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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sArewer,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
z0hQY(z0hQY)Adult (m)2,2878021
mUbbj(mUbbj)Adult (m)4,4089181
bbvK8(bbvK8)Adult (f)4,2944112
WkeQx(WkeQx)Adult (f)4,6364432
ei68V(ei68V)Adult (f)3,1374622
JiiOc(JiiOc)Adult (f)3,4854653
orYXC(orYXC)Adult (f)3,3944471
PSqeL(PSqeL)Adult (f)3,8103841
HpNDAlbino Slime 'ExAdult (m)3,6291,75814
FGZBAlbino Sunshine 'ExAdult (m)1,67227410
eHpQdAlbino Alone 'ExAdult (f)2,1775653
NtjtOAlbino Mister 'ExAdult (m)2,5628550
bWeOBAlmerald Oquakitive 'ExAdult (m)4,3437301
HUTkkAlmerald Code ExAdult (f)4,0848234
phyAoAlmerald Gem ExAdult (f)4,1005872
RhY61Almerald Desert 'ExAdult (m)6,1539652
gawBPAnagallis Reach 'ExAdult (m)3,0047362
d15oYAnagallis Blue 'ExAdult (f)3,0267181
mO0DiAnagallis Good Shingles 'ExAdult (m)3,5234380
6Gs3SAntarean Shinescale 'ExAdult (f)4,5518482
AzwD0Antarean Rex 'ExAdult (m)4,7248352
SEoEJAntarean microphyllum 'ExAdult (m)4,7268451
dnUt1Antarean Nolin West 'ExAdult (m)2,7094382
G0lh4Antarean Sluckey 'ExAdult (f)3,0814633
F1BoJAntarean Foasa 'ExAdult (m)3,4014912
pxgNDAntarean Messenger 'ExAdult (m)3,4594400
JbuTpAntarean Sesta Luna 'ExAdult (f)3,5194430
Gqg2D(Gqg2D)Adult (m)3,0475032
AkQ2j(AkQ2j)Adult (m)3,0484701
5AM9t(5AM9t)Adult (m)3,0805191
Fol7n(Fol7n)Adult (m)2,9785061
umA7a(umA7a)Adult (m)5,3107441
YGpTG(YGpTG)Adult (f)2,9125343
FOZG7(FOZG7)Adult (m)3,9154111
SvxfN(SvxfN)Adult (f)3,8479101
5m3Zm(5m3Zm)Adult (f)4,0998574
lIAp1(lIAp1)Adult (m)4,1188475
ir0biAria Jade Oyrb 'ExAdult (f)4,3996462
Nt4WIAria Christmas Pudding 'ExAdult (f)3,2854802
OIKYrAria Gift 'ExAdult (f)3,7895062
atG2WAria High Powder 'ExAdult (f)4,0364541
0xgrwAria Penguin you Fool 'ExAdult (f)3,9623782
4FW00Aria Pink Passions 'ExAdult (f)3,4825351
VbJeEAria Mamoris 'ExAdult (f)3,7467911
FJLtLAria Pudding 'ExAdult (m)2,6247032
A1Y0KAria Pink Queen 'ExAdult (f)2,4447081
U8sm5Aria FreezeGirl 'ExHatchling (f, F)3,4414251
0tQiHArsani Winner 'ExAdult (f)3,3596170
ED86hArsani Amoura 'ExAdult (f)3,1275822
9mQblArsani  Magic 'ExAdult (f)2,4925690
rGism(rGism)Adult (f)3,6479104
FfYp5(FfYp5)Adult (f)3,4845311
yJZTw(yJZTw)Adult (m)3,5535391
E5e9j(E5e9j)Adult (f)3,6488932
b8Pq6(b8Pq6)Adult (f)3,1635161
pkq86Azure Feeze 'ExAdult (f)7,5288622
gEdZDAzure Ossopos 'ExAdult (f)6,2039852
Cn0XOAzure Bravo Bravissimo 'ExAdult (m)4,7387611
eQWSoAzure Mister X 'ExAdult (f)4,2616172
QD3gsAzure Bicycle Thief 'ExAdult (f)3,0225272
4GZkH(4GZkH)Adult (f)3,1685253
ESr3Balloon Pink Crest 'ExAdult (f)1,3023736
G71GBalloon PinkCrest II 'ExAdult (f)4,3037541
lmE5KBalloon Sire Metall 'ExAdult (m)5,5088852
RSAbFBalloon Alp 'ExAdult (f)3,6704151
6nDVbBalloon Dorky 'ExAdult (f)3,6904362
XbeSxBalloon Freeze 'ExHatchling (F)1,4553064
7jKbw(7jKbw)Adult (m)3,6285113
Q4yKATeimarr Malabais 'ExAdult (f)6,0241,0503
oH87HTeimarr Plimil 'ExAdult (f)3,9664681
WQDfWTeimarr Pudding 'ExAdult (m)4,2707663
fmBjBlack Fury 'ExAdult (f)2,74444516
4f4GBlack Hex 'ExAdult (m)1,9898437
7lhbgBlack Alt Hex 'ExAdult (m)4,7401,1225
O8Px1Black Prince Hex 'ExAdult (m)4,7217286
HWrjeBlack Alt Fury 'ExAdult (m)2,8626190
zZ7haBlack Princess Hex 'ExAdult (f)2,9486530
MTi2FBlack Alt II 'ExAdult (m)4,6947453
67qQTBlack Extinction Of Nocturne 'ExAdult (f)4,4898966
50Y2XBlack Isadore Talen 'ExAdult (f)4,1374364
KYeYSBlack Mistress Cydaea 'ExAdult (f)5,00374021
MOnDBBlack Keep My Dream 'ExAdult (m)4,5958243
O9B6mBlack Furi Alt 'ExAdult (m)4,2597541
JDVD6Black Phantom Amour 'ExAdult (f)3,6407933
TI42WBlack Furi Alt II 'ExAdult (f)4,1115014
t6g1FBlack Princess Hex II 'ExAdult (f)4,1495242
aTnCiBlack Alt Talen 'ExAdult (f)3,8434851
RV24iBlack Twinkle 'ExAdult (f)5,1576042
ocm9nBlack Hero Dreams 'ExAdult (f)4,9275871
2XsT8Black Golden Grandmaster 'ExAdult (f)5,7839211
zuE3PBlack Grim Visage 'ExAdult (f)5,8899241
3UvMsBlack Bavris 'ExAdult (m)5,1538593
ip549Black Mistary 'ExAdult (f)5,9859262
srhD1Black Alt Dreams 'ExAdult (f)3,6458731
MowGxBlack Prince 'ExAdult (f)3,8149060
VxlkyBlack Reginald Rosen 'ExAdult (f)3,7319001
4c4WaBlack Wizard 'ExAdult (f)3,9188871
qAhvrBlack Creamy Touch 'ExAdult (m)5,3545851
ZErgUBlack Mistary Hex 'ExAdult (f)5,4176001
9eAOrBlack Nuitautumnaion 'ExAdult (m)3,4469093
IZ305Black Eterrus Mord 'ExAdult (m)2,6205852
5kzcKBlack FreezeBoy 'ExHatchling (m, F)5,8621,0792
BRqJEBlack Freeze 'ExHatchling (F)1,5054591
js3IBlack Alt 'ExAdult (m)2,43127010
RvoRBlack Fury Hex 'ExAdult (f)9784664
tVkeBlack Alt Princess 'ExAdult (f)2,77224311
f8BD9Black Alt III 'ExAdult (m)4,4105231
nuPx2Marrows Bavris 'ExAdult (f)3,3389796
ElnSOMarrows Cage-Door 'ExAdult (f)5,7771,2202
HpA18Marrows Wizard 'ExAdult (m)5,8351,4851
LS6cBMarrows Avid Ribben 'ExAdult (m)3,0998691
KoWAjMarrows  Golden Grandmaster 'ExAdult (m)3,1048732
SHnSHMarrows  Creamy Touch 'ExAdult (f)3,1127200
8nDbyMarrows Saroxos 'ExAdult (m)3,3159560
R6HCrMarrows Reginald Rosen 'ExAdult (m)3,0838842
h5S6PMarrows Megami 'ExAdult (f)2,7898423
ieOFfMarrows FreezeBoy 'ExHatchling (m, F)3,6341,16912
TjbQ9BlackTea Power 'ExAdult (m)5,1629447
oF499BlackTea Darfnen 'ExAdult (m)2,9524384
kWxgwBlackTea Z'Sqoora 'ExAdult (f)4,8687242
X39RwBlackTea FreezeBoy 'ExHatchling (m, F)4,3981,0633
bKLd7(bKLd7)Adult (f)3,2205691
N53DO(N53DO)Adult (m)3,2735471
uz7a7Blacktip Capri 'ExAdult (f)5,3591,1304
suQlCBlacktip Anne 'ExAdult (f)2,7035961
esegrBlacktip  Iandre 'ExAdult (f)3,6717580
rVsqUBlacktip Briar Vaskr 'ExAdult (m)3,8443980
qVIxgBlacktip Righatoni 'ExAdult (m)6,1019361
mXcGlBlacktip Roar 'ExAdult (m)5,4038933
9Au5h(9Au5h)Adult (m)5,9161,0742
tAJje(tAJje)Adult (m)2,9625141
Qbzq1Moon Tetra 'ExAdult (f)5,0641,0524
tXI4LMoon Badr Beefcake 'ExAdult (m)2,7434540
BMagKMoon Sailor 'ExAdult (m)3,4793801
7zSABMoon Bleeding 'ExAdult (f)2,6317404
FUlW2Moon Light 'ExAdult (m)5,3749231
7m0TNMoon FreezeBoy 'ExHatchling (m, F)3,6646551
l08gbBlue-Banded Rosario 'ExAdult (m)3,5489713
ZgWu2Blue-Banded Va'Rho Aion 'ExAdult (m)5,5499736
rlVawBlue-Banded Falcon 'ExAdult (f)3,8758041
LJWvqBlue-Banded Frueher 'ExAdult (m)2,4697371
F5DdBBlusang Zeisaria 'ExAdult (f)6,1748665
cV01hBlusang Tinsel Hero Dreams 'ExAdult (f)6,1898346
WNJhaBlusang Hero Dreams 'ExAdult (f)4,2607582
wQb04Blusang FreezeeGirl 'ExHatchling (f, F)2,9176062
RwTs5Bolt Hloyfi 'ExAdult (m)5,4104722
Xa4HeBolt Electric 'ExAdult (m)5,4614571
CtNNkBolt Eufuyt 'ExAdult (f)5,7844470
wpmLNBolt Stunning Upset 'ExAdult (f)7,8279415
6KOUO(6KOUO)Adult (m)3,3854441
8ha2u(8ha2u)Adult (f)2,8435021
PpON2(PpON2)Adult (m)3,4765451
6VA49Bright-Breasted Leaf 'ExAdult (m)6,4587392
Em4GaBright-Breasted Awe 'ExAdult (m)1,6424919
0bwyXBright-Breasted Jungle 'ExAdult (f)3,7024190
3xEdrBright-Breasted Leaf Jungle 'ExAdult (m)4,2097623
XiwVsBrimstone Rage 'ExAdult (m)4,2341,28212
iBu1JBrimstone Languor 'ExAdult (f)5,6131,2354
IHMq6Brimston FreezeGirl 'ExHatchling (f, F)3,9589646
x9S0iBrute Fusun Marryat 'ExAdult (f)3,0686423
3mDWnBrute Bejeweled 'ExAdult (m)5,8924441
zlLVqBrute Martz Freaky 'ExAdult (f)3,2518193
iO8sxCaligene Hero Dreams 'ExAdult (m)5,7231,5071
yAxgLCaligene Teine Dealan 'ExAdult (f)2,9157940
Dv20yCaligene  Grim Visage 'ExAdult (m)2,9547242
78aywCaligene Spear Tail Shrieke 'ExAdult (f)2,8447032
sUPCnCaligene Mist Book 'ExAdult (f)3,0397250
hVWzTCaligene Darkest Book 'ExAdult (f)3,1847181
ZW51RCaligene Mistary 'ExAdult (m)3,6209163
MBtqeCandelabra Blu Eyes 'ExAdult (f)4,8601,0351
GjhKfCandelabra Goldin Eyes 'ExAdult (f)2,9064052
Qfj2mCandelabra Bong 'ExAdult (f)3,7334740
rFQkfCanopy JungleTreasure 'ExAdult (f)4,9511,0603
RuFvZCanopy Yukimori 'ExAdult (m)3,2603992
iGevrCanopy Z'Rothra 'ExAdult (f)3,4414141
SGBJgCanopy Ritar 'ExAdult (m)2,5328420
EkUoR(EkUoR)Adult (f)3,0574821
wPLgWCarmine Fad 'ExAdult (f)3,6581,0045
hs63TCarmine Ace 'ExAdult (m)4,1401,1482
BGkG3Cassare Emerald 'ExAdult (m)5,0801,1142
UwUH0Cassare Gargon 'ExAdult (m)3,5794841
hctNqCavernLurker Crazy 'ExAdult (f)3,7891,1258
pAARxCavernLurker Kayzi 'ExAdult (f)6,0981,2311
hUdK9CavernLurker Seventy Percent 'ExAdult (m)5,9251,2681
aOCLbCavernLurker Hilljur 'ExAdult (m)5,7861,4691
87UYUCavernLurker Creaois 'ExAdult (f)5,8761,4893
UYM7KCavernLurker  Sauron Black  'ExAdult (m)3,0627980
vBELQCavernLurker Aria of Sorrow 'ExAdult (m)3,1647361
DtVNsCavernLurker Javin Morte 'ExAdult (m)3,3257122
w2z3bCavernLurker Rhitoss 'ExAdult (m)2,8929161
KmKwzCavernLurker Keyyux 'ExAdult (f)2,6388233
HFUbPCavernLurker Bethany Spur 'ExAdult (f)2,4854731
UqxCY(UqxCY)Adult (f)4,9838452
7R6wt(7R6wt)Adult (m)4,9638191
a9Jt1Celestial Deviona 'ExAdult (f)4,4799882
BTXLRCelestial Sweety Valentine 'ExAdult (m)4,4339972
cf8FwCelestial Floriann 'ExAdult (m)4,8531,0742
kKwlACelestial Rassalli Calm 'ExAdult (m)5,3057316
n0mGcCelestial Night 'ExAdult (f)5,4508604
CChpVCelestial Sweety Tear 'ExAdult (m)4,8659741
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