adult (f)4,5361,0882
3gQ7gPB Pink Male 2Adult (m)4,4551,3253
DPuKpMidnighter of StormwatchAdult (m)5,1741,3956
N83NG(N83NG)Adult (m)5,3671,2223
uyPfr(uyPfr)Adult (f)2,0047082
UTAj1(UTAj1)Adult (m)4,8621,2374
4LOQ4(4LOQ4)Adult (f)4,7921,4871
KyuYj(KyuYj)Adult (f)4,8741,3611
e3vOj(e3vOj)Adult (m)3,5741,0674
y6X2I(y6X2I)Adult (m)8,1505580
SwQzS(SwQzS)Adult (m)7,0145370
mQbYT(mQbYT)Adult (m)7,7595200
4XRqu(4XRqu)Adult (f)3,1794620
aTCMG(aTCMG)Adult (f)4,6731,1041
DW0rq(DW0rq)Adult (f)4,5301,1250
ohsV9(ohsV9)Adult (f)4,0677253
DKLTb(DKLTb)Adult (m)5,4251,2321
rvUS9(rvUS9)Adult (f)4,8971,0450
PJkPH(PJkPH)Adult (m)4,6149971
63X90(63X90)Adult (m)5,5681,1962
KLelB(KLelB)Adult (m)5,4821,2294
oQNNX(oQNNX)Adult (m)5,5561,1731
rMiBt(rMiBt)Adult (m)4,3249904
A95JS(A95JS)Adult (f)5,0928630
Co5w9(Co5w9)Adult (m)4,3821,0050
sucyh(sucyh)Hatchling (F)1,4751621
xvDz3(xvDz3)Adult (m)5,6748484
BJ7UT(BJ7UT)Adult (m)6,5467611
3zfdG(3zfdG)Adult (f)6,5027540
swmTf(swmTf)Adult (f)6,1217451
Uwmqm(Uwmqm)Adult (m)3,8148901
xVCmE(xVCmE)Adult (f)4,1608240
MN7lL(MN7lL)Adult (m)4,3278180
EP5OL(EP5OL)Adult (m)3,2819590
NbPxC(NbPxC)Adult (m)5,9167221
IQgV3(IQgV3)Adult (m)5,2428043
VXjB1(VXjB1)Adult (f)6,8797141
Dtmsp(Dtmsp)Adult (f)6,8997290
h45Hm(h45Hm)Adult (m)6,1458652
VrouU(VrouU)Adult (m)6,9417260
MnQzc(MnQzc)Adult (m)6,7648042
N95Qb(N95Qb)Adult (m)5,2418562
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