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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “predictablepie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
clWE2(clWE2)Egg (F)
xm5F5Caput DuoAdult (m)3,3236042
yqehxUS GOLDAdult (m)4,9277432
vDUtMShe Who ShinesAdult (f)2,6286952
yG9USRhubioAdult (f)4,9156721
jhRw2Fury DorkfaceAdult (m)2,4595560
deQ9HThe Third MusketeerAdult (m)2,0465240
99buOFlammeraAdult (f)2,8387129
cU1FFOrangeredAdult (m)3,9816226
oubu7oubeeAdult (m)1,6487022
X0wq5YteeAdult (m)4,9961,1032
G77k0Geo's PetAdult (f)1,9895749
FigIuFigluAdult (m)2,5976502
8fRtYAuribuntusAdult (f)3,5488151
Ze7msLivorumAdult (f)4,7567241
sxKOuHe Who StaresAdult (f)2,6527951
F2YK8(F2YK8)Adult (f)3,3356462
kMXwzSerpenturAdult (f)1,4287062
PrIZsApollo v3Adult (f)1,6886643
B2R4dFeriatorAdult (m)4,6431,1674
LlkdsLily FuzzlingAdult (f)3,5888655
rQVHVHail The Pumpkin KingAdult (m)3,6338031
Je5K2JeskkAdult (f)5,7078951
tGNeSTerebenthusAdult (m)2,8607288
XBVsQEvorsorAdult (f)3,4585613
y75CISilvalingAdult (f)3,4506734
WEuw2Niya's FlowerAdult (f)3,14265415
teX5cWayward VinesAdult (f)3,5768884
zAyb2DecipulumAdult (f)4,4897952
woKLKThe Gentle WindAdult (f)1,3596556
G5kM1kick some grassAdult (f)1,7156485
mqsPpDr MistletoeAdult (m)4,6931,1463
N7GVoSunnysidesAdult (m)1,8796032
jixnBJixnAdult (f)5,1187747
nNXxgPumilousAdult (m)1,7526144
gmnu0Purpora FlameAdult (m)2,1586330
wpqPWMr Blu SkyAdult (m)4,9008131
ZgKsiFluctusling DorkfaceAdult (m)1,7286354
MR5qtCloudy TideAdult (f)3,85291112
0PV7yDC Forum  halfhatchedAdult (f)1,8445892
FbVitThe Second MusketeerAdult (f)2,2835490
dy9jVHibernahAdult (f)3,9557170
4By3h(4By3h)Adult (f)4,5489901
fHTuy(fHTuy)Adult (m)4,1315261
MEeY7WanningAdult (m)4,8798531
XJQlP(XJQlP)Adult (f)5,0689150
ZWNnyThe Lonely RoadAdult (m)2,1066123
aF5jNDativlingAdult (f)1,6697401
b3Id9DashorAdult (f)4,7731,1611
49TRI49-3Adult (m)5,6111,1694
MasDu(MasDu)Adult (f)5,0149292
x7mAoSuspicious-Looking DragonAdult (m)3,5217343
GMdlVThe FantasticAdult (m)3,6058212
2pNfjTimbyAdult (f)3,4387956
rDL75AzorsorAdult (m)5,2129638
T9XhBA Slender DragonAdult (m)3,5698491
nQJhSSplintorAdult (m)2,2805592
N7eZ1An Eyeless DragonAdult (f)3,5648482
VNRwbTiny BootsHatchling (F)2,5795807
Sp6V4RiggeeAdult (f)2,4156024
VDmIEHis Imperious CondescionAdult (m)3,72787914
B0R0CBetty CAdult (m)3,7447950
QgdPRBarney The Magic Purple DragonAdult (m)5,0307321
3Ok8h(3Ok8h)Adult (m)4,5449581
qC9DFKniightAdult (m)2,6806466
BtE9q(BtE9q)Adult (m)3,1006711
Lc0QmSollis OrtusAdult (m)2,6267209
vJtTHThe PursuaderAdult (m)3,8568654
yt9Mf(yt9Mf)Adult (f)4,6419801
m1KKwMikkwAdult (m)5,5879251
VleA9Didn't bounceAdult (f)2,61570615
JpkIePrikleAdult (f)2,9028373
a9Ar9Ventus VantasAdult (m)4,5107421
2RG4JRehddAdult (f)4,3777410
6csLGPromontoriusAdult (m)5,61682212
WqzzxWalturAdult (f)4,6941,1862
yEmGsTeeth Razor SharpAdult (f)3,5118351
ajt6f(ajt6f)Adult (m)3,7177690
bsZ9kDr NovaAdult (f)2,8228470
9vRvGAn Intresting StatueAdult (m)2,4515773
E4SRrVixunAdult (f)4,7201,1352
nSBJEPerplexusAdult (m)2,4945913
Z7zttPerplexus JrAdult (f)4,7367844
Y1i96Striper no stripingAdult (m)2,5336364
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