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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ritsukabi_29,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
74OoODerg Sitting ---------------- xxHatchling (F)3,4614771
mgBkExxoo--------Freeze when GenderedHatchling (f, F)2,2277264
QHCRYxxo---Welcome to My Scroll---oxxHatchling (F)2,2705982
yyc6Doo----Eggs and Hatchlings-----ooHatchling (F)1,8713725
ZnPuOoo---Below this line are to---ooHatchling (F)1,4734663
ZbxOooo-----Stay on thy Scroll-----ooHatchling (F)1,2654491
RxHXtMarrakesh ' APed RiftHatchling (m)2,85083625
sZw0x(sZw0x)Hatchling (f)2,34883113
lT4Ij(lT4Ij)Hatchling (m)5,8708925
GTjdk(GTjdk)Hatchling (f)3,50194014
YMxlC(YMxlC)Hatchling (f)4,8819964
917Fi(917Fi)Hatchling (m)3,9929404
NW11v(NW11v)Hatchling (f)3,9879184
hjNbx(hjNbx)Hatchling (f)2,6916394
O11c0(O11c0)Adult (m)3,51997422
l6DHr(l6DHr)Adult (m)3,0621,4851
iSbMo(iSbMo)Adult (m)3,2026892
KCdYY(KCdYY)Adult (f)3,5119682
v67mX(v67mX)Adult (f)3,4909702
EvkdI(EvkdI)Adult (f)3,9678907
2HJek(2HJek)Adult (m)4,2747543
E7Ene(E7Ene)Adult (f)3,4327463
zsgl3(zsgl3)Adult (m)3,4008355
vzXem(vzXem)Adult (f)3,6777552
AhySt(AhySt)Adult (f)5,3169724
ZzKUrOne of Those ' NightAdult (m)4,0761,0054
akqVkI'm HomeAdult (m)4,0589582
MCTYvPress Your ' NumberAdult (m)4,1259815
AVTh3Suit ' UpAdult (m)3,5389093
CnHlxBecome a poem become a songAdult (f)3,6717486
shckCADRE of FALLEN ANGELSHatchling (F)4,5698117
ZD89iThe CLAN of RytsuMiyaHatchling (F)2,5508644
8JD7Kiku ShidarezakuraEgg (F)
jebUDLotus P A I NAdult (f)4,5258928
voLjBI L L I U MAdult (m)6,5791,07913
vGar0Z A R I E KAdult (m)8,0311,0393
xwRKxX A N T H EAdult (f)4,6871,05010
ZCHiVWhat Quarantine You SayAdult (m)5,09890736
i3kGQMaximum NeglectanceAdult (f)14,1301,18218
ETcuoEager to be a BroccoliHatchling (F)1,8831457
xSArUPanic at the BroccoliHatchling (F)3,24260217
2jynyBroke Under PressureHatchling (m, F)4,50474315
R0466(R0466)Hatchling (f, F)5,71380910
13eBYAeon ' nuiAdult (m)4,4367854
6SQVFMkeyov ' nuiAdult (m)6,3829803
fr9SZThyose ' nuiAdult (m)5,9069942
2yJ7bDeucexis ' nuiAdult (m)2,6387991
vasBnCognition with the MoonAdult (m)4,9669083
BwjU1KeszannAdult (m)4,5308834
HfalUAbhinav RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,7887743
ptS0rHuchon RytsuMiyaAdult (m)6,7309707
LGCgBMozaak RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,9208593
b0IBbWavk Nirugan RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,2337593
hGYgNWavk Valedhel RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,4377562
BoVecZaekkorg RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,5558667
ig9UtDauscubi RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,7148214
jyxh6Juvenescent Male AeonHatchling (m, F)3,7948473
lIQuMJuvenescent Female AeonHatchling (f, F)3,9008381
8C64iAeon ' niaAdult (f)5,5858143
iItAfIkoca ' niaAdult (f)6,8888887
PDefmChecahes ' niaAdult (f)5,6171,0962
Gwjr6Skarmadi ' niaAdult (f)5,80497610
LKnduKaushalya RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,0616679
AKzdnKahrasa RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,2557943
qgoo6Wavk Hasicia RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,2007503
LSqP6Wavk Hynereth RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,2807923
HYj9kHeypeaha Carndra RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,4277543
UAV7JNimaete RytsuMiyaAdult (f)4,42679910
F5FkeUM -- x EradorAdult (f)5,8379903
mLj7zAubuin ' RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,5598172
NZhWbFN' -- StrarghyrkAdult (m)2,9717262
einpUFN' -- YlauzheskAdult (m)3,5366824
Qf1UVEvithypso ' RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,0067675
JjaPZFN' -- ChanoraAdult (f)4,8916916
BxtDyBrandy ' RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,4991,0430
SRuCsGiludig ' RytsuMiyaAdult (m)4,6239700
TGOCDFN' -- DayshtrydukAdult (m)3,1038751
Zc3VXFN' -- DoarchulkAdult (m)2,6948400
COkBpFN' -- ToldokorAdult (m)3,9768261
q3o42Nothing to WorryAdult (m)5,7901,0153
CxhLUAethernina ' RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,5051,0200
9zxRLAdozesisi ' RytsuMiyaAdult (f)4,7219820
jZiDUFN' -- TiadimiAdult (f)3,1339041
qBOxjFN' -- VrasiaAdult (f)2,9518980
6Xlv9FN' -- KhezhamaAdult (f)4,7449570
PYuth(PYuth)Adult (f)4,4568164
mmyDwEbonthe RytsuMiyaAdult (f)6,7531,2396
QbLhRokku ' Fallen AngelAdult (m)1,8133373
YiOoAlbinick ' Fallen AngelAdult (m)4,4721,4663
nhPfNothing ' Fallen AngelAdult (m)3,7911,1976
3nWM1Miseu ' RytsuMiyaAdult (m)2,2576382
VAfsVAlnbino ' HuedAdult (m)3,8856824
J1abgJuvenescent AlbinoHatchling (F)1,2942742
d5r8Hotaru ' Fallen AngelAdult (f)1,52346711
CdNfFearme ' Fallen AngelAdult (f)4,8201,1328
E85qeEighivqen ' RytsuMiyaAdult (f)6,9711,4155
SmjLQFN' -- ArreAdult (f)6,7621,4484
K6nGkFN' -- VokkeiAdult (f)2,9034579
pRb0NStubborn Derg ' AshiaunthaAdult (f)6,3291,08217
a4MoFStubborn Derg ' MuymnaAdult (f)4,45981910
krsQzAnmondru ' RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,4337053
L2H5oKhineyaza ' RytsuMiyaAdult (m)2,9378192
hfpXSFN' -- UnthorAdult (m)4,3296822
rHLoiSalnoshah ' RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,8829333
9tTFVFN' -- MerriaAdult (f)5,3579662
BXcpBUM -- PB AlcedineAdult (f)4,5768152
pIpoY(pIpoY)Adult (m)3,9719694
HBQP0FN' -- TierylronAdult (m)4,2509323
8rs7vJuvenescent Red AlcedineHatchling (F)1,7542463
LdpZ1Juvenile Female Red AlcedineHatchling (f, F)4,4818934
Bh0SUBhosun ' RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,3718096
OnszZOnealla ' RytsuMiyaAdult (f)9,4571,4232
mzHYuFN' -- CualliAdult (f)7,01088812
8Bp22FN' -- LiteiaAdult (f)3,4317274
3zULhKrernox ' RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,0547901
bFlaKFN' -- KerdoAdult (m)3,1748080
1NjMwFN' -- PyrerestAdult (m)3,3496330
b1EAVFN' -- KwchulAdult (m)3,6666500
qsoOcFN' -- KnundumemAdult (m)3,5456241
GVb8SAndrej RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,8477833
KLAR8Hizni ' RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,0487700
C9yxAFN' -- EmberburyAdult (f)3,2376421
l6uR7(l6uR7)Adult (f)3,9488034
i74EiAuldrash RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,7767288
9pySRMasakazu RytsuMiyaAdult (m)5,3749734
fFmVjFryritte RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,3018095
tPR7CSuzukaze RytsuMiyaAdult (f)4,4128354
8uWLUFN' -- StefcehAdult (m)2,8826091
u0SJMFN' -- StryxfahAdult (m)6,6799101
JnDaJJindaj RytsuMiyaAdult (m)6,2886403
TLEbLTleblen RytsuMiyaAdult (m)6,5301,0092
oFRu4Juvenile Male AnagallisHatchling (m, F)4,5137127
HwBmvJuvenescent  AnagallisHatchling (F)2,4612825
p2NpWJuvenile Female AnagallisHatchling (f, F)4,8877234
2fiFfFN' -- EthrihnAdult (f)2,8616043
PQRdqFN' -- GhibbohAdult (f)6,7189171
2T3MqFather of Frozen ChangeAdult (m)6,5861,19616
xdB3pFather of Frozen CreationAdult (m)7,4071,0467
OAQ8LFather of Frozen DestructionAdult (m)5,1751,0265
rupruMother of Frozen ChangeAdult (f)5,7848962
4NXrtMother of Frozen CreationAdult (f)4,5261,2380
6BBn2Mother of Frozen DestructionAdult (f)4,7191,2601
31r9jNebula Royal LINEAGEHatchling (F)3,7881,0783
Uh6DIEuixdi RoyaltyAdult (m)4,0761,1451
E01WKEonwk RoyaltyAdult (f)1,8706665
PiD5vRhpidan RoyaltyAdult (m)2,1459201
RI9H4Ryanie RoyaltyAdult (f)1,3017915
esQ7WWalker RoyaltyAdult (m)2,5667281
WDmTGWeynay RoyaltyAdult (f)2,6487665
QWusGQuattro Puppy RoyaltyAdult (m)2,7579493
MCi7WFN' -- KriadAdult (m)4,6667221
3h7NBFN' -- BrerAdult (m)4,4626971
5lrpKFN' -- RizzAdult (m)4,9251,0180
S0XZfFN' -- TrasAdult (m)2,8116851
RSxsC(RSxsC)Adult (m)3,8687920
lZcF9Juvenescent AntareanHatchling (F)1,8321874
A7KYPFN' -- AnemoneAdult (f)4,2696802
8nfyMFN' -- CaryaAdult (f)4,6587261
io0jtFN' -- AsteridiaAdult (f)4,9421,0120
iM3dlFN' -- MelicaAdult (f)4,0706010
dZY1eMilaler ' RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,9099570
i8f2uReijun ' XejhkuyhionAdult (m)5,0477202
iYWqiJuvenile Male AqualisHatchling (m, F)4,1394642
UGwp1Juvenescent AqualisHatchling (F)1,4251501
3zTRxSyraeia ' RytsuMiyaAdult (f)2,8188150
C5CyKFN' -- ShauylahAdult (f)3,9259811
PAuMhFN -- Inoru PaumihAdult (f)4,5917445
l7aShJontum ' RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,6896763
Hwsc2FN' -- AlvonderAdult (m)3,5927872
flbRAFN' -- ErryldomAdult (m)4,4239792
0HAcK(0HAcK)Adult (m)5,2621,0276
eBdJvIryidha ' RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,5126603
mjCvcFN' -- CherrehAdult (f)3,6298291
wiLB1(wiLB1)Adult (f)3,9508294
4z77hFN' -- JaquelineAdult (f)3,7838806
8pY9yArianick ' RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,3788160
xBMAMKaivene ' ArianneAdult (m)3,3987810
VQHalSkytenn RytsuMiyaAdult (m)3,8919045
PXSc3FN' -- AlaiAdult (m)4,6357883
xCIpdArianne ' RytsuMiyaAdult (f)4,1976191
AslHIChinglaz ' RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,3698281
eyqRXScangle ' RytsuMiyaAdult (f)3,2908200
xOYjiFN' -- QhenashAdult (f)6,4788462
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