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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “pony459,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
HWdfE(HWdfE)Adult (f)2,8527400
SJ6HW(SJ6HW)Adult (f)2,9157320
AB8VE(AB8VE)Adult (f)2,8847452
5zW6t(5zW6t)Adult (m)2,9017510
SRKJX(SRKJX)Adult (m)2,8917441
M2ISD(M2ISD)Adult (f)3,6538120
KZ5Po(KZ5Po)Adult (m)3,4696500
MRlBl(MRlBl)Adult (f)3,5146491
9b4Pr(9b4Pr)Adult (m)4,2797282
Aq38u(Aq38u)Adult (m)4,1696960
rm1SV(rm1SV)Adult (f)4,2327361
OgQKx(OgQKx)Adult (f)4,1667390
HX6ni(HX6ni)Adult (m)3,3447671
Z4ouv(Z4ouv)Adult (m)2,7203186
ATcBl(ATcBl)Adult (m)3,5448363
hkBjB(hkBjB)Adult (f)3,7108601
a0XLm(a0XLm)Adult (m)3,7208262
pioa8(pioa8)Adult (m)3,7128683
1YRNG(1YRNG)Adult (f)3,6608472
ZUcP1(ZUcP1)Adult (m)3,6918251
5NWIL(5NWIL)Adult (f)3,3268094
bycQv(bycQv)Adult (f)2,8847891
f8Fz9(f8Fz9)Adult (m)3,0037582
s1J9e(s1J9e)Adult (m)3,0167922
zUU8G(zUU8G)Adult (m)2,9477482
666MT(666MT)Adult (f)2,8967851
ZSHlq(ZSHlq)Adult (f)2,9607971
sWEav(sWEav)Adult (f)2,8747541
YJtlZ(YJtlZ)Adult (f)2,7066921
aNXGY(aNXGY)Adult (m)3,0847331
v1Xs9(v1Xs9)Adult (f)2,9186982
5ttbw(5ttbw)Adult (f)2,8616950
RYsDT(RYsDT)Adult (f)3,1927471
43jBI(43jBI)Adult (m)3,0907430
nBUjG(nBUjG)Adult (m)3,1347260
ymlT5(ymlT5)Adult (m)3,7237242
1Tujv(1Tujv)Adult (f)3,6596370
EL9bP(EL9bP)Adult (f)4,0387580
sEzR4(sEzR4)Adult (f)4,0487061
PevLo(PevLo)Adult (m)3,9247320
tBvqC(tBvqC)Adult (m)3,9527370
crpW0(crpW0)Adult (m)4,0177361
gSRH1(gSRH1)Adult (m)3,9137810
LORvT(LORvT)Adult (m)3,9767561
j9DDb(j9DDb)Adult (m)4,0197381
HSTnF(HSTnF)Adult (f)4,3346850
IhewI(IhewI)Adult (m)7,6681,28513
OQLsA(OQLsA)Adult (f)2,4366140
vPjwN(vPjwN)Adult (f)2,8886816
wObVC(wObVC)Adult (m)2,5366314
DpkpK(DpkpK)Adult (f)2,4016090
0GkI5(0GkI5)Adult (m)2,4135930
5qQyI(5qQyI)Adult (f)2,9066540
usfcp(usfcp)Adult (m)3,4316833
TyQhw(TyQhw)Adult (f)3,8396871
K1jBH(K1jBH)Adult (m)6,1611,0861
SpXCt(SpXCt)Adult (f)4,4117840
LePWK(LePWK)Adult (f)4,3367761
ZQV6b(ZQV6b)Adult (f)4,4057502
9rn2X(9rn2X)Adult (f)4,4198150
2GHWp(2GHWp)Adult (f)4,3367630
zfyO1(zfyO1)Adult (m)3,0255932
GGgLa(GGgLa)Adult (f)3,0345802
eNZeG(eNZeG)Adult (m)2,9895760
ghIsQ(ghIsQ)Adult (f)3,1265692
fOFjm(fOFjm)Adult (m)4,3087750
Sf7zE(Sf7zE)Adult (m)4,2567631
a3c7b(a3c7b)Adult (f)4,3737741
Pfpd3(Pfpd3)Adult (f)4,2617582
GoTbB(GoTbB)Adult (m)3,0925641
ZTxMq(ZTxMq)Adult (m)4,6657662
Kqub1(Kqub1)Adult (f)3,8879582
Cqbvh(Cqbvh)Adult (m)3,8139192
QgtLG(QgtLG)Adult (m)3,8109491
rRBvN(rRBvN)Adult (m)3,8229661
0s5U2(0s5U2)Adult (f)3,8969450
HhPGz(HhPGz)Adult (f)3,8229182
sFnZc(sFnZc)Adult (f)3,9149604
H3v00(H3v00)Adult (m)3,3587752
sHiOt(sHiOt)Adult (m)3,3597832
DQPLX(DQPLX)Adult (m)3,3858131
ddlM0(ddlM0)Adult (f)3,4058221
zSG64(zSG64)Adult (f)3,4018000
8FS35(8FS35)Adult (m)3,3237941
dGABB(dGABB)Adult (m)4,5097672
A17UM(A17UM)Adult (m)3,4205962
HkVYi(HkVYi)Adult (m)3,4655911
cGIeQ(cGIeQ)Adult (f)2,4217121
Ze2IT(Ze2IT)Adult (f)2,4157132
lg9C6(lg9C6)Adult (m)2,6047724
GuWSU(GuWSU)Adult (m)2,6107442
Xy63t(Xy63t)Adult (m)2,6627761
6ygZp(6ygZp)Adult (f)2,8998102
57KS8(57KS8)Adult (m)2,7067811
hl21Q(hl21Q)Adult (m)2,6907842
XBjvn(XBjvn)Adult (m)2,6847621
jupyz(jupyz)Adult (m)2,0886361
Ly5HD(Ly5HD)Adult (m)2,1056360
GqVu9(GqVu9)Adult (m)2,0676381
VpnIe(VpnIe)Adult (m)2,7337260
ocjP6(ocjP6)Adult (m)2,6917020
7bGqP(7bGqP)Adult (f)6,1931,3753
iAAU7(iAAU7)Adult (f)6,1411,3361
zHkMk(zHkMk)Adult (f)6,1561,3852
hDVAd(hDVAd)Adult (f)6,2221,3170
I6DiZ(I6DiZ)Adult (f)6,2501,3820
o3Y2p(o3Y2p)Adult (m)6,1601,3180
yc9AS(yc9AS)Adult (m)6,1951,3343
YLtlq(YLtlq)Adult (f)4,9981,1090
F4oLM(F4oLM)Adult (f)4,9751,1271
TR8nm(TR8nm)Adult (m)5,0361,1230
JBzzA(JBzzA)Adult (f)5,0331,1390
57g4LHigh Blue SkiesAdult (m)4,4461,0201
xyAzZack and WheesyAdult (m)1,9307644
ZfxboBet and DotAdult (f)4,9371,2376
wfNqSWhiney PrismAdult (m)2,9696741
WxKgeThe Blank PrismAdult (m)3,1887003
XMiPXPrim and Proper LizardAdult (m)5,2038082
4oGGfWave PrismAdult (m)5,3158211
i8GabBlind PrismAdult (m)5,1668172
lBCCMFeral Fickle FemaleAdult (f)5,0641,1612
ek9ltThe Elk PrismAdult (m)2,9866807
bWIdEThe Prancy PrismAdult (m)2,6547204
f712bThe Lilac PrismAdult (m)5,8008103
UEVA1Fairy ThuwedAdult (f)6,6455672
EYTMqThe Ghostly PrismAdult (m)5,2467564
xCsVLThe Clover PrismAdult (m)4,7947861
uORcSI eat boys upAdult (f)6,3301,3303
ift66Pffffft BoysAdult (f)2,0105691
XrT9kThe Smancy PrismAdult (m)5,1191,1743
BoWQKBoo I'm FemaleAdult (f)5,2171,2292
7mVLE7 VilesAdult (f)5,2229923
CYvpeC VipeAdult (f)2,4897164
d3uWfPhotogenic Smog PrismAdult (m)2,4137021
Rns0pThe Plant PrismAdult (m)3,0828123
KkRJ5The Musty PrismAdult (m)5,3871,2942
2ptsXThe Radiant PrismAdult (m)2,5627074
akt16Sheer PrismAdult (m)3,1549622
kCrjsRed White PrismAdult (m)6,1671,3177
LaLmuI gendered wrong ugh sorryAdult (f)6,1908983
BQhkMUgh another femaleAdult (f)2,7087003
cQ75uKnow Nothing PrismAdult (m)3,0248292
rcn8VThe Light PrismAdult (m)5,4071,1393
dOdn1The Dod PrismAdult (m)5,5728342
aFXQfPink Pudding CBAdult (f)6,3421,0204
V208iThe Clear PrismAdult (m)5,7731,0575
55lnJHater Faker MakerAdult (f)2,7587414
JRkBrJk Jk OMG LOLZIESAdult (f)2,2416670
VN3DWRed eyed SirenAdult (f)2,6826933
LHc1sThe Pigment PrismAdult (m)4,9181,3282
OzDZzThe Odz PrismAdult (m)5,5901,0783
2BCVtAqua-less PrismAdult (m)4,8411,0180
xOYLZThe Olly PrismAdult (m)4,7011,1141
GJdZThe Color-less PrismAdult (m)2,7973623
NkzBwThe Red Eye PrismAdult (m)4,4271,0584
zzv2OThe Z PrismAdult (m)4,7281,1192
LDyrThe Prism-less PrismAdult (m)9423813
E0qsXEloquizAdult (f)4,7971,1522
WjGeUltra Violet RaeAdult (f)1,66751013
Sd4WVisions so insaneAdult (f)3,6591,16118
g1Z3KThe Dull PrismAdult (m)2,4497423
RHFZ3Riff RaphAdult (f)4,2071,0013
fbC6MThe Fly PrismAdult (m)6,1171,5013
gvBf3The Gabber PrismAdult (m)5,6431,4726
zDFgPThe Teal PrismAdult (m)3,4707753
a7l8vThe Mummy PrismAdult (m)4,4737931
O5htzThe Washed PrismAdult (m)5,1878312
uJCMY(uJCMY)Adult (m)2,4215910
sTuB6I Stubbed My WingAdult (f)5,0491,2395
4SpcSBlue AzulaAdult (f)3,0749341
JMpa0Blue Angel FlowerAdult (f)5,2691,2422
LtrkVLarky SharkyAdult (f)5,9351,1083
g7eD2Before Sunrise He's Your SonAdult (m)5,4691,1274
ICBM8Impeccable Timing Your MajestyAdult (m)4,6041,3132
ffbkERudolph the Red Faced DragonAdult (m)5,3831,1042
0bzuhI know that your powers ofAdult (m)6,2371,2641
DZTE5Retention are as wetAdult (f)6,4901,2974
LkCRdAs a warthog's backsideAdult (m)6,3121,2932
jrlEjBut thick as you areAdult (f)6,1561,2665
aDsH5Pay attention my words areAdult (m)4,3431,0772
A4xaaA matter of prideAdult (f)4,5661,2888
sYTlrIt's clear from your vacantAdult (m)2,7557550
rDHVOExpressions the lights are notAdult (f)2,8857953
X6E27All on upstairsAdult (m)3,1238013
XYJT6But we're talking kings andAdult (f)3,6578131
pjFVPSuccessions even you can'tAdult (m)2,5606531
z1MBzBe caught unawares so prepareAdult (f)3,6768002
livVlFor a chance of a lifetimeAdult (m)3,2967652
Gk6RBBe prepared for sensational newsAdult (f)3,6547792
yyEImA shining new eraAdult (m)3,6617802
YAAQIIs tiptoeing nearerAdult (f)4,4128031
Da6pSAnd where do we featureAdult (m)3,2318042
49HCIJust listen to teacher I knowAdult (f)2,5655682
Aa5Sc(Aa5Sc)Adult (m)3,3918503
jMtFZ(jMtFZ)Adult (m)5,0027591
CJbln(CJbln)Adult (m)3,9798383
0FGdb(0FGdb)Adult (m)3,6128483
swEeJ(swEeJ)Adult (f)2,3286010
CCTTd(CCTTd)Adult (m)2,2775731
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