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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “privatedonut,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Clx5O(Clx5O)Egg (F)
YOpXddidja stand there all aloneAdult (f)5,0836571
IkvR2i can see you standin next to meAdult (f)5,3947461
Cuyo8somewhere else right nowAdult (f)3,9767231
KQpKlhide behind that baby-faceAdult (f)5,4426310
1Zr0Qclose your eye sAdult (f)5,1496610
GmeBeloo k awayAdult (f)6,0566970
M5sk4(M5sk4)Adult (f)3,8077711
tSFsJ(tSFsJ)Adult (f)5,4965891
M9RkO(M9RkO)Adult (f)5,8076201
2vaEr(2vaEr)Adult (f)7,0005250
wjRse(wjRse)Adult (f)5,6236021
EMzpZPink Bellied WildFireAdult (m)5,2957090
xmJHiGrew Under a Bad SunAdult (f)4,6781,0301
eH8UIhuehuehuehuAdult (f)6,0596651
vQzKyfreeze-freeze-freezeAdult (f)5,2406590
VV55nViviss'nAdult (m)4,4291,0667
Qv1ouReddened WingsAdult (m)4,9281,0231
64mfsPink - Alan CorbettAdult (m)5,6778281
OvhTRCaw-CacawAdult (m)5,6068051
tWWZ0(tWWZ0)Adult (m)5,9365291
vIzNIMy Little MicooAdult (m)4,9547851
Z1VgzIs Mostly HarmlessAdult (m)3,5421,0217
oqRfNImagine the DragonsAdult (m)2,9917521
8cVL6Just Do It All AgainAdult (m)5,7075971
YNMWRIt's Hard - You Can Do ItAdult (m)5,9406950
FGdmX8R8KAdult (f)4,9956690
HUOE4Desert DwellingsAdult (m)5,0486040
v6QXj(v6QXj)Adult (m)5,3166261
bYwODArya Stark StarAdult (f)4,8178504
47BUsFiredRedAdult (f)6,1231,5682
rci1MRyimeAdult (f)5,0657030
lxxklDouble X LookerAdult (f)6,0536070
BPSTpbeep beep galaxyAdult (f)5,9925880
1oKd5Forever the Sickest KidAdult (m)4,7471,0723
apX2tBeheamothAdult (f)5,0656311
7QyE4look at they littol belly skinAdult (f)5,2266530
qPrdii cannot explain whats goin downAdult (m)5,0766631
Zgyl5in-and-outAdult (m)5,3577394
pbfbRyo u sighAdult (m)5,2906530
qBDMli can see it - clear as dayAdult (m)5,9965211
Vir18(Vir18)Adult (m)4,5846860
nRCYJ(nRCYJ)Adult (m)5,4456000
NRkL8Show Me What ya GotAdult (m)2,8238721
B24awDex GrifAdult (f)2,6118523
h701rThe House of the DwarfAdult (f)2,2175964
pMEwpThe House of StarkAdult (m)6,8831,4424
AvZtOChocolate-HeartsAdult (m)3,2271,1951
GIiD3ccTTTGcacaTTccGTAdult (m)5,9486630
DpIVcGracAdult (m)4,5425891
xPczlcare To be FriendlyAdult5,2557452
oTvjvNeophyte Red-GlareAdult (m)3,3711,1184
5vdQ3Tereze PyropeAdult (f)3,7161,2181
GoaGiGoaGi-GarAdult (m)5,7759292
QcrdCInevitable-Death-UohGarAdult (f)6,2677122
ehTOuTerquez PyopeAdult (m)6,6321,4882
WzUeXTerezor The Mind DestroyerAdult (m)6,0298491
riuDJNo One Can Hold a CandleAdult (m)6,0588242
RQXqrI'm very smallHatchling (m, F)6,6697041
sHjmAI'm also pretty tinyHatchling (f, F)5,5566932
ezm6HLatula Protector of SanityAdult (f)6,3587531
PgSUJ1TS R1D1CULOUSAdult (f)6,3377511
AjrKrAddicted to PyralAdult (m)5,1898491
xcA0JStripey WingsAdult (f)4,6591,0461
F7y8gFacehornAdult (f)4,5921,0560
S9Zmqb4b3zAdult (m)7,2869510
siN1xBurnt-CrispyAdult (m)5,0769581
rXmBRI'm Just Your Average JaneHatchling (f, F)4,7669744
GaIunGaiunHatchling (m, F)4,7599792
G6pRuGalipoliHatchling (F)3,5831,0081
kWlnmtimaeus testtifiedAdult (f)5,7058621
t4Hk0llyoungAdult (f)5,0258611
6dJwlBurn IttttttAdult (m)6,1107171
42tDCg4llows' c4l1br4torAdult (f)6,4148811
QkXiHKnight of MineAdult (m)6,0357052
G9OsEbeauty crystalAdult (m)6,3477841
fppgFDouble P FiverAdult (m)6,4366091
eLakWElawkAdult (f)6,0507313
wtWLYWetwilyAdult (m)6,0127051
thGOQI AM YOUR GODAdult (f)5,7697151
RC8OZcould i change my waysAdult (f)5,1698470
2VzYXZyx v2Adult (f)5,2468071
Cv3bUCevenaAdult (f)4,0246142
AgSVyTurbulent Tube JuiceAdult (m)6,9276851
PaXT1(PaXT1)Adult (m)6,7986720
MRrcKMarvericAdult (m)5,0096961
CRIGmCRIGMAdult (m)3,4631,3652
3Q0jcIf I Could Go Back WhenAdult (f)5,9116081
fKRbn(fKRbn)Adult (f)5,2176812
mSzLIJitterBuggAdult (f)3,6489344
KoT5JKotsajAdult (f)2,9111,0872
l9VLzGuaranteed WinAdult (m)7,0837920
56AMnSay OmenAdult (m)4,8991,3405
S8kPaSay K'paAdult (m)5,3977751
NJhqmFii2hygiill2Adult (f)5,9008071
PYUSFP Yuh SELFAdult (f)5,5866340
NT4RW(NT4RW)Adult (m)8,3366331
6LYmxXlyminxAdult (f)5,9531,5295
0419FAefAdult (f)5,9688723
NXZX0theres-no going backAdult (f)5,8755890
VeDp6CorwalAdult (f)6,8356582
HnwXxToby or not TobyAdult (f)5,4366630
CqIFk(CqIFk)Adult (f)4,5295700
r48c4Eddard-StarkAdult (m)4,2259846
4x7vPRobb-StarkAdult (m)6,4411,3195
aR2yaArunya DisenchantedAdult (f)3,8361,1355
dEWc1I Want it RealAdult (m)3,9216200
kdKbO(kdKbO)Adult (f)4,2456370
AtkYN(AtkYN)Adult (m)4,2286480
GK0ML(GK0ML)Adult (f)6,4345751
N9AJm(N9AJm)Adult (f)7,3085690
rLerO(rLerO)Adult (f)7,0455162
CXLj3Catelyn-StarkAdult (f)3,8929245
zowDvSansa-StarkAdult (f)6,6751,4018
dy7qXQueen MegAdult (f)5,2301,3862
PJgrP(PJgrP)Adult (m)4,5965661
3FzvcPurnkinAdult (f)5,3747743
2Tr5JKumpimAdult (f)7,4678111
plPyK(plPyK)Adult (f)4,6955670
JWzOB(JWzOB)Adult (f)4,6545670
dzGOl(dzGOl)Adult (f)4,6515690
GBXs5(GBXs5)Adult (f)6,9185241
ebl6jOrberylAdult (f)6,6596142
sOSWAtruth is probably notAdult (m)6,1017672
v6kKU(v6kKU)Adult (f)7,4495991
5Ef1hTICK T0CKAdult (m)5,0366670
kKCqLDouble K Star in EyeAdult (f)4,8428803
cn9K2Inbred Face-FingersHatchling (F)2,3337125
NaFkXSeasaumAdult (f)7,4817531
hpMAGGamzey MakaraAdult (m)2,1119831
hqaA5MeeeeeeeemeAdult (m)6,3098371
b6HsMB6HsM the new fadAdult (m)5,1858471
i8uOGtentacles therapistAdult (f)5,5916282
4LLMmFor ClownsAdult (m)9,0741,54110
2WkWJTCAACTCTCTACGACAdult (f)5,8645911
p6lyCLiving 'in' the NowAdult (m)6,4858891
YHJ0DYijhodAdult (m)3,6664108
watzBWWatskyAdult (f)5,2681,1713
Jg5krNo Dawn No DayAdult (f)5,6657162
eX99YTippy-toezAdult (f)5,6897911
4pmFbThe Night For Which I Have ToAdult (f)4,4709672
5QQUJHOWWWWWLAdult (f)2,7132702
5kfeg5000 FakesAdult (f)6,7966000
n5BPNwatsky was on ellen onceAdult (f)7,6477210
neyTG2G Fire Beyond the GraveAdult (f)4,4918083
LBph1Orange MajyyksAdult (m)5,9386801
rK5tz(rK5tz)Adult (f)4,2286510
Mh72A(Mh72A)Adult (f)5,4795880
8VUtq(8VUtq)Adult (m)5,6375671
dnFmKOtsunspawnAdult (f)2,9958883
wmVvc(wmVvc)Adult (f)5,4896080
heRJdHis Feetsies Are ColdAdult (f)6,9246482
q447yhe a t he nsAdult (m)4,6685312
fpZ9lMe the memeAdult (m)5,4798301
zCHdV(zCHdV)Adult (m)4,6766571
4dqFdDFABAdult (m)3,9361,2996
UV3Qegifted fluidityAdult (m)6,1626221
1CcWt(1CcWt)Adult (m)5,6025874
yn1qMCourienAdult (f)2,5559340
jipIlH34DSAdult (f)5,0096721
repbWWhat did the fish sayAdult (m)4,2058470
FIq22ShwaiAdult (m)6,2205971
5F6tQ(5F6tQ)Adult (f)5,5735740
Ew548CaoplAdult (m)2,5439321
iBInr(iBInr)Adult (m)4,6196662
97w2hGoldwing Reality RemovalAdult (m)5,3781,6804
w8REgRoostersnackAdult (m)4,6805872
IBfa0Daenerys Dragon-BloodAdult (f)5,6331,6004
xzTMgBigg-e SmallsAdult (f)6,4377831
isitTpsiioAdult (f)6,2667191
zhaOmDMABAdult (f)5,4267660
AX6Ca(AX6Ca)Adult (f)4,4955630
74lE7Lindsay JonesAdult (f)6,9001,2875
tzERNbaybee draygonAdult (m)5,4766560
lvfO1Lemme See Your HandAdult (m)3,4398673
NX9KZNixon KZAdult (m)5,6098182
cHDKv(cHDKv)Adult (m)5,7155670
vLHAs(vLHAs)Adult (m)5,5245810
DHaK3(DHaK3)Adult (m)4,8355190
HkPAQNO ISS NOT A COOKIEAdult (m)3,2401,3673
HRlAahe look like muhAdult (m)7,0296610
kHxXGLiansAdult (f)5,7786830
QRxPRWe are All Going to DieAdult (f)4,8801,3378
BTVARIt Is Upon UsAdult (m)4,3781,0430
PlaeESO DARKNESS I BECAMEAdult (f)5,9656740
jkf9tLittle HelmetAdult (m)7,2925602
MrAAGA CrownAdult (f)7,7596101
qFAw0the darkness is on us nowAdult (f)6,1376680
c3pxIC3-PxAdult (f)4,7196360
cLrKdClerk'dAdult (f)4,9326121
ypPSMYpsymAdult (m)5,3116440
Tb23uDoctor TaubAdult (f)5,2236451
pp36YapitateAdult (f)6,0116800
ETZHFlonely diggingAdult (m)6,3367070
KwfcV(KwfcV)Adult (f)5,4896030
GKFWmITS AN ORAAANGEAdult (f)3,0438680
BEnzzis the pumpkin part of him orAdult (m)4,2178441
NogWH(NogWH)Adult (f)4,0646691
ojKby33w you grossAdult (f)5,7079651
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