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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “rainbow_trout,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6CL1VCB SoCal  B E A U M O N TAdult (m)3,05474130
JtEsICB SoCal  B E N I C I AAdult (f)2,97572024
Y9mNTCB SoCal  E N C I T A SAdult (f)4,0801,08217
cClkQCB SoCal  H E S P E R I AAdult (f)4,1821,11010
PmhDHCB SoCal  L O O M I SAdult (f)4,1861,13118
yxw7tCB SoCal  P O M O N AAdult (f)4,1141,08613
tWQpdPB2 SoCal  A R R O Y OAdult (m)5,3771,25134
ySHfUPB3 SoCal  T A F TAdult (m)3,38477527
jz2zbPB4 SoCal  P E R R I SAdult (m)2,7094523
KfYokPB5 SoCal  R I C H M O N DAdult (m)2,8945082
ugYR4PB6 SoCal M I L L B R A EAdult (f)3,6835450
RwZ96(RwZ96)Adult (f)2,0623786
xgyJQ(xgyJQ)Adult (m)2,3554042
9fgBe(9fgBe)Adult (f)3,4784860
FfRph(FfRph)Adult (f)3,5374921
jeidv(jeidv)Adult (m)2,9164530
qMUY8(qMUY8)Adult (f)3,2865001
2ujS1CB SoCal  S A N T A  M O N I C AAdult (f)4,2528703
9QKYWCB SoCal  V E N I C EAdult (m)4,8751,0929
PEiXjPB2 SoCal  A L A M E D AAdult (f)5,5041,15520
OCyz6CB Orthrus  D I O N Y S U SAdult (m)5,4661,39129
pK9BMCB Orthrus  A R E SAdult (m)3,55792930
bYGXpCB Orthrus  A P H R O D I T EAdult (f)3,4708212
81vxeCB SoCal  A R C A D I AAdult (f)3,14276332
e5WXSCB SoCal  P A C I F I C AAdult (f)6,7021,29523
TZJDWCB SoCal  R I D G E C R E S TAdult (m)4,19996532
gC9lACB SoCal  B L Y T H EAdult (f)5,4971,30738
ekR0mPB2 SoCal  G L E N D O R AAdult (f)5,0061,21232
2v3Dk(2v3Dk)Adult (f)3,8764860
RMQTL(RMQTL)Adult (m)3,0535542
zVhHQ(zVhHQ)Adult (f)2,9175601
39yJx(39yJx)Adult (f)3,1865540
Cnt7F(Cnt7F)Adult (m)3,3305910
IUwiS(IUwiS)Adult (m)4,9445410
pZG9T(pZG9T)Adult (m)5,0375480
TINO8(TINO8)Adult (f)2,6435690
Ur7Wa(Ur7Wa)Adult (f)2,2035060
gFYgt(gFYgt)Adult (f)4,2966240
elddE(elddE)Adult (f)4,3936861
dmysccb COTTON CANDY  Spin Spin SugarAdult (f)4,3518832
XWNQ8cb COTTON CANDY  Pop RocksAdult (m)4,3149122
plJb8PB2 SoCal  V I E J OAdult (m)5,5061,17525
mfatHcb COTTON CANDY  TaffyAdult (f)3,2624661
6ifsEcb COTTON CANDY  ChicletAdult (f)3,0604541
mVZhN(mVZhN)Adult (m)7,8657941
xzmxi(xzmxi)Adult (f)7,1617361
6hNfmcb SHADOWLARK'S HummingbirdAdult (m)4,92390525
C5W9jSHADOWLARK'S EgretAdult (f)3,3698152
M3HNMSHADOWLARK'S Blue HeronAdult (m)3,16074422
nci9mSHADOWLARK'S GyrfalconAdult (f)2,4754412
sD2VoSHADOWLARK'S SparrowAdult (m)2,6854621
wzRKHSHADOWLARK'S AracariAdult (f)2,7445912
aIpqv(aIpqv)Adult (m)3,2405381
DJxrASHADOWLARK'S AvocetAdult (m)3,8155521
m1sU9(m1sU9)Adult (m)6,4366251
PQQ6p(PQQ6p)Adult (f)5,5605433
k9DmNcb SHADOWLARK'S FinchAdult (f)7,4521,1467
huefmcb SHADOWLARK'S KiskadeeAdult (f)2,92181318
6JKtbcb SHADOWLARK'S AntthrushAdult (m)3,7588232
Jmtpvcb SHADOWLARK'S NightjarAdult (m)2,9124710
3fSqECB SHADOWLARK'S LorikeetAdult (f)3,3746011
9w9C8CB SHADOWLARK'S QuetzalAdult (f)3,2545691
Kc8R2CB SHADOWLARK'S OrioleAdult (m)3,0185022
Th8c1CB SHADOWLARK'S ChickadeeAdult (m)2,8344774
omzUNCB SoCal  M O N T E R E YAdult (m)4,4269413
ciEWvCB SoCal  A Z U S AAdult (f)4,3819324
Wo8ldCB  Q E V I R  DAVRAKHAdult (m)3,3515842
L82uHCB  Q E V I R  ATHTIHARAdult (f)2,49252213
r4I76CB  Q E V I R  FOZAKAdult (m)4,0899101
YI9XMCB  Q E V I R  JESHOLATAdult (m)2,8895404
l2Y1DCB SoCal  T O P A N G AAdult (f)4,4761,0447
TKVWICB SoCal  M O R R O  B A YAdult (m)3,5681,12311
zpOGzCB SoCal  TA H O EAdult (f)7,7391,38010
b8fEcPB2 SoCal  I R V I N EAdult (m)4,8361,23229
Z5iFSPB3 SoCal  O X N A R DAdult (m)4,7221,07013
QtHbxCB SoCal  Y U C A I P AAdult (f)5,7121,2692
CMCOnCB SoCal  N E V A D AAdult (f)2,8444603
N2EQiCB SoCal  L I V E R M O R EAdult (f)2,9546751
XodhRPB4 SoCal  L A W N D A L EAdult (m)5,1259318
z1kCtCB SoCal  P A R A D I S EAdult (f)3,2405262
kW7t6CB SoCal  Y O R B A  L I N D AAdult (f)3,3975152
ImcwWCB SoCal  M U R R I E T AAdult (f)6,2401,2044
iBLOoCB SoCal  S O L V A N GAdult (m)4,2089083
LpKq1PB5 SoCal  H A W T H O R N EAdult (m)3,7045572
8QJI1(8QJI1)Adult (m)5,1337881
DCVSy(DCVSy)Adult (f)5,1757821
niYL6(niYL6)Adult (f)2,7005820
ZJJtf(ZJJtf)Adult (f)2,3295780
zJIEy(zJIEy)Adult (m)2,5635620
SRtXH(SRtXH)Adult (f)2,3005432
o3yGW(o3yGW)Adult (f)3,0095930
chGCM(chGCM)Adult (f)1,8825950
a2CSO(a2CSO)Adult (m)2,0836421
zajtA(zajtA)Adult (f)1,6365480
CxcnO(CxcnO)Adult (m)1,8685530
0sDPS(0sDPS)Adult (m)1,8405731
xdUM0(xdUM0)Adult (f)2,0296190
x8R9u(x8R9u)Adult (m)2,4885161
RV0kJ(RV0kJ)Adult (m)2,8805111
TSczB(TSczB)Adult (f)2,9815210
ZSgFp(ZSgFp)Adult (m)2,7424811
GxDnh(GxDnh)Adult (m)3,0935640
QT2Sv(QT2Sv)Adult (m)2,6675170
hb668(hb668)Adult (m)3,1754580
FCgtJ(FCgtJ)Adult (m)2,9834411
G2ZXG(G2ZXG)Adult (m)3,2214650
dRmyH(dRmyH)Adult (f)3,2054500
VdbOM(VdbOM)Adult (f)3,4294830
zwdq9(zwdq9)Adult (f)3,8845130
HD7uH(HD7uH)Adult (f)2,9815910
dQpub(dQpub)Adult (m)3,0696220
SZwzCCB Orthrus  H A D E SAdult (m)3,6178533
1LK7tCB Orthrus  A P O L L OAdult (m)3,3668562
H4d7tCB Orthrus  H E R M E SAdult (m)5,3561,0402
f7etXCB Orthrus  H E P H A E S T U SAdult (m)5,3531,0773
d1LauOrthrus  A R T E M I SAdult (f)2,6754174
PIrLBCB Orthrus  P O S E I D O NAdult (m)2,7634264
shxDM(shxDM)Adult (m)4,0415020
4mopE(4mopE)Adult (m)4,7406511
LIqO7(LIqO7)Adult (m)4,7336600
uIU7J(uIU7J)Adult (m)3,9965432
WxOWN(WxOWN)Adult (m)3,9835681
R1OjC(R1OjC)Adult (m)3,8465572
vZW3o(vZW3o)Adult (f)3,7995780
msoMh(msoMh)Adult (m)4,1176180
hgKzI(hgKzI)Adult (m)3,9156111
XwvBa(XwvBa)Adult (f)4,2276300
QRqGo(QRqGo)Adult (f)3,7215140
99fOw(99fOw)Adult (f)3,7875270
BBwKlTrout Transfer 1Adult (m)3,1837671
aTQEjTrout Transfer 2Adult (m)3,0807832
c1c5FCB SoCal  L A  B R E AAdult (f)4,7821,28827
v842WCB SoCal  S A N  D I M A SAdult (m)4,9391,20029
VbiCYCB SoCal  S A N  J A C I N T OAdult (m)4,9071,14442
n0L2JCB SoCal  T U L A R EAdult (f)4,9761,17232
j4aRMCB SoCal  S O N O M AAdult (f)5,0901,18526
bg45fCB SoCal  M O N T C L A I RAdult (f)5,7791,37835
375J4CB SoCal  C E R E SAdult (f)5,5221,28838
W7Kh8PB2 SoCal  LA  Q U I N T AAdult (f)6,0401,36132
tcr2ACB Alkalic AEDANAdult (m)3,49187834
I3Y57CB SoCal  O N T A R I OAdult (m)5,2971,2204
vhmACCB SoCal  S A N  G A B R I E LAdult (m)4,8681,0699
cSP5NPB2 SoCal  S O N O R AAdult (f)4,35295617
DnUVRPB2 SoCal  M O N T A G U EAdult (m)3,7397931
3XkvQPB2 SoCal  P A R A M O U N TAdult (m)3,5027415
BluApCB Alkalic SERAFIMAdult (f)3,2524502
OK1TrPB3 SoCal  U K I A HAdult (f)2,9124151
8YoKaCB SoCal  C U C A M O N G AAdult (f)4,5501,03311
WIul2CB SoCal  C A L E X I C OAdult (m)2,66355318
GrjNBPB2 SoCal  C E R R I T O SAdult (m)4,9921,16321
Z2I7HCB SoCal  L A N C A S T E RAdult (m)3,92687719
xjQojSoCal Influence FemaleAdult (f)2,97878817
FOo6QSoCal Influence MaleAdult (m)2,89777214
DnWTSCB SoCal  F I R E B A U G HAdult (m)2,41765616
7Xl6KCB SoCal  H U G H S O NAdult (m)2,78075114
bqKUUCB SoCal  L I V I N G S T O NAdult (m)3,15183435
dOikACB SoCal  B R A D B U R YAdult (m)4,31083517
YKwAvCB SoCal  F A I R F A XAdult (m)4,43089723
eBzr5CB SoCal  L A F A Y E T T EAdult (f)6,7001,45636
yNS9ICB SoCal  W I N D S O RAdult (f)4,46972029
lKjhoCB SoCal  A T H E R T O NAdult (m)4,84886935
PIo01cb COTTON CANDY  Sugar CaneAdult (m)4,77091625
TQ70qCB SoCal  B I S H O PAdult (m)6,0901,0310
kInLfSoCal  B A R S T O WAdult (m)4,2401,0664
nn4O3PB2 SoCal  W E S T M O R L A N DAdult (m)2,84067829
Bia0ePB3 SoCal  P E T A L U M AAdult (f)3,2734761
xHGb6SoCal  P A S A D E N AAdult (f)2,7534432
obQJLSoCal Influence Male IIAdult (m)2,7304423
h3xjUPB4 SoCal  L A T H R O PAdult (m)2,4895603
xInwECOTTON CANDY  Tootsie PopAdult (f)3,5897873
Dtf5uCOTTON CANDY  Bubble GumAdult (m)2,7594981
qZaycCB SoCal  T U S T I NAdult (m)3,7565663
RiwaySoCal  W A S C OAdult (m)3,1526133
wtDAmCB SoCal  W A L N U TAdult (m)3,2815830
Hv58DSoCal  L A  M I R A D AAdult (f)2,9236221
FKfkWCB SoCal  S T O C K T O NAdult (m)2,4704991
dkvKbSoCal  W A T E R F O R DAdult (m)2,9834861
O9GOACOTTON CANDY LiquoriceAdult (f)2,5404664
N6yniSoCal  M A Y W O O DAdult (f)2,8454594
hoABkSoCal Influence Male IIIAdult (m)3,7675861
qCaP2SoCal  K I K Y O UAdult (f)4,8101,0218
fVHA9SoCal  N A U S I C A AAdult (m)4,61592028
FShr4CB SoCal  S A U S A L I T OAdult (m)5,1371,12515
yuMGyCB SoCal  S U I S U NAdult (m)2,65151513
2GdbVSoCal  V I S A L I AAdult (f)4,30296326
pF7ilCB SoCal  L O M P O CAdult (m)3,6637964
XR5a2CB SoCal  V E R N O NAdult (m)3,1374862
zDqRnCB SoCal  E U R E K AAdult (f)3,48297425
g05XWCB SoCal  T R I N I D A DAdult (m)3,46085717
f46i7CB SoCal  R O C K L I NAdult (m)3,4615820
29GAlCB SoCal  P L Y M O U T HAdult (m)3,0335403
aHhcECB SoCal  M A N T E C AAdult (m)4,4271,1046
lNZGf(lNZGf)Adult (m)4,3965010
u3EVw(u3EVw)Adult (f)3,6994962
OcJlSCB PACIFIC HIBISCUSAdult (m)2,74654613
3zRo0(3zRo0)Adult (m)2,9385272
VrJ4Z(VrJ4Z)Adult (f)2,9165121
hb3XNCB Cerulean CIQALAAdult (m)2,79555510
cbVezCB Cerulean AIYANAAdult (f)3,22663913
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