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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2022 Valentine’s Day
  • 2021 Holiday Event
  • 2021 Halloween Event
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • 2020 Halloween Event
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • Wreath Decorating
  • Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “purrow,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Tx8oa(Tx8oa)Adult (m)3,0544930
8ev0l(8ev0l)Adult (f)4,9868472
4k7EY(4k7EY)Adult (m)6,0089741
X2GDa(X2GDa)Adult (f)4,0613902
iaH9Q(iaH9Q)Adult (m)5,7211,0432
rB6Ne(rB6Ne)Adult (f)5,9751,1162
cyhxZ(cyhxZ)Adult (m)4,9519467
Fp6yD(Fp6yD)Adult (m)2,3166791
dBLO9(dBLO9)Adult (m)5,9641,0451
nHq9A(nHq9A)Adult (f)8,5741,3141
yw5TF(yw5TF)Adult (m)7,2081,2003
esh0g(esh0g)Adult (m)7,3141,1792
f3BP3(f3BP3)Adult (f)6,9061,2233
ZKfxb(ZKfxb)Adult (f)9,9271,4910
F3y4F(F3y4F)Adult (f)6,9331,1984
6WjmJMakeout ReefHatchling (f, F)4,1566184
MW8BcSunning RockAdult (m)2,2878247
Gi3OPSummer Solstice Winter FireAdult (f)2,95869510
9IYzP(9IYzP)Adult (m)5,8719861
7Lh7hTailow GlowAdult (f)2,1157145
1K1FUSwellow MellowAdult (m)3,8988414
Hg5pUTwin Tailed ToolboxAdult (m)4,5406793
qElNh(qElNh)Adult (m)4,4866542
iR4my(iR4my)Adult (m)7,1789562
8PNKN(8PNKN)Adult (m)8,5221,2075
rxbNf(rxbNf)Adult (m)5,5969507
9Vzyw(9Vzyw)Adult (f)2,7958013
kLO4n(kLO4n)Adult (m)6,9911,1901
4gF9YDirkJake Will Be CanonAdult (m)1,7156886
R3ckPTingle My TangoAdult (f)2,5706524
T1Ul9DirkJake was canonAdult (f)5,0479212
Q1MchEcto Slime OrangeAdult (m)4,2179950
ejm7Z(ejm7Z)Adult (m)7,5551,1573
mum3z(mum3z)Adult (m)7,5671,1520
zGyvIZiggy ZoolanderAdult (m)5,1146462
MLVceOf Mice and MidgetsAdult (f)3,0957941
VntpF(VntpF)Adult (f)3,3137540
zeduK(zeduK)Adult (f)5,3699981
ZJlVi(ZJlVi)Adult (m)9,9031,4782
Ui8KW(Ui8KW)Adult (f)6,8881,1633
6czQ1(6czQ1)Adult (f)9,5421,3256
Xu9Rb(Xu9Rb)Adult (f)9,4521,2667
RaN0a(RaN0a)Adult (f)6,1501,0522
tr5gC(tr5gC)Adult (m)5,3541,0221
jgUH9(jgUH9)Adult (m)6,2141,1661
5K7mS(5K7mS)Adult (f)8,2741,2941
iVorw(iVorw)Adult (f)12,1731,6014
ErwCm(ErwCm)Adult (m)8,1251,2420
EMvfD(EMvfD)Adult (m)9,1891,5454
K4nU8(K4nU8)Adult (f)7,0641,2060
Gpre9(Gpre9)Adult (f)9,9491,3161
i2Rlo(i2Rlo)Adult (f)10,1081,3543
kgcuu(kgcuu)Adult (m)9,9301,3402
u55rn(u55rn)Adult (m)10,1311,3300
rIFNG(rIFNG)Adult (m)10,1761,3930
9d3Pc(9d3Pc)Adult (m)10,1211,3682
L4SpM(L4SpM)Adult (m)10,0781,3732
8zmNc(8zmNc)Adult (f)10,0781,3122
B6LUo(B6LUo)Adult (m)9,4591,3096
WnvCjHelp Me Get A TreestarAdult (m)1,8367313
Ipvocstan-tlerAdult (m)3,3623026
FIzaA(FIzaA)Adult (m)5,7219511
q968Z(q968Z)Adult (f)7,1621,1943
ufYNV(ufYNV)Adult (m)9,9251,3207
v96na(v96na)Adult (f)3,7937360
Nk30n(Nk30n)Adult (m)5,3261,1641
H9bJd(H9bJd)Adult (f)7,5391,0461
gLCCD(gLCCD)Adult (f)7,6721,32011
mY4nF(mY4nF)Adult (m)7,7391,1712
R1mHDRimjob DeeringtonAdult (f)3,1578491
pTpCh(pTpCh)Adult (f)5,0417411
gAJji(gAJji)Adult (f)6,0831,0001
oD6gR(oD6gR)Adult (m)8,8741,4164
nNpld(nNpld)Adult (f)5,0077411
1RKHj(1RKHj)Adult (f)7,1501,1701
9TJZv(9TJZv)Adult (f)6,4229973
4xmni(4xmni)Adult (f)9,3111,3192
YRQij(YRQij)Adult (f)3,4235221
EyWDt(EyWDt)Adult (m)3,3575211
jM2c3(jM2c3)Adult (m)3,0754454
S14mN(S14mN)Adult (m)3,6484150
rqygp(rqygp)Adult (f)5,3951,0781
B46ls(B46ls)Adult (f)7,8181,2598
2kC8TTwenny Fo CaratAdult (m)3,2396551
4EmVx(4EmVx)Adult (m)3,7567354
VOvb8(VOvb8)Adult (f)3,6117851
RUFQi(RUFQi)Adult (m)6,4741,1351
h7grh(h7grh)Adult (f)7,8611,3274
94l2cB O N D A G EAdult (f)2,8888034
qjqgKMudshockAdult (m)2,3747831
cSAJZB L O O D Y K N U C K L E SAdult (m)2,3917821
BXXq7B L I N G B L I N GAdult (m)2,6306413
VWA9jFreezeheartAdult (m)2,3016171
CCg5jB L A Z E I TAdult (f)4,6713441
mOcVvB E L I E V E I T S B U T T E RAdult (f)5,8567733
gVt3XGravitron Station 9Adult (m)4,9769103
iElREWeed CirculationAdult (f)5,0869023
o6IFvB A S H T H E I R H E A D SAdult (m)5,6141,0641
cPmsIB U T T P A C KAdult (m)4,5858201
L6gwLB E E M O V I EAdult (f)5,1778592
2URaIB L U E U R B A N EAdult (f)23,7761,5863
urnXCB A N A N A B U T TAdult (m)2,9248053
X028PB A L L O TAdult (f)2,7799301
SfkWYCocaine Tipped NeedlesAdult (m)3,8791,0243
t9RxDMeth SyrupAdult (m)3,0314461
XkoMRB A I L O U TAdult (m)4,6841,3281
EqNxIEquinoxicAdult (f)5,2151,4692
q5JgSFirelliaAdult (f)4,1257585
lHkTiB O O N D O X XAdult (m)4,3834051
cSVpB(cSVpB)Adult (m)3,2604712
DyaoiB A K L A V AAdult (f)3,4963472
9ba34(9ba34)Adult (f)6,2811,0282
PDKpEB E R E F TAdult (f)7,9941,3701
cWaAfB L A M E M EAdult (m)5,4041,1541
rRbeoB A T T L E F I E L DAdult (f)6,1531,1332
vgtm0B A C K U PAdult (m)5,6961,1081
y9EYnB E L M O N TAdult (m)5,1541,1683
mNAsMB A C K G R O U N DAdult (m)6,1771,1061
UAyHO(UAyHO)Adult (f)5,6091,0653
WM7f4(WM7f4)Adult (m)6,2751,1894
5sBowB O W D O W NAdult (f)6,2221,0631
tRAGc(tRAGc)Adult (f)7,2011,2042
1ZrHr(1ZrHr)Adult (m)5,2779415
tbUnO(tbUnO)Adult (f)6,2651,0192
YsXTO(YsXTO)Adult (m)6,4341,0133
HiB0G(HiB0G)Adult (m)6,6001,0150
EnR9N(EnR9N)Adult (m)6,1071,0182
QEHor(QEHor)Adult (f)6,0651,0141
v828b(v828b)Adult (m)6,0991,0261
j9kb8(j9kb8)Adult (m)6,5191,0552
C9AbT(C9AbT)Adult (m)6,4641,0472
gjqqV(gjqqV)Adult (m)6,6061,0750
lxdzyB A D J O K EAdult (f)5,4188572
9OUrsB A R R E TAdult (m)5,8861,0312
DvOCZ(DvOCZ)Adult (m)7,0491,1611
zKIXG(zKIXG)Adult (m)7,1041,0823
FWEbX(FWEbX)Adult (f)6,2101,0633
adSO6(adSO6)Adult (f)5,5781,0236
VTEJR(VTEJR)Adult (m)6,4671,1031
mvrhCB L E E D M E D R YAdult (f)6,9181,1511
wPVqyB L U E B E R R IAdult (f)8,2111,1674
Orsa0(Orsa0)Adult (f)6,0011,0698
nTyo4(nTyo4)Adult (f)5,8391,0119
zZLSm(zZLSm)Adult (m)6,2521,0681
WysSOB E R R Y B L A Z TAdult (m)7,0501,0862
jyK0U(jyK0U)Adult (f)5,5058894
PPTpTB A S S B O O S T E DAdult (m)7,4981,2693
KOXct(KOXct)Adult (f)6,7701,0403
rCGNr(rCGNr)Adult (f)6,0919882
v4LKl(v4LKl)Adult (m)6,1999872
Zvug9(Zvug9)Adult (m)7,0141,1843
xBRLQ(xBRLQ)Adult (f)12,2001,6413
IKE9D(IKE9D)Adult (m)8,5241,1803
oFTFP(oFTFP)Adult (m)8,4671,2022
OXJu5B A D J U J UAdult (f)8,3531,3642
xB5jG(xB5jG)Adult (m)2,2096200
KTWj6(KTWj6)Adult (f)6,8669721
UOexP(UOexP)Adult (m)7,6461,0673
KBb6n(KBb6n)Adult (m)8,9461,1931
kSgDQ(kSgDQ)Adult (f)5,2939744
j5Igo(j5Igo)Adult (m)5,3619823
T8g8o(T8g8o)Adult (m)5,3589571
rBrki(rBrki)Adult (m)7,9541,4322
nk70L(nk70L)Adult (f)8,1511,4251
jRcmn(jRcmn)Adult (m)8,1121,4622
K9veC(K9veC)Adult (f)8,3141,3661
hWhxJ(hWhxJ)Adult (m)8,5571,3232
redPo(redPo)Adult (m)8,6721,3032
1DRb1(1DRb1)Adult (f)7,4561,1622
soZq6(soZq6)Adult (m)6,3051,1106
MTFal(MTFal)Adult (m)6,1131,0975
1E524(1E524)Adult (f)6,0891,1364
nf31I(nf31I)Adult (f)6,4801,1425
YVcTSB E D F E L L O W SAdult (f)6,7201,1482
xBFAj(xBFAj)Adult (m)6,8081,1541
bwVkf(bwVkf)Adult (m)7,2591,3523
7lhei(7lhei)Adult (f)7,0561,3151
6iqig(6iqig)Adult (f)5,8051,1981
W06Is(W06Is)Adult (f)5,4651,0362
fKnQ9Mystic SmallstuffHatchling (f, F)4,0408221
kARY4BirdinandaHatchling (F)1,9961891
rkL8aS A T A NAdult (m)2,0945795
9NCAsGhosts Like To Touch ButtsAdult (f)2,3065943
lS7GO(lS7GO)Adult (m)3,5566181
hnbpy(hnbpy)Adult (f)4,1317701
CPbEW(CPbEW)Adult (m)3,1194333
yFxas(yFxas)Adult (m)3,5465721
iS5FE(iS5FE)Adult (f)3,0544890
O6yA2(O6yA2)Adult (m)8,7901,5322
VAf59(VAf59)Adult (f)8,2851,4194
caOBnTaffy S T A NAdult (f)1,4125921
8d1ar(8d1ar)Adult (m)7,4421,1663
R3ROF(R3ROF)Adult (f)7,7581,1891
nyiPmNypiumAdult (m)3,8038582
fv9y4(fv9y4)Adult (m)6,9551,2672
be6Xe(be6Xe)Adult (m)6,0256112
15rpJ(15rpJ)Adult (m)4,9348592
pYy35(pYy35)Adult (f)2,6568001
8puXe(8puXe)Adult (f)8,2561,1833
YrgAB(YrgAB)Adult (f)8,0651,1810
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