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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Holiday Event
  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “rimedragona,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ivPqkBeralu Citrisida IAdult (f)5,6846722
UEBZPearly Delucent IAdult (f)1,6197553
FZeaBlanche Delucent IAdult (f)1,3076163
I61CWyn Delucent IAdult (m)1,3246063
H8fXTow Delucent IIAdult (m)1,4646783
WvUhYAnandita Umore IAdult (f)3,0427520
32mJtSatarka Umore IAdult (f)6,2796182
OUzCMPracanda Umore IAdult (m)5,6996671
dcGnKEkaki Umore IAdult (f)5,8227080
CWBHhLitud Varillinen IAdult (f)4,3058731
D8rgwRangin Varillinen IAdult (m)4,3238681
Hj8uZGunavor Varillinen IAdult (m)7,2896801
iYoTnRangli Varillinen IAdult (m)6,4636431
Bmxe4Ianu Varillinen IAdult (m)6,8016221
vMZLkVanna Varillinen IAdult (f)6,8486281
XgG9ZKeshet Varillinen IAdult (m)7,5396333
D2J8cVaiva Varillinen IAdult (f)7,6456311
lnRUkTsibown Varillinen IAdult (m)4,5107621
cNZ8APerse Meteo IAdult (m)4,4507741
ia2NyPeri Meteo IAdult (m)4,4147721
58JPjAmaranth Meteo IAdult (f)4,5377751
fNmWVPome Meteo IAdult (m)4,4177721
jthAbMagenta Meteo IAdult (f)4,4237661
rVOonGarnet Meteo IAdult (f)4,1169242
qxvXZBerry Meteo IAdult (f)5,1531,0921
jweZZGranate Meteo IAdult (m)5,0801,0962
ZBebK(ZBebK)Adult (m)4,9977061
0GCmQ(0GCmQ)Adult (f)5,0266961
Lb5ICheri Mytho IAdult (f)3,8491,42623
vJywBelle Mytho IIAdult (f)3,3931,67115
Bj1PRCerise Mytho IAdult (f)6,8505332
WWoavPosy Mytho IAdult (f)5,0487090
OvavrShiloh Mytho IAdult (m)4,9097140
rjdlH(rjdlH)Adult (m)5,5986391
xA9jm(xA9jm)Adult (m)5,8237101
wwQFp(wwQFp)Adult (f)5,9406010
JjFja(JjFja)Adult (f)1,2546542
TPEbS(TPEbS)Adult (f)1,2996712
Amw8N(Amw8N)Adult (f)4,5289391
XNDU4(XNDU4)Adult (f)4,4849361
CUAiE(CUAiE)Adult (f)3,9131,1742
2C9Ue(2C9Ue)Adult (f)3,6167091
PvvFy(PvvFy)Adult (f)6,4576170
W9vwq(W9vwq)Adult (f)5,5596771
8J7If(8J7If)Adult (m)5,5266761
rrz5x(rrz5x)Adult (m)5,3546752
k4pkn(k4pkn)Adult (m)6,2926662
SEYw6(SEYw6)Adult (m)5,1935802
gkw18(gkw18)Adult (f)4,5625970
GRCF3(GRCF3)Adult (f)6,0244192
tKRmX(tKRmX)Adult (f)5,8165961
RQlQn(RQlQn)Adult (m)5,9255980
Ytcqb(Ytcqb)Adult (f)5,9735990
lrHTFlotia Trundlebump IAdult (f)1,9299025
431XBumble Trundlebump IAdult (m)2,5431,1348
DC3DMeander Trundlebump IAdult (f)9644524
o2o3Rovia Trundlebump IIAdult (f)1,6275632
uVLL8Sonali VerdigrisAdult (f)1,6836173
U8ATbKorki VerdigrisAdult (m)3,0335432
AriCLZareen VerdigrisAdult (f)2,0956372
XmkH0Ranadai VerdigrisAdult (m)2,8578741
vUt9EMinali VerdigrisAdult (f)2,2867093
KtxdNKeren VerdigrisAdult (m)1,7516971
YOARjOriol VerdigrisAdult (m)1,8627032
R56MwGyatso VerdigrisAdult (m)4,7061,0672
ajXRQItsaso VerdigrisAdult (f)4,4661,0712
JyHL1Saira VerdigrisAdult (f)5,1887011
hDenV(hDenV)Adult (f)5,0139951
UBblS(UBblS)Adult (m)5,2787862
etbJTenebrin Nocturne IAdult (m)3,1391,22623
AQLxRaylessa Nocturne IAdult (f)7,9982,05224
9Rh4Ciara Nocturne IAdult (f)7,3801,80221
9W7LCimmur Nocturne IIAdult (m)4,4881,49920
lCmr9Maytag Nocturne IIAdult (f)2,2436562
3xt5FIsiksiz Nocturne IAdult (f)2,8379451
wGEszKoyu Nocturne IAdult (m)1,9587051
CAVuGCikati Nocturne IAdult (f)2,4736822
BTePfSurudu Nocturne IAdult (m)3,0667841
tpkAvTemno Nocturne IIAdult (m)2,6515790
H9awpAbital Nocturne IIAdult (f)5,6496870
4pNhTNetu Nocturne IAdult (f)5,6057672
ap4lcSenka Nocturne IAdult (f)5,4567862
LfctALaylia Nocturne IIAdult (f)5,3117872
MOts8(MOts8)Adult (m)4,9817361
Pg9LV(Pg9LV)Adult (m)7,2589262
l56t6(l56t6)Adult (m)4,5919113
aARFNuka NocturneHatchling (F)1,7104522
l3XwCaligina Nocturne IIAdult (f)3,50679618
TrIISepulchin Nocturne IIAdult (m)8,7851,48819
40RqEbon Nocturne XII-mAdult (m)8765503
cNeGAtrata Nocturne III-mAdult (f)2,1028715
OnFFNErebus Nocturne III-eAdult (m)2,0775443
fsnvDusky Osseous IAdult (m)1,9945564
nppMCalcia Osseous IAdult (f)2,0165713
gViDKannus Osseous IAdult (m)1,9925781
nsP1jUlna Osseous IIIAdult (f)2,3839333
jZzccIlium Osseous IIIAdult (m)1,8929021
vBCnUJabot Osseous III-stAdult (f)5,5347502
rFBdCRiddled Osseous IIIAdult (m)4,8378801
c8nY4Vexed Osseous IIIAdult (f)6,6778961
ZUhd3Chamomile Camellia IAdult (f)1,8227313
KUdedTsubaki Camellia IAdult (m)1,9857451
QqqHsOolong Camellia IAdult (f)1,7205601
5WjunRooibos Camellia IAdult (m)2,1807641
4K5dyOleifera Camellia IAdult (f)3,1977464
dlkkYRozany Camellia IAdult (f)3,0727154
oqe4t(oqe4t)Adult (m)5,5156761
4bDJFMacierz Rupes Sal IAdult (f)2,2307462
QHmsGPertama Rupes Sal IAdult (m)2,4777092
dveiXKedua Rupes Sal IAdult (m)2,8046921
cQ9VTKetiga Rupes Sal IAdult (m)2,1377611
mXKjvKeempat Rupes Sal IAdult (m)2,4358771
pPxcr(pPxcr)Adult (f)3,9608621
qk5dq(qk5dq)Adult (f)6,6401,2252
QC8eE(QC8eE)Adult (m)6,4231,2752
BHZby(BHZby)Adult (f)6,4571,2551
XGxUb(XGxUb)Adult (f)6,2425711
rarcmSeda Yanliskan IAdult (f)1,6176991
XZymNAltan Yanliskan IAdult (m)1,6976842
xcOCSDoruk Yanliskan IAdult (m)2,1647931
KjN0EMehtap Yanliskan IAdult (f)1,9877163
R7mPWKoray Yanliskan IIAdult (m)2,0857482
46Nl3Ilkin Yanliskan IAdult (m)1,6187002
qAFxHIlkay Yanliskan IAdult (f)1,9316501
svCNnAsuman Yanliskan IAdult (f)4,6039800
mxVDd(mxVDd)Adult (f)2,7669701
qAgrF(qAgrF)Adult (m)2,7949641
SucWX(SucWX)Adult (f)3,0469802
F309W(F309W)Adult (m)3,4809181
HqpuJ(HqpuJ)Adult (f)3,4759181
0sj42(0sj42)Adult (m)4,3778461
GxCdS(GxCdS)Adult (m)4,4069571
pxdtK(pxdtK)Adult (f)4,3639551
0jmo0(0jmo0)Adult (m)3,9219471
BcVIj(BcVIj)Adult (f)3,9689531
moXm8(moXm8)Adult (m)5,2309551
MKPC0(MKPC0)Adult (f)4,9139501
ZTofe(ZTofe)Adult (m)4,9049101
bcnsM(bcnsM)Adult (f)4,7579081
atI4j(atI4j)Adult (f)5,1531,1522
dF4vU(dF4vU)Adult (m)5,6107441
jVL4o(jVL4o)Adult (m)3,6197091
6NVlt(6NVlt)Adult (f)5,0766711
aYGY5(aYGY5)Adult (m)5,6896702
cyMBI(cyMBI)Adult (f)5,6696731
afO9y(afO9y)Adult (m)5,7176391
BkWVs(BkWVs)Adult (f)5,8367040
ArDgP(ArDgP)Adult (m)6,0805423
M2aP2(M2aP2)Adult (f)6,7436273
CdpZ3(CdpZ3)Adult (f)5,9755911
9cO2Rufes Colubris IAdult (m)1,8176153
TogYCarmikel Colubris IAdult (m)2,2265864
ldlSEdom Colubris IIAdult (m)2,3265332
dqXZCerise Colubris IAdult (f)1,6394352
B9Y9ATzufit Colubris IAdult (f)1,9816781
dVqOXRohit Colubris VI-eAdult (m)2,1417601
INN7gRussel Colubris XII-mHatchling (m, F)1,5346554
gSAIHRauchen Sibley IAdult (f)6,3588771
dr05bVulkan Sibley IAdult (m)4,1689225
cn4OiLawa Sibley IAdult (f)6,1726930
D9IhXSchwefel Sibley IAdult (m)6,9487803
Fiem5Fumar Sibley IAdult (m)3,2809262
NqjoSKarsta Sibley IAdult (m)3,5241,0172
QGJG4(QGJG4)Adult (f)3,7551,1871
Kaj1w(Kaj1w)Adult (m)3,7641,1841
yUvV3Iphigenia Behemoth IAdult (f)4,2407261
gtK1zWaltraud Behemoth IAdult (f)3,8347081
GuLq6Swithin Behemoth IAdult (m)3,9037492
PO4yVMagnhild Behemoth IAdult (f)4,1306961
xvQUUDrusus Behemoth IAdult (m)4,6227861
gJpSLFrideswide Behemoth IAdult (f)4,4567751
yVmq8Gang Behemoth IAdult (m)4,0278391
CHS7MJarogniew Behemoth IAdult (m)5,3426710
0KO0rZhirayer Behemoth IAdult (m)5,1136700
JTbFHBerk Behemoth IAdult (m)6,2076881
zREEH(zREEH)Adult (f)3,0961,0221
Q6IUp(Q6IUp)Adult (f)3,0911,0271
Z9DPx(Z9DPx)Adult (f)5,2289723
HVwxi(HVwxi)Adult (m)5,2349613
EiBAH(EiBAH)Adult (f)5,3269533
pFcXc(pFcXc)Adult (m)5,3489481
10HAv(10HAv)Adult (f)2,4819261
NhpG9(NhpG9)Adult (f)2,6028991
CZME2(CZME2)Adult (m)2,4909211
2j27h(2j27h)Adult (f)2,5629061
4DTZU(4DTZU)Adult (f)2,4849191
VkZf9(VkZf9)Adult (m)2,4829221
5HwzZ(5HwzZ)Adult (m)2,5059231
EU5e0(EU5e0)Adult (f)6,2154982
BNzFK(BNzFK)Adult (f)6,3326171
DG0d(DG0d)Adult (m)3,7224063
0bjD(0bjD)Adult (m)1,8376261
FKgq(FKgq)Adult (f)3,6908512
MJqm(MJqm)Adult (f)6,1931,3356
SOpNN(SOpNN)Hatchling (F)1,0545282
RnEeK(RnEeK)Adult (m)2,4809561
9jtgA(9jtgA)Adult (f)2,4579691
Il0iR(Il0iR)Adult (f)2,8461,0191
OwL8N(OwL8N)Adult (m)3,5869152
HxfBg(HxfBg)Adult (f)3,5089142
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