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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “parakeetpunk,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cssZ(cssZ)Adult (f)1,70052811
lnqc(lnqc)Adult (m)2,13265316
OaCc(OaCc)Adult (f)2,5713836
Mcic(Mcic)Adult (m)2,6513904
kTUi(kTUi)Adult (f)1,45252110
a6dm(a6dm)Adult (f)2,3453942
lBfJ(lBfJ)Adult (m)2,3314002
lr9I(lr9I)Adult (m)2,00262311
O30O(O30O)Adult (m)2,4853214
F3gg(F3gg)Adult (m)1,9455647
qHh0(qHh0)Adult (f)2,4824041
2XvW(2XvW)Adult (m)2,6063333
MNRi(MNRi)Adult (f)2,17368216
jo7f(jo7f)Adult (f)1,78150516
Z8ji(Z8ji)Adult (m)1,92154011
2ng8(2ng8)Adult (f)2,2094469
FbQN(FbQN)Adult (m)2,6473494
Y6Jf(Y6Jf)Adult (m)1,64051110
n49a(n49a)Adult (m)2,7983756
71X3(71X3)Adult (f)2,9223613
3Elf(3Elf)Adult (m)2,69450213
XPcJ(XPcJ)Adult (f)2,8394015
7CmL(7CmL)Adult (f)2,42046810
IIbv(IIbv)Adult (m)2,5973884
8FVi(8FVi)Adult (m)2,56755111
RbSV(RbSV)Adult (m)2,8643673
8W9u(8W9u)Adult (m)2,89742310
E2Tc(E2Tc)Adult (f)2,1994488
GHrj(GHrj)Adult (m)3,4093522
9Pkf(9Pkf)Adult (m)2,7863896
DObU(DObU)Adult (m)2,25932910
bAhY(bAhY)Adult (m)2,3223637
jrON(jrON)Adult (f)2,9814003
iLbQ(iLbQ)Adult (m)2,8193752
AK6I(AK6I)Adult (m)2,5893777
OSCF(OSCF)Adult (m)2,4473251
eGFW(eGFW)Adult (m)2,6163334
Wlls(Wlls)Adult (f)1,38765739
eEBJ(eEBJ)Adult (f)2,9533837
6Vpv(6Vpv)Adult (f)2,9304647
t3nA(t3nA)Adult (f)3,3933792
nuuR(nuuR)Adult (m)2,21365510
AQ7p(AQ7p)Adult (m)2,3203644
tLM7(tLM7)Adult (f)2,3133356
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