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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “plus0204,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sMdEdeep blue twinsAdult (m)2,3651,0045
eOI3skyblue twinsAdult (f)2,0908414
IvnGiveningAdult (f)2,0946891
IRZYrazy twinsAdult (f)2,1098271
jdZKJover the wingsAdult (f)2,4727302
8KY9Mmy blue twinsAdult (m)5,3461,3123
2PlI7my sonyuAdult (f)4,2951,1294
AV9PDmy ssangdoongAdult (f)9,1781,6275
HNSZemy ssangdooAdult (f)10,1861,6624
1BEajmy bearAdult (m)2,5688481
U9XWS(U9XWS)Adult (f)2,7637031
Ed8Flmy wonAdult (f)1,9544940
TREH1wndiAdult (m)4,2889601
F7yn7my feministAdult (f)4,0736561
kbxSnmy kbsAdult (f)1,3995711
MeApRmy MeapAdult (f)1,7825021
2e2rx(2e2rx)Adult (m)2,4317070
OsHWBmy hidraAdult (m)3,3351,3693
UFQp1(UFQp1)Adult (f)1,8287750
GoqpyMy GoqpyAdult (f)6,0399163
HvK3VMy AeonAdult (m)4,9337192
tsIVjMy VJAdult (m)4,8787202
bNpDN(bNpDN)Adult (m)7,3768340
5GVOZ(5GVOZ)Adult (f)2,1187180
kCeZH(kCeZH)Adult (f)2,4677051
rzP6N(rzP6N)Adult (m)4,0598781
0pHGL(0pHGL)Adult (m)2,1666200
ajV5X(ajV5X)Adult (f)3,7539140
MBn6E(MBn6E)Adult (f)3,7525942
6Xhq0(6Xhq0)Adult (m)3,9858412
2tSP7(2tSP7)Adult (m)2,8867083
a3nnH(a3nnH)Adult (f)2,9577072
oCnep(oCnep)Adult (m)2,6547171
Opmpg(Opmpg)Adult (m)2,0085590
U1fzp(U1fzp)Adult (f)1,9776710
bOLyN(bOLyN)Adult (f)1,7497360
NxnzT(NxnzT)Adult (m)2,0127910
J9JLx(J9JLx)Adult (f)2,0008021
auRua(auRua)Adult (f)2,2127890
Wpwzi(Wpwzi)Adult (f)2,9628070
8NU9y(8NU9y)Adult (m)3,8006992
tQj8nothing harmfulAdult (m)1,88943616
PEiXma PE1XAdult (m)1,7308373
1ie7i lieAdult (m)2,3968442
fP2nmy basicAdult (f)2,1408643
KvACbasic powderAdult (f)2,5377230
OiGIVmy salgooAdult (m)6,2491,1883
0MWFEwinter lierAdult (m)4,3506645
IVvNsmy redeyedAdult (m)2,9239580
XZ7LMDa la libertaAdult (m)5,6601,00310
RPpaUmy ppauAdult (f)3,3234643
3YEJpmy yepAdult (m)2,6229052
UWmo5(UWmo5)Adult (f)3,3825271
rSrntgoldenfeather AlsaAdult (m)4,2151,1161
goUiWGoun NalgaeAdult (m)5,0291,0074
jNXlyGolden winged meiAdult (f)4,0311,1802
8pH6xAlbinian whiteningAdult (m)4,0627673
B5hrBBB from GFeatherAdult (m)3,1208333
AAjNEJane from goldenfeatherAdult (m)3,0887923
gMWfxHater from golden featherAdult (m)2,9167714
H63VtInhibitor feathererAdult (m)3,2648405
wK0tPTop from Goleden wingAdult (f)2,4156366
C9zZDAurella sweetyAdult (f)2,7988573
X19Jslady wingyAdult (f)3,7721,3083
o3ee1Goldenfeather OikooAdult (m)2,7717877
pZ32LPrezl from GONAdult (f)3,5757325
aCCscAccsc from GONAdult (f)5,6131,0619
kWqUHUh Marrow 3rdAdult (m)3,2624477
78spaSpa silverlineAdult (f)4,6621,2203
6Hiro(6Hiro)Adult (f)2,4628976
Btadv(Btadv)Adult (m)4,7081,1863
z1Zb2Goldline Z2Adult (m)3,3356035
hEKKw(hEKKw)Adult (f)5,9148293
xfIfe(xfIfe)Adult (f)5,9427411
49crw(49crw)Adult (f)6,5004851
aSXpa(aSXpa)Adult (f)6,5797222
J6VRK(J6VRK)Adult (f)6,2488071
GGcWz(GGcWz)Adult (m)4,2529441
8Wo14(8Wo14)Adult (f)4,4688990
4B5mK(4B5mK)Adult (m)4,8921,0080
0w19M(0w19M)Adult (m)2,7526683
NzldK(NzldK)Adult (f)4,3458870
5jnmQ(5jnmQ)Adult (m)4,9761,0090
3lx7v(3lx7v)Adult (f)3,7916628
Cv7U9(Cv7U9)Adult (f)2,8016732
oVpDAMy OdaAdult (m)3,8157901
ywoWMMy AlmeraldAdult (f)4,1007911
05jH9My Higher oneAdult (f)5,4715791
WHjfYI YAdult (m)5,3297011
EjfcGMy ElfGAdult (m)5,6775590
aRxIlMy ArxilAdult (f)3,9626811
AGOq7(AGOq7)Adult (f)6,5516250
dUJUn(dUJUn)Adult (m)2,4507061
Nb9co(Nb9co)Adult (f)1,8987032
smL0T(smL0T)Adult (m)2,2327080
oXnLC(oXnLC)Adult (f)5,9921,0934
eup5X(eup5X)Adult (m)1,7066350
CphpA(CphpA)Adult (m)3,9461,0491
bH7Z6(bH7Z6)Adult (m)3,1477503
UyQin(UyQin)Adult (f)3,2748162
RcRlQ(RcRlQ)Adult (m)3,3328171
zgkRd(zgkRd)Adult (m)3,3488432
6gYZHMy 6gAdult (m)2,1267131
g2ahUGah UAdult (m)2,1017382
e8MViMy EmviAdult (m)2,2237281
bITrXMy BitrxAdult (m)2,2507600
YVWptMy YVWAdult (m)2,0776780
U5UQCMy UQAdult (m)3,3458410
iVV4oMy IvvoAdult (f)5,7796613
AxLFEMy AxLAdult (f)4,3857740
xPCWM(xPCWM)Adult (m)7,7716992
yiqIi(yiqIi)Adult (m)3,8467813
26x3Q(26x3Q)Adult (f)2,7377051
d5Pz8(d5Pz8)Adult (f)1,8966023
GEJ2d(GEJ2d)Adult (m)4,2728401
BVij1(BVij1)Adult (f)4,6989851
BwgSsMy BwgAdult (f)3,8137690
25bRXMy 25Adult (m)3,8257671
eqDTMMy DTMAdult (m)3,8517671
VMsZ3My mysteryAdult (m)4,4877720
S2R12My S2Adult (m)4,5197650
7xjOxMy Lucky7Adult (f)4,4837641
Qw8syMy OwsyAdult (m)4,6337710
0aPFLMy ApflAdult (m)4,5407690
ncvOHOh My AntareanAdult (m)4,7346690
y0r31My AnnAdult (f)4,5887481
vX34h(vX34h)Adult (f)2,7437030
mD0oc(mD0oc)Adult (m)2,4407071
ZB6Sm(ZB6Sm)Adult (f)1,7257571
HGLbP(HGLbP)Adult (f)2,1718030
KjsNo(KjsNo)Adult (m)1,9506491
f66bI(f66bI)Adult (m)2,4966560
hSd8L(hSd8L)Adult (m)2,2796580
OLuA1(OLuA1)Adult (m)2,1446351
0KqV2(0KqV2)Adult (f)2,7186051
pjLR6(pjLR6)Adult (f)2,6476290
hDxrp(hDxrp)Adult (f)2,5746081
EbEJl(EbEJl)Adult (f)2,5138040
DRUuN(DRUuN)Adult (f)2,5548020
ZOMLe(ZOMLe)Adult (f)3,8669550
mBNmh(mBNmh)Adult (f)3,7538823
29l6P(29l6P)Adult (f)3,8717800
pJ5OJ(pJ5OJ)Adult (m)3,9706112
3AWzy(3AWzy)Adult (m)2,9076912
PRPvT(PRPvT)Adult (f)4,9678312
abRhH(abRhH)Adult (f)4,5238352
lN4el(lN4el)Adult (m)4,7607962
zsXgVmy PinkAdult (f)3,5519015
ANLvamy AnnaAdult (f)3,6398890
1nUzzIn UAdult (m)3,6428981
advHBmy arinaAdult (m)3,0818241
tjfYGMy YGAdult (m)3,1798861
pyFUnMy FunAdult (f)3,1898462
DKKQwMy DunkinAdult (m)3,2518470
C8Mhc(C8Mhc)Adult (m)2,2267031
pjBq4(pjBq4)Adult (f)2,0726930
AfAuI(AfAuI)Adult (m)3,6338712
aLi4O(aLi4O)Adult (m)2,4676232
Bmnru(Bmnru)Adult (m)2,4377442
hpI6m(hpI6m)Adult (m)2,6537471
uf0gG(uf0gG)Adult (f)2,7437621
5pKsG(5pKsG)Adult (f)2,4657470
IXVHl(IXVHl)Adult (m)2,0497801
FmTwK(FmTwK)Adult (f)2,0707940
76Zyq(76Zyq)Adult (f)1,9147510
Hp4Tk(Hp4Tk)Adult (m)1,7776722
RF5Z1(RF5Z1)Adult (f)1,7127361
U3DwI(U3DwI)Adult (f)1,6647250
xVFB1(xVFB1)Adult (m)1,9106460
o1TnS(o1TnS)Adult (f)2,5058040
A7oZy(A7oZy)Adult (f)3,3737961
N0ycF(N0ycF)Adult (f)4,6178102
exTL2(exTL2)Adult (m)3,1186533
QACkZ(QACkZ)Adult (m)4,0057823
46hh6(46hh6)Adult (f)3,8518323
dhSjkMy AzureAdult (m)4,0556542
tEYlSMy TeylsAdult (f)3,9656740
XjRupMy GlaceAdult (m)4,1996330
FlYuuMy CelestialwingAdult (f)3,8247141
e3dD1My GlacewingAdult (m)3,3707811
4b9VG(4b9VG)Adult (m)4,2906030
voNIB(voNIB)Adult (f)4,3716131
U3mzi(U3mzi)Adult (f)5,4246260
fBPNC(fBPNC)Adult (f)6,4506241
RJ3HK(RJ3HK)Adult (f)2,1397061
HWBvs(HWBvs)Adult (m)2,8118131
xBZ3P(xBZ3P)Adult (m)2,2176822
UiZGX(UiZGX)Adult (f)2,3537381
nnRjJ(nnRjJ)Adult (m)2,1607580
EFwow(EFwow)Adult (f)2,3236720
XsIKv(XsIKv)Adult (f)4,6745860
2UOez(2UOez)Adult (m)4,6775900
vne4a(vne4a)Adult (m)4,5855940
Y9o53(Y9o53)Adult (m)4,6795160
Kl89G(Kl89G)Adult (f)3,0467701
u5Mjw(u5Mjw)Adult (m)4,4736470
TQuUo(TQuUo)Adult (m)4,4096500
bEffBeff balloonAdult (f)1,8387324
7GiTson of beffAdult (m)2,4399491
vQGtredlore wraithAdult (f)2,3598806
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