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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “playswithfyre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
v5O18(v5O18)Adult (m)4,1984778
Yr81b(Yr81b)Adult (m)4,0124486
bQCvt(bQCvt)Adult (f)4,0284746
gtG0t(gtG0t)Adult (f)4,0576995
UukYM(UukYM)Adult (m)2,0296132
i5BuR(i5BuR)Adult (m)3,6105094
b3EY7(b3EY7)Adult (f)3,9166066
o20rM(o20rM)Adult (f)2,4906952
mVInt(mVInt)Adult (f)2,5974925
M1DpI(M1DpI)Adult (f)2,1025801
Jimlq(Jimlq)Adult (m)2,0246282
Oi9aC(Oi9aC)Adult (f)5,2084053
qpbZZ(qpbZZ)Adult (m)4,5293872
2Y5m0(2Y5m0)Adult (m)2,5166220
FJ9Nm(FJ9Nm)Adult (f)2,3525980
3XEln(3XEln)Adult (f)3,5574534
QnAkJ(QnAkJ)Adult (m)2,0756071
SH13I(SH13I)Adult (f)2,1906851
Efjge(Efjge)Adult (m)2,0106241
BhscH(BhscH)Adult (f)2,8665233
O0t0T(O0t0T)Adult (m)2,0265871
Vsan0(Vsan0)Adult (f)2,2496491
CgUOT(CgUOT)Adult (f)1,9846091
M9vbv(M9vbv)Adult (f)3,2965623
quusp(quusp)Adult (m)2,8564455
4ZbKr(4ZbKr)Adult (f)2,0625201
56pFD(56pFD)Adult (f)2,6555832
RM0W0(RM0W0)Adult (m)2,4435750
4ORGt(4ORGt)Adult (m)2,1385440
PnveN(PnveN)Adult (f)2,1235810
LDfQu(LDfQu)Adult (f)2,4446442
tfsPM(tfsPM)Adult (f)1,5136271
9qJjM(9qJjM)Adult (f)2,2056721
GGCCh(GGCCh)Adult (m)2,1546282
7uE7K(7uE7K)Adult (f)1,4935891
HPuU0(HPuU0)Adult (f)2,6726653
oUF0K(oUF0K)Adult (f)2,7945712
VT7VI(VT7VI)Adult (f)2,0675513
UTVSI(UTVSI)Adult (f)6,6517417
uJo9c(uJo9c)Adult (m)1,8255672
KTsld(KTsld)Adult (f)3,7016060
uR2Jc(uR2Jc)Adult (f)2,8124442
5E2L3(5E2L3)Adult (f)3,3755291
0Fkhg(0Fkhg)Adult (m)2,5685031
fFoat(fFoat)Adult (f)2,9515751
31BOL(31BOL)Adult (m)2,5275860
oTPTp(oTPTp)Adult (m)2,4115873
sv4f8(sv4f8)Adult (m)2,1855851
846cC(846cC)Adult (f)2,2155111
7XQj2(7XQj2)Adult (f)2,3275460
00XZp(00XZp)Adult (f)2,3655271
pF0mD(pF0mD)Adult (f)1,7785961
cUdA9(cUdA9)Adult (f)1,8326331
uFSOv(uFSOv)Adult (m)2,1306310
QnpYQ(QnpYQ)Adult (m)1,8356062
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