Dragon Cave

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Dragon pixel art

Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ritsukabi_29,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
74OoODerg Watch ---------------- xxHatchling (F)3,4614771
mgBkExxoo--------Freeze when GenderedHatchling (f, F)2,2277264
QHCRYxxo---Welcome to My Scroll---oxxHatchling (F)2,2705982
ZnPuOoo---Below this line are to---ooHatchling (F)1,4734663
ZbxOooo-----Stay on thy Scroll-----ooHatchling (F)1,2654491
yyc6Doo----Eggs and Hatchlings-----ooHatchling (F)1,8713725
wabzY(wabzY)Hatchling (f)5,2777601
ulGZk(ulGZk)Hatchling (m)5,3967681
uuC6x(uuC6x)Hatchling (f)5,1667530
DCLkA(DCLkA)Adult (m)5,5767311
HFOLX(HFOLX)Adult (m)6,6707545
V0N30(V0N30)Adult (f)10,5829426
BtwQY(BtwQY)Adult (f)7,7061,0451
sO28x(sO28x)Adult (m)6,9479784
n66sM(n66sM)Adult (f)3,9277691
2yLVT(2yLVT)Adult (f)9,4011,2553
Or3IdLord Orield FirehellAdult (m)10,7121,23016
Rhdho(Rhdho)Adult (m)13,6071,6057
311lW(311lW)Adult (f)5,6499352
pMf4c(pMf4c)Adult (m)5,8718322
5rI1C(5rI1C)Adult (m)6,4138202
QG99A(QG99A)Adult (f)5,8999170
x0WtC(x0WtC)Adult (m)7,9051,0811
JWnGR(JWnGR)Adult (m)8,5131,1426
EsNTI(EsNTI)Adult (m)9,6431,2324
Rxww6(Rxww6)Adult (m)7,1901,0052
WTVIe(WTVIe)Adult (m)5,6501,0221
ckabT(ckabT)Adult (m)5,9791,0372
vtMUD(vtMUD)Adult (m)4,4638991
VmolORalludim ' RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,4258611
M8VSiFN' -- MornonnAdult (m)4,5419721
OdCkiYireay ' RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,3828290
BGdTrFN' -- EsunvaAdult (f)6,0887974
1F73l(1F73l)Adult (f)3,9858631
UdlKX(UdlKX)Adult (m)3,8988713
zc4JM(zc4JM)Adult (f)6,7358752
uJLBu(uJLBu)Adult (f)6,7268735
sA7AF(sA7AF)Adult (m)10,3331,3683
AsXaN(AsXaN)Adult (m)4,4827912
KJUtz(KJUtz)Adult (m)4,3689611
TdLEU(TdLEU)Adult (f)4,2949481
ehKCA(ehKCA)Adult (f)4,1148923
rKBYp(rKBYp)Adult (m)4,0129223
LHmYu(LHmYu)Adult (f)5,0811,1949
6jjAo(6jjAo)Adult (m)6,4769923
Htpoc(Htpoc)Adult (m)6,4251,0071
nFwvC(nFwvC)Adult (f)5,5408932
RDDeW(RDDeW)Adult (f)5,9919111
XveRP(XveRP)Adult (f)4,8498102
WLBwK(WLBwK)Adult (m)7,2449412
Ntdv5(Ntdv5)Adult (f)6,5158680
RLmnm(RLmnm)Adult (m)5,9727680
BtOf1(BtOf1)Adult (m)5,0937751
0iMM1(0iMM1)Adult (m)5,0167721
dZena(dZena)Adult (m)7,8771,0401
wnKnl(wnKnl)Adult (m)6,1989311
clMUt(clMUt)Adult (f)3,2328282
bqlgK(bqlgK)Adult (m)2,6155551
m4m3s(m4m3s)Adult (m)3,2386760
DEFQO(DEFQO)Adult (f)3,5648621
aGm5u(aGm5u)Adult (m)7,4241,0982
NP2YX(NP2YX)Adult (m)7,4721,0601
is4JLFN' -- MireayAdult (f)4,1809131
fxouR(fxouR)Adult (m)4,5379960
T2Zr1(T2Zr1)Adult (m)6,2767824
fNKNVme it calls us happinessAdult (f)6,8519352
yYoq3(yYoq3)Adult (m)6,9749652
J1sfhwe have to go forwardAdult (f)6,9809582
0o0ENChrome Yellow ' you said toAdult (m)5,7219303
2o93lyour blood drawing the wristAdult (f)9,4601,3882
ecVrAcoloured by the setting sunAdult (f)8,6311,2452
yKODBPale Purple ' umbrellaAdult (m)4,9129370
GjtOyDark Red ' the colour ofAdult (m)5,5131,0570
CXpz3the sky holding it allAdult (f)3,1307751
2akQSyou keep from me tremblingAdult (f)4,3778151
aC18Nyour calm hair proudlyAdult (f)4,9589564
qj5BFyou always smile at meAdult (f)4,1149312
KcLKzScarlet ' the colour ofAdult (m)5,4418580
OVMVNtown which kept us thereAdult (f)4,9757840
p0rLamy hand grasped tightlyAdult (f)5,2438031
djwjKTransparent ' the heart ofAdult (m)7,0909002
7U5bTAll Black ' the colour ofAdult (m)6,5259360
IV10Kevery sorrows among usAdult (f)5,6268740
shckCADRE of FALLEN ANGELSHatchling (F)4,5698117
ZD89iThe CLAN of RytsuMiyaHatchling (F)2,5508644
8JD7Kiku ShidarezakuraEgg (F)
XtQOKXianshengAdult (m)7,2601,1553
jebUDLotus P A I NAdult (f)4,5258928
voLjBI L L I U MAdult (m)6,5791,07913
vGar0Z A R I E KAdult (m)8,0311,0393
xwRKxX A N T H EAdult (f)4,6871,05010
NmPRXXolMereAdult (f)4,8781,0772
ZCHiVWhat Quarantine You SayAdult (m)5,09890736
laeuk(laeuk)Adult (m)4,64168213
i3kGQMaximum NeglectanceAdult (f)14,1301,18218
IGzAG(IGzAG)Adult (f)4,47369717
M6vMuNegligence Among ThuwedAdult4,42868214
ETcuoEager to be a BroccoliHatchling (F)1,8831457
xSArUPanic at the BroccoliHatchling (F)3,24260217
2jynyBroke Under PressureHatchling (m, F)4,50474315
R0466(R0466)Hatchling (f, F)5,71380910
AytcuBroccoli Mayhem in DecemberHatchling (f, F)3,7124239
LiKJEZhongli ' Vago MundoHatchling (m, F)4,4638987
13eBYAeon ' nuiAdult (m)4,4367854
6SQVFMkeyov ' nuiAdult (m)6,3829803
fr9SZThyose ' nuiAdult (m)5,9069942
2yJ7bDeucexis ' nuiAdult (m)2,6387991
c1UxICarkian ' NuiAdult (m)4,5609663
vasBnCognition with the MoonAdult (m)4,9669083
BwjU1KeszannAdult (m)4,5308834
HfalUAbhinav RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,7887743
ptS0rHuchon RytsuMiyaAdult (m)6,7309707
LGCgBMozaak RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,9208593
b0IBbWavk Nirugan RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,2337593
hGYgNWavk Valedhel RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,4377562
BoVecZaekkorg RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,5558667
gIkXmAriqshu RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,6678874
ig9UtDauscubi RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,7148214
fofeMAscelinus RytsuMiyaAdult (m)4,3639063
fWmq5Elchanan RytsuMiyaAdult (m)7,5409726
ZlKSlKazymyr RytsuMiyaAdult (m)4,4829224
1rPasRocruth RytsuMiyaAdult (m)4,6151,0572
D3QU4Pidcatek RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,1367053
8EpJhJebeioyan RytsuMiyaAdult (m)4,7239722
mMncLUM -- 4g PB Aeon MaleAdult (m)3,5109257
P8Y8gAthralan RytsuMiyaAdult (m)5,5988417
CD63TAneurin RytsuMiyaAdult (m)4,8629482
2VE0xRassilekh RytsuMiyaAdult (m)4,9509118
o4lNyNakhassuhr RytsuMiyaAdult (m)4,7449216
qMs8xGejandra RytsuMiyaAdult (m)5,5431,0202
beJReDiombelayi RytsuMiyaAdult (m)4,3229365
NpqycForeknowledge Bond with A MoonAdult (m)4,5029154
KFc6UGuthcred RytsuMiyaAdult (m)4,6249313
UzwYCUM -- 3G Check F red ZyuAdult (m)2,2176936
dji2lGanothius RytsuMiyaAdult (m)5,1021,06211
gjnGbUM -- 3g F ThunderAdult (m)6,0631,1022
loF3xUM -- Aeon x Tutella 3gAdult (m)5,3421,0953
ewzDbUM -- 2G xF StatAdult (m)3,9837995
oY8VNKundriga RytsuMiyaAdult (m)6,8101,0424
bscgyRemliel RytsuMiyaAdult (m)6,1319402
jyxh6Juvenile Male AeonHatchling (m, F)3,7948473
lIQuMJuvenile Female AeonHatchling (f, F)3,9008381
8C64iAeon ' niaAdult (f)5,5858143
iItAfIkoca ' niaAdult (f)6,8888887
PDefmChecahes ' niaAdult (f)5,6171,0962
Gwjr6Skarmadi ' niaAdult (f)5,80497610
0asoQNinsunu ' niaAdult (f)4,1108694
LKnduKaushalya RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,0616679
AKzdnKahrasa RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,2557943
qgoo6Wavk Hasicia RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,2007503
LSqP6Wavk Hynereth RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,2807923
HYj9kHeypeaha Carndra 9GAdult (f)3,4277543
UAV7JNimaete RytsuMiyaAdult (f)4,42679910
F5FkeUM -- LF 2G EradorAdult (f)5,8379903
E7EneDaniyzet RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,4327463
dp0BfHeilewisa RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,1877162
zTbsNLying Subscriber the First TimeAdult (f)6,3281,0222
7mR6AShayliba RytsuMiyaAdult (f)6,0279254
PooVREftychia RytsuMiyaAdult (f)4,6868793
Mo1HnYevheniya RytsuMiyaAdult (f)4,6938711
SO6CKSafiyat RytsuMiyaAdult (f)4,5038281
WV01PSukhleen RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,9139001
aribhMishara RytsuMiyaAdult (f)6,4701,2084
5ECLoIhrmira RytsuMiyaAdult (f)4,5479962
dcv7gSemmaacia RytsuMiyaAdult (f)5,1571,1563
Ain9QDieudonne RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,6229981
OYFOIHanane Em MenenaAdult (f)5,8001,0813
rAlNJVuenche RytsuMiyaAdult (f)4,6869422
BN7yiNaenatlet RytsuMiyaAdult (f)5,3488541
Ys2s0Vaahsebheth RytsuMiyaAdult (f)5,0451,1805
g1wp7Phaelelaia RytsuMiyaAdult (f)6,9591,1142
ElMlgNalmiogna RytsuMiyaAdult (f)4,4648363
aSFIfWavk Yralamch RytsuMiyaAdult (f)5,2011,1093
TDtltUM -- ShumogaPale x AeonAdult (f)3,5048514
Q4ENXUM -- 3g Orange M PyralAdult (f)4,2239143
1EOT0UM -- 3g x M Purple RidgeAdult (f)4,5006484
wdBelArnkatla RytsuMiyaAdult (f)5,2458752
RLAOYOranaoy RytsuMiyaAdult (f)5,3531,1993
s8VZANeriah RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,6219073
PhfmFDuwnkih RytsuMiyaAdult (f)4,5471,1190
s0AVVUM -- s0AVV x MelisorAdult (m)6,4071,0872
mySxkRadokho RytsuMiyaAdult (m)4,8041,2424
h1PttUM -- h1Ptt x Bronze ShimmerAdult (f)5,1021,1378
UOu0GThorlak RytsuMiyaAdult (m)5,0721,2583
3wcJc(3wcJc)Adult (m)4,4391,0361
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