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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2021 Holiday Event
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  • Snow Wars 2
  • 2019 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “pbles,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
znEIN(znEIN)Hatchling (f)4,5188441
08zqG(08zqG)Hatchling (m)4,0509353
atsI7(atsI7)Hatchling (m)6,0551,0354
5f035(5f035)Hatchling (m)4,4899862
LTKVL(LTKVL)Hatchling (m)4,4599602
9F600(9F600)Hatchling (m)4,5919661
T5ZLa(T5ZLa)Egg (F)
6FE0VBubbly TaillightAdult (f)5,1056660
2FROCFroggy TaillightAdult (f)5,2716410
cqXbuAdoring TaillightAdult (m)5,5706350
Bud8cFlowery TaillightAdult (m)5,1031,0622
cueJVQuick TaillightAdult (f)5,4271,0841
oLDD4(oLDD4)Adult (m)6,2071,1086
z12fRI look like himAdult (m)6,3851,0860
dblY8Daring TaillightAdult (m)5,8691,0702
0BaWwI'm part humanAdult (f)4,0737545
T7esRExcept I've only got one heartAdult (m)5,2648790
yogiA(yogiA)Adult (m)4,5229171
YaJb4Same everythingAdult (f)5,0838963
KbLaASame memories - same thoughtsAdult (m)4,9171,0370
LWgQXI think like himAdult (m)4,7231,0030
UDzaNWiggly TaillightAdult (m)4,6379992
mEZ8fT A R D l SAdult (f)4,6369801
GibSLNaturally AbominableAdult (m)5,7368671
iUMxuWashi  TapeAdult (m)5,9056890
00oXHWondrous TaillightAdult (m)6,2696561
rU0FdI'll grow oldAdult (f)5,6047400
vkDuLAnd never regenerateAdult (m)5,4247950
A4LTdtotally'n'radicallydrivininspaceAdult (f)5,4956002
kPnxRI've only got one lifeAdult (f)5,6945990
OVmRnPuppyish TaillightAdult (m)4,8737020
5eodIRose Tyler - I could spend itAdult (f)4,8346960
JHh4FWith you - If you wantAdult (f)5,6225811
k9IbhUnspoken Words of Bad Wolf BayAdult (m)6,2376413
bMWvaYou'll grow oldAdult (f)5,8497180
zogFuBothered TaillightAdult (m)5,9317320
cnBvmAt the same time as meAdult (m)5,8147880
X0phAjust tell her - oh - she knowsAdult (f)7,1435931
sjMtPSnowball Fights - Firelit NightsAdult (m)7,2045731
GfTVHHe lives on a cloud in the skyAdult (m)7,6727421
x8BukExcited TaillightAdult (f)6,7557361
fqOZFAnd if you were to ask meAdult (m)6,7627370
enkJpRholoAdult (m)6,7925523
WfQ7DDelighted TaillightAdult (m)6,0775801
qA4d1Cycles of DeathAdult (f)9,3687942
UupuwIt's all gone wrongAdult (m)9,1197593
8V7jmLapsang Souchong BlendAdult (f)6,6936530
1cASwRippling TsunamisAdult (m)6,1006280
sIV5whas a heartAdult (f)5,3177680
yxDgDTreetop ParkourAdult (m)6,0677410
m8oGdwords that will never be saidAdult (m)6,9647081
N8QBnBanded WavesAdult (f)6,7477082
MzWXrProof that Tony StarkAdult (f)6,7137901
8TISEAwe-inspiring TaillightAdult (f)5,3198082
gNEE8She's  My  Cherry  PieAdult (m)6,8956601
KmqeEResplendanceAdult (m)6,3006702
VkcR1Deer-in-headlights sort of loveAdult (m)7,0346691
q3NGbThe Archangel's StarsAdult (f)6,4876613
A0miJultimate  G O D  of hyperdeathAdult (m)6,4176542
qhQygValentine PantherAdult (f)4,5988932
JCPDPRose-Red LightningAdult (f)3,8709291
IGaTo(IGaTo)Adult (f)4,6551,1763
5V3QVGold-Wrapped ValentineAdult (f)5,2241,1192
aRHsd(aRHsd)Adult (m)5,3661,1253
AtXy1l'm an Angel of the LordAdult (m)5,0181,1801
phB7lSweetest Silver MelodyAdult (m)5,6851,0951
7L0aMYou and I were Meant to BeAdult (m)5,0327631
MPdWmAn Unlikely MatchAdult (m)5,0797522
FRaL4FaralyaAdult (f)4,1268461
99qrIi wanna die in your armsAdult (m)4,1648220
qddoQBouncing TaillightAdult (f)5,7156340
9Lr0kBlizzardpathAdult (f)5,8406191
794vSMajickedAdult (f)6,1726440
Y34rvswallowed in the  S E AAdult (m)7,3516131
c2Q5NY O U  belong with  M  EAdult (f)7,3306170
fPjl0Chirpy TaillightAdult (m)7,4106110
Fu1eIJaunty TaillightAdult (m)7,4126040
PFvsOManic TaillightAdult (m)7,0846032
3grHYGlowing TaillightAdult (m)5,1046203
ZqD5iFrankenVineAdult (m)3,9268409
S0KdNCharlie CoxAdult (f)8,3277641
xrv0JZebediah KilgraveAdult (m)6,6075890
KLBboIf You Could Avoid FateAdult (m)7,62690412
XlAD6Radiant TaillightAdult (m)5,7855611
XrtqwJessica  JonesAdult (f)6,4858020
FgDug(FgDug)Adult (f)6,1417581
iFRUOTenroseAdult (f)6,1887900
8OdSTNineroseAdult (m)6,2538060
obK5VTrish WalkerAdult (m)6,8938161
b1C7hTony TylerAdult (f)6,3279971
35T0nJumpy TaillightAdult (f)6,2556951
RSHXCThrilling TaillightAdult (f)6,1196820
Z7naUThe 0ncoming StormAdult (m)6,3686982
4xbQnNot as think as you drunk I amAdult (f)6,2446822
ZwAgyThe Wrath of a Time LordAdult (m)6,4257612
Mu22PMu22PAdult (f)4,9436991
47MJwC A S T l E LAdult (m)4,4907660
5GXUSH-A-N-N-A-HAdult (f)4,6746270
9xQokA N N A  M I L T O NAdult (f)4,8256340
Ex4UbN A O M lAdult (f)4,4876440
pJWPEB A L T H A Z A RAdult (m)4,9186520
JUvZCwow  thanksAdult (f)4,8186381
ctpzxyou were absolutely of no helpAdult (f)5,7815910
3GqbEit was the lack of nosesAdult (m)6,1495910
a6e2uH-2-Oh my goshAdult (f)5,7385800
sP9D3L U C l F E RAdult (m)5,7435741
i1k5mangry  little  slice  of  pieAdult (f)5,7445690
K2oqGResplendent TaillightAdult (f)4,3787400
MSyFKG A D R E E LAdult (m)4,4197411
rcOGvGet your touch stumps off meAdult (f)4,8847661
njlFdYou Crystal ClodsAdult (f)4,9017750
hJsu2Splendid TaillightAdult (f)5,2527770
Flejl(Flejl)Adult (m)4,9277642
5MI4Ethe past can haunt youAdult (f)4,9717651
2hhciBuying StarsAdult (m)3,5937547
DfrsAMartin  BlackwoodAdult (m)3,6317524
aMMjgyou  look  like  a  ghostAdult (f)3,6297475
AEInvStar-Spangled AAdult (m)3,6087514
6ZC9cU S S EnterpriseAdult (f)3,7127562
hJc1HStars' RoseAdult (m)3,6897543
ryix6I'm still just an image No touchAdult (f)6,2136435
DoMr3M l C H A E LAdult (m)5,1658070
tuUIfDazzling TaillightAdult (m)4,9008001
2Pxlaoh  my  starsAdult (m)4,7098010
MVNPPcan't you come through properlyAdult (m)5,1168182
pqewXSpectacular TaillightAdult (m)5,1907441
zoTWRA Sky of SilverAdult (f)5,5605931
jLEUnStarry  SolsticeAdult (m)5,3216121
EXT8jRose Ty1erAdult (f)5,1526492
3TL8xThe whole thing would fractureAdult (f)4,6337411
kkZU3Striking TaillightAdult (f)4,9377021
HmneYStunning TaillightAdult (f)4,9647070
Jn3Y0Sublime TaillightAdult (m)4,9096980
zODT0Irradiant TaillightAdult (m)4,9407010
eFgbnJames 'Jim' Tiberius KirkAdult (m)5,1897380
Q5Dx1(Q5Dx1)Adult (m)5,5947320
A1UZrTony  StankAdult (m)4,7717541
4fk5Dcalm under the waterAdult (f)5,7965921
Tgrngthe waves aboveAdult (m)5,1706690
GIoqJEffulgent TaillightAdult (f)5,7986110
bcFVcTwo universes would collapseAdult (m)5,3496166
BEOjJGuardian's DaughterAdult (f)5,2696071
RLXzsLustrous TaillightAdult (m)4,3547360
I145pIncandescent TaillightAdult (f)4,9506821
0heGTLucent TaillightAdult (m)4,9436881
wyia8Blazing TaillightAdult (f)5,2425581
qsEtDIlluminated TaillightAdult (f)5,7666210
axj3IAlias InvestigationsAdult (f)5,7006210
G7wjWAuroral TaillightAdult (f)5,1196602
NToZgim red and broken up insideAdult (f)6,5745580
GTRBYN O  M O R EAdult (m)6,0046614
iPeDFPhosphorescent TaillightAdult (m)5,0836740
rqL0Xeven the stars - they burnAdult (f)5,0926700
aiHgxthe prettiest starsAdult (f)5,5198271
eiQwL(eiQwL)Adult (f)5,8828640
FRkKhare the dying onesAdult (f)5,8308643
ca8ECvaguely non-terrestrialAdult (m)6,0711,1832
kefyZhow long have we gotAdult (f)5,7711,1134
CuPS7a glass of spidersAdult (m)4,3298592
tZpSOFrill-o-the-wispAdult (m)4,6468810
kqajNglass of butterfliesAdult (m)4,1268711
MPR5LThe DistortionAdult (f)3,5659830
3BXV7Doctor OswaldAdult (m)4,3166192
U4eaT(U4eaT)Adult (f)3,1488270
9lxiNcold hearts brew colder  songsAdult (m)3,1698283
pBmHxEnthralling TaillightAdult (m)3,5837210
nkeH3A  Study  In   PinkAdult (f)3,74667519
xjDajtwo heads are grumpier than oneAdult (m)3,2936980
h6wvEBattlin' TaillightAdult (m)3,7217240
WQcyORowdy TaillightAdult (m)4,0407421
jgUzedoes this taco taste funny to uAdult (m)3,7367890
TH8p7Romping TaillightAdult (m)3,9257841
O8R4aBattlin' Jack MurdockAdult (f)3,7317840
E6jqXShouting TaillightAdult (m)4,3436720
1USNH1USNHAdult (m)4,9585660
bxpGICheering TaillightAdult (f)4,8886960
OmqsOOh-my-God-ing TaillightAdult (f)4,8566931
jFX6tand starlight will lead the wayAdult (f)4,7307090
QlRyEDashing TaillightAdult (f)4,7047130
yN1C8Nelson  and  MurdockAdult (m)4,7017110
QCEleQueltza'arAdult (m)9,5508342
CbTVzFlipping TaillightAdult (m)5,1186720
H2iESour hearts are a little brokenAdult (m)5,2565421
R8p69SAM FORGOT THE PIEAdult (m)4,8426431
pOCD2i wake up fine and dandyAdult (f)4,7417111
ZY57pSlugberryAdult (f)5,0136770
1qdObLook Ma Ima ConstellationAdult (m)4,9586780
8p4e2but  thenAdult (f)4,9586790
3xP1FKir Ze SpockAdult (f)7,1099034
N3z8aby the time i find it handyAdult (f)5,3408820
Ss50X(Ss50X)Adult (m)5,3898981
j1GLqJoyous TaillightAdult (m)5,3048901
UxbdeUxebdeAdult (f)5,2726003
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