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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “raresilverdragon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TTAsTwo TwiceAdult (f)1,8216065
FbR42HeadsAreBetterThanOneSometimesAdult (f)1,6886045
dMCIREvil Twin of Two TwiceAdult (m)1,5186101
LL11MI'mNotAMonster-MyOtherHeadIsAdult (m)1,7067142
tvz42Double The Trouble If You PleaseAdult (m)5,2299336
HS9TqI'm Stuck With My TwinHatchling (F)8133541
f2mCVDust-in-the-WindAdult (m)2,0086182
p6kTsAll-We-Are-Is-Dust-In-The-WindAdult (f)1,8655291
N5qXMWeed DragAdult (f)1,4047072
lEw1BThe PlugAdult (f)2,3116272
RZPwcThe BuyerAdult (m)1,9977051
F2W6JPumpkin-HeadAdult (m)2,6826283
l0QtDSquash-HeadAdult (m)2,2285981
KZJmnFi-ahAdult (m)2,5247021
8s404Fe ErAdult (f)1,6427101
cRAmQFi ErAdult (f)2,1337043
O54xNFy ErAdult (m)2,0296271
B9sQeNow Why Tf Is This Ho Neon PinkAdult (m)2,2726331
zmIEnSeriously - My Eyes HurtAdult (f)1,6705731
IJAAhWhy Have You Done This ArtistsAdult (f)2,9715933
AJL2T(AJL2T)Adult (f)1,7076951
wc6tFThis-Is-AmericaAdult (m)1,7395901
d2SGvDon't-Catch-You-Slippin'-UpAdult (f)1,8165771
4WgHKLook-What-I'm-Whipping-UpAdult (m)1,5915312
v3hMSP r e h i s t o r i c a lAdult (m)2,3597013
IJU8ZNeed Gold - BRB Sellin This DragAdult (f)2,2197073
SiGlTooth Less The DragonAdult (m)3,36372912
b4N1L4REKDAdult (m)1,0645493
N883Green And Black WarriorAdult (m)1,43858615
YUJZToothless The Pixel DragonAdult (m)2,87694813
IV8DHYouWouldntDownloadRumWouldYouAdult (f)1,5835741
az1U2I-Absolutely-Would-Download-RumAdult (f)1,5986203
6xHDFCuriousWandererHatchling (F)1,3224331
FarvOContagionessAdult (m)2,0055292
TRUGEVexen the VixenAdult (f)1,9535631
adVHcIm Frozen - Thanks UserHatchling (f, F)1,4215351
tjcWJBareDynamicsAdult (f)1,2306201
Bau3EWelcomeToTheLeppyAdult (m)1,6987102
0GTRwAintNoPartyLikeA - I Dont PartyAdult (m)1,4755321
p0gF5Let-It-GoHatchling (F)7713591
auZJnCant-Hold-It-Back-AnymoreHatchling (F)9254692
TpCPNSomeone Stole My BaconAdult (m)1,1205731
IaoJUBackOffBruh-IDidntTakeYourBaconAdult (f)1,5246101
iF3eqYou Stole My Bacon I Know ItAdult (m)1,7205822
zRDJBMystic MessengerAdult (m)1,7585821
zID5yIm A Zebra - Not A DragonAdult (f)2,0736122
jmbGcIm Striped - Not DottedAdult (m)1,6305721
nE1F3Late Night Crew WithAdult (f)2,1566171
2mzHqChaoticCryAdult (f)2,2376451
c3MhjRuss-MoneyAdult (f)1,8566331
KXKsrScottJundAdult (m)1,9746171
mXm81Snake-msfactualAdult (f)2,2955831
KXvcVLizardizzleAdult (f)1,9025911
uvA0jAnd Cheyenne - daaesHatchling (F)1,3543571
P9KJThe God of the SeasAdult (m)2,2936354
WaTWPoseidon's HorseAdult (m)2,3266587
iiJHThe Bae is Here - Act CoolAdult (f)2,4175902
nygalCourtTemptressAdult (f)1,7946891
qN8vOCourtJesterAdult (m)2,0956599
YGzaMStun-BatonAdult (m)2,6107041
sMtpOSome Floating Fish I GuessAdult (f)2,4787051
I6E3r(I6E3r)Adult (m)2,0995362
Vhk95It's-All-Ogre-NowAdult (m)2,7438761
am1t1Gold Digger Of The MonthAdult (m)3,0217972
ydtnLComin' For That BooAdult (f)2,2317801
Tpe0yDare You NotAdult (m)2,1576101
vh5rQI'm The Only Female Of The GroupAdult (f)1,7176742
GP9UbWise Ol' ChumAdult (m)1,7726001
lVElOHunting My Wife's MurdererAdult (m)1,9476441
szHooVoltron Legendary DefenderAdult (f)2,4297051
h7Fj0Does Voltron Is GayAdult (f)1,8625673
slJ8lVoltron - Technically GundamAdult (m)2,2906762
B6McNCan Voltron Make ToastAdult (m)2,4117061
CRLUMMy Heart Is Blue Without YouAdult (m)1,7915871
hRUXxPress 'F' To Pay RespectAdult (f)1,7355902
neZ8SGradient GirlAdult (f)1,7885691
KYc5GGradient BoyAdult (m)2,4806411
wh37kAre You Still Readin These NamesAdult (m)2,2835872
WjJz9That's  WeirdAdult (m)2,2736132
vLC25What A CreepAdult (m)2,0076302
YQ16GPink Chicken EmbryoHatchling (F)1,5603822
4KEBcRed Chicken EmbryoHatchling (F)1,3523341
sq1mxPox SpreaderAdult (f)2,4616281
BZzTASpotch SpreaderAdult (m)1,7485701
ipr1jPatient-ZeroAdult (m)1,8346471
AIOIxThe-DiseaseAdult (m)2,1386512
DFJVMHappy Lil BoiHatchling (m, F)2,0846525
dWwC3Ethereal  BeingAdult (m)2,2537031
08iBMAstral BelieverAdult (m)2,1267061
yZi8TZodiac BelieverAdult (f)2,0585433
cjqTCThis Dragon Lost Its BodyAdult (f)2,5746042
EG7ywThis Dragon Also Lost Its BodyAdult (f)1,8857071
ttthUUncanny StinkAdult3,6171,2405
9McCHPeppermints And MistletoesAdult (m)1,6255682
5hXK7I'm Not Rudolph But Close EnoughAdult (m)1,2215651
BdZRDThe Elves Built MeAdult (m)1,9915931
3KWDwWhenIGrowUpI'llBeLikeRudolphHatchling (F)1,1634422
Dr4n0Jingle--BellsAdult (f)2,1816461
EqPn6Jingle'BellsAdult (f)2,0766521
OHhJHJingle-All-The-WayAdult (f)1,3816251
GnacYOh-What-Fun-It-Is-To-RideAdult (f)1,2335371
bGj4KIn-A-One-HorseAdult (f)1,8815662
OgTYtOpen-SleighAdult (f)1,7626522
GYQHe(GYQHe)Adult (f)1,7067362
saBihMmmm That You Only Meant WellAdult (f)1,7645952
3nW2RMmmm - Whatcha - SayAdult (f)2,0716392
DJ1CDWell-Of-Course-You-DidAdult (f)2,1836451
xYWDU(xYWDU)Adult (f)1,5657152
8L5BtMmmm'Whatcha'SayHatchling (F)1,2764763
LBVDQMmmm That It's All For The BestAdult (m)1,2747221
AHQfMOf-Course-It-IsAdult (m)1,7766681
PxX98ShineBrightLikeChristmasLightsAdult (m)1,2586231
5cXUC(5cXUC)Adult (m)1,7267141
WH7SQ(WH7SQ)Adult (m)1,5146901
AsZL8A Dragon's ElfHatchling (m, F)1,5456372
W3s4ZGiftwapping HelperAdult (m)1,8095771
Y1ZWEI'm Cosplaying As ChristmasAdult (m)1,5415511
LBHouSanta's WarriorAdult (m)1,7606541
1O6rUWhereDoWeBeginTheRubbleOrOurSinsAdult (m)1,8936802
dRDtSStill-Not-A-FemaleAdult (m)1,1285641
Xjegk(Xjegk)Adult (m)1,6637341
ZxuDOGhost'Of'Christmas'PastAdult (f)1,7145881
koRQIGhost'Of'Christmas'PresentAdult (f)1,7036132
WFtLwGhost'Of'Some'Dead'DragonAdult (f)1,2605761
kc5s7loli-danceAdult (f)1,6636442
n2TnmI Have Broccoli On My TailAdult (f)1,6806123
o0gcq(o0gcq)Adult (m)1,6127441
rcgMTThe Coastal WaverunnerAdult (m)1,8086223
1YSUeIllya DanceAdult (f)2,3145382
1NpRYLeafersAdult (f)3,8801,3372
bLS8EI Have Two Horns-I'm A DiCornAdult (m)2,4447132
i5sPYBleached ScalesAdult (m)1,9135811
dXJbeFollow-The-SunsetAdult (m)1,7385911
fad7tEmber-ShadeAdult (f)1,6356212
aKZPWhenDidThosePlantsGetOnMyBackAdult (f)4,3571,16717
HiX0When Did I Get In The GroundAdult (f)1,80283413
6d3BHow-Did-I-Get-HereAdult (m)5,7608403
EYGlI'm A Mole In The GroundAdult (m)1,6384845
cgqaSecond Degree In The FamilyAdult (f)4,8717616
tKljsMy Man Cave Is UndergroundAdult (m)1,8666062
B8nw3The Gardener's DragonAdult (f)4,9179363
AXNKyThere's Too Many Of MeAdult (m)1,8986043
scSmCotton Candy FigmentAdult (f)2,8784879
Fv7ZWe Get It - You VapeAdult (m)1,8345673
LZPVThe Cloud GoddessAdult (f)1,6146386
JHvuDay Time DreamAdult (m)1,7875014
3nD4kFirst Female In The FamilyAdult (f)2,5715544
EadsI Don't Understand How To FlyAdult (f)2,2786525
elV1cHow Do I DoAdult (m)1,6986284
wbG7u(wbG7u)Adult (m)1,7147221
HYPdc(HYPdc)Adult (f)1,5867081
CMHkO(CMHkO)Adult (m)2,3596762
H1wYP(H1wYP)Adult (f)2,2976092
5s8LK(5s8LK)Adult (m)2,3556382
zqgai(zqgai)Adult (f)2,9437071
3cPkLook At The Flick Of The WristAdult (f)2,3924035
VKOwD(VKOwD)Adult (m)2,2356192
GBvmBA Fork In The DragonAdult (f)2,3456783
Ev6mJUp And Down We GoAdult (m)2,1837361
XQRZqTHERE no OVER THERE no waitAdult (f)6,6901,1143
CYivdJumin and JaeheeAdult (m)3,0997102
Z8ksiPower Of The PikachuAdult (f)2,0016022
B2GpKCHUUUUUUAdult (m)1,7526181
QFqPEmber StrongAdult (m)2,10257611
UsAUMagma BurnsAdult (m)1,3856053
InY3cThe Lava From InsideAdult (f)2,1835283
ADnAXStraight Outta HellAdult (f)1,5356242
FFn6jIce Shot From ElsaAdult (m)1,8306742
seaP6Me Running From My ProblemsAdult (f)1,7096161
zqooLTheColdNverBotheredMeAnyWayAdult (m)1,7806410
5VeF0Jumin-HanAdult (m)2,1456471
Tf4IRJaehee-KangAdult (m)1,7856391
wkPmIYoosung-KimHatchling (F)9904500
fBRer(fBRer)Adult (f)2,1216031
hTkES(hTkES)Adult (f)1,7505893
Ga7xE(Ga7xE)Adult (f)2,0448031
pFuXYEcho GirlAdult (f)1,4176303
Y39uULance x KeithAdult (m)1,8006572
nvgZIPrincess-AlluraAdult (f)1,6156182
pCINRShiro - BlackAdult (m)1,4325722
SykQgKilgraveeAdult (m)1,8446881
jVdvQJessicaJonesAdult (f)1,7116281
ntWp8(ntWp8)Adult (f)1,8736152
Wj38p(Wj38p)Adult (f)3,7018072
24eDz(24eDz)Adult (m)3,3387534
QcMqFlamingo ControllerAdult (f)1,4095526
7dkuThe Flamingo GoddessAdult (f)2,3596235
o6tS2(o6tS2)Adult (m)1,5966573
Kwlij(Kwlij)Adult (f)2,0435791
xXF5g(xXF5g)Adult (m)2,1236041
86Cur(86Cur)Adult (f)2,1147015
ipt8X(ipt8X)Adult (f)1,8236923
6NIRi(6NIRi)Adult (f)2,1517021
9k6jm(9k6jm)Adult (m)2,4776431
51MEZ(51MEZ)Adult (m)1,5396531
D5Ao0(D5Ao0)Adult (f)1,6616041
kLJyJ(kLJyJ)Adult (m)1,8446222
TGvbr(TGvbr)Adult (m)2,0666651
Yjkeu(Yjkeu)Adult (f)1,9946162
3djvAThe Blue Glider GemAdult (m)3,5681,2122
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