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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “pidgeon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
yWuiv(yWuiv)Hatchling (f)5,4949550
G2Nlb(G2Nlb)Hatchling (f)3,7247451
znVhT(znVhT)Hatchling (f)5,3989972
KA3u2(KA3u2)Hatchling (f)3,8087561
Mv2pPAqua SolsticeAdult (f)3,4868701
h2a8U(h2a8U)Adult (f)4,0158662
ywgUmBlizzard - CBAdult (f)3,5138090
S4w9SWinters - CBAdult (f)3,3568102
zqLLdIcee - CBAdult (m)5,6971,1322
4QicYVanilla - CBAdult (m)4,4548680
cCyCTMonty - G2Adult (m)3,0468151
d6Vu1GemeraiaAdult (f)3,6919503
IYnP0Sea Breeze - CBAdult (f)5,6661,1231
Fkr9pWanda - CBAdult (f)4,2281,0424
3uXtiDesire - G2Adult (f)3,63466714
Hf8MY(Hf8MY)Adult (f)5,5971,0794
1pimPRosia - CBAdult (m)5,2407071
Vm81YWally - CBAdult (m)3,7077849
zTYLYMoss - CBAdult (m)4,1099451
SSkFkVanessa - G3Adult (f)3,7978041
BuiEZGram - CBAdult (m)5,8661,0991
oJwWOStellaluna - CBAdult (f)6,2581,0861
tR7oF(tR7oF)Adult (f)2,6687974
xNBKICopper - G2Adult (f)3,2107312
Uh73j(Uh73j)Adult (m)3,1318171
DI5k6Aquilla - CBAdult (m)2,9607931
kYKV8(kYKV8)Adult (f)4,0918421
ZQoPtPotions - G3Adult (m)4,0371,2273
HPg2MAutumn - G2Adult (f)3,4471,0102
vyal5Salem - G2Adult (m)3,4269941
zXC2XHades - G2Adult (m)3,2757101
xXWj8Pink - CBAdult (m)4,0926509
zVq7RVolcanic - CBAdult (m)4,5277730
glLT6(glLT6)Adult (f)3,7638201
L9xAmLiam - CBAdult (m)4,1741,0301
5BZZGLila - G2Adult (f)3,6858452
aVFnzDelta - G2Adult (m)4,0921,0915
ANihtAvian - CBAdult (m)3,7027962
34b3kAstro - CBAdult (m)4,5841,0763
XYonNBlueberry - G2Adult (f)3,5137261
rcC2XLavender and Lilac - CBAdult (f)2,69273218
fIPONLilly and Tulip - CBAdult (f)2,74173819
NRPftLuna and Tiara - CBAdult (f)3,99467911
6dczNKahlua and Bailey  - CBAdult (f)4,8028279
WX4boClub and Spade - G2Adult (m)4,4229621
krcOpSand and Sail - CBAdult (m)4,5789852
OV45kMist and Waves - G2Adult (f)5,8161,0845
2ScUR(2ScUR)Adult (f)5,5471,0591
DYf6t(DYf6t)Adult (m)3,7068191
CiohHChurro - CBAdult (m)5,3658061
4Ia3NGrim - CBAdult (m)4,31765431
zjKlfStorms in Shadows - G4Adult (f)4,0526720
gQy0dMidnight - CBAdult (m)4,4297413
pxF4csauyAdult (m)4,4897402
CEfxz(CEfxz)Adult (m)3,19855212
H05nPHypnotic - CBAdult (m)3,10877029
Wgs0i(Wgs0i)Adult (f)4,93284519
Ir9jELindsey - G2Adult (f)6,2121,1423
lVNnK(lVNnK)Adult (m)4,42466113
YnnmH(YnnmH)Adult (m)4,57864410
HN5V7(HN5V7)Adult (f)5,0198071
AVCjW(AVCjW)Adult (m)3,2536594
imOg4Nightshade - CBAdult (f)3,7927262
reRQi(reRQi)Adult (m)4,5189842
58rqd(58rqd)Adult (f)4,3799381
Bxdxc(Bxdxc)Adult (m)5,4581,0882
PyFax(PyFax)Adult (m)5,4701,0521
ohCKl(ohCKl)Adult (m)4,6221,0452
DUI6V(DUI6V)Adult (m)4,0359081
zHfTD(zHfTD)Adult (f)5,3591,0003
5iuzHZzyedAdult (m)4,1099152
dHnznWilma - G2Adult (f)11,4591,1481
cYcPuShadow of Doubt - G2Adult (m)11,4921,1641
4yYNGYang - CBAdult (f)3,6148341
zKalYYing - CBAdult (m)4,5949531
k9Nb9Kade - G2Adult (m)4,6358962
UBWBUNight of FlowersAdult (m)4,1831,0343
6O9PrRex - G4Adult (m)4,2661,01931
v4L1gValarie - G4Adult (f)3,87794814
R7NTHBones of GarnetAdult (m)2,94283218
XmLwiWednesday - CBAdult (f)2,11663817
0ulj2Festering BonesAdult (m)2,23366611
IrbPpGarnet WoundsAdult (f)3,5741,0902
60z4GLovely Bones - CBAdult (m)3,9041,1582
hVQSgTea Leaves - CBAdult (f)3,4897032
rYok6Earl Grey - G2Adult (f)4,0546292
zeA0BChina Pot - CBAdult (m)5,6141,0180
32AJ8Olina - CBAdult (f)3,3268291
wy7QDWydinAdult (m)4,2271,0562
i4ex5Xavier - CBAdult (m)4,5221,1864
S9vx5S9vx5 - CBAdult (m)4,0949916
3CRy73CRy7 - CBAdult (f)4,4319902
FAnMQFAnMQ - G2Adult (f)5,2021,0262
9vO79(9vO79)Adult (f)3,7668202
PXx0zSalted DaybreakAdult (f)3,6307090
QD1avSeaside Ride - G2Adult (f)3,2058581
IVvsTFreckles and Speckles - CBAdult (f)4,4388792
D12NhD12Nh - G2Adult (m)5,5811,0812
DfgmnDfgmn - CBAdult (f)5,2061,0791
XSqpTXSqpT - CBAdult (m)5,2099682
8O3V3(8O3V3)Adult (m)4,7651,1752
KWclC(KWclC)Adult (m)5,4711,0262
17rfz(17rfz)Adult (m)5,5591,0451
gdOPkGoldenrod - CBAdult (f)3,2418602
DHLdU(DHLdU)Adult (f)4,4257572
DozfN(DozfN)Adult (f)4,2586081
IEhYF(IEhYF)Adult (f)5,0317191
6HnYU(6HnYU)Adult (m)3,82568118
TRcMxSapphire Sky - CBAdult (f)4,6041,1563
lDJNj(lDJNj)Adult (m)5,8031,1183
Qg6Y6Qg6Y6 - G2Adult (f)4,1158361
C2UG8(C2UG8)Adult (m)4,0008511
FosNR(FosNR)Adult (m)3,1796970
dEnrx(dEnrx)Adult (m)3,4396841
6yhz4(6yhz4)Adult (m)4,8947872
caNiR(caNiR)Adult (m)3,5218390
buSgXBugsy BooAdult (m)2,99984916
HE321Send them to MeAdult (f)2,23770410
No0P6Moth - G2Adult (f)2,17666015
OnmYVSilence in the Shadows - CBAdult (f)4,5591,3482
Nswe9(Nswe9)Adult (f)3,5459965
jIcGe(jIcGe)Adult (m)5,3001,1744
gt9sx(gt9sx)Adult (m)3,2007842
lHUKJ(lHUKJ)Adult (m)3,3368521
I9oXV(I9oXV)Adult (m)3,6128042
Azm3I(Azm3I)Adult (f)3,9598471
Bef6xSunset of HeavenAdult (f)5,0018822
XW4Sy(XW4Sy)Adult (f)4,0598421
vuxcQ(vuxcQ)Adult (f)3,5146242
RUAw0(RUAw0)Adult (m)3,9426748
mtzgj(mtzgj)Adult (m)6,3521,34016
b44dcWandering Soul - G4Adult (f)3,8081,1592
Pj8fT(Pj8fT)Adult (m)2,3866011
SRCr7Ghost in StarsAdult (f)3,9986813
o1vedBrie AsiagoAdult3,9439455
dqUKt(dqUKt)Adult (m)3,87965817
8Ygg5(8Ygg5)Adult (f)4,4866912
Yz2sY(Yz2sY)Adult (f)7,6031,0230
VU4Lx(VU4Lx)Adult (f)4,3919521
l2VSC(l2VSC)Adult (m)3,0607652
1gICr(1gICr)Adult (m)5,5289920
VCqdS(VCqdS)Adult (f)3,5828381
lPwMs(lPwMs)Adult (f)3,8798151
wTitdparangieAdult (m)2,46057122
uNjzDmelienaAdult (f)4,2366592
1MmMVPeach - CBAdult (f)4,4536794
Fdj7uLemon - CBAdult (f)3,6688502
ygnxH(ygnxH)Adult (m)4,4801,0432
dSZeF(dSZeF)Adult (f)4,7678922
AVolE(AVolE)Adult (f)3,7148122
Enmmd(Enmmd)Adult (m)3,7608291
ofpdE(ofpdE)Adult (f)3,9907752
icWmE(icWmE)Adult (m)4,2709132
CDYaN(CDYaN)Adult (m)4,4259711
qkVOk(qkVOk)Adult (f)4,7179792
ZtzCvStrawberry - CBAdult (f)3,07963930
BaM5lBambi - CBAdult (f)4,1556422
Vj5TVVj5TV - CBAdult (m)3,5107271
KAbQT(KAbQT)Adult (f)3,5868581
9B88z(9B88z)Adult (f)5,4181,0451
MbnOj(MbnOj)Adult (m)4,8249092
L5yyq(L5yyq)Adult (f)5,8301,0272
RVuGh(RVuGh)Adult (f)4,2088601
2BXPLMagar - CBAdult (m)4,41673624
RvZtl(RvZtl)Adult (f)5,3137033
o67sO(o67sO)Adult (f)5,03083013
nGYg3(nGYg3)Adult (m)5,46666511
QbQ8l(QbQ8l)Adult (m)5,5429781
IlCia(IlCia)Adult (f)5,5061,0861
8SjJ0(8SjJ0)Adult (m)3,7438060
tbqkv(tbqkv)Adult (f)3,4478811
K3YDzKillia - CBAdult (f)2,02059113
lf1tYDawn of Ash - G3Adult (f)2,5006081
lWhKEBurning to the BoneAdult (m)2,8776292
NSKX1Desolate MemoriesAdult (m)3,8068502
VRKfq(VRKfq)Adult (m)2,9898282
3t6Un(3t6Un)Adult (m)5,8257884
KuiCE(KuiCE)Adult (f)3,9398661
gSwEYRook and Bishop - CBAdult (m)3,89378311
FKi7x(FKi7x)Adult (m)4,0899231
0a9j3tlaiAdult (f)4,69174716
1KteeiykeAdult (m)3,3186251
lwOb8dustelloAdult (m)4,5967542
nye2XnyrseAdult (m)2,7145202
bJXXO(bJXXO)Adult (f)3,60263213
r7cZnStrike - CBAdult (m)4,7057603
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