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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Gold Trophy
  • Egg Basket
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
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You pick up the scroll labeled “richied97,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GGQk0Gray DodgeAdult (m)4,6621,2503
MMUfiOchredrake DodgeAdult (f)4,5061,2072
q06A3Green DodgeAdult (f)4,6791,2571
DmnqbElectric DodgeAdult (f)95436512
sJ8boWhite DodgeAdult (m)1,1644521
p99DYSunset DodgeAdult (f)14,6851,4308
BljNgMagi Dodge 2Adult (m)2,8019035
5rJ7IBlue Stripe DodgeAdult (f)2,4526714
V6LkPEmber DodgeAdult (m)5,3641,3456
9R0Y0Paper Dodge 2Adult5,7451,4475
QpR8QNebula Dodge 3Adult (f)3,7669154
bs8jOPaper Dodge 1Adult2,0567924
CZEHfMagi Dodge 1Adult (f)2,3307442
IKMNjTangar DodgeAdult (m)2,6526680
n3lhQSpotted Greenwing DodgeAdult (f)2,8826881
SLJJ6Magma DodgeAdult (f)2,19367115
HgDEK9 EG x MixAdult (f)7,64892841
vRrJb8 x white tomb mixAdult (m)3,3951,05439
HAUHkNebula Dodge 1Adult (f)4,0611,25724
SboviHellfire DodgeAdult (f)3,6541,0268
NvJ3ISo ThornyAdult (m)3,6201,07510
Ig6YH8 x VineAdult (m)4,4691,189130
iWQHbPink BSA 4Adult (m)5,42190216
rh5pOPurple Dino DodgeAdult3,3947069
r5FjNVine Dodge 2Adult (f)3,0059458
YqPFRPink BSA 3Adult (f)2,1656925
SrhWWYellow Dino DodgeAdult2,3377669
dla5V7 x Blue nebAdult (m)5,0371,27020
R2Ugh6 x Sun Val MixAdult (m)5,0581,25680
0LTEKNebula Dodge 2Adult (m)3,6936344
sXA2B4th gen with holidaysAdult (m)5,7371,37519
ZjAAdIce Dodge 1Adult (m)3,86476036
PXC9W5th gen with gold metalsAdult (f)3,96141410
AibajVine Dodge 1Adult (f)2,85177523
Hfi45Team DeathmatchAdult1,57757322
rvAc211 x Pink MixAdult (f)7,50289341
YYtP4Red Dino DodgeAdult3,3447485
uVMCTPurple Ridgewing DodgeAdult (m)4,4361,04018
Q7WhNVamp DodgeAdult (m)8,1531,31231
MbQFRRed Stripe DodgeAdult (m)4,1241,0829
N47oZThunder DodgeAdult (m)7,4721,33918
6qO9fRed BSA Dodge 3Adult (m)6,6281,04120
i4R7DRed BSA Dodge 2Adult (f)6,38399914
ZbXF2Red BSA Dodge 1Adult (f)6,5731,05513
i9AUc8 x pinkAdult (m)6,9871,30274
slNiUPink BSA 2Adult (m)4,26868110
USJ4rPink BSA dodge 5Adult (m)4,8203258
TqjNSPink BSA 1Adult (f)4,0876628
XY7N7(XY7N7)Adult (f)4,0962988
RUJSL10 x VineAdult (f)8,4991,35591
RpiFXTeam TacticalAdult4,3663229
LVoJ2Oragami dodgeAdult3,9317804
sDJYlMagi dodge 3Adult (f)2,5307064
ITTaeMagi Dodge 4Adult (m)4,7393996
pqMfm(pqMfm)Adult (m)4,43873910
bJdVQGold Dodge 1Adult (m)6,5671,179116
UsupR(UsupR)Adult (m)4,3997679
onELF(onELF)Adult (f)4,72775911
reUWF(reUWF)Adult (f)2,5738628
LKTrD(LKTrD)Adult (f)5,6281,09374
CC0mt(CC0mt)Adult (m)5,05089420
rQqD02nd gen PB blackAdult (m)3,7872548
hb1he(hb1he)Adult (f)3,64491611
K5TZu(K5TZu)Adult (f)3,15372222
PLC3W8 EG x mixedAdult (f)6,0531,13519
pVWIG11 x BlackAdult (m)6,7581,32950
ghrMn(ghrMn)Hatchling (F)2,6857178
HDZl510 x messedAdult (m)6,8171,31064
u4G3W6 x BlackAdult (m)6,2931,10150
bj9YCFree-For-AllHatchling (F)3,7317699
FMJm0(FMJm0)Hatchling (F)1,6176233
LrYgv5th gen with random lineageAdult (f)6,2531,00220
XfpQg(XfpQg)Adult (f)2,5586625
QHksE(QHksE)Adult (f)5,3161,09949
ZoVmh3rd gen even with metalsAdult (m)3,0397265
tb0cB(tb0cB)Adult (m)2,5897129
idjFJ8 EG x messedAdult (m)7,2371,3196
JQWgHPB 3rd gen mate for blackAdult (f)2,4017229
uvDll(uvDll)Adult (m)5,8541,24152
FhI6QI wish I could be an altHatchling (f, F)2,3298197
pZsWE(pZsWE)Adult (m)2,9979817
eUlMX(eUlMX)Adult (f)2,00069111
4KVf0(4KVf0)Adult (m)6,7201,44556
VvBNLCB BlossomerAdult (f)4,9831,2565
T5PNa(T5PNa)Adult (m)3,4195012
CJ2YK2nd gen fallAdult (f)3,6775313
7fEqR(7fEqR)Adult (f)3,2865362
vHcjv(vHcjv)Adult (m)6,1631,0615
PnD3p(PnD3p)Adult (m)9,5811,28332
f2AdC3 x Vine DeadAdult (f)7,2981,24142
pKcJA2nd gen PB mate for blackAdult (f)8,7191,66222
iRQao7 x nebAdult (m)7,4761,69411
Ecph34 EG x DorkfaceAdult (m)6,2921,11150
hFOof(hFOof)Adult (m)2,6754455
Ad5QJ(Ad5QJ)Adult (m)8,5591,4563
WCrX3(WCrX3)Adult (f)2,6395936
PmEVl(PmEVl)Adult (f)8,8931,05810
lvi2R8 x p I n kAdult (m)6,7581,07821
RDH4D(RDH4D)Adult (m)6,7891,5832
SWBnk8 Spi x PinkAdult (f)6,8021,01820
ACbd7Lord AlabasterAdult (m)6,9071,1718
mdHha(mdHha)Hatchling (F)9333196
PSi5E(PSi5E)Adult (f)6,3141,4717
SGX99(SGX99)Adult (f)7,5421,4586
t7dsR8 x whiteAdult (f)8,5611,21215
Eerfp(Eerfp)Adult (f)8,0031,20717
n3K0Y(n3K0Y)Hatchling (f, F)3,5848303
udOSQ(udOSQ)Adult (m)9,5691,56635
jRYvH(jRYvH)Adult (m)4,0026806
Na6QOHi kidsAdult (f)8,5801,68013
S0claDo you like violenceAdult (m)1,65272724
W8d6LWorse than my life isAdult (m)7,6551,60310
Su4HKHi my name is whaAdult (f)9,3491,8388
EbQYdMee Slim ShadyAdult (m)7,6961,63521
vrF9XWanna see me stickAdult (m)8,7331,7605
htgn2Nine inch nails betweenAdult (f)7,5391,3707
VcQoSEach one of my eye lidsAdult (f)7,4211,5314
LsQ0oWanna copy me and doAdult (f)6,5861,19011
gHP2FExactly like I didAdult (m)7,8081,2875
F5qGL(F5qGL)Adult (f)5,6611,2647
JFRmhTry this and get messed upAdult (f)6,1967776
lW0js(lW0js)Hatchling (F)5922502
QAJFTHell's BelovedAdult (m)8,0881,73560
Tt3EP(Tt3EP)Hatchling (F)2,24663512
8Wdat(8Wdat)Adult (m)3,33989911
OKHLF(OKHLF)Adult (f)3,2179139
1fsOR(1fsOR)Adult (m)3,2337865
l4Hbp(l4Hbp)Adult (m)3,0858275
Cu9of3 x Pink Mix DeadAdult (m)7,0071,86737
6WZZCAryana of MistAdult (f)4,9318751
GqDh2E s t a b I i s hAdult (m)4,9481,0245
9IcJH(9IcJH)Adult (m)3,76362710
HgPW2Queen Shadow IIIAdult (f)3,77868719
Bbguh(Bbguh)Adult (m)3,8706307
Jttvj(Jttvj)Adult (f)3,4324106
JMOeE(JMOeE)Adult (f)5,0331,19623
IBs3e5 x Val mixAdult (f)8,97276538
StSBTCB black yeeeeAdult (m)5,8031,27735
CP7cF2nd gen with marrowAdult (m)4,7001,37418
Dd8M7(Dd8M7)Adult (f)3,66552331
fCV1T(fCV1T)Adult (m)1,82653325
GVcsjPB second genAdult (m)4,39986821
Vnbe8(Vnbe8)Adult (m)2,55089944
n18c13rd gen stair thu and holAdult (f)3,20568415
4FOu5(4FOu5)Adult (m)1,3733718
vO7B2(vO7B2)Adult (m)6,0359866
7flGl6 x Harv-Pink DeadAdult (f)3,0901,19333
IZ17V(IZ17V)Adult (f)1,2414037
5sVmkPENK blackAdult (m)1,70053313
BQF7AWow I see altsHatchling (m, F)6,1471,58218
3J8Hd(3J8Hd)Adult (f)3,1547917
PDl6YPB 4th genAdult (m)5,4991,19835
b9loB(b9loB)Adult (f)8,1988296
bHjXlRandom familyAdult (f)7,5931,14613
2bf0g(2bf0g)Adult (f)3,64563711
LQvdN(LQvdN)Hatchling (F)3,2814943
NBm7d3rd gen PBAdult (m)6,5941,02326
UAcImYoung MoneyAdult (f)5,5321,23041
QnjDU(QnjDU)Adult (f)3,2428105
uUl0s(uUl0s)Adult (f)3,8189508
CSYgM(CSYgM)Adult (f)3,8648366
KU4qU(KU4qU)Adult (m)1,1373942
L9PZr(L9PZr)Adult (f)2,8985939
kM4o5(kM4o5)Adult (m)3,2406473
4AHLX5 EG x GreenAdult (f)7,4641,05723
LEaT5(LEaT5)Hatchling (F)7102905
6qqrI(6qqrI)Adult (f)5,18099813
eD9b5(eD9b5)Adult (m)4,67942918
QTrph(QTrph)Adult (f)4,75743417
tN2Gb(tN2Gb)Adult (m)1,9137054
QWKpc(QWKpc)Adult (m)6,0591,04424
h42vA(h42vA)Adult (m)1,29845611
L3jQX(L3jQX)Adult (f)4,2683055
9Web3(9Web3)Adult (f)8,4831,7892
QpdTgTin mate dodgeAdult (m)8,3101,7634
1dqFv(1dqFv)Adult (m)5,1249776
lWjQd(lWjQd)Adult (m)4,1647310
TBUPm(TBUPm)Adult (m)3,6337815
9rL2b(9rL2b)Adult (m)3,9097544
f9jnm4 x BlackAdult (m)8,7051,24340
AINuG(AINuG)Adult (m)1,57549418
r8PaD(r8PaD)Adult (f)7,6391,3869
oP2au(oP2au)Adult (f)1,41651730
9p0KQ(9p0KQ)Adult (f)8,1881,28617
K096J(K096J)Adult (m)6,5971,2908
kv10tAlmost PB 5th gen blackAdult (m)3,37787227
pX1dL4 x Pink Mix DeadAdult (m)5,91894951
B7H1Y5 EG tinsel blackAdult (f)4,69250414
sXUkBKat's TreasureAdult (f)3,70350520
DLePl(DLePl)Adult (m)4,2428988
AYBio(AYBio)Adult (m)4,7878758
LjhAZ(LjhAZ)Adult (f)4,5358955
6DiIm(6DiIm)Adult (m)5,90499013
4ctHv(4ctHv)Adult (f)5,90795713
cWYVh(cWYVh)Adult (m)1,12344613
9O5uL(9O5uL)Adult (m)4,81996313
I8461(I8461)Adult (m)2,44061729
ESt01(ESt01)Adult (f)2,98769921
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