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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “pokemaster164,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
saov(saov)Adult (f)70648339
cURN(cURN)Adult (m)69948830
grZQ(grZQ)Adult (f)1,9441,16924
I4uL(I4uL)Adult (m)1,8591,14918
aOBv(aOBv)Adult (f)1,9351,17617
TSTm(TSTm)Adult (m)1,9221,16414
n3nT(n3nT)Adult (m)79651136
X9LW(X9LW)Adult (m)2,71954837
OHOI(OHOI)Adult (f)87457540
1NoM(1NoM)Adult (m)64246229
SUXZ(SUXZ)Adult (f)81255244
kAr6(kAr6)Adult (f)1,09450935
4ufk(4ufk)Adult (f)72446739
pdoN(pdoN)Adult (m)76750733
llQl(llQl)Adult (m)87454641
a3Bv(a3Bv)Adult (f)71553236
AnAC(AnAC)Adult (f)74553330
8rfu(8rfu)Adult (f)83257530
6teU(6teU)Adult (f)91561636
GDKa(GDKa)Adult (m)1,00066031
fT8n(fT8n)Adult (m)1,06570536
e4Ma(e4Ma)Adult (m)1,07271049
RHP6(RHP6)Adult (f)1,06867035
mUEl(mUEl)Adult (f)89953639
Nh5u(Nh5u)Adult (f)92555351
EVnT(EVnT)Adult (f)84253747
ftp4(ftp4)Adult (f)75550252
S8c0(S8c0)Adult (f)79251344
bdCi(bdCi)Adult (f)82350343
fdqY(fdqY)Adult (f)76948752
O3jW(O3jW)Adult (f)75948929
hm5v(hm5v)Adult (m)1,21766848
hsCS(hsCS)Adult (m)73046737
jQVX(jQVX)Adult (m)77951629
oMe0(oMe0)Adult (f)74849237
AuNY(AuNY)Adult (f)81652619
tcbe(tcbe)Adult (f)1,24164036
jUBR(jUBR)Adult (f)87257423
PgFR(PgFR)Adult (f)1,89484815
1V4m(1V4m)Adult (m)70049431
AhYR(AhYR)Adult (f)79351633
LaqU(LaqU)Adult (m)74849725
Chbd(Chbd)Adult (f)72848127
13PA(13PA)Adult (f)72446527
TkES(TkES)Adult (m)74249726
mVhb(mVhb)Adult (m)75948639
QFtt(QFtt)Adult (f)4,36589824
CeEB(CeEB)Adult (m)1,02060437
N6Cs(N6Cs)Adult (f)83652329
rLPJ(rLPJ)Adult (f)92655030
As6d(As6d)Adult (f)88952429
Ah0U(Ah0U)Adult (f)80350637
W4i8(W4i8)Adult (f)81650143
J0DO(J0DO)Adult (f)85851747
rKaT(rKaT)Adult (m)80149148
E33Q(E33Q)Adult (m)80249645
U1P5(U1P5)Adult (f)83850737
ihSQ(ihSQ)Adult (f)1,00859631
mub7(mub7)Adult (f)1,02461442
PlsF(PlsF)Adult (f)87353030
AnJQ(AnJQ)Adult (m)66344030
64gu(64gu)Adult (m)98353933
bZHr(bZHr)Adult (f)1,03761443
hF0N(hF0N)Adult (f)1,03558944
Ye12(Ye12)Adult (f)1,03458436
IjHT(IjHT)Adult (m)94654937
9Lol(9Lol)Adult (m)91654839
WjcP(WjcP)Adult (m)81946448
f9YG(f9YG)Adult (f)2,7201,0589
4SaG(4SaG)Adult (m)87047951
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