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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2015 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “oyamibun,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iaK75(iaK75)Egg (F)
SYrlTArrogant FeatherAdult (f)5,1839515
iB8UeTriumphant ShellAdult (m)5,9839767
4cOIqGentle KingAdult (m)9,3711,4785
dzIhoFarseeing PrinceAdult (m)9,3121,49610
7yA3JStarry OracleAdult (f)7,6721,3569
5WV0ITwice LuckyAdult (f)7,3791,2714
Q6tZPBlooming HoneyAdult (f)7,5681,2874
mu2VVLong DynastyAdult (f)8,2441,3744
FwA7vThoughtful GalaxyAdult (f)9,8081,5039
HCB8fTerabyte OneAdult (f)7,1991,1937
f2fJoShining ElixirAdult (f)7,3191,2154
awILoInfidel DireAdult (f)3,0876144
ONwu3Patchwork SpiceAdult (m)4,5307987
oChQ1Fierce PyreAdult (f)4,1367464
39kAEVerdant MesaAdult (f)3,9047316
dVjmiCloudfall DuskAdult (f)3,9257604
S6T2pCornflower CottonAdult (f)4,0777873
kCyiFSweet LemonsAdult (f)3,8376912
Rwh8VPastel HexAdult (f)3,9916783
8VlCMDouble CardsAdult (f)3,6136012
NK1xxNether ReignAdult (m)4,0256254
huWXkHexagon FernAdult (f)4,2407132
IIkfjLasting EmberAdult (m)3,9627212
TyOjAShining UrbisAdult (m)3,9067136
164jESonata CresendoAdult (f)3,7447442
pNgjSOath StormAdult (f)3,7508193
reUD5Gentle ThunderAdult (m)6,0561,0168
hJLPrNevermore FantasyAdult (f)4,0281,0005
67HvmFlickering MistAdult (f)3,3988082
ywh9UMalevolent EyeAdult (f)3,3967992
v1tVEFlickering WispAdult (f)2,8768172
ezsq7Graveyard CryptAdult (m)2,5496004
Yq9sO(Yq9sO)Adult (f)2,8258191
8eR2O(8eR2O)Adult (f)3,0068601
YgfCFTormenting ScreamsAdult (f)2,9448203
wUruk(wUruk)Adult (f)1,8746623
r5k9H(r5k9H)Adult (m)1,8756391
3oeWbHellblaze ScreamAdult (f)2,0026523
ZQtDt(ZQtDt)Adult (f)2,4346402
dkVZNHellbound TormentAdult (f)2,4667752
8OaoM(8OaoM)Adult (m)2,3445993
Kb1TYBad-Luck KittyAdult (f)2,2235892
io6OmLooming FateAdult (f)2,2085701
uc5PzArrogant EmpressAdult (f)3,5748236
LZviGDawning WarAdult (f)2,8176033
U0JsPPeaceful LotusAdult (m)2,9706303
GwykbArcing GloryAdult (m)3,14167312
Ot7dyDancing LagoonAdult (m)4,1007492
7hmo7(7hmo7)Adult (f)3,6317122
sH3Dl(sH3Dl)Adult (f)3,5106840
nccKTRaging EarthquakeAdult (m)2,8586014
sSFvV(sSFvV)Adult (f)3,1816313
vjNEm(vjNEm)Adult (f)3,7587303
72Eln(72Eln)Adult (f)3,4536950
1HJLZSoothing ChamomileAdult (f)2,8626431
enpzgStreaming PeaceAdult (m)2,7076204
lgDZSPixel CodeAdult (f)3,1506560
Q9iUUShimmering KissAdult (f)4,6396421
SsbOI(SsbOI)Adult (m)3,4585954
er21e(er21e)Adult (m)3,1146161
mxTke(mxTke)Adult (m)3,4026291
celOH(celOH)Adult (f)3,4026283
EFs97(EFs97)Adult (m)3,4096480
qMvNQ(qMvNQ)Adult (f)3,8257270
xK1L3(xK1L3)Adult (f)4,0197212
e9bYU(e9bYU)Adult (f)2,9535271
UkUno(UkUno)Adult (f)3,7066712
vUnXLSupreme MonarchAdult (m)3,9627072
yITog(yITog)Adult (f)3,8616672
1tmFSGlowing SeamistAdult (m)2,8675632
16OK8(16OK8)Adult (m)3,7606751
Lf5dC(Lf5dC)Adult (m)3,7796912
aXgeyVirulent PlagueAdult (m)3,1695841
5FTYiShifting RumbleAdult (m)2,9495712
u6ZFWRegaled QueenAdult (f)3,2676130
KfFUo(KfFUo)Adult (f)4,8776163
Q2CGD(Q2CGD)Adult (f)4,5475985
7NorW(7NorW)Adult (f)3,7597031
ZtSAO(ZtSAO)Adult (m)3,9155554
Ov01H(Ov01H)Adult (f)2,8836491
C0y27(C0y27)Adult (f)3,6997410
TtyHO(TtyHO)Adult (m)3,3735798
GD5si(GD5si)Adult (f)2,4847611
1W0ok(1W0ok)Adult (f)2,5157392
vHtYM(vHtYM)Adult (f)2,5347641
AWGwf(AWGwf)Adult (m)2,4967851
M2Qq7(M2Qq7)Adult (f)2,8607240
GY8ht(GY8ht)Adult (f)2,8917253
yRZ5Y(yRZ5Y)Adult (m)3,2375272
HOmht(HOmht)Adult (f)4,1147071
hPCh2(hPCh2)Adult (m)4,0577111
Eplvh(Eplvh)Adult (m)3,9267151
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