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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “phinnia,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
tthn(tthn)Adult (f)7,52291460
4CPS(4CPS)Adult (f)13,4161,263134
LS9E(LS9E)Adult (f)10,7371,145105
1CCO(1CCO)Adult (f)9,8801,147113
MFDo(MFDo)Adult (m)7,34393753
azwX(azwX)Adult (f)7,17592057
JBNC(JBNC)Adult (m)7,20994551
D77j(D77j)Adult (f)9,11197558
7sWp(7sWp)Adult (m)9,1521,00364
lxw4(lxw4)Adult (m)8,9391,03743
vycs(vycs)Adult (f)9,6531,164157
7WOT(7WOT)Adult (f)9,3191,03345
3u1O(3u1O)Adult (f)9,5441,11845
25S5(25S5)Adult (m)8,2571,07362
nySb(nySb)Adult (m)9,1581,62058
NPiz(NPiz)Adult (f)9,2001,18763
kT3O(kT3O)Adult (f)7,09296233
V967(V967)Adult (f)7,21294444
hP4M(hP4M)Adult (f)5,64786029
wtpR(wtpR)Adult (m)7,23295739
Ve5g(Ve5g)Adult (f)5,79691030
Vngw(Vngw)Adult (f)5,74891830
URgd(URgd)Adult (m)5,60590624
sPmm(sPmm)Adult (m)5,56989127
9ZUM(9ZUM)Adult (m)3,74173824
G6mF(G6mF)Adult (f)3,77376424
gU5c(gU5c)Adult (m)5,82493931
NBjI(NBjI)Adult (f)4,29376037
D4EC(D4EC)Adult (f)4,28975431
1Yne(1Yne)Adult (m)4,35880735
n5lB(n5lB)Adult (f)4,32580139
yTAr(yTAr)Adult (f)4,27077532
JPKF(JPKF)Adult (f)4,31480935
84sK(84sK)Adult (m)4,27477430
EYsV(EYsV)Adult (f)4,25891437
nvFo(nvFo)Adult (f)3,38381230
b9gN(b9gN)Adult (f)4,25891334
EQaF(EQaF)Adult (m)4,25491134
Le5J(Le5J)Adult (f)5,7061,04732
obpS(obpS)Adult (f)5,7011,04133
6CRA(6CRA)Adult (m)5,6981,03631
c4vU(c4vU)Adult (m)5,6981,03634
YQKu(YQKu)Adult (f)5,7261,07635
HgtL(HgtL)Adult (f)4,21482418
bazq(bazq)Adult (f)4,19078616
aKwA(aKwA)Adult (f)4,18779017
O4Rg(O4Rg)Adult (m)4,19578917
4f0W(4f0W)Adult (m)2,98542735
W6oG(W6oG)Adult (m)2,93942537
TjXt(TjXt)Adult (f)2,98142944
nSKj(nSKj)Adult (m)3,00143244
eNMh(eNMh)Adult (m)7,78970357
lNgH(lNgH)Adult (m)6,55968456
ni3U(ni3U)Adult (f)8,72977553
267k(267k)Adult (m)8,67079656
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