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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “rizy2001,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ja3imJasim AraluenAdult (m)5,5399255
XZQHa(XZQHa)Adult (f)5,9839494
Oqygw(Oqygw)Adult (f)2,2263761
CfNOL(CfNOL)Adult (m)2,2083711
pzfJI(pzfJI)Adult (f)2,3442773
VrG8o(VrG8o)Adult (f)7,0101,3222
Z8Zo2(Z8Zo2)Adult (f)2,1123631
fWlFxteethless the night furyAdult (m)5,9421,3646
L39Ut(L39Ut)Adult (f)3,76658113
vduVT(vduVT)Adult (f)2,3383930
rPXIFpika and laski AraluenAdult (f)7,4491,3642
ZqP25(ZqP25)Adult (m)6,2027912
s5EFZRico DurelenAdult (m)7,0861,3118
p5c8WKiliae AraluenAdult (m)6,9451,26816
QajQFIris AraluenAdult (f)4,9171,0033
4AnlwIsaki AraluenAdult (f)5,9491,6725
amy3yAmy DurelenAdult (f)6,5781,2984
r6sVRAkeiro DurelenAdult (f)2,1833710
MEWmC(MEWmC)Adult (f)3,4465192
h9YXX(h9YXX)Adult (f)2,5553072
uQgaS(uQgaS)Adult (f)2,6097091
lHvh4Riya the cloud dancerAdult (m)8,0761,5317
JMPCYHalki Misiil AraluenAdult (f)6,7261,2534
2EE8iEva Esphiel AraluenAdult (m)6,7291,2365
MxLTAKelo AraluenAdult (f)6,9871,2214
uWq1gRuler of the lightAdult (f)5,4501,1167
lZHu3Miko AraluenAdult (m)7,6511,0207
WORD4(WORD4)Adult (f)5,8961,1762
ZuTdT(ZuTdT)Adult (m)6,9171,2482
WulNz(WulNz)Adult (m)6,8761,2307
tOm1x(tOm1x)Adult (m)6,1441,2157
uvnFzSikiel BurokoAdult (f)5,9711,1423
HfKmHBlue sky creatorAdult (f)5,5801,20515
f8Yef(f8Yef)Adult (f)6,8861,3381
75QYsMyra Parfait the TeleporterAdult (f)7,4451,3485
yveDIminnota the teleporterAdult (m)4,2421,0074
oVGyD(oVGyD)Adult (f)6,0721,1530
GlQ5W(GlQ5W)Adult (m)6,9621,3002
oUYPvDinges AraluenAdult (m)5,8791,2893
BDeXg(BDeXg)Adult (f)7,4241,2114
fN2TDOrange sky watcher DorkfaceAdult (f)7,1991,32912
0UH6Okisiil starlitAdult (f)4,6509595
2zObBzob AraluenAdult (f)4,7491,0222
pqDi8(pqDi8)Adult (f)6,9861,3172
3wwPxDonsy AraluenAdult (m)5,3361,5533
ukVeOshiny star AraluenAdult (f)4,4231,3666
AGmFL(AGmFL)Adult (f)7,6291,1325
uMvZRlord ike the thuwed dorkfaceAdult (m)7,1411,3597
Gzdu6(Gzdu6)Adult (m)6,6771,2842
q3VCZQuill AraluenAdult (f)6,7731,0507
rrAXOAxo AraluenAdult (m)7,4661,28612
hme6q(hme6q)Adult (m)6,2871,1723
Ib3dpsmall but mighty AraluenAdult (m)5,8631,3073
qJgEb(qJgEb)Adult (f)2,8263261
jeo2H(jeo2H)Adult (m)3,5716543
GSEgu(GSEgu)Adult (m)7,0531,3114
qGXyzZelda's Elemental AraluenAdult (f)7,8711,6134
wRr1L(wRr1L)Adult (m)2,7595004
PSqHK(PSqHK)Adult (m)7,7271,3881
DsvDg(DsvDg)Adult (m)6,7371,2122
3kQJxblue night sky 6PBAdult (m)7,9921,3695
win8pThe Awesome AraluenAdult (m)4,9381,3655
bMj8gJosi the Mighty AraluenAdult (m)4,4601,7843
ZtACbKeeper of Love AraluenAdult (f)4,8651,6385
dpM8Q(dpM8Q)Adult (f)2,2953012
nEhZsblue winter beautyAdult (f)3,9009524
TTSyVAkiyo Araluen The BlueAdult (m)6,7381,2025
32gCsLokisa AraluenAdult (m)7,8921,0444
6tuNyMendora AraluenAdult (f)7,4731,3231
OtkYaOtkya AraluenAdult (m)4,1611,5974
2D6X1(2D6X1)Adult (f)8,4211,0371
m1n3OScaevola AraluenAdult (m)2,1806974
8TiSr(8TiSr)Adult (f)5,8137712
VAVUIGokisa AraluenAdult (f)6,4321,7363
lOK2WPinky AraluenAdult (f)5,1981,5061
Yj0ROsweet AraluenAdult (m)6,6231,7684
g59VXsister fancyness AraluenAdult (f)6,1371,5464
TsCJEMaliin AraluenAdult (f)5,6171,5563
GXWsiArsisi AraluenAdult (f)6,4921,7233
UUppBAmor Aurora AraluenAdult (m)5,3741,4664
5q5Cjhoarder of love AraluenAdult (f)4,0571,5604
daOYUMaskisi AraluenAdult (f)4,3201,5742
nS1nJFolsiir AraluenAdult (f)7,1841,38412
uqJNN(uqJNN)Adult (m)7,8591,4122
Gixdv(Gixdv)Adult (m)9,0361,3324
zJf0okiko the whiteAdult (m)6,2651,3014
geRxflook at my poleAdult (f)5,9451,3196
6gUme(6gUme)Adult (f)7,3111,2426
0pAqwYoshi the curiousAdult6,7601,19611
YPDGnpiko the redAdult6,8351,3587
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