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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “reality,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
RNgK9(RNgK9)Adult (m)4,4969017
NCp4(NCp4)Adult (m)3,2021,12130
Z0PN(Z0PN)Adult (f)2,4577685
oj11(oj11)Adult (f)11,9109308
NPSZ(NPSZ)Adult (m)1,89375313
72WG(72WG)Adult (m)1,80677717
ufef(ufef)Adult (f)3,56483212
m8GR(m8GR)Adult (f)3,0261,09031
PiPr(PiPr)Adult (f)3,04398835
AOIk(AOIk)Adult (f)3,3551,05930
E0vO(E0vO)Adult (m)2,8491,02823
UCvr(UCvr)Adult (m)2,5257936
ucK9(ucK9)Adult (m)2,22298828
5H5J(5H5J)Adult (f)2,55396028
26CT(26CT)Adult (m)4,2351,31635
SBdi(SBdi)Adult (m)9646137
taW3(taW3)Adult (f)1,94684910
Ginf(Ginf)Adult (m)1,82540410
hPX1(hPX1)Adult (m)4,2601,25540
hYqr(hYqr)Adult (f)4,13487214
0m1BX(0m1BX)Adult (f)4,51389012
96ln(96ln)Adult (m)3,15558815
uuI6(uuI6)Adult (m)1,74178518
jvif(jvif)Adult (m)1,54569713
dqnl(dqnl)Adult (m)2,3273939
jvR1(jvR1)Adult (m)1,79780417
CuST(CuST)Adult (f)1,84672522
Di2ls(Di2ls)Adult (m)5,5091,25918
IBjd(IBjd)Adult (m)9,45572323
QDd2(QDd2)Adult (f)1,74879115
X5DN(X5DN)Adult (f)2,7501,01717
JHHW(JHHW)Adult (m)4,4011,27216
kUBV(kUBV)Adult (f)2,14063420
m9DdG(m9DdG)Adult (m)5,0011,22616
JYe5C(JYe5C)Adult (f)4,60892011
1e1D(1e1D)Adult (f)4,48933210
sRaI(sRaI)Adult (m)1,94390718
UUtJ(UUtJ)Adult (f)1,33869113
k9rQp(k9rQp)Adult (m)4,8341,21615
KLia(KLia)Adult (m)1,91876124
CPgR(CPgR)Adult (f)4,8181,47927
LSOL(LSOL)Adult (m)2,6581,15229
XuIa(XuIa)Adult (f)3,1401,10819
VTbt(VTbt)Adult (f)2,03979516
ghRL(ghRL)Adult (f)2,16982110
lWG8(lWG8)Adult (f)84755710
h4rV(h4rV)Adult (f)11,23291213
rY1Z(rY1Z)Adult (m)1,5143867
JL0T(JL0T)Adult (f)6,4711,09617
aNGq(aNGq)Adult (f)1,3086485
QsHU(QsHU)Adult (m)2,51957019
mIee(mIee)Adult (m)87347810
B0qE(B0qE)Adult (m)5,5631,46519
VNsm(VNsm)Adult (f)1,64877111
BHSI(BHSI)Adult (m)3,4671,09947
fVk7(fVk7)Adult (m)1,03045914
aVr1(aVr1)Adult (f)4,1631,22930
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