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You pick up the scroll labeled “purplehaze,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZEWMvZ'ombie Zondra iHatchling (f, F)1,7323943
ZNFFJZ'ChickenAdult (f)3,78895620
GWugNobody here but just us treesEgg (F)
8goJd8goJd-plated Dragon iHatchling (m)4,48399923
ZZOCpZ'Afilora iiHatchling (f)4,44299313
ZswvuZ'Glacirac iiHatchling (m)4,3891,01317
3M0XDMoxidran iiHatchling (m)4,4481,00325
M3ZK9Kesibawra SRL iiiHatchling (f)4,6231,02419
59U89Texorab SRL iiiHatchling (m)4,67499519
6WN77Jindoran SRL vHatchling (m)3,70786712
fggl9Somnaragnon s45Hatchling (m)7,3601,26414
Zgy7JZ'Gyejera iAdult (f)6,3311,13323
ZcFhkZ'Cefharak Glorious Hero iiAdult (m)7,0211,21313
5EThLSetheldra iAdult (f)7,9031,18017
zYcknZ'Yesckara White Chocolate ivAdult (f)3,7776557
HOPWIKaciegra iiiAdult (f)6,1871,17220
C3wswSinora the FirstAdult (f)
hKJ2sSinora the SecondAdult (f)
VhWWWSinora the ThirdAdult (f)
TMaThSinora the FourthAdult (f)
w9ladSinoran the FirstAdult (m)
HuFbMadame MelquaraAdult (f)3,3941,14432
qJoEMaster MarquaradAdult (m)4,04192139
MBRlSMaster M'BaranAdult (m)6,4261,29839
ohaOlMystic Mora'ad iiAdult (m)4,1351,19430
u5rEcMystic Ura'ac iiAdult (m)6,8281,26113
Zb7LsMystic Z'Ba'alstran iiiAdult (m)6,9581,31925
ZUrkPMystic Z'lja'ara ivAdult (f)6,2201,03132
efXmcMystic Ta'ara iiAdult (f)6,7421,26241
1N7AMMystic Aphra'at Dusk iiAdult (m)5,1761,20525
Yosq2Mystic Bewa'aran iiAdult (m)7,7611,16122
fW79zMystic Fa'aweiraz iiAdult (m)9,11989431
t048SMystic Tha'adoras iiAdult (m)8,40091721
9hSz1Mystic Lord Tha'alaran iiAdult (m)8,53290422
6Ymc2Mystic Bewa'azeran iiiAdult (m)6,8201,07022
f7FkCMystic Falka'arak iiiAdult (m)8,22092519
ypttLMystic Ya'apaettral iiiAdult (m)6,6541,10412
ZEazMMystic Z'Ea'azra ivAdult (f)7,2561,14532
M4xO3Mystic Bewa'adoran ivAdult (m)7,4411,05921
TdzcrMystic Falka'adoran vAdult (m)6,3971,27824
ZVEJLMystic Z'Va'andra a6Adult (f)4,4841,45640
h9BIJMystic Ca'arlora iiAdult (f)7,4231,11817
UyGkMMystic Gya'ara iiAdult (f)5,4881,34422
2Ye2cMystic Ovilova'ara iiAdult (f)6,43992722
S1TydMystic Ta'ankara iiAdult (f)8,98191515
zGI1VMystic Z'Neimurra'ath iiAdult (m)6,4971,16124
z143bMystic Z'sa'amra iiiAdult (f)6,1281,22224
fthrdMystic Cha'atran iiiAdult (m)7,6071,13922
SheOdMystic Ma'aethoran iiiAdult (m)7,8921,09525
zHcLZZ'Hilazra EverChange de Lantea vAdult (f)6,3751,15018
PfwAuMystic Pfa'astran s4Adult (m)8,5181,05522
DA1TDaitra iAdult (f)2,5651,46542
NcPelDragao de Ouro iAdult (m)3,3791,10127
2MDN4Orchara iiAdult (f)4,1831,17330
WZO68Daigora iiAdult (f)5,5061,25321
KcaIS24K Caisoran iiAdult (m)4,6461,16116
V1UUAurumyral iiAdult (m)2,8301,19445
m5ViDMevidran de Ouro iiAdult (m)5,8511,18940
9OZqcOurovedran iiAdult (m)6,2351,19229
jYkj1Staran de Ouro iiAdult (m)6,6031,28526
zfrbsZ'Frabis iiAdult (m)6,1991,15425
3O5UjEosura Wrapped Gold iiiAdult (f)6,04396834
gySGSLady Gysegra Thuwed iiiAdult (f)7,1181,19430
YxLg1Lady Ligera Thuwed iiiAdult (f)5,5491,37135
31X8dBizthran de Ouro iiiAdult (m)6,1461,30225
iLL4bIlluran the Golden Deceiver iiiAdult (m)6,1751,1216
lUZTiLustran Goldflash iiiAdult (m)5,6491,21621
CD2i0Lyleyran iiiAdult (m)8,16098917
ZFFpVZ'Fyphorav iiiAdult (m)7,0831,07112
ZVtORZ'Vitoran iiiAdult (m)4,6341,01020
xErqiXeqra Christmas Gold ivAdult (f)5,81972024
2p5zpEldora Goldheart vAdult (f)6,9151,17931
MNMyrMyra Butterscale vAdult (f)7,3021,1824
phRW9Ophera Yuletide Gold vAdult (f)6,3751,09523
ZalrOZ'aloran Dusk vAdult (m)5,9671,03924
lIcXBlackthorn Aureora u6Adult (f)2,1601,00435
X4l9Radiantra u8Adult (f)2,19079342
stHGZlatora u7Adult (f)3,1661,27148
7V0aAureatram u8Adult (m)1,97981035
mIgmMadrushaural u10Adult (m)2,0941,06544
3dmGArgentiara iAdult (f)3,0801,22463
QcYcArgimantra iAdult (f)1,96991134
2uenArgyrra iAdult (f)2,7591,43934
FfQIYFauqiyra iAdult (f)7,7381,11325
igzpKIgzara iAdult (f)7,6921,18510
zEuMCZ'Eiriandra iAdult (f)5,7521,10729
K3kFAlbatara iiAdult (f)1,52793317
auwPhAphara iiAdult (f)4,8121,01126
cqMasArgisterra iiAdult (f)3,7301,08614
eoJhArgivondra iiAdult (f)2,05769325
TM91RArgora iiAdult (f)3,5661,15234
VddIVCelesitra iiAdult (f)7,0011,21511
PvGlhMihara iiAdult (f)3,1261,04514
qoLKXQolkra iiAdult (f)2,7762618
7O7kQTokora Muted Pink iiAdult (f)6,7081,17813
Wzwi4W'zyra iiAdult (f)4,5421,21517
X4mtEX'amatera iiAdult (f)5,2721,08320
bpxlxAhulytra Paper iiiAdult (f)5,5641,28131
XXtYEArgolara iiiAdult (f)3,9651,14419
l3fhhGilvaira iiiAdult (f)6,7661,27534
aOhDyHizyra iiiAdult (f)4,3781,00433
a3IdiQolkitra iiiAdult (f)9,2201,10132
klWeyKilweyra iiiAdult (f)9,8911,18521
2JxgkSilver Tomarra iiiAdult (f)3,45298523
xfBv6Xafera Paper iiiAdult (f)3,0324573
tOweKArgafera ivAdult (f)7,0661,26930
eXzzjArgystra ivAdult (f)4,1141,18928
ewc1jXenastra ivAdult (f)3,5631,07436
ja1BlCelethora vAdult (f)6,4941,18724
XrNNQXegera vAdult (f)5,7851,24831
VGPRcGolthra p3Adult (f)4,73392611
AXqSArginuerra s4Adult (f)2,11677043
pXREHLulura Ghost s4Adult (f)5,0511,25016
8ufmdArgebaran iAdult (m)5,7191,26138
KYl5Argeprah iAdult (m)3,8911,78031
95kQiFauntleray iAdult (m)5,7721,65521
giTuMilord Silveran iAdult (m)1,90186131
JtpcAAlcyrath iiAdult (m)4,19994234
udNvmArgegarran iiAdult (m)5,9651,02720
4XKFEArgegran iiAdult (m)3,2901,10924
VIN6SArgenearan iiAdult (m)5,4811,00030
Q2snfArgorran iiAdult (m)4,3311,09618
AVPdiFauntworan iiAdult (m)6,8771,04633
J6leALearay iiAdult (m)4,8631,28924
nhYTUMiribaran iiAdult (m)4,9491,00821
ljUhSir SilverRain iiAdult (m)2,9611,21773
ZKOGNZ'Nayrah iiAdult (m)5,0891,22643
ZBuN9Z'Victoran iiAdult (m)3,3581,06617
zWjtVZ'wajieran Silverheart iiAdult (m)4,8761,16823
06y0PArgadaras iiiAdult (m)3,34686712
oUHbRArgaleran iiiAdult (m)3,26796719
BLWddBeldrad SolSilver iiiAdult (m)7,1961,25129
8mIK1Cyrray iiiAdult (m)6,6781,35417
KRwsTGeoraph iiiAdult (m)8,4011,29121
JhaxGJhaxaran iiiAdult (m)5,3041,07824
jM22BJoadram iiiAdult (m)4,4791,04425
EZZG0Lexibran iiiAdult (m)6,9171,05015
RU8v4Ruboskoran iiiAdult (m)5,2331,17225
5XIcPTregaleran iiiAdult (m)6,36086019
uFIe2Trekumeran iiiAdult (m)5,31890813
6WwxbWoray iiiAdult (m)4,0791,38626
X5zmOXargeleran iiiAdult (m)6,7531,18719
Qk9pxArguyeran ivAdult (m)4,3641,20826
78HhANayteleran ivAdult (m)6,5011,10423
n0AcwNoawran Holiday Ribbons ivAdult (m)6,0031,24729
nA6YBPrince Naebran ivAdult (m)7,5961,16118
PMgeyPthiran ivAdult (m)3,2515888
0K5p1Ziworan ivAdult (m)3,8721,23613
JUaPqArgizidran vAdult (m)5,2591,36214
zQvBjz'Quavebran s4Adult (m)3,4161,39127
Cg0LMerkuran p3Adult (m)4,1868199
tcec8Aedran Glow u5Adult (m)4,0831,07421
7V9HBlackthorn Ishmaran u6Adult (m)1,62477034
pbSANPhibisandra Redscale ivAdult (f)6,9161,05322
s7lSQDivine Ishniarax s3Adult (m)8,9281,04920
1FhJuFhujuran s4Adult (m)3,8501,17443
zwY5vZ'Wyzira Gold s4Adult (f)6,6571,26425
Ya8TrGoldgothra s5Adult (f)5,7601,20226
VlXrQSugoran s5Adult (m)2,5761,2204
zQzdJZ'Quazra Jassith s5Adult (f)6,1191,4529
z236iZ'imondaran s8Adult (m)5,8871,27815
1xp3zConizayra Dorkface u8Adult (f)6,6261,22525
9S458Lucky Lawra Royale iiAdult (f)5,7151,31845
7ILkJIlkajara Verdigris iiiAdult (f)6,31863933
L8TeeLady Lawra iiiAdult (f)5,5941,20130
BXRrRBaxorran iiiAdult (m)6,3121,35028
3hCpBPrincess Hynoludra ivAdult (f)7,3381,12025
Tm8B2Arvera Luck ivAdult (f)4,2271,15330
Qt9y9Aura de Lantea ivAdult (f)7,1011,24730
LXkiEDiva Lexkiera ivAdult (f)6,6821,13730
0hMhbOhmahrab viAdult (m)6,2801,26624
DNFjnYvisdran Lustre ivAdult (m)5,8241,38131
q36DAEmegentra Jewel s4Adult (f)5,4141,53717
KF3cvGaiara Greentree s4Adult (f)8,2191,16224
BHt8WGrimm's Bhatheraw s4Adult (m)6,7491,19024
rWPWcRowara Shimmer of Copper s5Adult (f)5,8141,23729
ZEQRLZ'Calaqra s5Adult (f)7,3711,20128
nmfiWDynira Dazzle s6Adult (f)5,0731,26025
OR2bgOshera MoonColor p6Adult (f)5,2301,34823
zBM5Oz'Mira s6Adult (f)5,9751,29522
fpKOyFyokiran Echo s7Adult (m)5,7761,34026
NeMJfNejafra Silver Echo p8Adult (f)6,0501,32928
12bbULhegera s10Adult (f)6,1051,08026
sV8hmIce Queen Santora iiAdult (f)6,4231,23432
6j5fvTriora Purple iiAdult (f)5,15886422
ZBhn1Z'Bhindra iiiAdult (f)7,2421,42922
ZFcIkZ'ifacikra iiiAdult (f)8,32291411
QLXSzElenadran iiiAdult (m)8,6521,35130
aeE4XAeladrax ivAdult (m)6,9611,23020
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