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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “pinpointjuggler,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
jSPdDame JesipedAdult (f)1,76839314
mm6YPriestess MimesixyAdult (f)1,29475510
cEAILady CeaiAdult (f)2,8981,56324
T1kJDame TuonkejAdult (f)3,3011,76622
a5TnSir AfivitenAdult (m)1,9411,23527
AmNBSir AmenebAdult (m)2,0801,26327
mxk4Priestess MixekiforAdult (f)1,9258245
OVaDPriestess OvadAdult (f)2,0908826
lCFYLucify the YoungHatchling (f, F)2,3151,28724
7YnESeviyane the YoungHatchling (m, F)3,2361,2587
d9vN4(d9vN4)Adult (m)1,7416071
kxVHK(kxVHK)Adult (f)2,4426741
6Cqbq(6Cqbq)Adult (f)2,0026293
P0Q2V(P0Q2V)Adult (f)2,0255671
gEjkV(gEjkV)Adult (f)1,8586081
qaZgLord QazagAdult (m)2,3847336
qe9ELady QenineAdult (f)2,4477734
reCgLady RecagAdult (f)2,4927864
KdmPLady KedemapAdult (f)3,0898022
KkNCLord KekinacAdult (m)3,0737913
2d68Lady TudesixateAdult (f)2,5579186
eG8LLady EgatelHatchling (f, F)3,0796623
3gneLord TregeneHatchling (m, F)2,5689086
6KdhDame SixikedehAdult (f)2,84750616
PEJhPejih the CarefulAdult (f)1,62666460
pfUXPifuxx the PlainAdult (f)1,1673585
wpNRPriestess WepinorAdult (f)2,1065394
APECApec the OldHatchling (f, F)2,1521,3466
mnkGLady MonkiggAdult (f)2,2061,4225
tZRhLord TezerahAdult (m)3,0741,7729
kSlGKisileg the EvenAdult (m)1,4659044
DqhFElder Deqehef the FirstAdult (m)2,42642030
8QSLDame AtequselAdult (f)1,42334412
T4fWCount Teforifew the LegendaryAdult (m)2,0441,25611
I4PPMarchioness Iforipep the GreatAdult (f)74949811
46wsForisixiwes the PlainAdult (m)2,6496825
f4tUFifortu the PlainAdult (f)1,5081,02310
mZCDX(mZCDX)Adult (m)2,0445391
XfxHXifexeh the YoungHatchling (m, F)3,2321,2555
U3TUUtretu the YoungHatchling (f, F)2,0501,0593
DnwSDark Lord DiniwesAdult (m)2,0975387
tJF8Dark Lady TijefateAdult (f)7,0961,48417
ziZMS(ziZMS)Adult (f)1,9966001
KATGj(KATGj)Adult (f)2,0146972
U9KjNLord UninkajinAdult (m)1,5406113
PTtNI(PTtNI)Adult (m)1,9525851
F63IVPriestess FesixtreivAdult (f)1,5715803
i7R2t(i7R2t)Adult (f)2,2286162
u1RihLord UuonrihAdult (m)3,3138475
ZTxgR(ZTxgR)Adult (m)2,1425631
AIGIUPriest AigiuAdult (f)1,7416052
NhM9s(NhM9s)Adult (f)4,0988026
cykDXCount Cyekadex the AncientAdult (m)1,9026391
4EVcDLady ForevecedAdult (f)2,8677402
u1wmgPriest UuonwemagAdult (m)2,6677151
0tVYg(0tVYg)Adult (m)2,8698551
3GZAMLady TregezamAdult (f)2,1128001
tjWRx(tjWRx)Adult (m)1,8546202
NgI1M(NgI1M)Adult (m)2,5074515
J8bNJateben the ChickenAdult (f)3,20785311
OVPfLord OvepefAdult (m)2,2531,47031
FMKlLord Femekil the LegendaryAdult (m)2,2681,43825
rn5zbPriest RenfivizebAdult (m)1,5735972
yBLBZ(yBLBZ)Adult (f)1,9956001
ss5br(ss5br)Adult (f)2,0825381
h2bzDame HetubezAdult (f)2,84451116
Y6cyLord YesixecoyAdult (m)2,1011,27711
3qFmSir TreqefimAdult (m)3,2441,26215
fwedLord FewedAdult (m)1,7477686
2TAjSir TutajAdult (m)1,7977865
7jEhDame SevijehAdult (f)2,1268904
9NOLNinnol the PlainAdult (f)2,0078356
Co0LPriest CoolAdult (m)2,8359854
joK8Lord JokerateAdult (m)2,8681,40120
MjHVLord MijehevAdult (m)2,6141,3574
zuVFLady ZuvefAdult (f)1,3339241
p0mbLady PomebAdult (f)1,5686593
RN2sLady RentuessAdult (f)2,5169075
HQJFPriest HequejefAdult (m)1,7848772
SAJFSajef the EvenHatchling (f, F)1,5066754
FDLD1Lord FedeladuonHatchling (m, F)1,5776742
7W8GLord SevewategAdult (m)1,6749262
WQ2NLady WaqutuenAdult (f)1,6647604
X5hPLord XefihepAdult (m)1,6697607
A5DqAfivdeq the EvenAdult (f)1,9349788
OhAVLady OhavHatchling (f, F)1,8859073
pdkVPidekev the EvenAdult (f)1,5949485
r52jRifivtuj the EvenAdult (m)1,9029636
DpdLDepidal the CarefulAdult (f)7904803
S0ghLord SoghAdult (m)2,0268782
sVbqMLady SivibeqimAdult (f)2,3357893
qYUkQiyuk the YoungHatchling (m, F)1,1735752
g2536(g2536)Adult (m)2,5357762
j8Xeh(j8Xeh)Adult (m)2,5947811
hYbW5(hYbW5)Adult (f)2,0756641
3NoNe(3NoNe)Adult (m)2,9477911
Yf52E(Yf52E)Adult (f)4,44485914
tCJva(tCJva)Adult (f)2,6987652
oWCGQLord OwelcegoqAdult (m)1,8996863
Pnkri(Pnkri)Adult (f)1,5405591
q6ic2Lady QisixictuAdult (f)1,5426061
MYpBxMypebixx the EvenAdult (m)2,3966392
6JGtU(6JGtU)Adult (f)1,9965981
rZcOG(rZcOG)Adult (m)2,0526092
nf5bK(nf5bK)Adult (m)1,7675761
MlWEaCount Miwea the RoyalAdult (m)1,5155601
kTUiB(kTUiB)Adult (m)2,5804974
hHoZmLord HihozimAdult (m)1,8266651
5vAVq(5vAVq)Adult (f)2,3046241
eCXsB(eCXsB)Adult (m)2,2196121
EmmILady EmmiAdult (f)2,5629767
GgBMLord GegabimAdult (m)2,5819926
WbaULady WibauAdult (f)2,3707229
IZfvLady IzefevAdult (f)3,7128105
RQzJPriestess RequzejAdult (f)2,0938725
JSzWPriest JesazewAdult (m)3,0641,0955
2QF7Lady TuqufesevAdult (f)2,1444746
SjgZSijegaz the PlainAdult (m)2,0178904
g2Wl5Priestess GetuwelifivAdult (f)2,3315861
NTFx7Daughter of CzerkaAdult (f)2,4876952
O4X4zLady OforexforozAdult (f)2,4447061
3KrJ1(3KrJ1)Adult (m)2,9837674
3jfj8Countess Trejefijate the AncientAdult (f)1,5836951
SLrE9Priestess Silerenin the OldAdult (f)2,1816571
R52CL(R52CL)Adult (m)1,4925451
cKtKP(cKtKP)Adult (f)2,0946052
DjOEDijoe the PlainAdult (f)1,89745919
YvYYLady YvyyAdult (f)90955550
7ZntSevizent the PlainAdult (m)2,5081,46618
eApA9Countess Eapanin the AncientAdult (f)1,7295143
MFmvl(MFmvl)Adult (m)2,6846521
lIC6Marquess Licesixx the GreatAdult (m)5,61277986
bEtxDame BetixAdult (f)1,89246019
QinZMarquess Qinez the GreatAdult (m)1,4303459
Ibc2Priestess IbecetuAdult (f)3,62855850
QSv3FLord QesevethrefAdult (m)1,9546882
oUXZFPriest OuxezefAdult (m)1,9626601
wV8iDame WivateiAdult (f)2,08047616
wZX8Wizexate the PlainAdult (m)1,6683615
kMwjKimiwej the PlainAdult (f)2,1431,3193
mLgzPriestess MelgezAdult (f)3,45153219
IyIhzCount Iyihez the RoyalAdult (m)1,6735771
IEpRHLady IeperohAdult (f)1,9105761
p5mWFLord PefivimiwefAdult (m)2,6466542
QOYjRCount Qoyojir the Old EvenAdult (m)2,3985941
ArWUdArwud the EvenAdult (m)1,9356561
LxnAiLady LexenaiAdult (f)2,1366693
TNaECTinaec the EvenAdult (m)1,7685731
CYjfi(CYjfi)Adult (m)1,7896011
9U7v4(9U7v4)Adult (f)1,6005452
6kXAA(6kXAA)Adult (f)2,3856771
vLSicPriestess Vilisic the EvenAdult (f)2,1105292
lmaoLady LmaoAdult (f)2,1709254
sUbXLady SubexxAdult (f)2,0548943
6ImYLady SiximayAdult (f)1,7786541
GV0gLady GevogAdult (f)2,4729064
LmLUPriestess LemeluAdult (f)1,6428142
lZc5QLizecifiveq the EvenAdult (m)1,7146211
WURVWurev the OldHatchling (m, F)1,5266963
YAbHHIce Lord Yabeheh the OldAdult (m)2,3976341
McElx(McElx)Adult (f)1,7985771
q9B59(q9B59)Adult (f)2,7855661
CON6Dame ConsixxAdult (f)2,88249917
hYwIDame HeyawiAdult (f)1,84347018
Ok0RLord OkorAdult (m)5,43796310
13SOUotreso the PlainAdult (m)2,6629714
YBC87(YBC87)Adult (m)2,2976731
0ImYqLady OimayaqHatchling (f, F)1,3965941
ocyoSLord OcoyosAdult (m)2,9108511
ZiJ5q(ZiJ5q)Adult (m)3,1738321
BDgKDame BedegikAdult (f)2,82550315
Tg48Priestess TegiforateAdult (f)2,5031,47421
fIysPriest FiyesAdult (m)3,0531,22827
D13wDuontrew the EvenAdult (m)1,36684916
S4k14Priest Seforkuonfor the EvenAdult (m)2,4825822
AKXVU(AKXVU)Adult (f)1,9566132
GXxFm(GXxFm)Adult (f)1,7635641
iatww(iatww)Adult (f)1,9105641
f14p5Fire Lord Fuonforpifiv the PureAdult (m)2,5846622
MuYOMuyo the PlainAdult (f)1,70744615
QWaGQwag the EvenAdult (m)1,4464064
j4MbJiforemeb the PlainAdult (m)1,56246711
UEk0Priestess UekoAdult (f)2,8059864
D4BcnLady DeforbecenAdult (f)1,5766221
6GLzOCount Sixigalzo the RoyalAdult (m)1,8416091
xW7Kv(xW7Kv)Adult (m)2,1676261
rsMNe(rsMNe)Adult (m)2,0626861
GJaN8(GJaN8)Adult (f)1,6975911
H1oI3(H1oI3)Adult (f)1,8785552
KvTIlCountess Kevetil the RoyalAdult (f)1,6635871
3thsWCountess Trethosew the RoyalAdult (f)1,7065841
h6OxP(h6OxP)Adult (f)1,6575994
fY2vc(fY2vc)Adult (m)1,5615793
hENaE(hENaE)Adult (m)1,6015291
6i0jO(6i0jO)Adult (f)2,0896261
iv6cf(iv6cf)Hatchling (f, F)2,2336721
Ae3hLady AetrehAdult (f)1,9318043
ejJBLady EjijebAdult (f)1,9547864
dgPfLord DegepifAdult (m)3,1311,0016
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