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You pick up the scroll labeled “purplefeather,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dX1T(dX1T)Adult (f)1,6426212
vRq8(vRq8)Adult (f)2,61525224
yK4D(yK4D)Adult (f)1,5936075
Ij4P(Ij4P)Adult (f)1,5956085
wFk5(wFk5)Adult (f)1,49758215
FcHh(FcHh)Adult (f)1,64480620
tKTO(tKTO)Adult (f)1,8276586
qvHJ(qvHJ)Adult (f)1,89357524
p4pb(p4pb)Adult (f)1,81450839
GL1X(GL1X)Adult (f)5,2901,50723
n658(n658)Adult (f)3,9791,65419
RnXb(RnXb)Adult (f)4,2301,37413
sDWQ(sDWQ)Adult (f)4,2531,45615
hxbI(hxbI)Adult (f)3,7106888
4zcM(4zcM)Adult (f)2,50781516
jOVb(jOVb)Adult (m)3,82835423
Niw0(Niw0)Adult (m)3,74734721
JuoR(JuoR)Adult (m)1,26552010
qBv9(qBv9)Adult (m)1,3317216
Irbc(Irbc)Adult (m)1,3367336
qPHd(qPHd)Adult (m)1,66281914
fzSZ(fzSZ)Adult (m)1,8116835
aII5(aII5)Adult (m)1,7266243
ca41(ca41)Adult (m)2,05363128
spmp(spmp)Adult (m)1,24347610
Eu6M(Eu6M)Adult (m)1,35779217
tcDt(tcDt)Adult (m)4,2121,3719
LBxM(LBxM)Adult (m)3,24161014
Fzri(Fzri)Adult (m)2,53362520
TT96(TT96)Adult (m)4,8961,57817
I66b(I66b)Adult (m)1,37657614
yCBy(yCBy)Adult (m)4,2071,745144
LCGa(LCGa)Adult (f)1,3407298
Xevr(Xevr)Adult (m)2,33457211
sKOY(sKOY)Adult (f)3,7697034
rPXR(rPXR)Adult (m)2,4827812
w4cz(w4cz)Adult (f)2,10185323
Qezu(Qezu)Adult (f)3,8611,6245
JOfi(JOfi)Adult (m)2,10085419
QYaH(QYaH)Adult (f)2,87192925
4HhC(4HhC)Adult (f)2,31774518
1EHB(1EHB)Adult (m)2,88192419
utz4(utz4)Adult (m)3,0296142
edbn(edbn)Adult (f)1,53952016
OC5p(OC5p)Adult (m)2,94593125
NWBf(NWBf)Adult (m)2,16056614
RXlD(RXlD)Adult (m)94868413
tvHs(tvHs)Adult (f)2,3421,19813
Hnyh(Hnyh)Adult (m)2,22287713
waQJ(waQJ)Adult (f)4,7021,28061
Dvcb(Dvcb)Adult (m)2,2311,15510
2Tav(2Tav)Adult (f)2,8225994
z24b(z24b)Adult (f)2,70583127
jlBO(jlBO)Adult (f)2,35151116
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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