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You pick up the scroll labeled “ringneck,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
oVMb(oVMb)Adult (m)3,6751,0404
IKYA(IKYA)Adult (m)3,8269613
vQuK(vQuK)Adult (f)3,5678931
CFR1(CFR1)Adult (f)3,4948970
Yqrd(Yqrd)Adult (m)3,4229882
G8Yj(G8Yj)Adult (f)3,3949603
KCU0(KCU0)Adult (m)3,3829892
S5dW(S5dW)Adult (f)3,7249694
f39O(f39O)Adult (m)3,7751,0128
MvXD(MvXD)Adult (m)3,7831,0398
Hpkt(Hpkt)Adult (f)3,4999265
5MbC(5MbC)Adult (m)3,5309715
lZMi(lZMi)Adult (f)3,1609174
mGtU(mGtU)Adult (m)2,5857663
LioC(LioC)Adult (f)2,8748485
pK39(pK39)Adult (f)3,1188832
Av4G(Av4G)Adult (m)3,1048474
kJ8a(kJ8a)Adult (f)3,2158862
QpJh(QpJh)Adult (f)3,2348825
3ftH(3ftH)Adult (m)3,1758854
AQQa(AQQa)Adult (f)3,5379683
BuNX(BuNX)Adult (f)3,8769645
1uIv(1uIv)Adult (f)3,5399602
qG00(qG00)Adult (f)3,5289532
FUdV(FUdV)Adult (m)3,5961,0021
vjYY(vjYY)Adult (m)4,1289716
uvpi(uvpi)Adult (f)4,18096410
3CbW(3CbW)Adult (m)4,1699878
n4PU(n4PU)Adult (m)2,8167447
X77J(X77J)Adult (m)2,7757584
ubYY(ubYY)Adult (m)4,3529496
qM63(qM63)Adult (f)4,3899968
oKPP(oKPP)Adult (f)4,3719649
fc6W(fc6W)Adult (m)4,3409628
v26B(v26B)Adult (m)4,0819667
6Q1d(6Q1d)Adult (m)4,2759793
80KM(80KM)Adult (f)4,1789575
4iLd(4iLd)Adult (f)4,1849824
OVRt(OVRt)Adult (f)4,1489584
GR0o(GR0o)Adult (m)3,7981,3156
BsY3(BsY3)Adult (f)3,7471,2758
TCJp(TCJp)Adult (f)3,7641,2636
VhT7(VhT7)Adult (m)3,7671,29511
ERZh(ERZh)Adult (f)3,66962911
B0Zs(B0Zs)Adult (f)3,7321,3198
HpFB(HpFB)Adult (m)6,25086416
1fXr(1fXr)Adult (f)4,2946517
p430(p430)Adult (f)3,6137397
S9sD(S9sD)Adult (f)2,89031410
Uv35(Uv35)Adult (f)4,0261,14010
KAIF(KAIF)Hatchling (f, F)3,0152015
4no3(4no3)Adult (m)3,6033527
Ashg(Ashg)Adult (m)2,9842855
e203(e203)Adult (f)3,11424013
AIJm(AIJm)Adult (m)4,6883149
oT04(oT04)Adult (m)2,9752104
Nq6f(Nq6f)Adult (m)3,00032510
qunm(qunm)Adult (f)3,04823811
htcJ(htcJ)Adult (m)4,5033045
LYJd(LYJd)Hatchling (m, F)2,6322394
uAaD(uAaD)Adult (f)4,15150810
Yl7t(Yl7t)Adult (f)2,9044108
KMHt(KMHt)Adult (f)2,8121888
UZLe(UZLe)Adult (f)5,0161,1969
qR2H(qR2H)Adult (f)6,80870816
YE1q(YE1q)Adult (m)6,31044213
kPR7(kPR7)Adult (m)3,6212717
rS3P(rS3P)Adult (f)4,7321,2117
cmfB(cmfB)Adult (f)4,03267011
jdcH(jdcH)Adult (f)5,58072510
mHTU(mHTU)Adult (m)2,7942096
PXtZ(PXtZ)Adult (m)3,3164397
t0E3(t0E3)Adult (m)4,2183086
HWEV(HWEV)Adult (m)4,00365415
nkJX(nkJX)Adult (m)3,2233236
lqo7(lqo7)Adult (f)3,15424315
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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