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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “rubberducky92,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Nsm3Twine TLCAdult (f)5,0741,3803
7OPBqCB Gemini Boy TLCAdult (m)5,2811,3792
0LuSaTwiner TLCAdult (f)4,4701,1484
ltb76CB Gemini Girl TLCAdult (f)5,9151,4991
fZppdCB Ursula TLCAdult (f)4,3721,2863
QV40RCB Koi Boy TLCAdult (m)4,3239501
tfRQ9CB Wander TLCAdult (f)4,9187681
NXO3B(NXO3B)Adult (f)3,3801,2593
6YvR5Maggs TLCAdult (f)4,5741,3853
02I2ECB Romulus TLCAdult (m)5,7821,2783
jOBnwCB Kin TLCAdult (m)1,8424071
PBzRn(PBzRn)Adult (f)4,3581,4613
SOUHD(SOUHD)Adult (f)6,0171,0432
sV1yO(sV1yO)Adult (m)5,4821,1103
UO0zI(UO0zI)Adult (f)4,1313981
E4TYCB Allby TLCAdult (m)4,1261,0246
UEWlCB Junior TLCAdult (m)3,4321,0095
gqKuKCB Blanco TLCAdult (m)3,5855595
xE8GJCB Whitney TLCAdult (f)3,0677361
yWo6a(yWo6a)Adult (f)4,6207661
UYXkf(UYXkf)Adult (m)4,5997681
G46kQ(G46kQ)Adult (f)6,3321,0062
XJbXX(XJbXX)Adult (m)6,2181,0153
o2PYb(o2PYb)Adult (f)4,2726951
JbNRCB Helium TLCAdult (m)2,1096584
OGqZCB Luke TLCAdult (m)1,9676052
o6B5Boater TLCAdult (f)6,9961,4782
bQlSOCB Argile TLCAdult (m)4,1521,0122
4wFs2CB Bounce TLCAdult (m)4,9829341
TBd90CB Inga TLCAdult (f)4,0571,1591
fXOGDemeter TLCAdult (f)2,2296974
244UDarkness TLC IAdult (m)3,0631,03112
kvqASDarkling TLCAdult (m)2,8874447
6pNHuCB Tar TLCAdult (m)3,1395491
WtOWBDraconian TLCAdult (m)4,2967363
ZBT0mCB Maleficent TLCAdult (f)5,3621,1622
6xSRHCB Livi TLCAdult (f)5,5011,3592
O50q3CB Jaden TLCAdult (m)6,2411,2842
a20iiCB Danger TLCAdult (m)2,4445733
B6OVeCB Poi TLCAdult (m)4,7091,0762
k17i6(k17i6)Adult (f)6,1909263
GdUsF(GdUsF)Adult (m)3,7844101
bfQKy(bfQKy)Adult (f)3,4194225
Svjdf(Svjdf)Adult (m)4,2791,0202
fWlvl(fWlvl)Adult (f)6,0819702
HHQrn(HHQrn)Hatchling (f, F)2,6878384
jlLXM(jlLXM)Hatchling (m, F)3,4498033
ew7YcCB Jazz TLCAdult (f)3,4661,0742
hYK8fCB Jack TLCAdult (m)3,9641,0491
6jHPECB Almin TLCAdult (m)5,4811,0224
BWCH6(BWCH6)Hatchling (f, F)4,4141,2592
eqj7SCB Quill TLCAdult (m)4,0821,6170
JB7ElCB Nib TLCAdult (f)3,9171,5631
AiASLCB Parchment TLCAdult (m)4,0861,5720
LcdtjCB Gale TLCAdult (m)3,0809604
bH5z5CB Galleria TLCAdult (f)3,0749782
Jxw6aCB Sea TLCAdult (f)4,9071,3543
VZrMuCB Kuali TLCAdult (f)4,0721,2341
Gz0r2CB Kag TLCAdult (m)3,3228882
knfE4CB Kine TLCAdult (m)4,8361,1760
Mu5WjCB Hoth TLCAdult (m)4,6241,0011
tYqH2(tYqH2)Hatchling (f, F)5,0231,0512
KocAbCB Judge TLCAdult (m)4,6191,1311
f8pEnCB Juppa TLCAdult (f)4,5771,1932
tYe9uCB Kelvin TLCAdult (m)4,6091,3596
h6pDpCB Yon TLCAdult (m)2,0387340
9cWLrCB Zin TLCAdult (f)4,6859751
3oYNpCB Congeal TLCAdult (f)6,2191,2383
4iOyA(4iOyA)Adult (m)6,3141,0087
E8uzU(E8uzU)Adult (m)3,4245121
Q5Zw0(Q5Zw0)Adult (m)3,4304292
OhVUC(OhVUC)Adult (m)3,8001,4021
Vt6uY(Vt6uY)Adult (f)3,0641,5213
PFDka(PFDka)Adult (m)3,3036411
PV4sw(PV4sw)Adult (m)3,2846441
1tbEP(1tbEP)Adult (f)6,5849364
16kgM(16kgM)Adult (f)3,0484325
vOnkRiver Song TLC IAdult (f)7,2621,0024
GN2lBlue Song TLC IAdult (m)8,6371,4232
DSCPKLindbergh TLCAdult (m)3,8941,2308
QUI9A(QUI9A)Adult (f)2,9414101
vIUoFarragut TLCAdult (m)7,8241,3663
ZA46MCB Leia TLCAdult (f)6,1861,1804
vMXjACB Gwen TLCAdult (f)4,6029961
ru3kqCB Arthur TLCAdult (m)5,1321,0428
9UN9FCB Quartz TLCAdult (f)7,9481,5372
7a8BsCB Mineral TLCAdult (m)5,1919303
9q7qQCB Topaz TLCAdult (f)5,0789942
fK7DECB Sulfer TLCAdult (m)6,7541,0441
3tN76CB Brutus TLCAdult (m)4,7221,3161
o2ggQCB Bruta TLCAdult (f)4,2821,3382
6p8pHCB Pliny TLCAdult (m)4,5991,3071
dzgWOCB Olin TLCAdult (f)4,6471,3062
7XVdAGetty TLCAdult (f)3,4453572
LgjEx(LgjEx)Adult (f)5,1781,0316
17eyO(17eyO)Adult (f)3,9094182
G8TNCB Rainbow TLCAdult (f)1,7098563
f5IiCB Glider TLCAdult (m)2,2537952
JYbBACB Neo TLCAdult (m)5,3731,0374
pEFkCCB Bow TLCAdult (f)2,9868412
RVpFfCB Lot TLCAdult (f)2,9518154
ZPcXNLot 14 TLCAdult (f)3,1308452
FSgT2CB Lot 2 TLCAdult (m)2,7477812
6maEIWillows TLCAdult (m)3,3248632
mJ6XKLot 3 TLC IAdult (m)3,4051,0052
RXeAfCB Lot 4 TLCAdult (m)1,8625304
wVSouLot 13  TLCAdult (f)4,8641,3293
qPCiWLot TLC IAdult (f)4,1381,1552
TjUYFLot 12 TLCAdult (m)5,0941,3703
NpezLLot 11 TLCAdult (m)4,4691,3082
VIovILot 10 TLCAdult (f)5,6941,0435
wc5veCB Lot 5 TLCAdult (f)5,7491,4524
ECFOPCB Lot 6 TLCAdult (f)6,4471,5806
5LAOiLot 9 TLCAdult (m)5,4461,4633
ve4c4CB Lot 7 TLCAdult (f)5,6861,4954
XBRCuCB Lot 8 TLCAdult (m)6,1101,5785
qTdMa(qTdMa)Hatchling (f, F)3,6797801
7Cpj7(7Cpj7)Hatchling (m, F)4,4336081
98phK(98phK)Adult (m)3,6101,3763
XgWQt(XgWQt)Adult (f)3,6931,3961
cOtqp(cOtqp)Adult (m)3,3416473
JpjNa(JpjNa)Adult (m)3,4336723
C1BBM(C1BBM)Adult (m)5,8521,0447
5aoo2(5aoo2)Adult (f)2,6923983
I6FJB(I6FJB)Adult (m)3,5331,4072
xH2vh(xH2vh)Adult (f)3,1941,3831
Pdfap(Pdfap)Adult (f)3,3561,4331
OV4ye(OV4ye)Adult (m)3,3806581
zypP2(zypP2)Adult (f)6,8378382
1OaL4Logger TLCAdult (m)4,4451,0495
g4Fv9Barnes TLCAdult (m)3,4429211
hYB3pTiger TLCAdult (m)5,4251,1291
wcU1a(wcU1a)Adult (m)4,2588192
ZBsYM(ZBsYM)Adult (m)4,1357463
NiPC2(NiPC2)Adult (m)3,7531,1787
8i0wv(8i0wv)Adult (m)5,0097990
V6tICB Ferry TLCAdult (f)2,0549752
Nf2LCB Angeles TLCAdult (f)1,9279326
63vRPZale TLCAdult (f)5,9141,0953
iQ7Sv(iQ7Sv)Adult (f)4,1219171
DasZCB Wreath TLCAdult (f)5,1421,1692
LbhRCB Christine TLCAdult (f)6,6981,4093
joTZJ(joTZJ)Adult (f)4,2808052
ZVwnL(ZVwnL)Adult (f)4,2548912
SqpVKSpearmint TLCAdult (m)4,4201,0662
J8H1SPowder TLCAdult (m)3,6749911
8F6JL(8F6JL)Adult (m)2,7889992
oJ6HQCB Gifter TLCAdult (m)4,3781,1994
1KX6LCB Decoration TLCAdult (m)4,6091,2123
bDuCw(bDuCw)Adult (m)4,6021,1952
fyHKF(fyHKF)Adult (m)5,0001,1851
6ZlHC(6ZlHC)Adult (m)5,0868050
9iU4mCB Polar TLCAdult (f)4,5191,1642
qVzNRCB SubZero TLCAdult (f)4,4101,2051
P4dVN(P4dVN)Adult (f)4,6511,1961
WFoI1(WFoI1)Adult (f)4,8601,1962
JMn9c(JMn9c)Adult (f)5,3018020
COqhT(COqhT)Adult (f)5,5198090
eTKuCB Shore TLCAdult (f)7,2991,2553
dQvfWavelength TLCAdult (m)7,7851,4814
RInSGCB Bonus 4 TLCAdult (m)4,5941,3144
siDinBonus 3 TLCAdult (f)3,6451,0833
TVeLFCB Bonus TLCAdult (f)3,5561,0494
pbJCfCB Bonus 2 TLCAdult (m)3,5751,0743
hX7RzBonus 16 TLC IAdult (f)3,5161,0703
jlw6gCB Bonus 5 TLCAdult (f)3,1979664
d8FpyCB Bonus 6 TLCAdult (m)3,8621,0993
anDDJBonus 8 TLCAdult (f)3,2059572
5KvTECB Bonus 7 TLCAdult (m)3,5991,0492
rLdolCB Bonus 9 TLCAdult (m)5,5681,1406
Y673pBonus 10 TLCAdult (f)5,9521,1713
u4TsNBonus 11 TLCAdult (f)3,9851,1031
hudffBonus 13 TLC IAdult (m)3,8161,0492
SM2vxCB Bonus 12 TLCAdult (m)5,1471,4123
fdM8gBonus 15 TLC IAdult (m)3,0989962
k0UVdCB Bonus 14 TLCAdult (f)5,3401,4974
5wm7OCB Bonus 17 TLCAdult (m)3,2001,0762
5xLriCB Bonus 16 TLCAdult (m)3,1181,0871
zbbpTCB Bonus 18 TLCAdult (f)3,0841,0743
Jm7wvBonus 19 TLCAdult (m)2,8749632
CpqLeCB Bonus 20 TLCAdult (f)2,9731,0002
Z9EziCB Bonus 21 TLCAdult (m)4,1351,3523
qwFV8CB Bonus 22 TLCAdult (f)2,9911,0672
N1uEbCB Bonus 23 TLCAdult (m)4,4111,3493
wORIuCB Bonus 24 TLCAdult (f)4,4241,4014
ETRpM(ETRpM)Hatchling (f, F)3,4707801
kx03q(kx03q)Adult (f)5,0231,2952
jSHZR(jSHZR)Adult (m)5,0571,3101
b3SCK(b3SCK)Adult (f)4,3338291
KVypF(KVypF)Adult (m)4,3358711
ai8OK(ai8OK)Adult (f)3,6379541
gYKpP(gYKpP)Adult (f)6,0288811
sf1qEarthmover TLC IAdult (m)3,2139137
SKigCCB Straw TLCAdult (f)3,9429072
GExrlCB Johnson TLCAdult (m)3,8211,1691
yl39lCB Seismic TLCAdult (m)6,0451,0731
npgOvCB Root TLCAdult (f)5,3611,3754
86zxpCB Horti TLCAdult (f)3,4731,2133
0IbxQCB Keyl TLCAdult (m)1,2676193
zaEbJRosie TLCAdult (f)1,9464243
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