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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Gold Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Halloween Event
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “sabbita,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
m2aj9(m2aj9)Adult (f)2,2306621
dkErm(dkErm)Adult (m)2,3806113
sdXIL(sdXIL)Adult (f)2,7455484
EGGQT(EGGQT)Adult (f)2,5335312
LV7aK(LV7aK)Adult (m)2,6495422
YKL5r(YKL5r)Adult (m)2,4005562
tSmBt(tSmBt)Adult (m)2,5515781
14dSN(14dSN)Adult (f)2,5144680
HU577(HU577)Adult (f)3,0445352
UE9Ka(UE9Ka)Adult (m)1,4205970
0cjFt(0cjFt)Adult (f)2,5344327
wNmjn(wNmjn)Adult (f)2,5803826
47jGA(47jGA)Adult (f)2,5475222
PdbHY(PdbHY)Adult (f)2,2804891
mbGp6(mbGp6)Adult (f)2,3124951
GVvua(GVvua)Adult (m)2,7045690
GmlZ3(GmlZ3)Adult (m)2,4785170
RL5jT(RL5jT)Adult (m)2,1584820
OhD73(OhD73)Adult (m)2,4715260
u8gbv(u8gbv)Adult (m)1,8425270
4TL5Y(4TL5Y)Adult (f)1,6585811
Xr27S(Xr27S)Adult (f)2,1476020
SdiKU(SdiKU)Adult (f)3,7878454
Yt7Q1(Yt7Q1)Adult (f)1,9225660
Sf4T0(Sf4T0)Adult (f)1,7825861
Fa0Fc(Fa0Fc)Adult (f)1,8304921
aHBMv(aHBMv)Adult (f)2,4175691
Ac5Us(Ac5Us)Adult (m)2,2366804
JiYbk(JiYbk)Adult (f)2,2326672
7svBp(7svBp)Adult (f)2,2316384
DlXcn(DlXcn)Adult (m)1,8716612
LMtbG(LMtbG)Adult (m)2,1736511
APitF(APitF)Adult (f)2,1786811
q46GC(q46GC)Adult (m)1,8445982
nb456(nb456)Adult (m)2,3566083
gOCYn(gOCYn)Adult (f)2,3125581
mT7cq(mT7cq)Adult (f)2,1735313
XjMWu(XjMWu)Adult (f)2,2845601
2X2ZZ(2X2ZZ)Adult (f)1,8586141
QWTHe(QWTHe)Hatchling (m, F)1,3086242
PE1Ws(PE1Ws)Adult (m)1,5516772
v6MmC(v6MmC)Adult (f)2,3486384
UqWlf(UqWlf)Adult (f)1,8165900
il9ji(il9ji)Adult (f)1,6775531
eaHdg(eaHdg)Adult (m)1,8185851
cTR2r(cTR2r)Adult (m)2,0756550
snjSr(snjSr)Adult (m)2,4756046
Se4bG(Se4bG)Adult (f)2,3095461
Y7n3P(Y7n3P)Adult (f)2,8656063
6h0Of(6h0Of)Adult (m)2,3315291
fLiVc(fLiVc)Adult (m)2,0295611
DhCGR(DhCGR)Adult (f)2,1415531
a3iE8(a3iE8)Adult (m)2,3866070
G0AJC(G0AJC)Adult (m)2,4795770
gegEH(gegEH)Adult (f)2,2885841
u2ZJ2(u2ZJ2)Adult (f)2,4065490
C3ivR(C3ivR)Adult (m)2,9395310
sLEmZ(sLEmZ)Adult (f)3,1315961
9Tld8(9Tld8)Adult (m)2,9575501
oa3lr(oa3lr)Adult (f)2,4925182
HiLIA(HiLIA)Adult (m)2,5444850
B0PXa(B0PXa)Adult (f)2,7595711
IDMWW(IDMWW)Adult (f)2,2215650
AdICX(AdICX)Adult (m)2,0055121
4NPRp(4NPRp)Adult (m)2,1105320
pHouV(pHouV)Adult (f)2,4225850
pmc3L(pmc3L)Adult (f)2,2085680
72lds(72lds)Adult (f)1,9465680
ZJ4fH(ZJ4fH)Adult (m)3,3758942
vKlaI(vKlaI)Hatchling (m, F)2,5116181
jtbmA(jtbmA)Adult (f)2,3205142
d9ZX6(d9ZX6)Adult (m)2,2576142
THufm(THufm)Adult (m)1,9696161
nbSPC(nbSPC)Adult (m)2,2125520
W10kB(W10kB)Adult (m)2,3235691
0hKFB(0hKFB)Adult (m)1,8836710
WqdMd(WqdMd)Adult (m)2,4016020
lAtpt(lAtpt)Adult (m)2,1295740
h9ldU(h9ldU)Adult (f)2,1925851
NmJSJ(NmJSJ)Adult (m)2,1206022
GXT1F(GXT1F)Adult (m)2,0746582
AqiV1(AqiV1)Adult (m)2,0486091
RdaFR(RdaFR)Adult (m)3,1845772
6nieV(6nieV)Adult (m)2,8345810
bdAjP(bdAjP)Adult (m)2,8245990
ERLfV(ERLfV)Adult (m)2,2296600
9qLDL(9qLDL)Adult (m)2,37248520
6VCQd(6VCQd)Adult (m)2,5385285
Jk7f(Jk7f)Adult (m)2,3024593
YkFp(YkFp)Adult (m)2,1765525
NkMp(NkMp)Adult (m)1,7956310
tLRT(tLRT)Adult (m)2,1456044
B1rK(B1rK)Adult (m)2,2234658
74fr(74fr)Adult (m)2,0364694
jBVJ(jBVJ)Egg (F)
dHf5SargerusHatchling (m, F)2,8466662
36FXSwallowtail Heart ChaserAdult (f)2,0095741
49dLSwallowflyAdult (m)4,1473941
krO9Swallowtail GlasswingAdult (m)1,8866131
VsjrSwallowtail Agile SwirlAdult (m)4,2718411
MOArSwallowtail BrightnessAdult (m)2,3036161
fD5XAutumn Harvest AppleAdult (f)5,4997795
3lZfAutumn Harvest PlumAdult (m)5,4317551
SdmiRedstreakAdult (f)1,76633931
pCp8Hatchling of the HarvestHatchling (f, F)4,0558010
D15UEmber's OutrageAdult (m)5,2204172
7FdoEmbers of IvyAdult (m)5,2847355
ZIZ2Embers in the NightAdult (f)5,4307475
h3XqHatchling of EmbersHatchling (m, F)4,0787822
VpiRMisfit Prank PullerAdult (f)2,7165548
3mAQRMisfit Ribbon SnatcherAdult (m)2,0516581
MDRqMint PranksterAdult (m)2,3895061
C7uhFOoo What's That ThingAdult (f)2,3955303
f81kDancer of the GraveHatchling (F)1,5042045
ZP8tOverly Excited Curious OneAdult (f)2,0925141
vWK6Excitable Dust PouncerAdult (m)2,0376153
7mGkFChases Dust-BunniesAdult (m)1,6826130
g4CqCurious CreeperAdult (m)2,8334593
FhmODarkmist Violet-WingAdult (f)2,7455842
Sqfm7Shadowmist FollowerAdult (f)2,7955480
0ZoNWShadowmist CreeperAdult (f)2,5785000
raeTShadowmist SneakerAdult (m)2,9155760
2TCWCrimson Darter FlareAdult (f)2,5516131
K69taRage of CrimsonAdult (m)2,4575511
mZ0WBlood Flaring GoldAdult (f)2,8825312
MaoLCrimson HatchlingHatchling (m, F)2,3915412
h6CJUKelpwyrmAdult (m)2,0864942
jp5mSeawyrm SneakerAdult (m)2,5925294
CGR9Seawyrm Kelp SwimmerAdult (m)2,6335852
MoKoQSeawyrm Tide RunnerAdult (m)1,7496220
Luc4ESeawyrm Algae EaterAdult (m)2,1446410
9OlG8Seawyrm SwimmerAdult (m)1,9286492
dmehXSeawyrm Fish ChaserAdult (f)2,7035503
BMVP8Algae SeekerAdult (f)2,8565121
mOL51Seawyrm SandeaterAdult (f)1,8326001
e3kDQA TemplateAdult (f)2,1975702
XrGSMAlgaewyrmAdult (f)2,4015023
m0tZDances in the LeavesAdult (f)1,60449920
1M6bTree Breaker Leaf EaterAdult (f)3,3058684
YDrlHides in Falling LeavesAdult (m)2,9557605
70OZNibbles on LeafletsAdult (m)3,39974910
fS95UCoastal WavehunterAdult (f)2,4476031
oEM2JCoastal WavecrasherAdult (f)2,5306260
BW9WPCoastal SeadancerAdult (m)2,4446062
f5HEPlays in the WaterAdult (m)3,6964146
28pJMCoastal Fish HunterAdult (m)4,3656450
ZUadACoastal Wave HunterAdult (f)2,4235122
96r9BCoastal RiverhunterAdult (m)2,5476410
Rs4B6Coastal EstuaryAdult (m)2,4296060
m6jKOCoastal SaltwaterAdult (m)2,4266090
62TXvCoastal WatersplasherAdult (f)2,5936050
ogRp4Coastal ReefwalkerAdult (f)2,6026411
lqeDGlides in WaterAdult (m)3,8927412
YA7uCoastal Wave BabyHatchling (f, F)1,23936712
3VQ6Desert DuskwandererAdult (m)3,1095571
UeQ1Desert FiredancerAdult (f)4,4587393
So3JRGlassbreath DesertrunnerAdult (f)2,0946042
ndFdDesert FlashfireAdult (f)4,9974791
j1bpSpitfire BabyHatchling (f, F)1,2543768
C9ZkFlamingo FollowerAdult (m)4,0758546
buTZFlamingo Blood FangAdult (m)4,1905733
6pVpRose Wreathed RageAdult (m)4,1578938
LBLjGlory of the Day's GreetingAdult (m)2,6326954
0QovGreeting of the DayAdult (m)3,2548336
gaS7Wakens to the Glowing SkyAdult (f)2,6546953
kM3WGlory of the Coming TwilightAdult (m)3,2677328
JjuHFGlory to the NightAdult (f)4,2106585
SOLIDusk Glory BabyHatchling (f, F)2,0685523
YpVpWaterskipper of the LakeshoreAdult (m)6,1817284
T7EQiQuartz of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,8046446
WoZMOpera of the LakeshoreAdult (m)3,9726981
CKSSRTigerseye of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,0825273
dFI6nResin of the LakeshoreAdult (m)3,2725782
YRSkrSoap of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,6178433
vqdjRefraction of the LakeshoreAdult (m)3,1103136
EZiM2Comet of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,5825382
2vR3TPigment of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,0366301
D4vnUShadow of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,8485791
e8btMAsteroid of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,1466081
b4vYIntra of the LakeshoreAdult (m)1,9706364
tljJCloud of the LakeshoreAdult (m)1,7605912
ob1CTenor of the LakeshoreAdult (m)3,5147262
UQVjkPlutonian of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,6156643
2WBckAlgae of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,1676271
NRFfuChrome of the LakeshoreAdult (m)1,9195930
sqO5Ares of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,13947511
WKo2Abyss of the LakeshoreAdult (m)3,0097537
ZjjmSanus of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,2045903
ZihAADreamlight of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,3815981
TgaeCursim of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,2506045
VTNeVirtus of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,3135836
VDQ2rTwilight of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,4476080
9VWGTempest of the LakeshoreAdult (m)3,1653863
dPlUpHorror of the LakeshoreAdult (m)1,8916530
LSV3NTyphoon of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,1207071
ddn5OSun of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,3276052
vI8rjEranikus of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,0086462
FslpPowder of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,4665923
pG5QAeternus of the LakeshoreAdult (m)2,2006574
KGomSadness of the LakeshoreAdult (m)5,4149243
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