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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “pirate_dragon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
opNcT(opNcT)Adult (f)2,9254890
eAxBF(eAxBF)Adult (m)3,0014881
gvlun(gvlun)Adult (f)3,3883893
AKNWr(AKNWr)Adult (f)4,1494483
7Gi4q(7Gi4q)Adult (f)3,8283734
Ge1OG(Ge1OG)Adult (m)2,9185851
beaR9(beaR9)Adult (m)3,9136480
feYur(feYur)Adult (m)3,5235162
Qo3J6(Qo3J6)Adult (f)3,1135043
oNLQe(oNLQe)Adult (f)4,0654571
2r60a(2r60a)Adult (m)3,9544271
YxfVn(YxfVn)Adult (m)4,0374781
C7Jc6(C7Jc6)Adult (f)3,6643804
gxazKBlue SnippertAdult (f)3,3335082
dILadlandolakesAdult (f)3,0894711
PX2EO(PX2EO)Adult (f)2,9794871
pzenJ(pzenJ)Adult (m)3,1024881
8Xsj5(8Xsj5)Adult (f)2,9084702
ofVhM(ofVhM)Adult (f)3,5034713
aQTP8Translucent GraceAdult (m)2,0216492
TLHUWColorless Albino HorrorAdult (m)2,5147620
CVez7(CVez7)Adult (m)3,7594863
nTEMj(nTEMj)Adult (m)3,1584920
6PQLf(6PQLf)Adult (m)2,8384452
185dC(185dC)Adult (f)3,0675112
Yo64C(Yo64C)Adult (m)3,1294621
eImGN(eImGN)Adult (m)3,9463982
Zi82W(Zi82W)Adult (f)4,1284620
i2VG5(i2VG5)Adult (m)3,6165012
rFdvA(rFdvA)Adult (f)4,2144510
dWqyu(dWqyu)Adult (m)6,0116521
lA1KFSpiraled Green GlistenAdult (f)3,4255561
8ULJh(8ULJh)Adult (m)3,8286712
FOYj1(FOYj1)Adult (f)2,9605041
jkHZM(jkHZM)Adult (m)4,0875981
Y8ubx(Y8ubx)Adult (m)4,0154691
uHlNB(uHlNB)Adult (m)3,7404261
gAM5s(gAM5s)Adult (f)7,8189854
fuw62(fuw62)Adult (f)3,4694072
UNgkF(UNgkF)Adult (m)3,4864073
ifN3fVert Golden ZipAdult (m)3,2134582
KK63w(KK63w)Adult (m)2,8584453
S1ldX(S1ldX)Adult (f)2,8214831
75GTE(75GTE)Adult (f)3,2435530
iNcn5(iNcn5)Adult (f)3,6214672
4Yb4ePyrite ShineyAdult (f)2,9734653
TC0hW(TC0hW)Adult (m)3,3524954
5NbYn(5NbYn)Adult (m)3,0956865
6nr34(6nr34)Adult (f)3,5055191
ekAXi(ekAXi)Adult (m)3,3594001
QK2J9(QK2J9)Adult (m)3,8864522
cHVZWRivers Water Edge DanceAdult (f)2,9914403
xK2IN(xK2IN)Adult (m)3,6385081
nRPbH(nRPbH)Adult (f)3,5635311
ovRs3(ovRs3)Adult (m)3,3934721
L7Sll(L7Sll)Adult (f)3,4453911
inSC9(inSC9)Adult (m)4,5845762
xkJiC(xkJiC)Adult (f)4,5935873
sXQHi(sXQHi)Adult (f)4,3144420
3Ncxa(3Ncxa)Adult (f)4,2164400
6qUNC(6qUNC)Adult (f)3,8224690
OTpxi(OTpxi)Adult (m)3,1194241
5EZdu(5EZdu)Adult (m)4,0675132
rESGH(rESGH)Adult (m)3,8453483
W6uaJ(W6uaJ)Adult (m)2,6884812
laMxK(laMxK)Adult (m)4,0803880
ts9NM(ts9NM)Adult (f)3,8363870
MiuXM(MiuXM)Adult (m)3,6053650
V2oJw(V2oJw)Adult (f)4,3494180
B14XB(B14XB)Adult (f)3,2105042
cuFvN(cuFvN)Adult (f)3,2674021
3PleY(3PleY)Adult (f)3,4494460
S6vnm(S6vnm)Adult (m)4,1014621
ucZnY(ucZnY)Adult (m)4,4596512
2xt3I(2xt3I)Adult (f)4,2243703
sehiZFaith in Pink ValentinesAdult (f)1,3946915
IjI6rCaster of Valentine's PinkAdult (f)1,3386651
vGUFJ(vGUFJ)Adult (f)3,5824801
HcYxl(HcYxl)Adult (f)3,1945311
NFfl5(NFfl5)Adult (f)1,7947661
ejv8q(ejv8q)Adult (f)3,8055271
FTs00(FTs00)Adult (f)2,5675756
FaIaK(FaIaK)Adult (f)3,7424011
ISkuC(ISkuC)Adult (m)3,9194483
uQHJO(uQHJO)Adult (f)4,6324294
Ebr2X(Ebr2X)Adult (m)2,9975192
9xYVr(9xYVr)Adult (f)3,5145912
MXCQB(MXCQB)Adult (m)2,9155732
SamSu(SamSu)Adult (m)4,2535853
xO9SP(xO9SP)Adult (m)2,8374620
cABzh(cABzh)Adult (m)3,6065231
0xf0p(0xf0p)Adult (f)7,4916591
keaoe(keaoe)Adult (f)4,2014472
XdxaOIcey AbandonmentAdult (m)3,6796323
pXCxoAzure Scaled BEastieAdult (f)3,0954662
lE0VPAzure Gilded SprintAdult (f)3,3676690
YI7zZScaled Blue CrystalsAdult (f)2,7314760
GFQzADashing Blue ScalesAdult (f)3,4136552
YX1PE(YX1PE)Adult (f)3,9426690
WNsDx(WNsDx)Adult (m)3,3484982
3unT7(3unT7)Adult (f)3,7574581
QrXzj(QrXzj)Adult (f)3,5974771
Q2zIU(Q2zIU)Adult (m)2,8754812
NlLhB(NlLhB)Adult (m)4,0904670
PwIPH(PwIPH)Adult (f)3,3794032
hVK73(hVK73)Adult (m)3,9195011
jNpeW(jNpeW)Adult (f)3,3444250
hCVYa(hCVYa)Adult (f)4,9295282
6K815(6K815)Adult (m)8,3716421
1twNgSwampy NeedsAdult (f)3,6665192
3rrukSwamp Fish FeedersAdult (m)4,0639431
ZeuHdDouble trouble BluesAdult (m)3,2394854
b3R3c(b3R3c)Adult (m)3,5555310
RnsPpBloat n' FloatAdult (m)1,8966140
o02CaPink InflatableAdult (f)2,9916422
odkGb(odkGb)Adult (m)4,3765431
2sHRO(2sHRO)Adult (f)4,0044650
LwoOr(LwoOr)Adult (m)3,7074871
DCcQ3(DCcQ3)Adult (f)4,0234784
IVtH7Masked Golden DuoAdult (m)2,8764722
JEoO5(JEoO5)Adult (m)3,1544813
1BfEg(1BfEg)Adult (m)3,3024940
Sq2aG(Sq2aG)Adult (m)3,2504950
u1Dj3(u1Dj3)Adult (m)2,9454430
1fMsB(1fMsB)Adult (m)3,0205423
GxLPh(GxLPh)Adult (m)2,8354681
eU0Lu(eU0Lu)Adult (f)3,1875733
XEhJE(XEhJE)Adult (m)3,5124080
ZZT9c(ZZT9c)Adult (m)3,7495261
vjarWorrior PrincessAdult (f)1,12165336
bietStolen Black JackAdult (m)2,14645115
Jl7ACharcoal JadeAdult (f)4,74231913
oKCFCDark Fantasy's WarAdult (f)2,8698772
4rJKKShadow's LoveAdult (f)2,6258173
URkOoDark Domains the Shadow LurkerAdult (m)2,3738233
8fMuTShadow's of a Dragoness' HeartAdult (f)2,3497570
XFGDnDideroe's Throes of DoomAdult (m)3,9947333
HYsMRNitrate Shadow Lurker's MagicAdult (m)1,9106734
mXM31Damien's Dark Demand Demon pureAdult (m)1,9796960
BNuoMShadow Magic's MinionAdult (m)2,2107822
lzvOsMetallic Straying DarknessAdult (m)1,2696360
5OS25Dappling of BreedsAdult (f)1,8976492
jPgisSEason's FailAdult (f)2,2895592
CfnkXGiant TauntingAdult (f)1,3246311
F82m8Molten Black MagicAdult (f)1,3766080
A3nXQMists of Gold Silver and  BlackAdult (m)1,5416730
p5TbxDarkened AbyssalAdult (m)1,4416571
Y1gYABlack Ashen GreensAdult (f)2,9094751
mW8zuGlowing Green and Black ShadowsAdult (m)1,9716760
BtH1fSaved Darkened Abyssal DrakeAdult (m)4,7968554
OPJK2Pure Shadow Dance DarknessAdult (f)2,5326494
03PAYBlack Scaled LeaperAdult (m)3,9159041
ZqvI7Daskery BlacknessAdult (f)3,6958011
J4uLxShadow Step SprintAdult (m)2,0145175
kFBmiDashing Shadows AllureAdult (m)5,7231,0674
qWNXIDancing Shadow SpellAdult (f)2,8934790
7xag9(7xag9)Adult (m)3,6285181
qxz2dLoves Pink Bruise of darkgreensAdult (m)3,5483482
4UTaB(4UTaB)Adult (m)2,7804891
DbAaLShadow pure pearl of green sheenAdult (f)3,4954507
HfyUaVast pink of love and black grenAdult (f)3,3905441
59pNzPure Ragest DarknessAdult (m)3,0314833
SEqYxDarkest glowing puressAdult (f)3,2675102
PuZCcCaved Pure Darknest StartAdult (f)3,3545750
UfgsHShadows on rosesAdult (f)3,0105653
pfVwuShared Pure Night Green HistAdult (m)3,0235482
yyBOQ(yyBOQ)Adult (f)2,5104742
BZOcg(BZOcg)Adult (m)2,8324610
XL6lR(XL6lR)Adult (f)3,0944901
0B64bSwirled Pure Green BlackAdult (f)2,7496872
s2MAhSmashing Black Green PureAdult (m)2,9734782
wh7cYDarknest Pure Caved GreensAdult (f)4,2865670
BfQjQ(BfQjQ)Adult (f)2,9435261
9wdUf(9wdUf)Adult (m)3,7186231
IfcwGCAved Angers of Green and BlackAdult (f)3,8655491
VuaV6Caves Shadows of GreenAdult (f)4,1315060
GsjQu(GsjQu)Adult (f)9,0281,1753
zuPlC(zuPlC)Adult (m)4,0043933
t86Pd(t86Pd)Adult (m)3,8814160
QV01GShadows amongst the pure caveAdult (f)4,4955053
ZDrPRPure Drakest Green ShadowsAdult (f)3,6824292
lo0cNDarkened Silver amongst the BlakAdult (f)3,3534371
G6zKA(G6zKA)Adult (m)3,5633773
E5qVaPure darkest nightAdult (m)3,9924212
KZ2En(KZ2En)Adult (f)4,0084442
6CZOtPure ashes on woolAdult (m)5,4046133
V7axaPure black leaperAdult (f)4,6645122
SSdwdBlack Shadows valentineAdult (m)4,9655262
EFlsaBlackest caves green shimmerAdult (m)4,3874602
Xf4yqMonarchs celestial shadowAdult (m)4,0164053
rmNnNPure smirked smash attackAdult (m)5,2995484
ChLClFoggy shadow dancerAdult (m)3,5254212
o2V4FCaves dancer of shadowsAdult (f)5,1105535
ZmMGmPure black hide and dancerAdult (m)3,8224672
uwZve(uwZve)Adult (f)3,5613921
A5pwASmashed pure darknessAdult (m)4,6834792
nC1McPure dark sheep's woolAdult (f)4,8235451
tfXUxCaves snippy darknessAdult (m)5,9396291
lyVvkPure shadow dancers lamentAdult (f)5,9905903
yqIqF(yqIqF)Adult (m)4,2213952
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