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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Halloween Event
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “samuelcraft,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kuAeu(kuAeu)Adult (m)4,2671,1020
z0sBU(z0sBU)Adult (m)3,4909764
F5m8y(F5m8y)Adult (m)3,1708380
JcYEx(JcYEx)Adult (f)2,9108420
tAkUQ(tAkUQ)Adult (f)2,4925700
S22hd(S22hd)Adult (m)5,8517031
2AhU5(2AhU5)Adult (f)4,6917410
pCjFt(pCjFt)Adult (f)5,4256061
FJYGF(FJYGF)Adult (m)6,7665941
0QO6J(0QO6J)Adult (m)5,5335873
AxCe1(AxCe1)Adult (f)5,1355412
ruRWj(ruRWj)Adult (f)6,5811,1831
TBF0(TBF0)Adult (m)2,34183511
SLYb(SLYb)Adult (f)2,8649843
RmQk(RmQk)Adult (f)5,9828366
TQs0(TQs0)Adult (m)2,6828606
TvrY(TvrY)Adult (f)4,1601,15913
fWfi(fWfi)Adult (f)3,5031,21339
M73f(M73f)Adult (f)2,6939255
7sda(7sda)Adult (m)2,3937004
70ro(70ro)Adult (m)4,0371,55717
P5tf(P5tf)Adult (m)3,66468613
X6Cm(X6Cm)Adult (m)4,0951,32157
rM80(rM80)Adult (m)6,1881,0106
SGrH(SGrH)Adult (m)4,5291,2975
DAsl(DAsl)Adult (f)5,6911,2505
naft(naft)Adult (m)5,4621,4703
JB7O(JB7O)Adult (m)7,2741,5362
l8dI(l8dI)Adult (f)7,6051,3981
Ytb2(Ytb2)Adult (m)7,4941,5034
1cO4(1cO4)Adult (m)9,2281,2091
qWEMq(qWEMq)Adult (f)5,0741,3592
4dTbR(4dTbR)Adult (f)5,6821,3613
VPCQo(VPCQo)Adult (f)3,2108821
JvQ1W(JvQ1W)Adult (m)3,7279921
d8yN5(d8yN5)Adult (f)2,5825560
hIHp6(hIHp6)Adult (f)5,8137610
HbKa3(HbKa3)Adult (m)6,8606090
43KOC(43KOC)Adult (m)6,8818620
pwHv(pwHv)Adult (m)1,6001,09047
ACQg(ACQg)Adult (f)1,15872831
jaJE(jaJE)Adult (f)1,51989727
4BLk(4BLk)Adult (f)1,3449205
NtFV(NtFV)Adult (f)1,87092312
NAsY(NAsY)Adult (m)1,21356030
Isd8(Isd8)Adult (f)1,4314472
hFlU(hFlU)Adult (m)4,3051,2466
N7Ar(N7Ar)Adult (f)2,7709081
ugNO(ugNO)Adult (m)5,8961,4257
KIvn(KIvn)Adult (m)5,6921,5473
jArl(jArl)Adult (f)7,8141,6021
QWD7(QWD7)Adult (f)5,2478960
Q8jTF(Q8jTF)Adult (m)3,2961,0140
0WjLi(0WjLi)Adult (m)5,2286501
MurKQ(MurKQ)Adult (f)5,7875981
mSshR(mSshR)Adult (f)4,6886132
RgEco(RgEco)Adult (f)5,1905951
Tc6U(Tc6U)Adult (m)2,29478373
vMkp(vMkp)Adult (m)3,13894374
KMXR(KMXR)Adult (f)4,0611,55934
CCZl(CCZl)Adult (f)1,65394114
3XC9(3XC9)Adult (f)9286636
Gcsd(Gcsd)Adult (f)1,3571,0283
GbDP(GbDP)Adult (m)2,6169307
2YHp(2YHp)Adult (f)3,6221,11811
uSR2(uSR2)Adult (m)3,1651,00921
nFDk(nFDk)Adult (m)2,0246875
6SU3(6SU3)Adult (m)2,5938154
dFZZC(dFZZC)Adult (m)6,1591,2962
lq66n(lq66n)Adult (f)7,2031,5751
lnJbf(lnJbf)Adult (f)2,5008380
6Fkm8(6Fkm8)Adult (m)2,4078220
I7kD0(I7kD0)Adult (f)1,6256040
SS7yV(SS7yV)Adult (m)3,0999023
kXHvN(kXHvN)Adult (f)2,5409120
upJjv(upJjv)Adult (f)5,4718820
BEbgh(BEbgh)Adult (m)6,1586840
yD6oM(yD6oM)Adult (m)6,9367070
8yg2J(8yg2J)Adult (m)5,6266340
6sNta(6sNta)Adult (m)6,1296680
OPjHn(OPjHn)Adult (m)3,8036330
MJucb(MJucb)Adult (f)4,9426800
W5IyC(W5IyC)Adult (f)5,9545852
Ar8f2(Ar8f2)Adult (m)5,9311,1671
2povv(2povv)Adult (m)5,4671,1023
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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