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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “purple3485,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Prple(Prple)Adult (f)5,8161,29171
dRCDd(dRCDd)Adult (m)7,6326532
A4ddF(A4ddF)Adult (f)3,6994742
a3iFs(a3iFs)Adult (f)2,9744322
sZNn9(sZNn9)Adult (f)2,9984340
zEFwQ(zEFwQ)Adult (m)2,6804250
jIYxc(jIYxc)Adult (m)3,6714480
URT1C(URT1C)Adult (f)3,9305050
9KAHY(9KAHY)Adult (f)3,3714760
B0sTv(B0sTv)Adult (m)5,4007561
aLcOA(aLcOA)Adult (f)5,9447563
0e97Y(0e97Y)Adult (f)5,7387361
fa7ww(fa7ww)Adult (f)5,9907352
wMq0y(wMq0y)Adult (m)5,4857431
4NSRc(4NSRc)Adult (f)5,3048213
eanTx(eanTx)Adult (f)5,2708340
s0aP4(s0aP4)Adult (m)4,9679732
HkB5zPredators TrufflesAdult (m)5,1141,0092
4BWlI(4BWlI)Adult (f)5,3071,0581
aRMmI(aRMmI)Adult (m)5,3231,0612
CgIYV(CgIYV)Adult (m)5,0951,0291
rGJWX(rGJWX)Adult (m)4,3254801
ghZjM(ghZjM)Adult (m)2,9054502
x5wbd(x5wbd)Adult (m)3,5303511
p6HdJ(p6HdJ)Adult (m)3,4033700
kutIf(kutIf)Adult (m)3,2773582
TEF95(TEF95)Adult (m)3,8003422
qhclI(qhclI)Adult (f)2,5764240
yRkmQ(yRkmQ)Adult (m)3,0644511
kR1YB(kR1YB)Adult (m)3,3314993
afN8c(afN8c)Adult (f)3,4194862
yorZ0(yorZ0)Adult (f)3,1784861
chuup(chuup)Adult (m)3,5835552
GKTk3(GKTk3)Adult (m)4,1697591
7gQfN(7gQfN)Adult (f)4,1627550
76w0K(76w0K)Adult (m)3,8627420
zXc9G(zXc9G)Adult (f)4,1787680
kwbt9(kwbt9)Adult (m)3,9247510
fD4oP(fD4oP)Adult (f)3,8567510
clNmu(clNmu)Adult (m)4,0117601
s9qsF(s9qsF)Adult (f)3,8917971
1TWSI(1TWSI)Adult (m)3,7417830
HBH2u(HBH2u)Adult (m)3,7617750
Igo4Y(Igo4Y)Adult (f)3,7477700
vkWJj(vkWJj)Adult (f)3,7737771
R0HwF(R0HwF)Adult (m)3,8047801
cTQCH(cTQCH)Adult (m)3,8327991
yjSeS(yjSeS)Adult (f)3,7457851
bzA3L(bzA3L)Adult (f)4,6709300
Oevhd(Oevhd)Adult (m)4,4899340
goWKQ(goWKQ)Adult (f)4,4469020
8GVEx(8GVEx)Adult (m)4,4519220
Snn47(Snn47)Adult (m)4,6919151
WuGsK(WuGsK)Adult (m)5,4821,0571
yWGji(yWGji)Adult (m)5,6771,0720
pFWGa(pFWGa)Adult (f)5,3661,0310
wridE(wridE)Adult (m)5,0881,3791
YLSdU(YLSdU)Adult (m)5,0501,3630
Udo6V(Udo6V)Adult (f)5,0121,3590
EHTEf(EHTEf)Adult (f)5,1161,3550
7SDyh(7SDyh)Adult (f)5,1681,3660
ZfbgB(ZfbgB)Adult (m)5,1911,3910
NHYlr(NHYlr)Adult (f)5,0961,3481
fsV86(fsV86)Adult (m)5,1481,3430
Tq0FV(Tq0FV)Adult (f)2,7225550
migKJ(migKJ)Adult (f)2,3705500
qMPoj(qMPoj)Adult (m)3,8693371
E14ZU(E14ZU)Adult (f)4,1213361
fwJxV(fwJxV)Adult (f)4,6283920
klluZ(klluZ)Adult (m)4,1653540
PBa5N(PBa5N)Adult (f)4,5218223
BMuYUDropping Lavender GuardianAdult (m)6,0511,3573
wHmxVLavendar Drop GuardianAdult (f)6,1401,1984
QEtjlDrops of Lavender GuardianAdult (m)4,9061,38510
m8h6FNeglected VampAdult (f)7,0251,1979
i6yyQWonderfully NeglectedAdult (m)5,80185110
K09vWNeglected Why UnknownAdult4,3928463
thwSWZombie HellhorseAdult (m)3,8139002
K0BVoGleaming ZombieAdult (m)4,1321,1435
YNpQeEmo StormHatchling (m, F)3,9296091
roXlASilver Drops iiAdult (m)5,5231,3962
50NvqSang In Blue iiAdult (m)5,6351,3503
ppBFLDubotwa CBAdult (f)3,0319825
azhy2Heatia CBAdult (f)3,3471,0376
GiBkYDubotwo CBAdult (m)4,6131,3413
PneDiLindpo CBAdult (m)4,0951,1922
F3W04Lindpa CBAdult (f)3,8921,1702
aKFiLGilmloAdult (m)4,3021,1134
YMhgcLindgo CBAdult (m)4,2221,2777
dYQFbLindga CBAdult (f)4,1191,1973
Upb46LinlinoAdult (m)4,1849601
B7OuGTwolow CBAdult (m)4,3471,1601
ekKcUTwolaw CBAdult (f)5,2421,3102
LtDjOGrelino CBAdult (m)4,7001,0342
ajBWcLino CBAdult (m)4,1821,1951
lHOoIGrelina CBAdult (f)5,3528730
mThgaBaikalo CBAdult (m)3,0334860
ua3EnBaikalaa CBAdult (f)3,0064790
vZuTrBaikalio CBAdult (m)2,6594000
kGvbuBaikalia CBAdult (f)2,4493890
lDLLeBaikao CBAdult (m)2,2573791
8PMdBBaikaa CBAdult (f)2,4283860
oivdFBaia CBAdult (f)5,7898682
4o8Z3Baio CBAdult (m)6,0448820
TJ7U0Bautio CBAdult (m)7,0279672
CfuflBautia CBAdult (f)6,6619660
V0CTbAeona CBAdult (f)3,8414250
fDvamAeono CBAdult (m)4,2904240
5aDhXCaneasAdult (f)4,9846983
oZXVqEarths AeonAdult (f)5,8627712
DOY3UGolden AeonAdult (m)5,4513944
XAThICremioAdult (m)4,0601,22120
Bn7N0Almba CBAdult (f)4,6861,2732
0tbifAlmbo CBAdult (m)5,0441,2814
XY43IAlmeraldo CBAdult (m)3,3458760
UNOHXAlmeralda CBAdult (f)3,4298830
SdTAIAnagallos CBAdult (m)3,3374262
ZD4JBAnagallas CBAdult (f)3,1564120
SKcaXAno CBAdult (m)3,1824281
pFtg6Anagalliso CBAdult (m)3,5654390
XaTfaAnagallisa CBAdult (f)3,1134270
mvV6nGalliso CBAdult (m)3,4124180
83oduGallisa CBAdult (f)3,4614440
qjetbGilla CBAdult (f)3,6514530
Fro4GAnatreo CBAdult (m)2,8305340
NrepCAntarea CBAdult (f)2,8125560
R0YZJAntareos CBAdult (m)2,5985410
AJVJFAntia CBAdult (f)10,8861,1093
UiIroBaria CBAdult (f)4,3368780
hyHfRBario CBAdult (m)4,3738720
RG0DmWowzerzAdult (m)3,6983550
CwoRdOMGeezAdult (m)6,2568232
z3eoJShimmer Kin 20Adult (f)5,2088101
o4TB1Shimmer Kin 21Adult (f)3,1923622
YQBhtShimmer Kin 22Adult (f)2,8644292
EdOb4Shimmer Kin 23Adult (f)5,5837372
Ob3cUShimmer Kin 24Adult (m)6,1728784
gIKoVShimmer Kin 25Adult (f)5,0848410
fVL4aShimmer Kin 26Adult (m)3,2494401
MPCITShimmer Kin 27Adult (m)3,3384902
49pUPGlazuro CBAdult (f)3,1924331
U02NaGlazura CBAdult (f)2,6924360
dpw0zAzurog CBAdult (m)2,8634552
DWbgLBallizo CBAdult (m)4,1601,37311
80TcdBallzia CBAdult (f)3,1441,0175
el2V7Baluno CBAdult (m)3,1391,0025
XL83pBlaltioAdult (m)3,89799610
wxEZ8BlacioAdult (m)4,5991,29815
TANd6BlaciaAdult (f)3,7001,2686
of1KuWabiaAdult (f)4,3161,1808
ZaFlHWambia CBAdult (f)3,3099943
PJTtTWambio CBAdult (m)5,1081,2924
3RTQZBlacko CBAdult (m)5,5111,3522
AirarBlacka CBAdult (f)5,3801,2482
POhrCBefo CBAdult (m)4,1251,2763
etAdtAcka iiAdult (f)3,6971,1202
LOtldAmbo iiAdult (m)4,1651,1973
MM5zCFemba CBAdult (f)3,7361,4101
yQuSXFembo CBAdult (m)4,5321,3832
VIK6VNegzo CBAdult (m)5,4011,5682
Qy09xNegza CBAdult (f)6,1531,4903
LbwfzFailing Dark SilverAdult (m)3,9951,2033
KgzwLBumo CBAdult (m)7,1091,6146
n6QBCBooa CBAdult (f)4,4991,2141
pOqP3Hisso CBAdult (m)4,5011,2234
DebwoDwebo iiAdult (m)5,1321,4145
cCKTxBoom iiAdult (m)4,8141,3085
jPZX4Blurp iiAdult (m)4,9841,2493
ibV4pFemm iiAdult (f)5,6851,3702
VobR4Maybe Next Time iiAdult (m)4,2601,4000
1EFQRThuusss iiAdult (m)4,8861,2911
mzbiWWell Then iiAdult (m)4,8581,2982
l43xRShadowa CBAdult (f)5,4478640
6IfMWNot iiAdult (m)6,6538301
V3nsbDeny iiAdult (m)6,7538591
ndG8eFail iiAdult (m)6,5578581
va7NFNever iiAdult (f)6,7628522
VdZGdDoubt iiAdult (m)6,5578551
KCyNuBlatemia CBAdult (f)2,7891,1236
lmu39Blatemio CBAdult (m)3,1741,3396
4y67zTiamiaAdult (f)4,0508135
nOgUNTeabo CBAdult (m)3,9478504
oJ7gQTeeo CBAdult (m)3,1071,2503
U1Ct7Tipblia CBAdult (f)4,7441,9408
labzvTipblio CBAdult (m)5,0642,0428
e1uNTBones of BlackAdult (f)4,1991,2017
Dk62hBlitipa CBAdult (f)5,1051,2946
2YUZOBlemo CBAdult (m)3,3281,1043
bDos6Blema CBAdult (f)3,4051,1843
lj2drMoroago CBAdult (m)3,8651,2245
ryctFMoroaga CBAdult (f)4,5071,2195
q7bW3Gildimo CBAdult (m)3,0011,1454
R1ICbGildima CBAdult (f)2,8911,1332
PdfkZGildiio CBAdult (m)3,6711,2251
Qgy2hGilded in Blood CBAdult (m)5,8221,5574
cLkn1Banda CBAdult (f)4,5401,3592
r884QBando CBAdult (m)4,4711,3483
rdpEsSinia CBAdult (f)4,8748552
P8eO2Sinio CBAdult (m)4,4388290
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