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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sakana,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ATMj2Ereal's Tasting LoveAdult (m)4,5829692
Gcwd5(Gcwd5)Adult (f)5,6471,1042
ZBdfp(ZBdfp)Adult (f)7,3311,3572
aYnDK(aYnDK)Adult (m)4,0949192
b8S7L(b8S7L)Adult (m)4,0249282
HQwFQ(HQwFQ)Adult (f)3,9969302
qO6pT(qO6pT)Adult (m)6,0361,2053
ShM5s(ShM5s)Adult (m)6,5871,2381
igYid(igYid)Adult (f)5,2339284
vzY4c(vzY4c)Adult (f)5,4899561
S8pd8(S8pd8)Adult (m)5,1019201
dBmqz(dBmqz)Adult (f)5,1999291
CYQlR(CYQlR)Adult (f)5,5759502
9V6dB(9V6dB)Adult (f)5,3389571
0SohW(0SohW)Adult (f)5,5179670
7v6Wb(7v6Wb)Adult (f)2,8396961
3BXK2(3BXK2)Adult (m)2,8216772
CpGtr(CpGtr)Adult (f)3,2987432
feLqTEreal's Dream of RosesAdult (f)2,6447091
OCeGn(OCeGn)Adult (f)2,6967121
XJ6oe(XJ6oe)Dead Egg111
8vUEk(8vUEk)Hatchling (f)3,5968472
wQNIH(wQNIH)Hatchling (f)5,3469842
J8NBLEreal's Reputed RiinaAdult (m)4,6109183
pKFONEreal's HymenopterusAdult (m)4,6331,1061
qOrkiEreal's Granny GrimmettsAdult (f)4,8239272
FwTUJEreal's Beneficent PeonyAdult (f)4,6549153
UU48eEreal's Checker ViolationAdult (m)5,1429572
fEkoKEreal's Ceiling DargonAdult (m)3,8519222
3JAv4Ereal's Jewel of MarinoAdult (f)4,3001,0763
PYh3VEreal's Not-A-ThuwedAdult (f)4,2701,0861
xZjLx(xZjLx)Adult (f)5,0789536
XhAs0(XhAs0)Adult (m)5,4419575
LhlVX(LhlVX)Adult (f)5,5329621
X7t7R(X7t7R)Adult (m)7,7141,1153
UReRC(UReRC)Adult (f)6,1211,1373
13Fdl(13Fdl)Adult (f)5,3589402
KZFIr(KZFIr)Adult (m)5,6659822
M4I8i(M4I8i)Adult (f)4,9081,0442
l5v3W(l5v3W)Adult (m)4,0809581
SlQkI(SlQkI)Adult (f)5,5179511
WgogW(WgogW)Adult (f)5,5859712
T9868Ereal's Wee TreeEgg (F)
SFBMLEreal the ConquerorAdult (f)
urEuoEreal the SunAdult (f)
vcp5OEreal of the MorningAdult (m)4,6771,4815
jhaxgEreal of NoonAdult (m)5,54237013
FewgEEreal's FewgE StateAdult6,06792824
Be5XvEreal's Stellar HylianAdult (m)8,0941,3265
eKHC1Ereal's Demure GoldenpearlAdult (m)5,6733959
n4Pv3Ereal's Golden NaviHatchling (F)6,7397153
8frXxEreal's PhoibusAdult (m)7,8711,0922
9syPAEreal's Eternal KissAdult (f)9,0721,24412
5mibtEreal's Ruddy GoldAdult (f)11,4951,3742
tiHiAEreal's Butter MoonAdult (m)5,9961,1212
HUmviEreal's Golden HumveeAdult (m)11,2281,79210
EqogSEreal's Three Step ProgramAdult (m)5,9031,0923
subT1Ereal's Gold-derper SDAAdult (f)5,8581,3505
SILGAEreal's Derp Roundup SDAAdult (f)6,3421,4795
D60rWEreal's Gold FlakeHatchling (m, F)7,7921,2332
7J7BXEreal's Gold NuggetHatchling (F)5,9891,0083
lZnwPEreal's Silver MorrowindAdult (f)11,6241,5504
6LidaEreal's Silver RosemanceAdult (m)9,0751,2373
XqUniEreal's Shimmering Silver FlakeHatchling (f, F)9,0891,0682
FcpusEreal's Burning of TroyAdult (f)7,8951,0873
cGvLTEreal's Silvery Cordial ThuwedAdult (f)6,6081,1213
8krPsEreal's Penk PoodleAdult (m)9,3851,78612
KfPPkEreal's Thubanhammer AbbyAdult (f)5,9561,4879
NDSFWNude Dragons Safe For WorkAdult (m)5,5351,2865
iskufEreal's Brother KillerAdult (m)7,8661,2475
I9uPkEreal's Keyt FlakeHatchling (f, F)7,2531,1053
dFqMREreal's Bronze LainAdult (m)9,3421,3335
HmTVFEreal's Shimmering Bronze FlakeHatchling (F)5,3317242
CRc0HEreal's Always YearningAdult (f)7,4951,1784
EUo6rEreal's Wandering ObscenityAdult (m)5,4631,1141
GA1ztEreal's Second LoserAdult (f)10,1841,5897
Il7UlEreal's Army PillowAdult (m)7,2351,0122
86T0hEreal's Artistic AbilityAdult (m)9,7121,9969
YNMT1Ereal's Toll TrollAdult (f)8,5921,5309
U0KvsEreal's I Eat Your ButterAdult (m)8,9382,0989
Tmu5TEreal's Petja PaloozaAdult (f)4,9511,4914
7utqzEreal's Celestial Tinsel-ThuwedAdult (m)5,0791,1762
eQ6ETEreal's Petja Herra SDAAdult (f)5,0791,6325
8koSsEreal's Went For BronzeHatchling (F)3,2626372
ewBPSEreal's Iced CandiesAdult (f)4,7389272
PanMbEreal's WillocrispAdult (f)7,2131,0821
G9d4nEreal's WispaAdult (f)7,4891,1232
sgoOuEreal's BordeauxAdult (f)4,6881,2457
7bPEREreal's Peanut Butter CupAdult (f)4,4411,5043
7RDLyEreal's AeroAdult (f)4,5111,4492
Wsw6DEreal's ButterfingerAdult (f)6,3991,4221
A4HgqEreal's MayfairAdult (f)3,3489174
Qqo2tEreal's MalteserHatchling (f, F)6,3011,1232
LXmU3Ereal's Chocolate ChipHatchling (F)1,2525291
NC5bbEreal's Tony ChocolonelyAdult (m)6,0581,1212
Oeo3hEreal's Tin LarenAdult (m)7,3171,1742
mGf2MEreal's ScotchmallowAdult (m)4,8171,4366
bdK1jEreal's Heavenly SweetsAdult (m)4,0188204
SZv82Ereal's ToffeeAdult (m)4,8371,3787
8MC1lEreal's Almond JoyAdult (m)4,4511,4501
JpjSfEreal's Junior MintHatchling (m, F)6,3691,0952
QZhbpEreal's Emm and EmmHatchling (F)8552661
LRO1xEreal's Vice VersaAdult (f)6,5561,0923
GTuKEEreal's Violet CrumbleAdult (f)5,2601,1814
OjQ9qEreal's SpiraAdult (f)4,0221,0362
LEQHmEreal's Cherry RibbonAdult (f)6,4991,2413
YTMnDYou're The Man now- DogAdult (f)1,8266904
SwQpWEreal's TorakanbaraAdult (f)3,1031,0371
snUHMEreal's Mojang LightningAdult (f)4,5651,0791
lSFGqEreal's MarzipanAdult (f)4,8491,3955
HI4HNEreal's Truffle ArtiusAdult (f)3,8221,2383
LhYYWEreal's GanacheAdult (f)4,6681,2704
TvwKpEreal's ChelseaAdult (f)3,3948746
i2ZhrEreal's KissHatchling (f, F)3,4261,2901
o5vfFEreal's SmartieHatchling (F)2,2361494
IfSOHEreal's Peppermint PattyAdult (m)3,7401,2533
lKUZsEreal's ButtercreamAdult (m)3,7141,2913
v3WwbEreal's NormandieAdult (m)3,4738985
rd0G5Ereal's Shadow ChocolateAdult (m)4,6131,2015
T9qSEEreal's Recordatorian WishAdult (m)7,5001,2496
uWcehEreal's Golden Lad of KirktonAdult (m)3,8101,0403
fgECKEreal's WhopperHatchling (m, F)6,0081,1653
Zrj3lEreal's Second GenerationHatchling (F)2,4124540
VxpZQEreal's Fun SizeHatchling (F)1,2695123
tp0KqEreal's CaramelAdult (f)3,2929202
AIzNVEreal's IceaniAdult (f)2,2836723
OD1HoEreal's TrifleAdult (f)3,2969301
RdZyCEreal's Baby RuthAdult (f)4,5811,4431
z7yZKEreal's Third TenebraeAdult (f)4,3529232
TSte1Ereal's Dairy MilkAdult (f)4,6751,4272
Epf1tEreal's Ferrero RocherHatchling (F)2,5952532
0xQAkEreal's Almerald LoveHatchling (F)2,8064322
n7MRWEreal's TobleroneAdult (m)4,1821,3151
1duvQEreal's Prince PoloAdult (m)4,1421,3353
V9Z1IEreal's King VerdigrisAdult (m)4,3069011
CExuhEreal's Cheery BowAdult (m)4,8331,0154
yjULEEreal's yjULE LogAdult (m)4,0511,0293
5lhcbEreal's Azure LarusAdult (m)3,3321,0922
ljcb5Ereal's Scotch KissAdult (m)3,3218546
A9OQdEreal's Apricot DelightAdult (m)3,4149186
sdUB3Ereal's Silvan CharmletHatchling (m, F)2,8268382
AnqzKEreal's Freaky BitHatchling (F)1,5835492
8fr5VEreal's Spun SugarAdult (f)2,3887831
YGm6pEreal's Strawberry BudAdult (f)3,2096912
OeYATEreal's Edible PantiesAdult (f)2,9781,0372
TaTGhEreal's SefikuraAdult (f)4,7338913
gu7iWEreal's Azure SiiAdult (f)4,1131,0462
nzgbeEreal's Tiny RibbonletteHatchling (f, F)2,27086419
PnvjiEreal's Frozen HartHatchling (F)1,5935522
4exU1Ereal's Twin BingAdult (m)3,4791,1242
QamkpEreal's ReeseAdult (m)3,6391,2141
613taEreal's MutaminiHatchling (m, F)2,9238733
JNp6qEreal's You Can't Ban Me I QuitHatchling (F)2,7634282
ete3tEreal's Candy RockAdult (f)3,7631,2491
047aoEreal's Saltwater TaffyAdult (f)3,6811,2261
mOfFhEreal's M'Bit OffHatchling (f, F)3,5787733
iO3YDEreal's Frozen StoneHatchling (F)2,5254202
nVfG0Ereal's To'akAdult (m)3,7641,2151
XeNd3Ereal's Honey MeltAdult (m)4,1041,3321
wCk8DEreal's AhridenHatchling (m, F)2,0987821
NpoeKEreal's No poeKHatchling (F)1,6966271
xeLxXEreal's LollipopAdult (f)3,3061,1350
u7nZbEreal's Image CandyAdult (f)3,3991,1342
8madYEreal's It's RawAdult (f)4,5701,3523
sPqSkEreal's Dog's DinnerAdult (f)6,5991,48210
m3D9DEreal's You DonkeyAdult (f)5,5891,0173
m53efEreal's Shut It DownAdult (m)7,1441,1358
TsUfHEreal's Get OutAdult (m)4,3691,2543
e81VaEreal's MuppetAdult (m)4,3471,5071
jaOXrEreal's What A JokeAdult (m)5,4331,2433
WFESLEreal's Back in the KitchenAdult (m)4,7298054
pXc1oEreal's Louis LeanderAdult (m)6,7031,1604
V8QbTEreal's Cheeky BoyHatchling (m, F)2,3917094
eapEDEreal's No No NoHatchling (f, F)3,2478011
eYLWWEreal's Fresher When FrozenHatchling (f, F)4,4241,0103
U1T9dEreal's Give Me Your JacketHatchling (F)3,1195872
2X2qjEreal's KabochaAdult (f)5,6821,3285
DobBfEreal's GiromonAdult (f)4,7351,2176
ksE2kEreal's SpooktacularAdult (m)4,7221,1334
TDCd6Ereal's Big TomAdult (m)4,9471,1322
TIG2WEreal's Lumina AearaAdult (f)6,4151,5495
pcC2ZEreal's JarrahdaleAdult (m)5,5531,3462
rSMtNEreal's KakaiAdult (m)5,0821,3754
VWOEcEreal's Naked BearAdult (f)3,1929653
9ACXlEreal's Rouge Vif D'EtampesAdult (f)3,6869222
icMh6Ereal's CasperitaHatchling (f, F)2,8527191
0kX2lEreal's Winter LuxuryHatchling (m, F)3,9089565
2OsWMEreal's Jill-Be-LittleHatchling (F)3,1595842
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