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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “raindear,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qNR44(qNR44)Hatchling (f)2,57285424
hPkBf(hPkBf)Adult (f)3,08687424
mSzNt(mSzNt)Adult (m)3,12885123
6CCb3(6CCb3)Adult (m)2,81787916
yh3Sm(yh3Sm)Adult (m)3,33786622
SDJHm(SDJHm)Adult (m)2,91188825
DOD5M(DOD5M)Adult (f)2,83187427
B6QGO(B6QGO)Adult (f)3,13088022
WxMWE(WxMWE)Adult (m)2,83187427
M6fnA(M6fnA)Adult (f)2,81687020
9GpoY(9GpoY)Adult (m)3,21187231
QT1Rq(QT1Rq)Adult (m)2,90389428
IsZa3(IsZa3)Adult (f)2,68289028
SAEl1(SAEl1)Adult (f)3,29285826
5vt2C(5vt2C)Adult (m)3,16089433
iVCkj(iVCkj)Adult (m)2,89089624
U7xo7(U7xo7)Adult (f)3,23287026
FNE1Y(FNE1Y)Adult (f)3,25886831
Ar0Yr(Ar0Yr)Adult (m)2,72387727
2mBBP(2mBBP)Hatchling (m)2,35980827
bNW6RainDear's Cousin ItEgg (F)
6AbUdRainDear's Cloud RacerAdult (m)1,86372417
v4B9ARainDear's Va Ba BamAdult (m)4,28560326
n49U3RainDear's Softly GlidingAdult (m)3,08961313
htvbrRainDear's Cloud ChaserAdult (f)2,50880264
d0gFlRainDear's Dog FlightAdult (f)5,08168329
5NxrORainDear's Nix RoxAdult (m)3,35370226
UBhCaRainDear's CBs HereHatchling (m, F)1,73653310
U62S4RainDear's Prizes and MatesHatchling (f, F)2,87481220
WXz11RainDear's OthersHatchling (m, F)1,6385381
l8ueY(l8ueY)Hatchling (m, F)2,12767624
9Lmpa(9Lmpa)Hatchling (m, F)1,97961117
AFmDmRainDear's AfamdumAdult (m)2,23774310
Ivh7XRainDear's IvanhoxAdult (m)2,0977377
wlvyPRainDear's Wee Ivy PaneAdult (f)2,17476210
psH9JRainDear's Posh JaneAdult (f)2,1127419
UyPluRainDear's Water WizardAdult (m)2,70971124
KiUjpRainDear's Water SpiritAdult (m)2,52970129
75tinRainDear's Water WitchAdult (f)5,0861,0885
crSnKRainDear's Water SpriteAdult (f)2,40771917
bqx3MRainDear's Flutter Claude d'LuneAdult (m)2,90179321
hRyAfRainDear's Flutterby Golden MoonAdult (m)2,71073420
xCtWhRainDear's Flutter Claire d'LuneAdult (f)2,97078825
W0u0ERainDear's Flutterby Autumn MoonAdult (f)2,95574019
EZJEYRainDear's Ez JeyAdult (m)2,3399838
pOD5vRainDear's Proudly DivineAdult (m)3,50172412
7SoBCRainDear's SobacaAdult (f)2,7007752
ffScmRainDear's Fluff ScrimAdult (f)3,0746933
OsotfRainDear's Softly GoldAdult (m)4,76487712
v2MalRainDear's Artist of LoveAdult (m)3,73899131
8EN3VRainDear's EnveeAdult (f)3,8971,00526
8GdWnRainDear's Golden GodwinAdult (f)5,1141,01529
ae1p2RainDear's AelpineAdult (m)3,7819703
R5fo9RainDear's Silver SplinterAdult (m)6,44694914
gduGHRainDear's Good Golly Mr MollyAdult (m)6,12491911
Op4ltRainDear's Opal SunAdult (m)6,01692212
PSsBmRainDear's Pass the BeamAdult (m)6,21393414
HgrDrRainDear's HedgerowAdult (m)5,93186810
6Smy2RainDear's StarShineAdult (f)5,6661,07333
Z6QKRRainDear's Beautiful DreamAdult (f)5,2141,02521
MRu0aRainDear's MarveluaAdult (f)5,5939329
vlNqHRainDear's Valiant QueenAdult (f)6,96996719
dy40MRainDear's Silver SwirlAdult (f)5,5741,00717
xxAzCRainDear's AztecAdult (m)3,91198434
zI7paRainDear's ZoolPalAdult (m)5,54184329
x93wpRainDear's I Love DonutzAdult (m)5,42787536
Ti44uRainDear's TippupAdult (f)5,28991712
XeTYWRainDear's Xe TywurmAdult (f)5,4401,00513
NjS20RainDear's Hallowed Gold LightsAdult (f)5,36480044
loF6bRainDear's Twilit GoldAdult (f)4,80491441
L3fNoRainDear's VolcayesAdult (f)6,4961,03421
IlXi6RainDear's Spun GoldAdult (f)5,4641,07221
BUWRvRainDear's Special SurpriseAdult (f)7,02696719
diVbIRainDear's Diva ArielAdult (f)5,2771,00429
bdtJkRainDear's Winkin' RomeoAdult (m)5,63659715
BGtJDRainDear's Stuff of DreamsAdult (m)5,85155114
XmbO6RainDear's Gentle GlowAdult (f)5,12499177
wYLQERainDear's WyliqueAdult (m)4,8019817
BEG5oRainDear's BegoniaAdult (f)6,70898411
ID8GyRainDear's IdgyAdult (f)5,62391515
N7wTkRainDear's New TickAdult (f)5,79088625
JhuiZRainDear's Golden PothosAdult (f)6,25390212
Vd308RainDear's Sun LightAdult (m)2,00872870
e8bf8RainDear's Sun ShineAdult (m)2,05271661
AbrHjRainDear's Sun BeamAdult (f)2,15976362
IxscvRainDear's UnMerlinAdult (m)3,56277619
9eP5IRainDear's UnGwydionAdult (m)2,2186336
ZSxwvRainDear's UnCirceAdult (f)2,85177618
SmQzKRainDear's UnBaba UnYagaAdult (f)2,81076414
BZ4CiRainDear's Flutterby Buzy Ci BeeAdult (m)3,43677718
LNvEFRainDear's Flutterby Luna VefAdult (m)3,12377329
KAS0kRainDear's Flutterby KeepsakeAdult (f)3,28479219
BPLsPRainDear's Flutterby Bip LispAdult (f)3,07480319
3VuvhRainDear's Sand BeSpelledAdult (m)2,62176925
hTrfcRainDear's Haze TerrificAdult (m)2,63372922
jSb9nRainDear's Jesse BaneAdult (m)3,19076414
vtCs8RainDear's Shiney MangoAdult (m)2,80383125
TiZqFRainDear's Tizzy LizzyAdult (f)2,81772720
hAgtvRainDear's Honeyed HagAdult (f)2,90777425
OujnCRainDear's MeloncholusAdult (m)1,57269057
8JZYvRainDear's BaigaiAdult (m)3,1746037
JdtOgRainDear's Jed ToguAdult (m)2,95268421
lCd2jRainDear's Iced JulepAdult (m)3,4026585
JCbkIRainDear's Jacob KajiAdult (m)2,4755455
Y6NLhRainDear's KanishibariAdult (f)2,27882462
QS6OeRainDear's QuestaAdult (f)3,1106626
3Jc3tRainDear's Jewel CutAdult (f)3,1176635
OvU60RainDear's OvurseAdult (f)2,7257070
IsCZ6RainDear's Jis CauzeAdult (f)3,68387215
OwJXERainDear's Owl JaxeAdult (m)3,87866015
U15KiRainDear's UpSkillAdult (m)2,58472024
FOKlKRainDear's For KicksAdult (f)4,09168613
3I92aRainDear's Mirage I BeAdult (f)3,7046348
8cX3mRainDear's Grave SideAdult (m)2,64466111
VWoA3RainDear's Grave YardAdult (m)2,7426759
k4wz8RainDear's Grave DiggerAdult (m)2,63667217
vUeHSRainDear's Grave RobberAdult (m)2,7536618
eL4LlRainDear's Grave SitterAdult (f)2,67264213
ptNGARainDear's Grave DancerAdult (f)2,4205365
H4ivaRainDear's Grave SiteAdult (f)1,8558658
GF2RLRainDear's Ghostlly FuryAdult (f)3,79675020
IShmFRainDear's Shadow MareAdult (f)3,26375321
svZ0xRainDear's Shadow ov ZoxAdult (f)3,44568219
xqky5RainDear's Sun DropAdult (f)2,0627298
BpJeuRainDear's von LucAdult (m)2,11372862
Yq2vpRainDear's YaquivipAdult (m)1,9495551
c9xxqRainDear's QuixxoticAdult (m)1,8927121
zL9yBRainDear's Lazy BeezAdult (m)2,3307260
lJdMrRainDear's Mr IjidAdult (m)3,85488711
8LOupRainDear's Hang on LoupeAdult (m)3,89070017
Q6YhkRainDear's Quick QuickAdult (m)3,53867917
SSWKJRainDear's von LaciAdult (f)2,15672653
GBhK6RainDear's Dance o' FairyAdult (f)2,65759134
inVtTRainDear's InvittaAdult (f)1,8986218
mIQXvRainDear's MiquevixAdult (f)2,99877937
3UiO2RainDear's UiottiaAdult (f)1,9567131
vAeHiRainDear's Pink is for GirlsAdult (f)2,10069416
PoGm4RainDear's PoGamaAdult (f)3,91987515
WWGxoRainDear's Ain't She SweetAdult (f)3,64666619
y35VsRainDear's Lovely GreetingAdult (m)2,0647655
lsUNtRainDear's BeribbonedAdult (m)2,0727469
VaS8hRaindear's No Void for MeAdult (m)3,78564218
FMXCRainDear's RoseatinaAdult (f)5,4601,05945
Z6JnRainDear's KashiniaAdult (f)2,19345757
GV6AqRainDear's Garden ArtAdult (m)2,99288622
MC0F7RainDear's McPinkAdult (f)2,51375518
ONlS9RainDear's OnisAdult (m)3,0188886
3kdQ4RainDear's Kid QuoforAdult (m)2,1528635
5i25bRainDear's Butterfly TeaAdult (m)3,34886318
NzOXYRainDear's Noz OxyAdult (f)3,2578945
6WVw4RainDear's Love's MysteriesAdult (f)2,79173524
NVGU3RainDear's Love's Labor LostAdult (f)2,81778922
OHXxkRainDear's Love CryAdult (f)2,85082327
FMRUgRainDear's Gentle AffectionAdult (f)2,94776433
PEbUbRainDear's Pebbles of LubAdult (f)2,99778623
5VvO8RainDear's Viva DreamsAdult (f)3,52782521
WIzGcRainDear's Oh What A Wiz She IsAdult (f)2,88878229
cVjnDRainDear's Cave DjinniAdult (f)3,1155753
nH3W5RainDear's Hearts AfireAdult (f)2,34086232
6yadURainDear's Love's MagicAdult (f)3,39581025
Q1IJwRainDear's Candy KissAdult (f)2,87575426
BZmGZRainDear's Bee Zee GazeAdult (f)3,39481928
RkiVMRainDear's Rikki VampiAdult (f)2,60982523
QGpTtRainDear's Glimmer of HopeAdult (m)2,96882763
udiVSRainDear's Marshmallow CremeAdult (f)2,78778922
SVZ0tRainDear's Savez SweetAdult (f)2,71479832
HbwjZRainDear's HibwyjuzAdult (m)2,2556628
AqxuaRainDear's AquixuaAdult (m)2,2656537
3yqRVRainDear's YaqurveAdult (f)3,49276512
LcLYyRainDear's Claret IvyAdult (f)3,69378817
GeU0qRainDear's Strawberry GellieAdult (m)3,79064216
ELHAPRainDear's El HappyAdult (m)3,65763814
zAyJ3RainDear's Zay I am RedAdult (f)3,89968210
0GYdGRainDear's O'Gay LadyAdult (f)3,80765110
sb9jPRainDear's At Last At Long LastAdult (m)3,9869169
7umRKRainDear's Finally MineAdult (m)4,03190624
JQZTxRainDear's Holly Holiday QuizAdult (m)3,08563518
RYeLsRainDear's Merry MixmasAdult (m)2,71079230
X8Tl5RainDear's Christmas PastAdult (m)2,09976025
qrtP0RainDear's Christmas PeaceAdult (m)2,48377617
qQnSgRainDear's Queen Song HollyAdult (f)3,06764818
MBrL3RainDear's Holly MarblesAdult (f)2,85176120
oxG6XRainDear's Visions of Sugar DorkAdult (f)3,02772122
K7XS3RainDear's KexselAdult (m)2,3645374
676zYRainDear's SnaxzyAdult (f)2,7885899
5OG3ZRainDear's Red MiztAdult (f)2,6924606
ApbGTRainDear's Fire BrightAdult (m)2,56573425
xWYflRainDear's CandlelitAdult (m)2,60772320
QMdqTRainDear's Red Light DistrictAdult (f)2,78071217
cx5k5RainDear's Gellie GemAdult (f)2,75174431
okeNURainDear's Okie NuAdult (m)2,1366611
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