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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2011 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “reinedelutin,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FejIf(FejIf)Adult (m)7,4761,2829
Q0sZf(Q0sZf)Adult (f)7,1991,2545
VLDDG(VLDDG)Adult (f)7,2651,3115
J640Q(J640Q)Adult (f)5,9161,0937
cj07N(cj07N)Adult (f)5,9761,0195
1atj2(1atj2)Adult (m)4,4886035
m7lQH(m7lQH)Adult (m)3,7935855
amUg2(amUg2)Adult (m)5,6635445
k1ndH(k1ndH)Adult (f)3,4524854
3vdNO(3vdNO)Adult (f)3,8654634
o72eR(o72eR)Adult (m)3,5864704
Hgdqi(Hgdqi)Adult (m)5,2264963
fcqE1(fcqE1)Adult (m)5,3255024
uQZgi(uQZgi)Adult (m)4,0155473
9a7iN(9a7iN)Adult (f)3,6245153
UaavT(UaavT)Adult (m)3,6765185
cE1bb(cE1bb)Adult (f)3,8055164
KFv1D(KFv1D)Adult (f)2,9444206
0gqq7(0gqq7)Adult (m)3,9384676
MqNnH(MqNnH)Adult (f)2,9834015
jorGT(jorGT)Adult (f)7,4339297
ZTY7W(ZTY7W)Adult (f)2,7484116
LRigW(LRigW)Adult (m)3,3204146
UCJTJ(UCJTJ)Adult (f)3,6834356
ApBuJ(ApBuJ)Adult (m)3,9234936
NdNPl(NdNPl)Adult (f)2,8394533
9p9na(9p9na)Adult (m)3,5964943
oitrE(oitrE)Adult (f)3,9484445
K0968(K0968)Adult (m)3,7035102
riq4k(riq4k)Adult (f)3,7885314
3Yq8m(3Yq8m)Adult (m)2,1064803
cLEGQ(cLEGQ)Adult (f)2,5764873
1mmID(1mmID)Adult (f)3,1155413
5Pfor(5Pfor)Adult (f)2,2754823
Zbjo4(Zbjo4)Adult (m)2,8325422
GZaSp(GZaSp)Adult (m)2,7354263
DskX6(DskX6)Adult (m)2,6095625
nC683(nC683)Adult (m)9,3916276
AspTW(AspTW)Adult (f)2,6994865
kj8Dl(kj8Dl)Adult (m)4,1244916
tlIaX(tlIaX)Adult (f)2,8144614
d5V0V(d5V0V)Adult (f)2,7144793
mptdd(mptdd)Adult (m)2,8984343
43G12(43G12)Adult (m)3,2154523
FjsRv(FjsRv)Adult (m)3,0665075
sJoeg(sJoeg)Adult (f)2,2295054
lIkLg(lIkLg)Adult (f)3,1314873
jmgQU(jmgQU)Adult (f)3,3504833
fTJPV(fTJPV)Adult (f)2,9464822
TjHO5(TjHO5)Adult (m)2,4275155
Q5Efr(Q5Efr)Adult (f)3,0624764
kekuq(kekuq)Adult (m)3,0455327
KqP4f(KqP4f)Adult (m)2,9965232
tiNoc(tiNoc)Adult (f)2,1195876
cojl7(cojl7)Adult (m)1,9316195
vLfg3(vLfg3)Adult (m)3,1725612
kN4GL(kN4GL)Adult (m)2,5224712
0MKsY(0MKsY)Adult (f)2,4854887
9hUbJ(9hUbJ)Adult (f)2,8815202
5QTs4(5QTs4)Adult (f)3,1297633
ITHGB(ITHGB)Adult (m)3,2387545
UXPW2(UXPW2)Adult (m)1,36250214
DQWGt(DQWGt)Adult (f)1,2864557
FDZ1s(FDZ1s)Adult (m)1,3734909
pTeLp(pTeLp)Adult (m)1,1934939
4eBCS(4eBCS)Adult (m)3,4537303
N9Nc2(N9Nc2)Adult (f)3,5167644
r4mTL(r4mTL)Adult (f)3,7867603
t9Il9(t9Il9)Adult (m)3,4307402
PvGa4(PvGa4)Adult (f)2,6109442
qa2au(qa2au)Adult (f)2,7169464
jvfKY(jvfKY)Adult (f)2,5419522
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