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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “pinkkittykucing,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Uu3eNXer's Impure ShotsAdult (m)6,6541,87612
QKApeXer's Impure VowsAdult (f)4,3179853
QVQwEXer's Double XAdult (f)3,9841,0462
dV9YoXer's Double FourAdult (f)3,1431,1491
By8APXer's Triple HornAdult (m)3,2991,1251
cG70uXer's Triple Dog DareAdult (m)2,6421,2221
8B6nOXer's Third Time's The CharmAdult (f)3,3011,1221
dv7ICXer's Impure DeceptionAdult (f)3,9281,0951
l4tTSXer's Impure InceptionAdult (m)6,3256631
1dgVu(1dgVu)Adult (m)5,4658644
RybcB(RybcB)Adult (m)5,6908361
sKM7N(sKM7N)Adult (f)6,3028120
HJoDK(HJoDK)Adult (f)2,57372621
g4fnzXer's X-antiumAdult (m)4,6181,2433
vFeHhXer's Loyal XAdult (m)2,1787736
vfBuuXer's RadianceHatchling (f, F)2,2668160
yZ71u(yZ71u)Adult (m)5,3096391
nNQId(nNQId)Adult (f)6,2917573
RM83w(RM83w)Adult (m)7,2226072
cqRNN(cqRNN)Adult (f)7,2065824
slUWz(slUWz)Adult (f)6,1295312
OS5WpXer's X DominateAdult (m)5,1571,1273
PTAj1Xer's AceriAdult (m)2,4208540
Iuqr4Xer's Moment of XAdult (f)2,4978372
vPPBgXer's X MedianHatchling (F)1,6973334
67IXwXer's YingAdult (m)11,5421,8074
GcfcfXer's DependencyAdult (m)5,1588333
MzD7wXer's Descendant from GodAdult (f)9,2321,1807
aKov5Xer's Reverse PsychologyAdult (m)3,3187302
K87K8(K87K8)Adult (m)5,0448433
uEqVfXer's Turn of TortureHatchling (m, F)1,8628242
yRtP7(yRtP7)Hatchling (F)1,2153473
jJQRFXer's Moment of RehabilitationAdult (m)3,0847852
0B4bvXer's Final Fanfare of DestinyHatchling (F)1,7074401
n8bI1Xer's Pure BrewAdult (f)5,0911,2204
YvjysXer's X-altifyAdult (f)5,6761,1191
ygSJOXer's RetaliationAdult (m)7,8001,3659
j6oBbXer's X-SliceAdult (f)4,7201,0294
jBMOgXer's X-FactoryAdult (m)5,6011,1235
UT540Xer's Resentment of ForceAdult (f)4,5569351
vMapCXer's X-FlightAdult (f)3,1511,1611
CfvzG(CfvzG)Adult (f)6,6926101
F8IgJXer's Deceitful AvianAdult (f)3,1378406
wmKNv(wmKNv)Adult (f)6,2095142
RRNFZXer's Resistance Isn't FutileHatchling (F)1,1024313
aiUE8Xer's Forgotten DestinyAdult (f)5,0481,1612
TWb0SXer's Flight of the AngelsAdult (f)6,0687081
eFP3EXer's Replacement of XAdult (m)9,1431,6168
Zc68sXer's Pure ImageryAdult (m)3,1877422
VzVBbXer's Brand of TomorrowAdult (f)5,9051,2848
caSiEXer's X-clamationAdult (f)3,3057881
qn6ZCXer's Simple MindAdult (m)5,2321,0131
jjv7IXer's DeceptionAdult (f)4,4511,0961
7h851(7h851)Adult (m)6,1245641
VHF4VXer's Pure TemptationAdult (f)2,8343124
6NhsfXer's RetributionistHatchling (F)1,6313082
o8XEw(o8XEw)Adult (f)7,9025351
YyHa7(YyHa7)Adult (m)2,4994855
UcSwq(UcSwq)Adult (m)6,27362449
rp3XPXer's NoxiliaAdult (m)4,8771,1563
WOKClXer's ArchenemyAdult3,1951,0382
GMhek(GMhek)Adult (f)2,1588194
Oru8TXer's UGH REPLACEAdult (m)7,9131,6939
7wE8G(7wE8G)Adult (m)2,1588323
kZGXS(kZGXS)Adult (m)2,2488521
5ybxe(5ybxe)Adult (m)2,1798301
rgqV8(rgqV8)Adult (m)2,3158611
sUo4E(sUo4E)Adult (m)1,7806241
4pAJL(4pAJL)Adult (m)1,7486203
uaAn1Xer's Invincible ResistanceHatchling (m, F)6,1291,3597
uMrhYXer's Ruffled FeathersAdult (f)3,1491,2162
JJLkcXer's Oddity of SeasonAdult (f)1,5096863
96IbBXer's ReflectionAdult (f)7,1701,5518
5bvSrXer's Tangled MomentumHatchling (f, F)2,0248561
Z1VM6Xer's X-aleriteAdult (m)1,5596730
nFhlaXer's X DominionAdult (m)1,5266680
XVWirXer's X of TimeAdult (m)1,4296130
9IA22Xer's Twisted XAdult (m)1,5826941
w6MQf(w6MQf)Adult (f)2,1198091
Dm4Py(Dm4Py)Adult (f)1,6976181
G655D(G655D)Adult (f)1,7336172
QLzh6(QLzh6)Adult (m)4,1936100
YYOnAXer's Slice 'n DiceAdult (f)5,1931,24621
sBR1fXer's Uncoordinate XAdult (m)2,7328870
9MjuFXer's Unfortunate EventsHatchling (F)2,0343583
sSpjXer's Expense of GrowthAdult (f)2,1681,10917
zwLhSilver Moon's MaxxAdult (m)1,9301,2107
3LTHXer's Pure ImprovisationAdult (f)1,7935334
MGNUUXer's One Wrong StepAdult (f)3,0301,0924
CJ8XIXer's Dark DeceptionAdult (m)3,3157532
YFGfHXer's DecapitationAdult (m)6,1747907
cStQeXer's Pure ResistanceHatchling (m, F)2,10382912
xuUvGXer's DisasterHatchling (F)2,2472531
gKmMXer's KnowledgeAdult (f)1,1378514
Ie2JFXer's Unbound DestinyAdult (m)3,4181,0973
6Nxuf(6Nxuf)Adult (m)5,2239511
R9bqZXer's DisciplineHatchling (F)1,7053141
YjeoC(YjeoC)Adult (f)7,5275120
FgbHXer's X-tra ControlAdult (f)1,0166007
GWvUPXer's Night FighterHatchling (f, F)3,21268010
PCVNCEXALT FODDDDERAdult (f)7,9152,16213
Ha0dZXer's X-FactorAdult (f)3,2471,0831
yLHSMXer's Temptress XAdult (f)3,9011,1871
nYTC9Xer's X-filedAdult (m)5,7361,0281
g9jjCXer's X-thantorAdult (m)7,5901,66612
IENomXer's TastaniumHatchling (F)2,0237281
VJS2pXer's X-filiaAdult (m)2,0145808
6rPvFXer's Destiny XAdult (m)2,2246122
RM2TVXer's Domination XAdult (f)4,7591,3993
g8GoA(g8GoA)Adult (f)4,6951,10810
YeB61Xer's Definition of DestructionHatchling (f, F)3,1048448
Cb1jOXer's RefusalHatchling (F)8781871
jCECsXer's PerfectionistHatchling (f, F)1,7957001
bJHKgXer's Breath of LifeAdult (f)4,9409362
50HcwXer's Realm of XAdult (m)4,7501,2331
oyEJR(oyEJR)Adult (f)6,7335471
HxWEU(HxWEU)Adult (f)7,4955221
W9VT8Xer's Allure XAdult (f)4,7221,1716
UisXvXer's X-sylfhiaAdult (f)8,4681,6447
GnlpDXer's X-abiliaAdult (f)3,7811,1303
IWlBqXer's TangoAdult (f)4,8107222
MAzZ7Xer's Pure FrostAdult (m)5,0781,2216
YqrI5Xer's Uncanny DestinyAdult (f)2,7955786
xSfRaXer's X-phyraAdult (f)5,9821,2093
QVfph(QVfph)Adult (m)5,6895792
MFkPbXer's Trefoyn de MonlieAdult (f)1,8807342
ThGLQXer's Meilion de GavutteAdult (m)1,7266572
4HJtu(4HJtu)Adult (f)4,8641,0432
uXlYOXer's Discomfort of DelicacyHatchling (f, F)7,7901,06826
oPjcMXer's OblivionHatchling (F)1,6926444
TZ1e4Xer's Delivery of DisdainHatchling (m, F)3,4711,0085
10jeNXer's Forgotten MomentsHatchling (f, F)2,1895622
StGGrXer's Ryake SuomusHatchling (F)1,7004391
1suhmXer's Gavriel de TremenHatchling (F)1,9617692
BTL8iXer's Moment of PurityAdult (m)5,0731,1868
S3LmCXer's Death of DelightAdult (f)2,0755790
6YAobXer's Determination XAdult (m)3,0727692
lcWJUXer's Glory of SunfallAdult (f)2,3738623
MPD3FXer's Perfect X-tremesAdult (m)5,0271,2393
Ng1ZLXer's Rehabilitation of FlightAdult (m)5,4221,61615
3EX1tXer's X-tinction of DestinyAdult (m)2,0337260
w1hzo(w1hzo)Adult (m)3,7611,1772
r4iWo(r4iWo)Adult (f)5,7407652
idbBOXer's Desperation of DeceptionAdult (f)3,81255711
clMQCXER I HATE THIS ONEAdult (m)4,7741,2352
MyNiDUGH THIS IS EVEN WORSEAdult (m)2,2276130
wP5Z8Xer's Bountiful FlamboyanceAdult (m)5,9751,1412
60VSV(60VSV)Adult (m)2,94363310
SSaPAXer's EXULT FUDDIRAdult (m)2,19964014
YZMeZXer's Orange ObilvionAdult (f)4,9581,1674
7PRVDXer's Wet WipeHatchling (F)1,1064342
5pzkXer's Deception DealtAdult (f)8005692
3qKjXer's Attempt of DeconstructionAdult (m)2,0341,1913
9XfaFXer's XXX-HolicAdult (f)2,7269191
WBHutXer's Dramatization of InstinctAdult (f)2,6169430
2MZUkXer's Time of XAdult (f)2,7625762
cpUtkXer's e-X-ecuteAdult (f)5,9431,2084
FZRIs(FZRIs)Adult (m)6,1165651
n6GYOXer's ConditionalHatchling (F)1,9887261
LLKJh(LLKJh)Adult (f)6,3357704
bZiTY(bZiTY)Adult (m)5,2026410
qa8MXer's X-dominateAdult (f)1,48170528
B2SNfXer's BeigoAdult (f)2,6924945
UKnJjXer's MjlauAdult (f)1,6176580
iNsbrXer's DijakuAdult (m)3,8166326
6YTE6Xer's TerminologyHatchling (m, F)2,2958280
A0ZCAXer's X-timingAdult (f)2,3726468
7Ims6Xer's HumiliationAdult (m)2,3227610
DGdEiXer's ChronologyHatchling (f, F)3,5151,2254
pi7WXer's Protection of RetributionAdult (f)7786549
SQG9VXer's Relentless AdaptionAdult (f)2,4018353
qRiL1Xer's Distribution XAdult (f)1,7927060
1csONXer's Domination of DestructionAdult (m)2,2876532
HDntO(HDntO)Hatchling (F)1,8693301
udIgm(udIgm)Adult (m)2,6377026
igTgbSilver Moon's Pumpkin PIeAdult (m)5,2241,82910
peUuRSilver Moon's Carrot TopAdult (f)5,3611,90710
RD1mQ(RD1mQ)Adult (f)4,3689840
wa8Al(wa8Al)Adult (m)2,6831,0974
Bt2fYSilver Moon's SquirrelHatchling (m, F)3,7491,29011
vYhSbSilver Moon's FroggyHatchling (F)2,2278578
bXYS4Silver Moon's OrangeHatchling (f, F)3,2601,2286
SQGvFSilver Moon's WraithAdult (m)5,2031,78116
kfyNg(kfyNg)Adult (f)4,3189551
kZ7aI(kZ7aI)Adult (m)4,3429490
aVTYCSilver Moon's DyingHatchling (F)2,87994917
41qUdSilver Moon's StuckHatchling (f, F)3,3741,23212
GY08aSilver Moon's OnlyHatchling (m, F)3,1941,2146
r2Z6jSilver Moon's Wind WalkerAdult (f)4,37578910
AsAZASilver Moon's GhostAdult (f)4,7407935
UXLIgSilver Moon's GhostlyAdult (f)4,3777876
TPRfBSilver Moon's PhantomAdult (m)4,3717839
bvWD3(bvWD3)Adult (m)4,3309440
ZuL3Q(ZuL3Q)Adult (m)2,6161,1272
20Wn5(20Wn5)Adult (f)2,5891,1570
aeAJ6(aeAJ6)Adult (f)2,6611,1961
tQiLr(tQiLr)Adult (m)4,2989621
DjBiv(DjBiv)Adult (f)4,3319531
XJA3k(XJA3k)Adult (f)2,5971,1100
2MKJ2(2MKJ2)Adult (m)2,5891,1341
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