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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “relaks,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
s9XZCB Aemilth de VingreistAdult (f)2,3295617
douUCB Yloroth de VingreistAdult (m)2,1525255
lmH5ACB Woroith de VingreistAdult (m)7,1081,2185
rHtY0CB Rilrothypth de VingreistAdult (f)2,2535123
q1b5oCB Rayler de VingreistAdult (m)1,9575081
YeJUaCB Ramoth de VingreistAdult (m)3,4514525
9pL6GDuplihead de Vingreist IAdult (f)6,0251,3544
13232Serpiente Bipolar IAdult (m)1,5035706
qplgQDoble Al-AmhehAdult (m)3,7687873
rvmuc(rvmuc)Adult (m)3,3687082
Xo92S(Xo92S)Adult (m)3,0856681
tp78yCB Torkenth de VingreistAdult (f)4,2496063
5cdThCB Meowing de VingreistAdult (m)8,4905663
S5jFuLubril Contraz IIIAdult (m)3,2396971
OSogs(OSogs)Adult (f)3,6976381
4JSTrCB Vaelarr de VingreistAdult (m)3,4085383
8mHnsLet's do the time warp agaaainAdult (m)5,5231,0353
6NCXpTimeseeker de Vingreist IIAdult (f)4,6601,0424
cGB1lWektu IAdult (f)4,0437684
9vd4CEony Al-IshtarAdult (f)3,7679065
yiPmb(yiPmb)Adult (m)5,0819331
A0Vt9(A0Vt9)Adult (m)3,0308564
e3nNM(e3nNM)Adult (f)3,3658734
p6DHZ(p6DHZ)Adult (f)4,5369672
gAXKU(gAXKU)Adult (m)4,7999651
EvZRH(EvZRH)Adult (f)4,7248353
9rA1C(9rA1C)Adult (f)3,1837722
g8VCU(g8VCU)Adult (f)3,1436104
f9qhK(f9qhK)Adult (f)3,6328384
GnOJ3Efimera de Vingreist IAdult (f)4,6471,0932
NJBW1Caelum de Vingreist IAdult (m)4,6851,0863
MSMixAitheria de Vingreist IAdult (m)4,7111,0393
ltqf4Cieli de Vingreist IAdult (f)4,7231,0813
AUjmgCaelesti de Vingreist IIAdult (f)4,7701,0274
HxOKROurano de Vingreist IAdult (f)4,8921,0363
IBXyaSemper de Vingreist IAdult (m)6,3961,2024
ITexnIntemerata de Vingreist IAdult (f)6,4281,2134
vLMKmWyvernborne de Vingreist IIAdult (m)5,6299604
Mi3hqInfinitum de Vingreist IAdult (f)6,0049983
RqyqsHyacinthum de Vingreist IAdult (m)5,7011,0222
fyJBDLiberi de Vingreist IAdult (m)5,6981,1603
XXyfMIncorporea de Vingreist IAdult (f)5,8681,2016
4BrGzGold Nyx de Vingreist IIAdult (m)6,0751,1446
BrYtyUranus de Vingreist IIAdult (m)4,4211,0823
GrwdIVentus de Vingreist IIAdult (f)4,5731,2102
dD8HyInfinita IIAdult (f)5,2861,2097
tKulnBlack Ether IIAdult (f)5,5041,2065
AmOWWEoleo IIAdult (m)6,0081,1384
XpS8uAire IAdult (m)3,7849753
eghH3Viento Embrujado IIIAdult (m)3,3509332
o2oteOzote IAdult (f)4,2931,0422
lLUbtCumbre Nevada IIAdult (f)4,7229833
Z9hSECiel Ouvert IAdult (f)3,6019241
wVw9qHorizonte IAdult (m)4,2251,0354
F4Y6aSwarga IAdult (f)6,8581,2862
S1vSkLetenite IAdult (m)4,2598323
bPqVrBella Notte IIAdult (f)2,6117853
FdO7rNotte Fredda IIAdult (f)5,4069764
tDFWuCielo Claro IIAdult (f)2,5227873
Yq2ziEther Al-IshtarAdult (f)5,4499512
VOPQzChell El-IshtarAdult (f)6,2719682
6bi7IOrizzonte El-AmhehAdult (m)6,3679662
0LI8wHewa El-AmhehAdult (m)6,0879944
XnDyrGold Wind El-IshtarAdult (f)5,8701,0503
NOVHcPolar Il-AmhehAdult (m)4,9449363
GojaHGust El-AmhehAdult (m)4,94499610
p1rluPerlu Al-AmhehAdult (m)5,0849442
9987oSkydemon El-IshtarAdult (f)4,4901,0193
xMxrdPureSky El-IshtarAdult (f)5,1391,1092
GVkNVEfir Al-AmhehAdult (m)4,4018561
R3XYnNebo Al-IshtarAdult (f)5,1649463
70wAyDrum the SkyAdult (f)4,7468171
fcOozRegalia El-IshtarAdult (f)4,3498113
IEo5wBeacon El-AmhehAdult (m)4,7117743
53ZTtMagnum El-IshtarAdult (f)4,2628324
2R2VeTurelu El-AmhehAdult (m)4,6319012
ry1gXJana El-AmhehAdult (m)2,7966513
931QMSocks El-AmhehAdult (m)6,5288611
02MiGChurn El-AmhehAdult (m)5,2918771
6IxF6Brisa Al-IshtarAdult (f)5,3399472
3pqSXTormenta Al-AmhehAdult (m)5,6939362
dQbPXSoplo Al-IshtarAdult (f)5,7399741
cqosH(cqosH)Adult (f)3,1307582
2mBD1(2mBD1)Adult (m)3,0287761
CPnTV(CPnTV)Adult (m)5,9671,0021
iYKWR(iYKWR)Adult (f)5,3719042
Nml72(Nml72)Adult (m)4,5111,0222
6mJHa(6mJHa)Adult (f)6,4999274
jZ8iN(jZ8iN)Adult (f)5,4471,0512
oEeiH(oEeiH)Adult (m)4,3139191
a1RbI(a1RbI)Adult (m)5,0579143
dtn3e(dtn3e)Adult (f)4,8889222
ccJhZ(ccJhZ)Adult (m)4,8089252
k7H5I(k7H5I)Adult (f)5,1098722
UNQ1Z(UNQ1Z)Adult (f)4,6928302
zOxeT(zOxeT)Adult (f)3,2707221
6PhYM(6PhYM)Adult (m)4,0829682
CERbh(CERbh)Adult (f)2,1576811
V1sDP(V1sDP)Adult (m)2,7898421
jxTfB(jxTfB)Adult (f)3,6347204
PsKQ1(PsKQ1)Adult (f)3,7807411
UxOdb(UxOdb)Adult (m)4,2998592
9R8Ue(9R8Ue)Adult (m)2,6125051
LVmTH(LVmTH)Adult (f)3,7937941
ZxxQG(ZxxQG)Adult (f)3,7428242
Z8zW6(Z8zW6)Adult (m)2,7467341
hFLqj(hFLqj)Adult (f)4,4767371
FxxwR(FxxwR)Adult (m)2,5466692
TCFzn(TCFzn)Adult (m)2,7087073
63cEr(63cEr)Adult (f)3,0456892
Fmji8(Fmji8)Adult (f)3,1617201
mB45n(mB45n)Adult (m)2,8856412
3rJEGNoni IIAdult (f)2,6646971
QRMEfQurom IIAdult (f)2,4756161
RhLvY(RhLvY)Adult (m)5,1117164
T24n1(T24n1)Adult (m)2,7686991
iPUqI(iPUqI)Adult (m)3,8587721
Q7fks(Q7fks)Adult (m)3,0737112
9ndPx(9ndPx)Adult (f)4,5648213
MggtK(MggtK)Adult (m)5,6747971
70ISk(70ISk)Adult (f)4,1939101
MJi7H(MJi7H)Adult (m)5,0309582
bvyMQ(bvyMQ)Hatchling (f, F)3,8996772
z0GC1(z0GC1)Hatchling (F)1,0883002
mU9ACB Siaduello de VingreistAdult (m)2,3644539
e7OjCB Raestyllosuir de VingreistAdult (m)2,3575584
1hzseErizar Al-AmhehAdult (m)2,8377266
CQqFkValkoinen IIAdult (m)5,3901,1483
1y82sAlbino Al-IshtarAdult (f)6,3999823
XR1lkBlanca Al-IshtarAdult (f)5,2209832
rYyUs(rYyUs)Adult (f)3,4247382
E4iOGKel Al-IshtarAdult (f)5,4179724
RuaEKAlk Al-AmhehAdult (m)6,4721,0142
pFfXs(pFfXs)Adult (f)4,4418592
ZI8tcCB Typhoon de VingreistAdult (f)1,9625257
0aoeeCB Katastraza de VingreistAdult (m)2,3303513
eh0qjCB Hvitr de VingreistAdult (m)3,8324641
Kf3viCB Nautilus de VingreistAdult (f)8,5655717
1ZdM2CB Vessazus de VingreistAdult (f)3,1824858
3peIILevh El-AmhehAdult (m)4,1807791
I0EhhLayhn El-IshtarAdult (f)4,3307863
bJ7UXSkyg El-AmhehAdult (m)4,0137662
O2BPYWeysd El-IshtarAdult (f)3,6647442
0HlhJBhall El-IshtarAdult (f)5,7751,1793
ZeMfNCB Hat'yere de VingreistAdult (f)2,1005063
5Gn8ROnvor de Vingreist IAdult (m)2,2064953
Fj2vQPutai de Vingreist IAdult (m)2,2225093
rdOrLCB Ormor de VingreistAdult (f)2,2565083
aCuGxScrye de Vingreist IAdult (m)2,0325093
xSlu7CB Malidor de VingreistAdult (f)2,0695606
j09ljThalaoth de Vingreist IAdult (m)1,7364834
5txmYCB Siberys de VingreistAdult (f)2,4684820
TsZxPCB Glenwing de VingreistAdult (f)3,5643892
DebfkLezardon IIAdult (m)5,1621,1184
SwuOaSwuoa Al-AmhehAdult (m)8,6731,2162
a3maq(a3maq)Adult (m)2,3646633
JtP6L(JtP6L)Adult (f)3,8146401
sNyT8(sNyT8)Adult (m)4,5708212
ZcKGdCB Darkwing de VingreistAdult (f)2,9164913
ymIwcCB Navarog de VingreistAdult (m)2,7834753
oED2dCB Maranath de VingreistAdult (f)2,4964351
Do53EAio Vingreist IVAdult (m)5,0919454
cCKfY(cCKfY)Adult (m)4,1929634
QrPHY(QrPHY)Adult (m)2,9087112
lSKcvIsklive Al-AmhehAdult (m)4,7309261
cG5VlViqua Al-IshtarAdult (f)4,7939600
uIoIlUloll Al-AmhehAdult (m)4,7639851
fvr3nFavor Al-IshtarAdult (f)4,7939462
1BdsoVadso Al-IshtarAdult (f)5,5431,0300
JFIPJAquif Al-AmhehAdult (m)5,4809940
jcFKmDrab El-AmhehAdult (m)3,4917522
PGZ4m(PGZ4m)Adult (f)2,7027511
etUEF(etUEF)Adult (m)3,2557103
3v53iAnhoa Al-IshtarAdult (f)3,7417351
lWA4qAnhye Al-AmhehAdult (m)3,3987550
vwiyJDurh Al-AmhehAdult (m)3,8777951
jdU4fWhuey Al-IshtarAdult (f)3,3837632
r7w6BDohnne Al-IshtarAdult (f)3,5767713
GJYXrDhum Al-AmhehAdult (m)3,3977492
ItT7JLynkh Al-IshtarAdult (f)4,4778192
IstoG(IstoG)Adult (m)3,5988231
5ncsh(5ncsh)Adult (f)5,6841,0292
xrf8fCB Raijin de VingreistAdult (m)2,1585413
7PnnpCB Indigo de VingreistAdult (f)2,3304183
2CuHoEmmerant de Vingreist IAdult (m)2,2013854
xCRWRCB Gizzard de VingreistAdult (f)1,9823711
Z9LjtAria Vingreist IAdult (f)6,9271,2742
gkNP8Arrosa IIAdult (m)5,0841,1152
AHWUIKizil IIAdult (f)5,2911,1355
3UkVBWoz IIIAdult (f)2,7577143
y8YJSPunta Rosa IIIAdult (m)2,8697423
7nyosAxec Squirrel IIIAdult (m)5,0409313
INtYARosa IVAdult (m)5,9921,0013
9sQ8d(9sQ8d)Adult (f)5,2129702
fhMqf(fhMqf)Adult (m)4,8079312
PQrJ6(PQrJ6)Adult (f)2,6516331
IzwhD(IzwhD)Adult (m)3,0005764
iZY6aCB Emyllion de VingreistAdult (m)2,9976023
arED6CB Viranian de VingreistAdult (f)3,0005706
z5Op5CB Audomdormu de VingreistAdult (m)3,1316392
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