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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sajcdragon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
zBPpSDew Drops From FireAdult (f)5,5045831
Az0zqRain Drops From FireAdult (m)4,9845112
KrFg4sajc OB 3gSS Aeon 1fAdult (f)7,8315291
ygGyLsajc HB 2G Aeon 1mAdult (m)6,0275543
Mm8Bvsajc HB 2G Aeon 1fAdult (f)5,3928902
GIOB7NealiathAdult (m)2,2715613
gj4Ousajc OB 3g Aeon 1mAdult (m)2,9366022
NoLkzDual PointsAdult (f)2,3115722
m2opIsajc HB 2G Aeon 2mAdult (m)1,6436241
vdPRCsajc HB 4g-i Aeon 1mAdult (m)4,3939462
1cJl9sajc CB Aeon 2f - FAdult (f)1,9705650
IaOdK(IaOdK)Hatchling (m, F)3,3017021
hjfYAsajc CB AerGl 1m AAdult (m)2,2506821
eyhdqsajc CB AerGl 2m AAdult (m)1,9216621
ecI2Fsajc CB AerGl 3m AAdult (m)1,9746831
zZynHsajc CB AerGl 4m AAdult (m)2,0097261
OnIUVsajc CB AerGl 5m AAdult (m)1,9457011
BbJBLsajc CB AerGl 6m AAdult (m)1,9196221
aNTSbsajc CB AerGl 1f AAdult (f)2,1305941
xUtXzsajc CB AerGl 7m AAdult (m)2,0266272
grgFLsajc CB AerGl 2f AAdult (f)2,1835971
nxydXsajc CB AerGl 8m AAdult (m)2,0016051
iAJlusajc CB AerGl 3f AAdult (f)2,0186571
yZ2nFsajc CB AerGl 9m AAdult (m)2,5705922
NVDlNsajc CB AerGl 10m AAdult (m)2,5476192
fA75qsajc CB AerGl 11m AAdult (m)2,1086592
A4h8Zsajc OB 3gSS AerGl 1fAdult (f)2,5605322
tmoavsajc CB AerGl 12m AAdult (m)3,2055870
tI2Xlsajc CB AerGl 4f AAdult (f)2,5887130
TxtwXsajc CB AerGl 5f AAdult (f)2,6007200
rwJmtsajc CB AerGl 13m AAdult (m)2,0856651
8GFTesajc CB AerGl 14m AAdult (m)2,9647191
MsDg9sajc CB AerGl 6f AAdult (f)2,9576042
KAy3isajc OB 2g AerGl 1fAdult (f)4,2197023
sZNCvsajc HB 2G AerGl 1mAdult (m)3,9859652
uL67ysajc HB 2G AerGl 1fAdult (f)4,0189433
8eyKbsajc CB AethWy 1f AAdult (f)3,0812483
A9msFsajc CB AethWy 2f AAdult (f)3,1752564
utkcssajc CB AethWy 1m AAdult (m)3,7968531
afCZLsajc CB AethWy 2m AAdult (m)3,8628452
D4O2Bsajc OB 2g AethWy 1fAdult (f)2,4245611
tSzrYsajc OB 2g AethWy 2fAdult (f)3,3785691
G4dTEsajc OB 2g AethWy 1mAdult (m)2,7945802
WwiBUsajc HB 2G AethWy 1mAdult (m)1,8936931
eh5vusajc OB 2g AethWy 3fAdult (f)2,5746522
7smQWsajc CB AethWy 3m AAdult (m)3,1256723
WQZassajc OB 2g AethWy 2mAdult (m)2,5505474
ViKACsajc CB AethWy 4m AAdult (m)2,4905432
PnFGnsajc HB 2G AethWy 1fAdult (f)1,7625262
fdwZqsajc HB 2G AethWy 2mAdult (m)2,0315302
zMGhEsajc OB 3g AethWy 1fAdult (f)2,9205123
8duclsajc HB 4g AethWy 1mAdult (m)3,5729661
CZMihsajc OB 3g AethWy 2fAdult (f)2,8597332
5yAHK(5yAHK)Hatchling (m, F)2,8376172
nb9Tsajc CB albino 1fAdult (f)4,8851,3973
vca7sajc CB albino 1mAdult (m)2,4748847
Sqq6sajc HB 2g albino 1fAdult (f)2,7255114
PTAdsajc HB 2g albino 1mAdult (m)5,3685604
s9Phsajc OBll albino 1fAdult (f)6,1635582
Knm7sajc CB albino 2fAdult (f)5,1441,04611
dn49gsajc CB albino 2mAdult (m)4,1399877
lQ7eIsajc HB 5gSS mix 1fAdult (f)6,6797192
crvjRDusky Dawn - OB 3g Magi mix 1fAdult (f)4,4189941
PLCgNCosmic Wizard - OB 4g 1mAdult (m)4,9468974
QbZo9My Albinus - OB 2g 2mAdult (m)4,7499282
mUXTgsajc OBu9g albino 1mAdult (m)2,0706732
Q3T0esajc OB 2G albino 1fAdult (f)2,0516886
oB7ePsajc OB 3G w Sky fAdult (f)2,1176641
P0UYDsajc CB albino 3fAdult (f)4,8531,2063
qRUkXsajc OBll albino 2fAdult (f)2,1096740
ZAMV2sajc OBu3g albino 1mAdult (m)1,4065982
A3qtvsajc CB albino 4fAdult (f)1,7726683
royIBsajc OBu5g albino mAdult (m)1,3135972
AqVqnsajc CB albino 3mAdult (m)4,0886533
XbaWvsajc OBu7g albino 1fAdult (f)4,2146331
M1j4Isajc HB 2G albino 2fAdult (f)2,8727841
1XCHgsajc HB 2G albino 3fAdult (f)3,2278061
oiBFgsajc HB 2G albino 4fAdult (f)2,9789702
JmuNhsajc HB 2g albino 2mAdult (m)2,3027810
SE8cmsajc OB6g nSS Albino 1fAdult (f)1,6236261
R5vMnsajc CB Albino 5fAdult (f)2,3399541
ryM7Hsajc OBll albino 3fAdult (f)3,7458904
RNEMXsajc OBu9g albino 2mAdult (m)2,5306102
wsJDCsajc CB albino 4mAdult (m)2,6746560
3FeSNsajc OB 5g albino 1mAdult (m)2,2505392
aJesksajc OB 3G albino 1fAdult (f)2,8216071
PegT4sajc OBll albino 1mAdult (m)2,7886202
G6hkd(G6hkd)Hatchling (f, F)2,0906434
SvPCZ(SvPCZ)Hatchling (m, F)3,0918841
s0Rvb(s0Rvb)Hatchling (F)1,9196111
gQS7Isajc CB Alcedine-b 1f - CAdult (f)3,2799143
FUcGKsajc CB Alcedine-b 1m - FAdult (m)2,8987091
NkBMIsajc CB Alcedine-b 2m - DAdult (m)4,3228851
o22Hasajc CB Alcedine-b 2f - JAdult (f)3,6878090
6fDq7sajc CB Alcedine-b 3m - JAdult (m)2,5762842
oSFOqsajc CB Alcedine-b 4m - JAdult (m)3,1806733
uokjfsajc CB Alcedine-b 3f - CAdult (f)3,8168254
Oixi4sajc HB 2G Alcedine-b 1fAdult (f)3,3877681
0Eamfsajc HB 2G Alcedine-b 2fAdult (f)3,6147923
NvUItsajc HB 2g Alcedine-b 1mAdult (m)3,7988251
e8gDrsajc OB 3gss Alcedine-b 1fAdult (f)3,2687162
xfl9Ssajc OB 2G Alcedine-b 1mAdult (m)3,2366702
h1rA3sajc CB 2G Alcedine-b 5m VAdult (m)2,9926852
WUko1sajc OB 2Gm Alcedine-b 2fAdult (f)2,7196754
mqeiQsajc CB 2Gm Alcedine-b 3fAdult (f)3,5187711
diAaTsajc CB Alcedine-b 4f - VAdult (f)3,7689290
isPlisajc CB Alcedine-p 1f - FAdult (f)3,3799303
YuLULsajc CB Alcedine-p 1m - VAdult (m)3,5459503
wXmkisajc CB Alcedine-p 2f - DAdult (f)4,4059210
AJgeLsajc CB Alcedine-p 3f - VAdult (f)3,6448101
S6ZYGsajc CB Alcedine-p 2m - CAdult (m)3,6798320
FBrg7sajc OB 2G Alcedine-p 1mAdult (m)3,3067581
SnwvWsajc HB 2G Alcedine-p 1fAdult (f)3,4547831
mVg5hsajc OB 3gg Alcedine-p 1fAdult (f)2,7255812
COw1dsajc HB 2G Alcedine-p 1mAdult (m)5,6327071
sSCnesajc HB 2G Alcedine-p 2mAdult (m)5,6767172
yoqD1sajc CB Alcedine-p 4f - DAdult (f)3,8629393
bFemnsajc CB Alme 1f FAdult (f)3,5567851
70Grysajc CB Alme 1m FAdult (m)3,5657860
aHvtesajc CB Alme 2m FAdult (m)3,7507850
gJkcqsajc CB Alme 2f FAdult (f)4,2516530
L0CqFsajc OB 2Gm Alm 1mAdult (m)4,0883172
k6JWOsajc HB 2G Alme 1fAdult (f)3,3515561
EkdM7sajc CB Alme 3fAdult (f)4,4891,1222
Otdcysajc OB 2G mix Alme 1mAdult (m)4,8877022
Eh6RMsajc CB Alme 4f FAdult (f)6,4755303
FIiJ3sajc HB 2G Alme 2fAdult (f)6,0445681
2iad6sajc HB 2G Alme 1mAdult (m)5,9235821
I2AbWsajc CB Alme 3m AAdult (m)4,4098781
mjuWSsajc CB Alme 5f AAdult (f)2,6487140
xHjjYsajc CB Alme 4m AAdult (m)2,7596640
LvTuP(LvTuP)Adult (f)1,7625681
u0yLZ(u0yLZ)Adult (f)1,9215932
lzc09sajc HB 2g Amal 1mAdult (m)3,1139323
k3fX8sajc OB 3g Amal 1mAdult (m)3,2137873
ZkNN2sajc OB 2g Amal 1fAdult (f)2,9026462
kCzUasajc OB 2g Amal 2fAdult (f)2,9176181
OchxBsajc OB 7gm Amal 1fAdult (f)3,6796834
jYHfOsajc CB Ana 1f DAdult (f)2,0336284
gSdPcsajc OBu8g Anag 1mAdult (m)5,6458072
XfPr0sajc CB Ana 1m DAdult (m)2,6667031
zFNm6sajc CB Ana 2m DAdult (m)2,4186331
takZ4sajc CB Ana 2f DAdult (f)2,6426014
JxYjXsajc CB Ana 3f DAdult (f)2,2296381
nSyFWsajc CB Ana 4f DAdult (f)2,2166410
ZAiQKsajc OB 2G mix 1mAdult (m)2,4615290
2yxzEsajc CB Ana 5f FAdult (f)3,5134070
4iGaosajc CB Ana 6f JAdult (f)3,8167111
cPLKvsajc OB 2Gm Ana 1fAdult (f)4,8873322
CfzmNsajc CB Ana 7fAdult (f)4,8073332
27Hbcsajc OBu9gsssp Ant 1fAdult (f)4,0615504
cfH6Msajc HB 2G Ana 1fAdult (f)3,3525541
uOGp5sajc OB 5gsp mix Ana 1fAdult (f)5,6737402
oAlidsajc OB 2G Ana 1mAdult (m)5,0806842
5YyXNsajc OB 2G Ana mix 1mAdult (m)5,1846842
8GuUSsajc OB 2G Ana mix 2mAdult (m)5,4806213
4Xxqssajc OB 3G Ana mix 1fAdult (f)5,2866252
ED3nSsajc HB 2G Ana 2fAdult (f)6,2605601
UxYc7sajc CB Ana 3m JAdult (m)5,6915851
myG8Usajc HB 2G Ana 1mAdult (m)3,4848432
97Yzhsajc OBu6GSs Ana 1mAdult (m)3,2957245
oJIzTsajc HB 2G Ana 3fAdult (f)5,4076032
CZWpbsajc CB Ant 1m DAdult (m)5,7976651
ANggysajc CB Ant 1f DAdult (f)5,9515951
DRCFSsajc CB Ant 2m DAdult (m)5,3126451
UW8lMsajc OB 4gSSm Ant 1mAdult (m)6,0656651
LswF6sajc CB Ant 2f DAdult (f)5,7057020
Chz6Hsajc OB 2G Ant 1mAdult (m)4,4046352
L4k5Jsajc CB Ant 3f DAdult (f)4,1387480
vWuWnsajc CB Ant 4f DAdult (f)5,5645790
bqOuosajc CB Ant 3mAdult (m)3,2426041
HzUtTsajc OB 2Gm Ant 1mAdult (m)4,2486402
dMLp1sajc CB Ant 5m DAdult (m)4,3136243
KIBPosajc HB 2G Ant 1fAdult (f)3,3345521
JGGVzsajc HB 2G Ant 1mAdult (m)4,6915952
7t7wEsajc OB 4gspm Ant 1mAdult (m)5,4616653
efMjLsajc HB 2G Ant 2fAdult (f)5,5846911
EGL81sajc CB Ant 6m DAdult (m)3,1177152
cfFuOsajc CB Ant 5f DAdult (f)4,9996062
PNAXEsajc CB Ant 6f DAdult (f)6,3476492
dndQKsajc OBu3G Ant 1mAdult (m)3,3097283
4o1zgsajc OB 3g Ant 1fAdult (f)3,6277821
CMBXesajc OB 4g Ant 1mAdult (m)2,4645412
i9S6fsajc OB 3g Ant 2fAdult (f)2,2106532
1QvF8F8 of m8s - OB 2G 1fAdult (f)3,4818084
yqwQxsajc OB 2g Ant 2mAdult (m)3,4288123
oYOW1oYOW1 - CB Ant 7m DAdult (m)2,7957952
nFGwW(nFGwW)Hatchling (m, F)3,5942542
JKRL1sajc CB Aqua 1m CAdult (m)2,0847451
Q1BWtsajc CB Aqua 1f CAdult (f)2,1887590
5qFbSsajc CB Aqua 2m CAdult (m)2,0697200
LHfUjsajc CB Aqua 3m CAdult (m)2,8836330
Qwswxsajc CB Aqua 2f CAdult (f)2,6996170
1cUDgsajc OB 2g Aqua 1mAdult (m)3,1725972
WMTIZsajc CB Aqua 3f CAdult (f)2,4917640
J3dUisajc CB Aqua 4m CAdult (m)3,0777131
yv2mNsajc OB 3g Aqua 1fAdult (f)2,9945561
iFfXssajc CB Aqua 4f CAdult (f)2,5257011
PkAhksajc CB Aqua 5f CAdult (f)2,5958031
put5Bsajc CB Aqua 5m CAdult (m)2,6347731
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